Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Power Transition

 Fellow Pawns,

  I think that the overlord class is now forced into some fevered negotiations regarding the transfer of power in the US. They should really be negotiating now, because it has been effective gridlock for almost 4 years, and it was not working right even before that. 
Obama/Kerry were "not agreement capable" when negotiating with Russia in Syria, as you may recall.
  No group currently has decisive power in the US, so the US cannot act decisively, as it degrades further and further. There has been a deep state holding action, aligned with most Democrats and the Bush/Romney Republicans, denying executive power to the elected weirdo-in-chief. Trump has had the bully pulpit and has used it dramatically.
Trump has shown himself to be an adequately weird match for these weird times.

  A lot of people have not accepted the inevitability of weird times yet. The elites know, though.
Current flows of wealth into the US are from outside. The US produces expensive weapons, food, upper-tier electronics production machinery, airplanes and oil and gas. Manufacturing of commodities is offshored, except mattresses, refrigerators and washing machines, which are big, bulky and expensive to ship overseas.

  Wealth comes to North America for dollars, the global reserve currency. A digital central bank currency is being openly developed, and central banks across the world have secured national gold, both some at home, and some in financial centers, for practical reasons in a reset. The rest of the world is tired of having wealth extracted by the reserve currency. The Saudis got "protection" for the deal to only sell oil in $US. They still get that. Is that enough to support a reserve currency these days?
  The US military supports the dollar by destroying countries that sell their oil in other currencies, like Iraq and Libya. The US military is just a bit behind in destroying Iran and Venezuela. It sure is making life hard in those countries, but they are not yet destroyed. Iran seems fairly indestructible lately.

  Poppy Bush is dead, and the CIA was his team. He reorganized it after the Church hearings, did the secret deal with Iran (in Paris) to assure that Iran would not send the hostages home to President Carter, who was concurrently secretly negotiating with Iran. Bush got into the White House with Reagan, and ran the Iran Contra drugs for arms for military parts to Iran for hostages deal. Bill Clinton provided the landing site in Arkansas for the CIA planes full of coke. Bill became a team-player.
  There is a lack of deep state executive power right now. Cheney is still important, but he has an external cardiac assist pump, and he is not a family member like Poppy was, just a retainer.
Dubya and Jeb are not up to the job, are they?

  The empire needs to negotiate a step-down to a multipolar world.
China, Russia and Iran are waiting patiently as the strategic situation shifts ever more in their favor. Israel will have to deal with Russia and China, and give up on totally destroying Iran.
Asia still needs the US as a counterbalance to China. Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, India and Indonesia all benefit from the limits the US places on Chinese power. Paying some tribute to the US to keep from paying a ot more to China is a good investment for them.
  There is a good case for a multipolar world, where the great powers are in dynamic balance, and great wars are avoided. The US needs an executive to function in that dynamic, and it has no executive, just a Mexican standoff, where numerous parties have their fingers on triggers to kill other parties, so gridlock.

  Hunter Biden's laptop has kiddie porn, they say. It has kiddie porn starring Hunter Biden on drugs, they say. The FBI's top kiddie-porn investigator signed for Hunter's laptop. That's confirmed.
  "In an interview this evening with Newsmax TV, former NYC Mayor and current attorney to President Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani announces he has turned over Hunter Biden's laptop hard-drive to Delaware State Police due to pictures of underage girls and inappropriate text messages."

  Tomorrow is the last presidential debate, and Donald Trump can either feed Joe Biden into the wood-chipper, or hold him there head first, gazing into it.
  Joe is not a player in this game. Joe is a piece being played. Joe is unelectable. He's off the board.
Donald is a player in US electoral politics, set to win the presidency again, and he's the only clear player to be empowered to play for the empire, on the world stage, at this point.
  Trump's role will be to negotiate the multipolar world order.
Nationalism and specific alliances of interests have outmaneuvered the "New World Order" that Poppy Bush spoke so glowingly of. We just can't afford to be consumed by that big, sloppy blob.

  For the moment, Giuliani is playing all the chips from Hunter Biden's laptop with relish. Murdoch is publishing the sleaze and dirt, so the media stonewall is broken.
Facebook and Twitter are still ruled by one man each, who can make decisions, negotiate, and command critical changes, which will be duly carried out.  
Google is being sued, and the direction the wind is blowing is to remove the power concentrated in big tech founders. Who gets it next?

  Other than Giuliani, who is advancing as a knight, and Murdoch, protecting his moves, Nancy Pelosi is a player, capable of negotiations, who we can watch. If Nancy is not attacking, she is negotiating terms of surrender, for at least some parties, like the Clintons and Podestas. 
Obama is playing, but he's invisible. He may be in charge of the comeback of the Democratic Party, or at least a defensive line of damage control. 
Representing Poppy Bush's Deep State interests, I nominate Bill Barr as the piece to keep your eyes on. He got on with Poppy when he was still in high school and rose all the way through the CIA's ranks as it became whatever it is today. He knows who is who, and where the bodies are buried. If he brings indictments out against mid to upper mid-level deep state players, after the debate, but before the election, that will be writing on the wall for the deep state, that a change of command is taking place, and they should fall in line appropriately.

 This is moving fast. If I am wrong we will know within 2 weeks. If I am right, it will unfold on this timeline, which is the timeline of the elections. If I am right, then the US may start rebuilding before the collapse is at its depths. That would be a lot better, and we could avoid civil war.

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  1. Great commentary , Trump love him or hate him has captured the world's imagination and there is no other person in the US who can do that currently. His abrasive take no prisoners approach is appropriate for the times , the great disrupter rolls on as the disrupted cling to the hope of returning to the old status quo. However even if he wins in a landslide he will not be allowed a second term. Every one in the swamp from queen Elizabeth to George Soros to ASIO , mI6 and Mossad are against it. He will be arrested and flown to Guantanamo bay for the term of his natural life. All the supporters of stature will also get life in prison.The global cabals demand the utter humiliation of the great disrupter. Humiliation or death , or both. Interesting times.

    1. Thanks Tazzy, Brad. What I present is a testable hypothesis. Indeed, we shall soon see if Trump, QB for some unseen group of oligarchs, will prevail over the group that has been consolidating power since they took out JFK, RFK, and MLK. We shall soon see...

  2. Hi John Day. I came here from TAE. This is an excellent telling of recent history and an appraisal of very likely coming
    events. Please, how do you see an assassination of Trump is to be avoided. And what would happen if they did that as
    they have done before. Can President Trump see this and know who to be removed? Barr? Or someone else?

    1. Trump is protected bysomebody, because he's alive, unlike JFK, RFKand MLK. It's secretive, isn't it? It has to be another power faction, the way I see it, but still hidden. It seems nationalist and "rationalist" in character. Steve Bannon, who has been tarred in the media, but looks like a principled guy to me, has been a sort of Trump ambassador at large. Today, Thursday, looks to be a big news day. If Trump pulls his punches at the debate, then negotiations are proceeding. He will not divulge everything on the laptop, at any rate. Having some of the worst porn visuals in reserve seems prudent.

  3. I feel really lucky to have found your blog. Your analysis and insights are spot on. I'm working on creating an app that could in fact stir a Revolution and help prevent Civil War. I'm sharing my website link because I think you may enjoy learning about my goals and intentions. Thanks again for your words and for always speaking your truths. My dream can be found at: Sincerely, Lee

    1. A story at your site has "John Day" in it, but not me. It's a common name in Oregon, but I have not been to the town, the river or the natural area of that name.
      It's a long way from central Texas. I wish you well with your noble social endeavor, Lee.