Thursday, October 1, 2020

E-mail Rationing Season Again

 Somewhat Censored,

   The presidential election season is upon us again, and my grouped bcc sends of the news-blog are curtailed again.
This is why I began the blog in spring 2016. I was just not able to send emails out to the usual recipients in the weeks leading up to the Democratic convention. 
  I was violating hidden algorithms by tarring the DNC and Clinton Mafia with vote rigging. I was de-formatted until a couple of days after the November elections. Then everything worked fine again until Fall 2018, when my sends got blocked again, until a couple of days after the voting, again...
  Yesterday, (the morning after the Trump-Biden debate) after sending to about 190 people on the bcc list, I replied to an email from some friends. 
Promptly, the mail-server replied that "You have reached a limit for sending mail. Your message was not sent."
That same reply keeps coming back. I tested again this morning. Gmail says I get 100 sends to individuals, no more. I get frozen out for 24 hours after I exceed that. 
  I'll send this out at the 24 hour mark, noon today, and see if it gets through, but that will be it until after the election, and probably until after it is agreed, which may be never. I expect something to go wrong with the blog ( ) too, some day, maybe soon.
Maybe the blog will keep working fine, but just not coming up on Google searches. We'll see.
Do things in your local human world with friends, neighbors, family, vegetables, spiritual community and bicycles.
  The communication formats we have become accustomed to are not inherently stable, and are subject to cancellation at any time, 
without recourse.

Letter from London: The Surreal US case against Assange
The fox is guarding the henhouse and Washington is prosecuting a publisher for exposing its own war crimes. Alexander Mercouris diagnoses the incoherence of the U.S. case for extradition.  
...Now it says that the charges against Assange not only do relate to his work as a journalist, but that they can be brought against any journalist who does the things Assange is being charged with having done.  The U.S. government has even argued that The New York Times would have been successfully prosecuted under the Espionage Act for publishing the Pentagon Papers, because that was an action essentially identical to the ones for which Assange is being charged.
  The implications for journalists of this astonishing reversal are truly shocking.  It is staggering that in the media it has attracted no attention...
  It is very easy when following the intricacies of such a complex legal process to lose sight of what this case is really about.
  Ultimately the U.S. government is not pursuing Julian Assange because he helped Chelsea Manning take certain steps with a computer to conceal her identity, or because he had some historic contacts with hackers, or because he became involved in some activities in Iceland, which caused him to fall foul of a fraudster (and FBI informant).
  Nor is it because Assange received and published classified material.  In the U.S. the receipt and publication by the news media of classified material has grown to almost industrial levels.
  It is because Assange, to a greater extent than any other journalist since the end of the war in Vietnam, has exposed the darkest and most terrible secrets of the U.S. government.

Where can this honest politician find work in the future? (Warning: Russian news!)
Tulsi Gabbard believes Project Veritas’ ballot-harvesting claims against fellow dem Ilhan Omar, causing left-wing backlash

​Here is the Project Veritas video, with covert video recordings of Somali-American vote-harvesting champions bragging about their vote-harvesting prowess and techniques to a Somali-American from their community. He was working undercover (now blown) for the local police and Project Veritas:​

​Minneapolis police open a case against vote-harvesting ring, exposed above. (Warning: Russian news again!)
​  ​Jeremy Slevin, senior communications director for Omar, weighed in on the debate claiming "the amount of truth to this story is equal to the amount Donald Trump paid in taxes of ten out of the last fifteen years: zero".
​  ​He slammed the Project Veritas investigation, saying that "amplifying a coordinated right-wing campaign to delegitimise a free and fair election this fall undermines our democracy".

The Empire of Uncertainty​, Charles Hugh Smith​
​  ​Anyone claiming they can project the trajectory of the U.S. and global economy is deluding themselves.
​  ​Normalcy depends entirely on everyday life being predictable. To be predictable, life must be stable, which means that there is a high level of certainty in every aspect of life.
​  ​The world has entered an era of profound uncertainty, an uncertainty that will only increase as self-reinforcing feedbacks strengthen disrupting dynamics and perverse incentives drive unintended consequences.

​How did this happen? Should I be more or less worried?

Dr. Anthony Fauci says Americans should trust credibility of COVID-19 vaccine process

This Overlooked Variable Is the Key to the Pandemic  

​  This well written article explains that influenza spreads fairly evenly from person to person, but that SARS-CoV-2 spreads very unevenly, largely in super-spreader events. the case in point is "Patient 31" in South Korea, who infected a chain of over 5000 in a mega-church cluster.
The means of dealing with even-spread (Flu) and jumpy spread (COVID)​ are not identical, though there is overlap. Masks help, but would particularly constrain a super-spreader. Contact tracing protocols are different. Treating each case the same, and "forward-contact-tracing" works fine for Flu, but with COVID, one should better trace contacts backwards to identify super-spreader events, then find eople who were at those events. Many people with COVID do not transmit it to another person, but they may have gotten it from somebody who spread it to a LOT of people. This is good food for thought. Some countries did well at preventing super-spreading events, while having a more open society in general. Japan and Sweden are explained here. Each of them had legal and societal constraints, and some strong-points, which they used to the advantage of most of their citizens.

​New COVID diagnosed-cases and COVID hospitalizations in Texas are starting to edge up again, as numer of tests performed increases, and percent positivity of tests continues to fall. (Colleges are testing a lot, and coronavirus is spreading rapidly on campuses, with minimal hospitalization, almost none. This age group spreads the virus well, but also contains it well to the nose and throat area, where it is not a threat to life. Once it gets to lungs, gut and bloodstream, it is a threat to the morevulnerable, especially those with weakened and inflamed blood vessels (Diabetics, autoimmune disease, obese, hypertensive, etc.). 
It remains to be seen how the immunity of the young and healthy will change as vitamin-D levels from summer sun and outdoor fun, begin to decline.​

Bandwidth Constrained


  1. While I am inclined to believe your interpretation of your intermittent email restraints, and I know of someone who had a similar experience but with their blog, there is another possibility: bandwidth limitations. Seems like the net is steadily overloading itself. From ads upon ads upon ads to the NSA wanting to always be in the background to... it's *just* possible that during election season since 2016, by which time the internet as we know it today had taken form, so many people are sending email lists and hammering the political fora and and and... that the restriction is simply a kind of rationing during a time of relative scarcity relative to demand.

    I tend to believe your view on it, but I must admit that paranoia can function as a form of confirmation bias, or is it vice-versa?

    1. I'm a former Internet engineer. The vast majority of Internet traffic is comprised of video content, both from streaming services and the porn industry (not necessarily in that order). Email traffic is in the noise.

    2. "The noise" is being curtailed by Gmail. That is a form of censorship. It's seasonal, coming only in election season. This iteration of the censorship has the appearance of being arbitrary, but it may actually be content-driven by the AI monitors. I can't tell.