Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Celestial Winds

 Star Seeds,

  This past Saturday we had a very modest Spring Equinox garden party, with more lovely food than we could disposition, good company, and intellectually engaging conversation about life, the universe and everything. Mel, who has worked extensively for NASA in Florida and Texas, was talking about new scientific findings about the heliosphere and the plasma fields of interstellar space. He said that this is public information, but that they are making it obscure, not publicizing it. I google-searched and all I found was stuff "debunking" "Electric Universe" models, and the electric universe and thunderbolts sites following them.

  Mel was able to help me with this main link to the IBEX information: 

This seems to be the best overview:
NASA’s IBEX Charts 11 Years of Change at Boundary to Interstellar Space

​The shape of the "heliosphere" (helio-croissant?) is also a hot topic, and I saw it presented as-a-fact in 2 different forms in various of the NASA explanatory articles. This seems to be the thing we are not supposed to think about too much. All of this information fits best with "electric universe" in gross terms. This does not definitively endorse any specific theory of astrophysics, but it may open up a can of electric eels that jump out and squirm around.
Uncovering Our Solar System’s Shape
NASA’s Cassini, Voyager Missions Suggest New Picture of Sun’s Interaction with Galaxy

​Interstellar space is full of hazards to life-forms: Cosmic radiation, plasma fields, highly energized particles. (There are also these flows of highly energized particles within our heliosphere, which are not called "silly-string", so I won't call them that, but it keeps popping into my mind.)
We are protected by our planetary magnetosphere and radiation belts, and that protection lies within the massive, hard working protective shield of our mother-star. It's like the "force shields" on Star Trek.​ It is plowing through the interstellar magnetic field.
NASA’s IBEX Observations Pin Down Interstellar Magnetic Field

​Charles Hugh Smith picks up our regularly scheduled programming:
How We Stumbled to the Edge of the Cliff
​  ​Now that we're teetering on the edge of the cliff, it might be a good idea to retrace how we stumbled down to this crumbling, precarious ledge. As I've discussed for the past 15 years, there are a handful of systemic forces that have taken us to the point of no return.

1. Demographics have reversed from tailwinds to headwinds...
2. The fuel of postwar prosperity, oil, is no longer cheap enough or abundant enough.​..
3. The balance between labor and capital has collapsed. $50 trillion in earnings has been transferred to the Financial Aristocracy from the bottom 90% of American households over the past 45 years.​..
4. The nation's leadership elite no longer trusts the citizenry. The entire purpose of what passes for leadership now in the U.S. is to bamboozle, lie, prevaricate and obscure how the nation's resources are being squandered globally and domestically.
5. The central bank's magic does not work forever.​..
Just a thought, but removing the blindfold might be a good idea here. The edge is crumbling and the bottom is a long way down.

​About that conversation in Alaska, between high level representatives of the US and China last week:
The United States, said Yang, in one of the most dismissive diplomatic rejoinders I have ever heard, does not have the ‘qualifications’ to address China ‘from a position of strength’. F, my dear Blinken, you. [..] The Anchorage outrage was not an isolated incident. On the contrary, though it is early days yet in the Biden-Harris (or Harris-Biden) administration, a pattern of contempt for America and its leaders seems to be taking hold. In the course of a ‘what-flavor-is-your-milkshake’ valen- er, interview with George ‘I <3 Hillary’ Stephanopoulos, Biden was asked if he thought Russian president Vladimir Putin was a ‘killer’. He answered yes, in response to which Putin said he wished Biden the best of health and suggested they livestream a debate. Can you imagine what that would be like?

Putin is 1000x Biden, by Raúl Ilargi Meijer 
  In the space of just 24 hours, Joe Biden and Antony Blinken managed to make Donald Trump look like a perfect diplomat. And we must wonder why that is. Why did Biden call Putin a soulless killer, and Blinken invoke a 20 minute tirade from Chinese top diplomat Yang Jiechi in Alaska? Is it just stupidity, which is quite possible, or is it orchestrated, which you might suspect given it took so little time to insult America’s alleged two biggest adversaries? ...
  It’s time that people understand Joe Biden is an entirely scripted actor. Not well-scripted, and not a good actor, but still. His comments about Putin being a “killer with no soul” are insane, they scrape the bottom of the bottom of the barrel of diplomacy, they insult not just Putin, and thereby all of Russia, and threaten world peace, but they’re not his. They were written for him. Biden keeps reminding me of Max Headroom, an early MTV thing. Cartoon character. Scripted.
  The CIA, Pentagon, NATO, Boeing, Raytheon, you name them, all badly need to conserve the image of Putin as Satan, because he’s their “raison d’être”. Putin is the figurehead for why the US spends 10 times more than Russia on “defense”, and still ends up with inferior weaponry. The CIA thought they had it all won when they put Yeltsin in the Kremlin, and started to take over all resources of the country with the most natural resources on the planet.
​  ​And then Putin came, and prevented that take-over.​..
​  Joe Biden only has a veneer, a semblance, of credibility, and that’s only because US media never ask him any serious questions. Not just because he never did any press-ops after becoming president, but also because even if he did, they still wouldn’t.
​  ​Putin, on the other hand, saved his country from America, globalism, and the worst outgrowths of capitalism and neocons. The US no longer has any meaningful dialogue with Russia anymore, which is of course utterly insane (but yeah, the narrative), but the Alaska meeting does give us an insight into where this train is about to be headed next.

  It seems likely that Biden and his team are deliberately provoking a crisis with Russia in order to justify a geopolitical policy of hardening hostility towards Moscow.
 Foremost in this context is the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline and the American objective to terminate that project. The day after Biden sent relations with Russia into a downward spiral, his Secretary of State Antony Blinken announced that the U.S. would be imposing tough new sanctions on “any entity involved the Nord Stream 2 pipeline”. Blinken stated there was “a whole of government commitment in the United States to stopping” the gas supply project between Russia and Europe. It cannot be overstated that the $11 billion pipeline is a huge geopolitical issue. It is front and center to Washington’s global ambitions. The Americans want to kill it in order to sell their own more expensive gas to Europe for decades to come.

It's The Debt, Stupid, Tom Luongo
​ Fear is the antithesis of liberty.
Fear makes people crazy.  It robs them of their reason and allows unscrupulous politicians to run wild stoking it for their own cynical purposes.
  And the cynical purpose du jour is the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset. It intends to destroy the current economy and build it back better by taking total control over the flow of capital via surveillance and digital money.
  They sell this to their constituency as a sustainable and green economy, an equitable one built on the false premise that capitalism is unfair...
The fear is a narrative to mask the real problem we’re facing, which the World Economic Forum and the Democrats know all too well.
  The unsustainability eating away our economy isn’t a function of capitalism’s rapaciousness, it’s a func..tion of debt.  While debt has its place in any good economic system, it’s use is also a two-edged sword...
​  ​Debt is the thing choking off any prospect of growth, post COVID.  This knowledge is what animates the Millennial generation to strange acts of rebellion like creating a short squeeze on Game Stop’s stock and bidding up the price of Bitcoin.​..
​  Because it isn’t a recovery we’re now facing, even though major states like Florida and Texas are operating close to normal now.  It’s a loss of confidence in the people in charge of this insanity.
​  ​Because interest rates also rise when the investors, the buyers of the debt, look at the landscape and say, “Nope, I need a better return than 1% on ten-year money because I don’t think you’re likely to pay me back.”
​  ​That’s what has the Biden administration spooked right now.  The fear they are projecting onto us via COVID-19 is really their fear that we’ll stop believing a word that comes out of their mouths.


It Is Time To Remove The Debt Barrier To Economic Growth, Paul Craig Roberts and Michael Hudson​
​  ​Out of habit, American economists worry about federal debt. But federal debt can be redeemed by the Federal Reserve printing the money with which to retire the bonds.  The debt problem rests with individuals, companies, and state and local governments.  They have no printing press.​..
​  We propose to deal with the debt crisis by forgiving debts as was done in ancient times.  Our basic premise is that  debts that cannot be paid won’t be. Widespread foreclosures and evictions would further worsen the distribution of income and wealth and further constrain the ability of the economy to grow.  Writing debt down to levels that can be serviced would clear the decks for a real recovery.  Income that would be siphoned off in debt service would instead be available to purchase new goods and services.​..
​  ​Policymakers did not endorse our proposal, but, in effect, policymakers adopted our policy.  However, instead of forgiving the debt itself, they forgave payment of the debt service.  Individuals and businesses who cannot pay their landlords or lenders cannot be evicted or foreclosed until June.  This doesn’t hurt the lenders or banks, because the loans are not in default, and their balance sheet is not impaired. The banks add the unpaid payments to their assets, and their balance sheets remain sound.
​  ​When June arrives, the prohibition against eviction and foreclosure will have to be extended as the accrued debt service cannot be paid. Extending the moratorium on foreclosures and evictions will just build up arrears.  Is the implication a perpetual moratorium?
​  In financialized capitalism, the main purpose of bank loans is to refinance existing investments, not to expand productive capacity with which to service the debt.  It is not possible to grow out of debt in a financialized economy, because too much income is used for debt service.  The way to deal with this problem is to write down debts.

​John Ward, The Slog, has outdone himself with this excellent research about COVID vaccines.
Pay special attention to his analysis of the evidence regarding, "That's silly; they can't change your DNA".​
​  ​A couple of years ago, a close friend lent me a book he’d just finished reading, about the behaviour of DNA in the process of evolution. By the popular science author David Quammen, the book is called The Tangled Tree, and is largely about the work of a genius, Carl Woese, who pretty much proved that the vertical ‘Tree of Life’ proposed by Darwin was wrong. Woese helped prove the existence of HGT (horizontal gene transfer) showing that vast amounts of human DNA structure are variously animal, insect, and even plant in origin. Quammen calls this
​ ‘….an explosive recognition of the bizarre, counterintuitive phenomenon called horizontal gene transfer and the role it has played throughout the history of life. That explosion occurred during the 1990s but had deep precedents, even before Woese’s work opened the door to appreciating its unimaginable prevalence and significance.’
​  ​He wrote that in 2018 of course, before Sars Cov2 reared its variously useful, geopolitical, economic, demonic and hyped head. Every day in almost every way, governments around the world tell us one enormous lie. They tell lots of smaller ones too (see latest Slog Essay) but this 14 pounder is a veritable pike of a Gigafib. It is this: that they know the new vaccines from Astrazeneca and Pfizer are perfectly safe.

First, they got all that nice R&D money, and blanket immunity from liability. Now for the PAYOFF.
(I'll just keep taking my vitamin-D, a little zinc, and I have ivermectin, zinc and doxycycline in case I get sick.)
Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson pledged affordable vaccines — but only as long as there’s a “pandemic.”

  While the companies have enjoyed a boost in goodwill from the rush to develop vaccines, drug industry executives have noted, the public is still sensitive to drug pricing and the reputational risk has, so far, curtailed their ability to reap large financial rewards.
​  ​But that environment, they hope, will change once the pandemic ends: a date that drugmakers themselves reserve the right to declare. Pharmaceutical officials, speaking at recent conferences and on calls with investors, say they expect the virus will linger, morphing from a pandemic into a perennial endemic. And as Covid-19 mutations continue to spread and booster shots may be required on a regular basis, leaders from the three companies are enthusiastic about cashing in.​..
​  ​“You know, Americans are amazed that they’re getting vaccines for free,” said Prabhala. “And of course they’re not because they’ve already paid for them once and now they’re amazed that they’re not paying for them twice.”

​"Somebody else's problem"​
​  ​Swan’s research suggests sperm counts could reach zero by 2045. Zero. Let that sink in. That would mean no babies. No reproduction. No more humans. Forgive me for asking: why isn’t the UN calling an emergency meeting on this right now? The chemicals to blame for this crisis are found in everything from plastic containers and food wrapping, to waterproof clothes and fragrances in cleaning products, to soaps and shampoos, to electronics and carpeting.

FBI Crime Stats Prove “White Supremacy” Not Responsible For Hate Crime Threat to Asians​  
(Wait, that just adds up to 51.5% Where are the Asian perpetrators against Asians in this analysis?​.)
​  ​As the Washington Examiner highlights, citing FBI statistics, whereas whites comprise 62% of the population, they committed 24% of crimes against Asians in 2018.
​  ​In comparison, blacks, who comprise 13% of the population, committed 27.5% of all violent crimes against Asian Americans in 2018.

​Extinct Rebel​


  1. Happy Equinox!
    Your report on your garden party reminds me of the great importance of such events. My wife, a great instigator of parties showed me how parties are essential to creating and sustaining community in modern environments where members are dispersed throughout a larger population most of whom are not members of your close community.
    So, party on dudes and be excellent to one another.

  2. Our various govrnments' exercises in isolating us from our communities and restricing access to our friends and neighbors and even family members has been a valuable stress test on the soundness of our communities. I have personally had to scratch one friend off the list of people that I would not want to rely on in a crisis. Avoid the doctrinaire and cultivate the brave who will chose community over government edict.

  3. We are in parota season here in central MX. The parota is a large tree in the pea family and has seed pods that we have been harvesting. The seeds are enclosed in a pod and each individual seed has another tough skin similar to that of fava beans covering it. This scheme of double layer protection for seeds somehow reminds me of the description of the solar system and its magnetic cover described in the NASA article. The earth has its Van Allen belt and the sun puts up another layer around itself and the planets. Sort of like a fractal, self similarity at all levels of organization.

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    1. Hi Mary,
      I cannot possibly review videos. This is a 2 hour video.
      Please don't request this kind of service.
      I'm deleting the post.

  5. Fair enough. I thought that you might have heard of him. His research on the gain of function work in Wuhan and USA is credible. Points the finger clearly at Dr Fauci.

    1. It's a good topic, the Gain-of-function military virology work. I have seen much to prove to me that it is the only feasible way this chimera of special parts, with special functions, lifted from other viruses, notably HIV, could come to exist. Experts have stated this. I am so behind on sleep, life and my responsibilities these days. I cannot watch videos. I cannot even keep up with my inbox.

  6. I need to travel internationally in 2-3 months.
    I suspect I will need a jab of one sort or another.
    Would being on the FCCC ivermectin protocol be of any use in reducing the chances of an adverse reaction to the J&J injection?

  7. Hello, I would like to see more on the topic of Asian hate. You know my history, the crimes of my father. I tweeted about that and my tweet went viral, 8M+ Twitter impressions and news outlets DMing me. I would like to speak with you by phone at your convenience. You know I would not bother you bc I respect your time & work. That's just what's going on for me this week. LL

    1. Hi LL, I'm not certain who you are. I don't see any Asian hate in Austin, Yoakum or San Antonio.
      I see another media campaign to pretend that "white people" (which includes Mexican Americans, since that was a convenient way to "desegregate" in the 1960s, by calling "Mexicans", "white" and having those-"whites" go to school with "coloreds".
      I think "divide and rule" is looking for any little wedge it can drive between groups of regular people, to keep them from taking common cause against the vampire-class, which is bleeding us all.
      Personally, I like Asia and Asians, went to high school in Japan, and my grandmother, who grew up in China (missionary family), brought me up with Asian food and beautiful Chinese things and stories from the time I was born.
      The first I heard of "racism" was when I was about 4, and she explained that our family (her Quaker grandparents) had been a refuge on "the underground railroad" in Ohio.
      I really didn't see racism in my travels at all until 1967, when we moved to Texas, and not racial-killing until 1968, when we moved to North Carolina, and MLK was assassinated by the police state, which blamed James Earl Ray.
      The King family never blamed him.
      "Racism" between "white" and "black" "races" began as an economic transition from white-slavery on southern plantations to black slavery. The more weakly white slaves died a lot. Only 20% lived through their 20 years to become "free". Their survivors were "promoted" to become overseers and deputies to uphold the new economy of permanent and hereditary black slavery.
      "Racism" served the owners, and they are milking the remnants now to keep "races" divided. The threat to the owners is everybody uniting to make a "new deal", social contract.
      I don't know "the crimes of your father", but the greatest crimes against Asians, perpetrated by the US, have been the bombings of Japan (firebombings and nuclear), the Korean War and the Vietnam war.
      The Bush family made their fortune running opium to China with the British, by the way.