Thursday, April 9, 2020


Agents of Change,

A New World Is Being Born:  What Will It Be?​  ​Paul Craig Roberts
​ ​We are hearing from many that the world after Covid-19 will be different.  The question is:  Different in what way?  Will it be better or worse?
​ ​Elites are working to make it better for them, and worse for the rest of us.  About that the evidence is clear.  The Big Boys are being bailed out and their debts covered.  Everyone else, except those already marginalized and without a recent work record and fixed address, got a month’s rent and extended unemployment benefits.

​Coronavirus pandemic events have been managed and modulated, starting with making sure that the virus got a good, solid hold in the US, by ignoring the threat and distracting with other circus like the impeachment hearings. 
I wondered out loud what was being covered up by that circus. Novel-coronavirus spread was one of the things.
The intelligence was squelched since December, with White House and Americans all distracted, according to this report.

Doctors, including myself, have really been righteously indignant about the handling of this pandemic for the whole time. This story sort of fails to catch the knowledgeable righteous indignation aspect, though it touches there. This has been "mismanaged" at every step of the way to increase societal impact, damage and freak-out. I'm not really going to accept the incompetence defense without a lot of serious evidence to support that defense.

From fine to flailing - rapid health declines in COVID-19 patients jar doctors, nurses
This one goes to eleven, and in the blink of an eye.

 U.S. nurses who can't get tested fear they are spreading COVID-19
Again, this highlights "fear", when that is not the damned issue at all!​ 
Dedicated medical personnel are being made to harm their patients, completely against their will. 
It's not just nurses; it's all of us. We all carry this real concern for our patients and our families.

​To End The Pandemic, Give Universal Testing The Green Light
Anything but that; anything to excuse it not being done, to increase fear and need and desperate compliance...

Bill Gates, always thoughtful and polite, really likes mass vaccines with special-features. He has for a long time.
​ ​According to Gates, anything that could be defined as a “mass gathering” – from spectators packed into a stadium for a sporting event, to protesters out on the street in demonstration – would be considered an act of civil disobedience without a vaccine. Little surprise that Gates chose the concept of “mass gathering” to snag all of us, for what is modern democratic society if not one big mass event after another? Indeed, since nobody will want to miss the next big happening, like the Super Bowl, or Comic-Con, or, heaven forbid, Eurovision, millions of people would predictably line up for miles to get their Microsoft-supported inoculation, even if it contains tracking technologies.  

It is the long awaited reset, the full-monty economic restructuring. We do not have a say, yet. We need to forge this new future ourselves, not wait for further instructions from the owners. It's broken. They broke it, and we are the only ones to suffer as long as they rule us.
The Lockdown Wouldn't Be So Devastating If Our Economy Wasn't So Rigged, Brittle and Exploitive

They are trying to Kill Julian of "natural causes"
Beyond Words. Assange’s COVID-19 Bail Related Application

​Watch this elite battle as it proceeds. Team Clinton is weakened in their institutional support base. They have done a lot of evil. Will any new bosses be better? 
State Department refuses to back Hillary Clinton attempt to avoid deposition
Hillary Clinton and Cheryl Mills are seeking to avoid depositions ordered by a judge earlier this year

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  1. fwiw, it needn't be all intentional nor all incompetence driving the fantastically wrong advice and strictures from the WHO et al. Humanity may well have survived civilization for as long as it has only because the creeps in charge are as incompetent as they are evil. Their evil intentions are often more banal, smaller in scope of scheme, and chaotically fractured than many wish to believe. Their ability to blow smoke up their own rectae (handy pun, that) can make it hard for them to agree sufficiently on what to do when they have to function as efficiently preserving their fortunes, living health, and sanity as they claimed to have been making the world a better place for, as the popular saying goes, all of us.

    It makes perfect sense to the likes of Gates to implant tracking tech in everyone. In fact, such a thing would be absolutely nrecessary if we were to continue living in such large numbers in concentrated clusters with braod and rapid mobility between them.

    Fortunately, that model can't continue. Civilization as we know it is something that the likes of you and I are convinced must collapse. Such a collapse will take them down too.

    'Evil genius' is an oxymoron by its modern, post-17th century meaning, and a tautology by its older, pre-16th century meaning. Only the very stupidest embrace the trap of evil, psychopathy and informatiopn processing powers notwithstanding.

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    2. Hi Robin. We are in broad agreement, but I reserve the right to tar Bill Gates as an "evil genius" on my own blog. Fair and square.

  2. Hahaha!!!! Agreed. I think the man is evil, whatever that means. I simply question his ability to implement his plans enough to take over the microscopic world within us all.

    As for his evil, I think Gates' life, studied up close (not something I care to do, ick), would reveal a perfect study in how alienation by intelligence (he is a bright lad, I hear), privilege, and sense of accomplishment (that transcends into sense of triumph and then some), can take the standard liberal humanist ethos (that we have all been raised on to some extent) into a well-meaning solipsistic hubris that can't afford to honestly observe and acknowledge, much less confess, how low it has fallen from it's insane heights.

    A ludiocrously distorted version of 'he's a good boy, he means well, no, he shouldnt-a oughta done it, but he means well and he's a good boy', which is one of the main patterns of comprehension by which we incessantly vote for/act upon the lesser evil and falsely tell ourselves we're at least holding the line if not winning.

    Obviously, the line keeps lowering.

    While Gates is currently the most active agent of evil in the crowd illness/crowd control category, Bezos obviously looks the part far better. He seems in fact to relish the resemblance.

    I envy you your garden. (Apartment dweller, I am. Unless I cash in enough to buy diustressed property at the right time, wife and I will be auto-euthanasia candidates, which is fine. But I'd like to spend a year or two showing younguns how to work together sans media supervision before I die. Pass a bit of the old torch, or something.)

    Thanx for holding the lamp of reason to current events and practicing proper data hygiene, war's usual casualty, often sown as much within the ranks as from above.

    1. Thanks Robin. I sure agree with what you have said. Guys like Bill Gates, with lots of power and ideas were cultivated as friends of Jeffrey Epstein, showered with luxury and pleasure, flattered, given their due as the giants who own the herd, and occasionally whispered some hints and good ideas. I saw a dead body, but the ears were not Epstein's ears. He's that important in the world, I think. Some big plans need lots of help, and Jeff had a way with helping. Who owns Jeff and Ghislane? Short list, right?

  3. John
    I don't see how you keep up the pace of physician and publisher. Another Dr. Johnson?Our remote county (7,000 pop.) has one reported case of CV (no deaths either), but that may be due to inadequate testing, allowed only if a person is exhibiting 'drama class' flu symptoms.
    I think I need a bigger mask to prevent my drowning in online meditation and dharma talks. A veritable avalanche of well meaning messages and mantras sweeps over us as we shelter in the inner core of our practice. The forwarded article below is one view of how the residents of Oaxaca are coping. I hope you have a good pipeline of PPE's.

    Life in Oaxaca with the Coronavirus
        The streets of Oaxaca are eerily quiet, with little pedestrian or vehicular traffic. Many shops are closed, as are most archeological sites, museums and galleries. Schools are shuttered, as are movie theaters, concert halls, ball parks, event centers and other venues where large groups of people usually gather. Some restaurants are still open, but only for carry-out orders. Buses are still running but are rarely even half full. There are relatively few taxis or colectivos operating. Folks are hunkering down in their homes and those out on the street wear face masks and keep their distance from others. Things are probably very similar where you are.
        This is Semana Santa, when students are usually on spring break and families get together for reunions or go on vacation. Now, though, all the beaches in Mexico are closed. Traditions like Palm Sunday and Good Friday processions have been suspended. Easter will be observed in people's hearts rather than with church services. It is a strange and unsettling time.
        Few cases of Covid-19 have been reported in the city, but numbers are suspect due to lack of testing. We expats who live year around in Oaxaca remain optimistic that the pandemic will pass us by, as almost no foreign visitors arrive in the city these days. That is a blessing from a health standpoint, but is devastating to the local economy, which is hugely dependent on tourists. Few Mexicans have much in the way of savings, so have little resources to see them through these tough times. A lot of people are struggling to get by.
        No one can predict how long the virus will circulate or when life will get back to some semblance of normalcy. If projections that the rate of infections will peak toward the end of April are correct, then perhaps the situation will improve by mid-summer. We certainly hope so. There is no way to know now what impact the pandemic will have on the Lending Library's program of events for next winter. However, we can hope for the best and in that spirit you can get a first look at the proposed calendar of day hikes for next season by clicking here.
        Odds are that wherever in the world you happen to be as you read this, you are in similar circumstances. The pandemic is no respecter of national or any other kind of borders. Hang in there! Stay healthy! Support your family, friends and neighbors. The trails around Oaxaca will be here to welcome you back when the crisis has passed.
    Larry Ginzkey,

    1. Hi Cleve, and thanks for the observations from Oaxaca, too. I do keep busy, and Austin streets are as quiet as in 1976, when I first got here, quieter sometimes. It's really nice for a bike commuter. My commutes are quicker, and not stressful at all, now.
      I only do what a guy can do in a 24 hour day, but I'm always trying to get a little more done on so many projects. I worked all day at People's Community Clinic, but it was a really quiet Friday. Jenny picked me up and we tried to get some zinc when the weekly truck arrived at The Vitamin Shoppe. No luck. No zinc this week, none at all. What am I to give people to take with their hydroxychloroquine if I can't get any zinc? It's unobtainium in America for the last 3 weeks at least. We have a little in our regular supplements, and we eat plenty of fresh produce and legumes, but I think it means something that all the zinc is gone, everywhere.
      Not sure what it means yet, though.
      I shoveled some compost into the little truck at a friend's house, and we drove to Yoakum, where we'll catch some sleep and get to work tomorrow morning after wonderful coffee. The first of the tomatoes might be ripe. I couldn't tell yet in the dark, though.