Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Securing Necessities

Currently Asymptomatic,

  There are a lot of historical currents and riptides running through the ocean of life right now. 
We can see some of the effects, and compare the present to historical events in similar times of systemic failure and forced societal adaptation.

  Firstly, we have sociopaths at the helm, same as before. 
They have different tools to use this time, and they have to avoid nuclear war,because it will certainly destroy their assets, the social systems they bleed, and likely their lives. They have workarounds. Pandemic contagion is being beta-tested as I write. 
  Contagion has its own set of problems, being so very unpredictable, and essentially impossible to contain, once released. My personal view is that SARS-CoV-2 virus got out accidentally, ahead of anybody's schedule,and  that Event 201 , the global coronavirus pandemic international coordination event in October 2019 was damage control, with the virus already uncontained. Maybe I'm wrong, but my view implies catch-up efforts by variously wrong-footed elite power groups. I think that is what we are seeing, a general elite-level unpreparedness, especially in the complacent west.
Western elites need to keep people locked up, compliant and afraid until they agree on a plan, but they are "not agreement-capable".

  I intend to diagnose and treat, diagnose and treat, diagnose and treat to fight tyranny. Get through this stupid, damned pandemic!
Currently the oral zinc tablets are what our local pharmacies cannot get their hands on, but they do have Hcq, azithromycin, ivermectin and doxycycline. I have some zinc gluconate that I can put in white paper bags with labels and give to my patients. 
I ordered it around April 1, and it came in about mid May.
My advice to all is to find some oral zinc, either gluconate or zinc citrate, zinc monomethionine, zinc acetate, zinc orotate, or zinc sulfate, purchase it, and maybe extra to give as gifts.  
Find a doctor who is comfortable prescribing antiviral treatment for COVID. Independent practitioners may be more free to prescribe.
A local pharmacist, maybe at a compounding pharmacy, not a big chain pharmacy, might be able to direct you to who is prescribing in your area.
Here is my Update on available COVID-19 treatments , from 8/20/20:

  There are other points of weakness, like the global digital watering hole. Poisoning the internet hurts everybody, all of the support systems, upon which our sociopathic helmsmen rely. Still, there are many forms of more and less subtle local internet attacks. The defenses against any attack drain resources and reduce the local internet function of the defended nodes. Whatever internet weapons are being tested still look like they are at the annoyance level, like we see from criminal organizations, individual hackers, and the spook world collecting data and attacking individuals and small groups.
  Our service to our local and regional elites must be forced by controlling our necessities of life, not just the internet. 
We rely on pure water, food, fuel to cook and heat, electricity, and transport fuel. We need sewer service. We need local order to be maintained, protection from human predators at street level. We also need medical and surgical care. 
  We can enjoy freedom of maneuver to the degree that we assure local support systems for our local human teams. New York City might be hard, though the water supply has always been a good one. People are moving out of New York City, Chicago, LA, and other embatled cities.. Street riots, with destruction of property, looting, and lots of openly carried firearms, have forced many capable people to make that jump recently.
Throughout history, elites and creative types have migrated back and forth between city and country. 
  Thomas Jefferson and many of the American founding fathers were rural planters. At the time of the Revolutionary War, food production systems in the American colonies were almost completely local, as were fuel and water supplies, and all essential services. Mostly durable goods, tea, spices and cloth were imported. That did not allow much short term pressure to be brought to bear on the self sufficient colonial rebels. 
  Currently, we are more reliant upon distant factory farming, but the same system makes it relatively easy to stockpile beans, rice, salt, cooking oil and canned goods. Weather and local agriculture vary a lot, as do local attitudes towards relative self-sufficiency. 
People are likely to support self sufficiency more in places where it is more possible (Wyoming being an exception in my mind.).

  With these general principles long in mind, Jenny and I ventured to New Zealand in 2005 - 2006, Hawaii in 2008 - 2013, but we had to come back to Austin each time. 
The social capital that Jenny and I have built in Austin over the decades is really important. Each time we ventured farther away, and came up short , were unable to make or hold a jump, that social capital, our good reputations, allowed us to return to Austin and get right back to work supporting our family.
I don't want to sound stupid, but boy was this more important than I realized! 
You may already know better than to leg go of what you have before your next support system is securely established.

  Yoakum, Texas seems to be working out pretty well. It is in the Texas coastal plains, 60 miles in from the Gulf of Mexico, so hurricanes are much weaker by the time they arrive. The weather patterns are moderated by the gulf. The soil "can grow anything". This rich soil was found by Czech and German farmers from the 1830s, and drew them as intact immigrant communities from Europe. Yoakum never had a slave-plantation mode of production. That is a good heritage. There is a visible absence of social stratification. Houses of the wealthy and houses of the poor are not segregated. That's unusual in America. It might be a good superficial feature to seek at street level. It implies an unstressed relationship between social strata. Rural Hawaii is often like that, too. (The local Hawaiians joke that when times get tough they will eat the people in the gated communities. Polynesians do traditionally eat people when times get tough, as you likely know.)

  With threats from warring elites minimized, and with local food and social supports being built and developed, those who are not driven by acute threat may be able to gradually work out a new political economy and social contract from the soil-up. (I'm being hopeful, of course.)

John Goes Long


  1. Hi John,
    As an exercise, I have been trying to think up the most paranoid But maybe still plausible story for the Covid plague.

    How is this: The virus was engineered to be lethal and very infectious.
    But even if you were totally evil, it would be crazy to release it before having an antidote or kill switch for you and your friends.

    So someone at the lab gets wind of the plot, and purposely releases the virus before the evil masters can protect themselves.

    Like it?

    1. This hypothesizes intentional release by an underling, for altruistic purposes, of a thing that kills innocent people. there may be a logical flaw in that hypothesis.
      It's a fairly infectious virus, a low case fatality rate, as pandemics go, kills oldest, weakest and sickest, so it culls our human herd. I think there are lots more fatal bioweapons out there, but they are watching this very closely to understand how to use this kind of weapon. I still think it leaked out accidentally, but I don't know that.

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