Thursday, March 25, 2021

False Targets


Was this intentional? Whose interests might be served? 
Pepe Escobar looks at the nation-state chessboard, but who are the real players?
​  ​It took 18 years after Shock and Awe unleashed on Iraq for the Hegemon to be mercilessly shocked and awed by a virtually simultaneous, diplomatic Russia-China one-two...
Yet it was the Hegemon who first crossed the diplomatic Rubicon. The handlers behind hologram Joe “I’ll do whatever you want me to do, Nance” Biden had whispered in his earpiece to brand Russian President Vladimir Putin as a soulless “killer” in the middle of a softball interview...
​  ​Then came Putin’s cool, calm, collected – and quite diplomatic – response, which needs to be carefully pondered. These sharp as a dagger words are arguably the most devastatingly powerful five minutes in the history of post-truth international relations.
​  ​In For Leviathan, it’s so cold in Alaska, we forecasted what could take place in the US-China 2+2 summit at a shabby hotel in Anchorage, with cheap bowls of instant noodles thrown in as extra bonus.
​  ​China’s millennial diplomatic protocol establishes that discussions start around common ground – which are then extolled as being more important than disagreements between negotiating parties. That’s at the heart of the concept of “no loss of face”. Only afterwards the parties discuss their differences...
​  ​Oh dear. There was not a single State Dept. hack with minimal knowledge of East Asia to warn the amateurs you don’t mess with the formidable head of the Foreign Affairs Commission at the CCP’s Central Committee, Yang Jiechi, with impunity.
​  ​Visibly startled, but controlling his exasperation, Yang Jiechi struck back. And the rhetorical shots were heard around the whole Global South.
They had to include a basic lesson in manners:
​  ​“If you want to deal with us properly, let’s have some mutual respect and do things the right way”.
But what stood out was a stinging, concise diagnostic blending history and politics:
​  ​The United States is not qualified to talk to China in a condescending manner. The Chinese people will not accept that. It must be based on mutual respect to deal with China, and history will prove that those who seek to strangle China will suffer in the end.​..
​  ​The incompetence of the “diplomatic” arm of the Biden-Harris administration beggars belief. Using a basic Sun Tzu maneuver, Yang Jiechi turned the tables and voiced the predominant sentiment of the overwhelming majority of the planet. Stuff your unilateral “rules-based order”. We, the nations of the world, privilege the UN charter and the primacy of international law.
​  ​So this is what the Russia-China one-two achieved almost instantaneously: from now on,
the Hegemon should be treated, all across the Global South with, at best, disdain.​..
​  And yet nobody is trembling in their boots. Right on cue with Russia-China, Iran has stepped up the game, with Ayatollah Khamenei issuing the guidelines for Tehran’s return to the JCPOA.
1. The US regime is in no position to make new demands or changes regarding the nuclear deal.
2. The US is weaker today than when the JCPOA was signed.
3. Iran is in a stronger position now. If anyone can impose new demands it’s Iran and not the US.
​  ​And with that we have a Russia-China-Iran triple bitch slap on the Hegemon.
​  ​In our latest conversation/interview, to be released soon in a video + transcript package, Michael Hudson – arguably the world’s top economist – hit the heart of the matter:
​  ​The fight against China, the fear of China is that you can’t do to China, what you did to Russia. America would love for there to be a Yeltsin figure in China to say, let’s just give all of the railroads that you’ve built, the high-speed rail, let’s give the wealth, let’s give all the factories to individuals and let the individuals run everything and, then we’ll lend them the money, or we’ll buy them out and then we can control them financially. And China’s not letting that happen. And Russia stopped that from happening. And the fury in the West is that somehow, the American financial system is unable to take over foreign resources, foreign agriculture. It is left only with military means of grabbing them as we are seeing in the near East. And you’re seeing in the Ukraine right now.

Bush: 'You Are Either With Us, Or With the Terrorists' - 2001-09-21

​Thanks Eleni.  A Wilderness Of Lies
​  ​Similarly, the militarization of Washington is becoming another topic for regime experts to analyze. The bizarre reaction of the inner party to the very peaceful demonstrations in January makes no sense at face value. There must be another reason for why they are telling the citizens that they will shoot the next demonstrators who come into the city to petition their rulers for redress. The question is, what are they plotting next?
​  ​That is the problem with black-box government. When Brezhnev was in control of the party, people did not need to know what was going inside the Kremlin, because the Kremlin was predictable. It is why Russians who remember those days look back fondly on those times. It was a time relatively free of politics. They woke up every day knowing the rules were going to be the same as they were yesterday. When the black box became unstable, no one could be sure of anything.
​  ​This is the state of the American regime. No one knows what is really going behind the razor wire and Army troops patrolling it. We are left to analyze video of Biden falling down the stairs of Air Force One and reading the body language of his handlers. Amateur linguists try to tease meaning out of his incoherent mutterings on Zoom sessions. The other geriatrics running the party are scrutinized by regime analysts, looking for clues to contextualize their behavior.
​ Like the Soviet empire, the American empire is now a confusing black box. It does things and makes noises, but none of it can be accepted on its face, so the world is left to guess. As citizens, we are forced to rely on private networks and create our own narratives to explain what we are seeing. There is the public truth and then millions of private truths. This is the result of black-box government. It is a wilderness of lies.

​Up to half of us might be domestic-terrorists, or at least sympathetic to domestic-terrorists.​
Glenn Greenwald:  The U.S. Intelligence Community, Flouting Laws, is Increasingly Involving Itself in Domestic Politics
 Involvement of the intelligence community in the domestic activities of U.S. citizens is one of the most dangerous breaches of civil liberties and democratic order the U.S. Government can perpetrate. It was after World War II when the CIA, the NSA and other security state agencies that wield immense and unlimited powers in the dark were created in the name of fighting the Cold War. Legal and institutional prohibitions on wielding that massive machinery against the American public were central to the always-dubious claim that this security behemoth that operates completely in the dark was compatible with democracy. As the ACLU noted, “in its 1947 charter, the CIA was prohibited from spying against Americans, in part because President Truman was afraid that the agency would engage in political abuse.”
  Since then, Truman’s fear has been realized over and over. Some of the worst post-WW2 civil liberties abuses have been the result of breaches by the CIA and other agencies of this prohibition. As the ACLU documents, the CIA in the 1960s was caught infiltrating and manipulating numerous domestic political activist groups. Under the auspices of the War on Terror, entire new bureaucracies (such as the Department of Homeland Security) and new legal regimes (such as the Patriot Act and the FISA Amendments Act) were designed to erode these long-standing limitations by dramatically increasing surveillance powers aimed at U.S. citizens. And by design, the infiltration of these security state agencies in U.S. domestic politics has dramatically escalated.

​  ​As the first War on Terror was escalating, The Washington Post — under the headline “CIA Is Expanding Domestic Operations” — reported in October, 2002, that “The Central Intelligence Agency is expanding its domestic presence, placing agents with nearly all of the FBI's 56 terrorism task forces in U.S. cities.” ​...
  ​In the years following, two NSA whistleblowersWilliam Binney and Edward Snowden — both cited their horror over the turning of the surveillance machinery against American citizens as the reason for their decision to denounce their agency. One of the aspects that most disturbed me about the Russiagate conspiracy theory from the start was that it was created and disseminated by the CIA and related agencies with the intent, first, to alter the outcome of the 2016 election, and then to undermine the elected president with whom they were at war.​..
​ The head of the Church Committee, Sen. Frank Church (D-ID), made clear in his iconic quote on Meet the Press in 1975 that those reforms were primarily motivated by fears that the U.S. Government would one day turn its vast intelligence powers onto the American people, rendering core civil liberties an illusion.​..
...the Biden administration, along with leading Democrats such as Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), have been stating explicitly that one of their top priorities is the adoption of new laws designed to import the Bush/Cheney/Obama War on Terror onto U.S. soil for domestic purposes.

Old & New media: the many roads to perdition, John Ward, The Slog​
​  ​Some examples from this weekend. The Telegraph runs a piece saying scientists are “excited” about a new type of test that can ‘help senior citizens get treatment more quickly’. It was so exciting, in fact, that the bedazzled journo forget to tell us what it is. Or how it works. Or why it might be better than simply giving the over 60s Ivermectin whether they have symptoms or not. It’s pure virtue signalling, designed to distract from the unsolved mystery of why experimental not-quite-vaccines that import mRNA (and kick other nasties down the road) have been preferred to HCQ/Zinc and Ivermectin….both of which were targeted by a concerted smear campaign from health bureaucrats, most notably the US and French.​..
​  Above all, the golden rule is no opeds or speculation about the bigger game in play.
You can mention that Covid has made Rishi Sunak’s life difficult. You can express the view that Biden’s spending splurge and opened borders may have risks attached. You can suggest that the EU has some existential problems. But don’t mention what the IMF is up to, don’t ask why “temporary” Zirp is still with us nine years later, and under no circumstances suggest that the Gigarich have everything to gain from a virus that miraculously appeared within months of them all hinting at ‘the danger’.
Because that sort of non-violent terrorism, of course, is also wild conspiracy theory.

​So what is the use of lockdowns? Really? To what interests are lockdowns useful? 
They keep going on and on. They don't reduce "excess deaths". They must do something right.
Lockdown One Year On – It doesn’t work, it never worked & it wasn’t supposed to work

​Consolidation of power at the top. Does that end up hurting anybody? 
What does "power" do? What is "power"?​ Do Google, the CIA and NSA have a "thing"?
Leaked Docs Show Obama FTC Gave Google Its Monopoly After Google Execs Helped Obama Get Re-Elected
Leaked documents from the FTC's 2012 investigation of Google show exactly what is wrong with the state of American antitrust enforcement.
​  ​Records and reporting about the 2012 investigation suggest the FTC did so while bending to political pressure from the Obama White House — which was, in turn, bending to political pressure from Google. William Kovacic, a former FTC chair under President George W. Bush, reviewed the more than 300 pages of documents leaked to Politico and concluded the agency overlooked “what many experts and regulators would consider clear antitrust violations,” calling the specificity of issues outlined “breathtaking.”

​The interests who Angela Merkel serves cannot afford to let her lose power​ just yet. 
She has to backtrack and take the blame as lockdowns crumble against German's sense of their unfairness.
"I Take Full Responsibility": Merkel Cancels Draconian Easter Lockdown Amid Backlash From Furious Germans
Merkel is dropping the plan after it inspired an intense public backlash and resistance by politicians in the opposition and Merkel's coalition.

​Is Pfizer more powerful than Argentina on the global chessboard? 
Where are the actually powerful humans, whose interests are served?
The game is certainly not what we envision it to be when a vaccine maker can take military bases of "sovereign nations" as "collateral" against future-lawsuits from vaccine-injured citizens.​

This was inevitable, and it looks bad, so don't let people look at it. Oops.
Now, what is Plan-B?
Border Facility Photos Leak Revealing Hundreds Of Children Huddled In "Terrible Conditions"
​(​I​ humbly submit that giving these teenagers ivermectin prophylaxis from COVID, and flying them "home" with some money in their pockets, and some money for the home-government, is the cheapest and most expeditious option to the current American administration.)​

A Yale Oncologist had to care for immunocompromised cancer-chemotherapy patients,as they languished with COVID. Thanks Jeremy.
​  ​“When you have people that can’t breathe for five, six, eight, nine months and they tried multiple drugs and supplements with no success, and you give them ivermectin,” Dr. Santin said of long-haul patients, “and you see that they start immediately feeling better, this is not placebo. This is real.”
​ The majority of patients improved within one to three days, he said, particularly those with breathing problems, debilitating fatigue and chest pain. Two draft studies from Peru have reported improvement with ivermectin in long-haul patients; several physicians, like Santin, have also had anecdotal success.
​  ​Beyond his outpatients, Santin has treated family members and friends infected with COVID in both his home community in Connecticut and in his native Italy via telemedicine. There, he prescribed ivermectin to more than 15 families, in which parents, children or others had became infected; the goal was both to treat early and prevent severe COVID, as studies have shown ivermectin does.
​  ​“I have not a single one that right now had to go to the hospital to receive oxygen,” he said. “I have no doubt ivermectin saved my 88-year-old father’s life.” His father survived COVID despite high blood pressure, cardiac disease that led previously to seven stents and open heart surgery, and lung problems. “If I can save you,” he said referring to his father, “I can tell you, I save anybody.”

False Spirituality Is The Friend Of Corrupt Power. True Spirituality Is Its Enemy.  Caitlin Johnstone

​Repeatedly Misled​


  1. I need to travel internationally in 2-3 months.
    I suspect I will need a jab of one sort or another.
    Would being on the FCCC ivermectin protocol be of any use in reducing the chances of an adverse reaction to the J&J injection?

    1. I don't know that being on ivermectin prophylaxis would reduce vaccination side effects. It is probably better not to get vaccinated while you are infected already, and ivermectin helps prevent infections, but that's a pretty small window for theoretical benefit,, protection against getting an infection just before vaccination.
      These vaccines are still experimental, and there is a lot of coerion to get them, and it appears quasi-legal at best. Illegal to force people to get them in most places, but testing thouse boundaries.

  2. Possibly, and that would be because IVM has immune modulating properties.

    You're better of going for the Covid test rather than the jab if you need to fly.
    I don't know your age or vulnerability - but, stay away from a vaccine if you can.

    Take 4000-8000 IU Vit D3 (and Vit K2) daily.

  3. “Good news – ivermectin shows extraordinary efficacy against #coronavirus …”

    1. The transcript of that interview is very good at addressing the benefits of ivermectin prophylaxis and treatment. Nicaraguan results are excellent.

  4. To Infanttyrone: I can offer you my N=1 anecdote. I chose months ago to follow the advice of our wise host here and added prophylactic Ivermectin to my Vitamin D, C, Zinc and Quercetine regiment. Recently, my wife and I each got the J&J Jab (pressure from work as teachers) and we had much different results: My wife had aches pains, joint inflammation, and was lethargic nd wiped out for almost three days. I, on the other hand, couldn't even tell it happened. No discernable side affects. Either the IVM helped modulate the response like Amazed suggests, or I got the secret govt saline placebo control shot, or it's just me. Who can know anymore? But that's what I experienced. Good luck in your travels Tyrone, and thank you again John for all of your work with this blog.

    1. "Zerosum"?
      YMMV with "vaccine" response.
      That interview/transcript that Amazed/Jeremy posted was chock full of information, more than I can personally verify.