Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Tulsi Stands With 9/11 Families


Tulsi Gabbard stands with 9/11 families as she remembers 9/11 and her decision to join the US Army, in response to what was done that day.
She is introduced as "Our Champion" by Tim Frolich, who was injured when the south tower collapsed.  

I have never seen Tulsi Gabbard as tense as when she makes her opening remarks to the families and press.
This is subtle, and she speaks more freely when she talks about her own decision to join the Army. She unhesitatingly goes after the Saudi connection to 9/11.
She sounds certain calling for release of records.
She calls for "truth" at least 3 times.
She closes her initial statement by, "calling on our government to bring everyone responsible for this attack to justice".
This is a dangerous line for her to tread, and she seems to know it.. 

 While technically within the Overton Window of acceptable political discourse, Major Gabbard appears to be pushing that envelope by what she is demanding, as she stands with those families.
Later in the conference, when she gets back to the podium, she says "we couldn't believe our eyes, when we saw those images over and over", on 9/11. 
She also quotes another attendee in agreement, "This is the Pearl Harbor of our generation". 
That may allude to the "New Pearl Harbor", in the Project For A New American Century.
It is ambiguous.

The close of the news conference is good.
Tulsi gives hugs.
She appears reserved in her statements in the close, as if she is restraining herself from saying something she knows.
She does say she will do everything in her power to get all of those who were responsible brought to justice.

Watch and listen to her with the daughter, who was 4 years old when she lost her father.
Tulsi really listens and hugs the young woman, and her mother. 
She appears to feel a load of responsibility to them.

She is the only presidential candidate standing with these families. 
She says they should all be there.
Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard throws down the gauntlet, in a way that implies she knows the gravity of her actions.

Thanks to Professor Anthony Hall for this video. I watched it all and took these notes. 
Other speakers also make important statements.

(I wonder if Tulsi would accept a nomination to Secretary Of Defense, even from "Cheeto". They won't let her be nominated for President, will they?)

Wondering Out Loud

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