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Reinfection And Treatment

Coming Up Short,

About 30% of people tested after recovering from novel coronavirus infection, do not have significant antibody levels to protect against reinfection, according to preliminary results from research from Fudan University in Shanghai. We have all heard rumors of people getting reinfected after hospital discharge, but it was usually passed off as a false negative test, that they were still infected. This makes it look like 1/3 of the people sick enough to get included in this study did not make enough antibodies to be protected against reinfection.

It looks like sewage analysis in Massachusetts revealed way more SARS-CoV-2 than official statistics indicated.
​ ​We tested wastewater collected at a major urban treatment facility in Massachusetts and found the presence of SARS-CoV-2 at high titers in the period from March 18 - 25 using RT-qPCR. We then confirmed the identity of the PCR product by direct DNA sequencing. Viral titers observed were significantly higher than expected based on clinically confirmed cases in Massachusetts as of March 25.​..
 ​ Researchers from biotech startup Biobot Analytics, working with a team from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard, and Brigham and Women’s Hospital, estimate there were at least 2,300 people infected with Covid-19 in the area around the treatment facility. But at the time of analysis, which has not yet been peer-reviewed, there were 446 cases officially reported in that area.

​Ordinary speech aerosolizes microparticles of coronavirus, which waft upon the breeze. Raising your voice releases more. You don't have to cough or sneeze for this to happen. Wearing a mask protects others in your vicinity.

We are on the Precipice of Martial Law. Preparations are in place. Command and control structure is secured and ready.
​ ​The danger of World War and a military coup arose again during the short lived administration of John F. Kennedy who found himself locked in a life or death struggle not with Russia, but with the Military Industrial Complex that had become dominated by the many Dr. Strangeloves of the Joint Chief of Staff and CIA who fanatically believed that America could win a nuclear war with Russia. Kennedy’s valiant efforts to achieve dialogue with his Soviet counterparts, move towards peace in Vietnam, support of colonial liberation, promotion of space exploration and advocacy of a Nuclear Test Ban treaty made him a target of the Deep State of his time. During this period, this effort was led from the top by JFK’s two most powerful American opponents: Allan Dulles (director of the CIA) and General Lyman Lemnitzer (head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff), both of whom were proponents of pre-emptive nuclear war, architects of the Bay of Pigs regime change trap and advocates of Operation Northwoods (an ultimate “inside job” precursor to 9/11 which JFK subverted).  

​Prepare To Have Your Worldview Obliterated, Caitlin Johnstone​
Joe Biden's homework got saved and copied:
​ ​The first draft of the civil rights-eroding USA PATRIOT Act was magically introduced one week after the 9/11 attacks. Legislators later admitted that they hadn’t even had time to read through the hundreds of pages of the history-shaping bill before passing it the next month, yet somehow its authors were able to gather all the necessary information and write the whole entire thing in a week.​..
 ​Biden’s bill was never put to a vote, but after 9/11 then-Attorney General John Ashcroft reportedly credited his bill with the foundations of the USA PATRIOT Act.
​ ​“Civil libertarians were opposed to it,” Biden said in 2002 of his bill. “Right after 1994, and you can ask the attorney general this, because I got a call when he introduced the Patriot Act. He said, ‘Joe, I’m introducing the act basically as you wrote it in 1994.'”

​Alastair Crooke looks forward to the changes in mass societal consciousness, which are already being wrought by the coronavirus pandemic, and which threaten the power of the established power elites. (History says they will react harshly in their desperation to maintain control.​)
​ ​The intrusion of some wholly extraneous event – like a pandemic – into any given status quo doesn’t necessarily break it, in and of itself. But it exposes cruelly the shortcomings and workings of the existing status quo. It shows them, as not just stark naked, but also with its dark backstage of barely legal, dole-outs to business, and Wall Street friends, suddenly spotlighted.
​ ​Fyodor Dostoevsky sets out in The Brothers Karamazov an allegory that can be applied to our times, but was set in Seville, in the most terrible time of the Inquisition, when fires were lighted every day to the glory of God (rather than today’s ‘glory to Mammon’), and in that splendid auto da fé, when wicked ‘heretics’ were burnt alive. It was published in 1880.​..
​ ​The Grand Inquisitor of Seville is outraged. This extraneous occurrence risks spoiling his carefully contrived status quo:
“Oh, we shall persuade them [the citizenry of Seville] that they will only become free when they renounce their freedom to us, and submit to us. And shall we be right, or shall we be lying? They will be convinced that we are right … Receiving bread from us, they will see clearly that we take the bread made by their hands from them – [only] to give it back to them … In truth they will be more thankful for taking it from our hands – than for the bread itself! Too well, will they know the value of complete submission! We shall show them that they are weak, that they are only pitiful children, but that childlike happiness is the sweetest of all.

​Steve Keen helps us get our heads around exponential growth, a weak point for our species, occasionally important.
 ​ ​It took about ten weeks to go from 555 cases (the number recorded on January 21st at the start of this data series) to over 1 million. How long will it take to get to a significant number compared to the planet's population—say, half a billion cases?
​ ​It will take about another 8 weeks.

​ ​China told the world that it would donate tons of PPE to Italy to slow the virus outbreak. Reports now indicate that China actually charged Italy for PPE, instead of donating. It also turns out the PPE China sent over was the same equipment that Italy donated to China earlier in the year. What a mess...
​ ​"Before the virus hit Europe, Italy sent tons of PPE to China to help China protect its own population. China then has sent Italian PPE back to Italy -- some of it, not even all of it ... and charged them for it," a senior Trump administration official told The Spectator.  

​ ​As promised, Downing Street has released its morning update on the condition of Prime Minister Boris Johnson. And according to Spokesman James Slack, who spoke with reporters on a conference call on Wednesday, Johnson is still in "stable" condition, but remains in intensive care after spending Tuesday night there.
Slack also said Johnson is "responding" to whatever treatment he is receiving.
"The prime minister remains clinically stable and is responding to treatment," Slack said. He added that Johnson is in "good spirits", but is unable to work right now.

 John Prine, who for five decades wrote rich, plain-spoken songs that chronicled the struggles and stories of everyday working people and changed the face of modern American roots music, died Tuesday at Nashville’s Vanderbilt University Medical Center. He was 73. The cause was complications related to COVID-19​...
​...​he wrote many of his classics as a mailman in Maywood, Illinois — for revelatory songs that covered the full spectrum of the human experience. There’s “Hello in There,” about the devastating loneliness of an elderly couple; “Sam Stone,” a portrait of a drug-addicted Vietnam soldier suffering from PTSD; and “Paradise,” an ode to his parents’ strip-mined hometown of Paradise, Kentucky, which became an environmental anthem. Prine tackled these subjects with empathy and humor, with an eye for “the in-between spaces,” the moments people don’t talk about.

​"But fortunately I have the key to escape reality". John Prine bequeaths us his smile.

​ ​Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, will celebrate their 15th wedding anniversary together tomorrow, now that both have cleared a period of isolation due to the coronavirus.
​ ​The celebration comes after an anxious period when the Prince of Wales, 71, was diagnosed with coronavirus at the end of March. He beat the disease with only mild symptoms and emerged from isolation on March 30...
​ ​Prince Charles said last week: "Having recently gone through the process of contracting this coronavirus, luckily with relatively mild symptoms, I now find myself on the other side of the illness but still in no less a state of social distance and general isolation.
  "As we are all learning, this is a strange, frustrating and often distressing experience, when the presence of family and friends is no longer possible and the normal structures of life are suddenly removed."  

​Oh, this looks like it may be very important. Thanks Ilargi:​
COVID-19: Attacks the 1-Beta Chain of Hemoglobin and Captures the Porphyrin to Inhibit Human Heme Metabolism
​ ​In this study, conserved domain analysis, homology modeling, and molecular docking were used to compare the biological roles of certain proteins of the novel coronavirus. The results showed the ORF8 and surface glycoprotein could bind to the porphyrin, respectively. At the same time, orf1ab, ORF10, and ORF3a proteins could coordinate attack the heme on the 1-beta chain of hemoglobin to dissociate the iron to form the porphyrin. The attack will cause less and less hemoglobin that can carry oxygen and carbon dioxide.  

​Travis sent this​. It is the latest version of this very persistent medical rumor. Please give me study data!
​ ​Los Angeles doctor Anthony Cardillo says he's seen very promising results when the Trump-touted drug is combined with zinc for severely-ill coronavirus patients.
​ ​"Every patient I've prescribed it to has been very, very ill and within 8 to 12 hours, they were basically symptom-free," Cardillo told Eyewitness News, adding "So clinically I am seeing a resolution."
​ ​Cardillo, CEO of Mend Urgent Care, says that the drug must be used in conjunction with Zinc, as the hydroxycholoroquine opens a 'channel' for the mineral to enter cells and prevent the virus from replicating.

​More on the zinc-ionophore mechanism from a month ago:
Anit Kumar Singh: " Yes, zinc stops the coronavirus to replicate and multiply "
Well... ultimately, that is the effect. Intracellular Zinc interferes with coronavirus transcription, which results in the ability of the virus to replicate. [Article Zn Inhibits Coronavirus and Arterivirus RNA Polymerase Activ...] 

However, being a ++ ion, extracellular zinc requires active transport to pass across the cell membrane. It so happens that chloroquine is a zinc ionophore, thus provides zinc++ with the transport mechanism. [Article Chloroquine Is a Zinc Ionophore] In this instance, chloroquine has no drug action. It is the zinc that is in play, and I find it concerning that so many news organizations (and governments) are failing to convey this fact..opting, instead, to portray chloroquine as having the key drug action. it does not...
Take 10,00 units per day of vitamin-D until June if you have not previously been taking it, and 5000 units per day after that, to get your levels into the normal range, so your immune system can work right.
​ ​Low vitamin D status in winter permits viral epidemics. During winter, people who do not take vitamin D supplements are likely to have low serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D [25(OH)D] concentrations. Vitamin D can reduce the risk of viral epidemics and pandemics in several ways. First, higher 25(OH)D concentrations reduce the risk of many chronic diseases, including cancers, cardiovascular disease, chronic respiratory tract infections (RTIs), diabetes mellitus, and hypertension. Patients with chronic diseases have significantly higher risk of death from RTIs than otherwise healthy people. Second, vitamin D reduces risk of RTIs through three mechanisms: maintaining tight junctions, killing enveloped viruses through induction of cathelicidin and defensins, and reducing production of proinflammatory cytokines by the innate immune system, thereby reducing the risk of a cytokine storm leading to pneumonia. Observational and supplementation trials have reported higher 25(OH)D concentrations associated with reduced risk of dengue, hepatitis, herpesvirus, hepatitis B and C viruses, human immunodeficiency virus, influenza, respiratory syncytial virus infections, and pneumonia. Results of a community field trial reported herein indicated that 25(OH)D concentrations above 50 ng/ml (125 nmol/l) vs. <20 ng/ml were associated with a 27% reduction in influenza-like illnesses. From the available evidence, we hypothesize that raising serum 25(OH)D concentrations through vitamin D supplementation could reduce the incidence, severity, and risk of death from influenza, pneumonia, and the current COVID-19 epidemic.  

M​aking Antibodies​

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