Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Financial Regime Change


  On August 15, 1971 Richard Nixon announced on TV that he was temporarily closing the US Treasury Gold-Window, due to attacks by speculators.
I remember that TV show. 50 years later, to the day, the Taliban retook the capital of Afghanistan. Monday, three days ago. Comparisons are inevitable.
  Throughout spring and early summer of 1971, the drains on the US gold reserves increased, drawing down those stocks of physical gold. The main reason was the outlays for the war in Vietnam. Trade had been pretty balanced before that, but a lot of dollars got spent in Vietnam, and found their way back to the US Treasury gold-window. It was the Vietnam War that drained US gold. Michael Hudson worked that out in 1966, working for David (I think) Rockefeller. 
It was unwelcome news. The Treasury rejected his reported analysis. He was right. France, the recent colonial master of Vietnam, had been converting $US to gold.
A French destroyer came to pick up a few thousand tons of it in summer 1971, then on Thursday, August 12, 1971 the UK asked for so much physical gold that it was impossible. The US gave them a quarter of it, and closed the gold window the following Sunday night, August 15, 1971. Here is how that went down.

Ron Paul, Kabul Has Fallen, but Don't Blame Joe Biden  Dr Paul has the long view. This was doomed at the outset for Afghans and Americans. A certain class of oligarchs did well, and have relocated their assets now, having drained Afghanistan and the US. He called this correctly in 2001.

Pepe Escobar on the Updated Great Game:
  In the end, there was no Battle for Kabul. Thousands of Taliban were already inside Kabul – once again the classic sleeper-cell playbook. The bulk of their forces remained in the outskirts. An official Taliban proclamation ordered them not to enter the city, which should be captured without a fight, to prevent civilian casualties.
  The Taliban did advance from the west, but “advancing,” in context, meant connecting to the sleeper cells in Kabul, which by then were fully active. Tactically, Kabul was encircled in an “anaconda” move, as defined by a Taliban commander: squeezed from north, south and west and, with the capture of Jalalabad, cut off from the east.
  At some point last week, high-level intel must have whispered to the Taliban command that the Americans would be coming to “evacuate.” It could have been Pakistan intelligence, even Turkish intelligence, with Erdogan playing his characteristic NATO double game.
  The American rescue cavalry not only came late, but was caught in a bind as they could not possibly bomb their own assets inside Kabul. The horrible timing was compounded when the Bagram military base – the NATO Valhalla in Afghanistan for nearly 20 years – was finally captured by the Taliban.
  That led the US and NATO to literally beg the Taliban to let them evacuate everything in sight from Kabul – by air, in haste, at the Taliban’s mercy. A geopolitical development that evokes suspension of disbelief...
  Taliban 2021 is an entirely different animal compared with Taliban 2001. Not only are they battle-hardened, they had plenty of time to perfect their diplomatic skills, which were recently more than visible in Doha and in high-level visits to Tehran, Moscow and Tianjin.
   They know very well that any connection with al-Qaeda remnants, ISIS/Daesh, ISIS-Khorasan and ETIM is counter-productive – as their Shanghai Cooperation Organization interlocutors made very clear.
  Internal unity, anyway, will be extremely hard to achieve. The Afghan tribal maze is a jigsaw puzzle, nearly impossible to crack. What the Taliban may realistically achieve is a loose confederation of tribes and ethnic groups under a Taliban emir, coupled with very careful management of social relations.

Tom Luongo on the fall of Kabul. (I think elites like special dates to signal significance.)
  I can’t say I’m shedding any tears here except for all the losses on both sides. War is never righteous.
So, while I’m happy to see this end I am also sad to also see this end for what it is, a planned act of geopolitical vandalism by the Biden Obama Administration to ensure a complete collapse of the U.S. political system.
We are being liquidated by The Davos Crowd at the precise moment when their Great Reset is at its most vulnerable...

Before Afghanistan was there a Dept. of Homeland Security? The Patriot Act? The Military Commissions Act? A Global War on Terror?

CJ Hopkins, unvaccinated in Germany, is an untermensch, a lower human, because of that. 
He has put up his face and an identity statement, to humanize the "unvaccinated" abstraction. 
This is "propaganda", an attempt to influence the thoughts and actions of others. 
He seeks to influence the "New Normals", who carry a worldview which demonizes and minimalizes the humanity of the "unvaccinated" and other "deplorables'. 
"New Normals" are mostly nice people, and can be engaged human-to human.  He says to do this. I'm doing this at work, myself. 

  There is soon to be an announcement that vaccination, full vaccination against COVID, will be mandatory for anybody working at our clinic, including vendors and contractors in the buildings. The people who are slowly moving this policy into position for official deployment are people I have worked with for years, and shared hugs and smiles with. It is bound to make everybody uncomfortable, most of all me. I have committed to dealing with it, to making a stand at this point in the dehumanization process, after 18 years of cumulative service at People's Community Clinic. 
  This is a stand which will lose me my job taking care of thousands of patients. I will lose contact with then=m, and they will lose contact with me. I will lose my social identity as their physician and as a member of the team at the clinic. This will dehumanize me, my patients, and will somewhat dehumanize the people making this decision as a group. They are all nice people, and we have all, always gotten along well and shared the vision of humanitarian care for our patients.
  During the COVID pandemic, I have been permitted (quietly) to treat patients with repurposed oral antivirals. It was appreciated that I gave away 600 bottles of vitamin-D pills last year at my own expense, to patients and staff. It is appreciated that I created and maintain a vegetable garden in the break patio, large by urban standards. I post updates and garden news to our inboxes a few times per season. People like the garden news and insights.
  I have put a major portion of my life, identity and all of my livelihood on what seems like an abstraction. I will lose all of that to stand with those who choose to resist mandatory medical injections with a new and secretive technology from Bill Gates and friends. 
I can take Social Security early retirement while it lasts. I'm probably healthy enough to last another 30 years, myself. I don't think Social Security will last to 2030. 
  I don't see the future. It's not formed by our free-wills yet, but I see what similar set-ups have wrought in the past. 
Our country is in early financial collapse. The global oligarchs have determined that a 90% culling of the herd is necessary.
Blowing things up is the wrong tool for that job this time.
I seek spiritual guidance daily.



  1. This is so sad, what a horrible loss to that clinic. Will you still be able to practice other places? Maybe things will change and there will be a place for you, along with all the other doctor's and nurse's rejecting the mandated poison. I'm praying things will take a turn soon and people will wake up to all the propaganda and see how they have been hypnotized by the government. It's really disgusting because the government should take care of our rights not our health. I have no trust in anybody following the CDC, NIH OR WHO at this point because they are all bought and puppet's for bigger powerful puppets. I'm keeping you in my prayers, and you too need to lean on your faith and ask for discernment at this time.Holly

  2. Just seeing that we are the ones in crosshairs, mortal, and bagholders to boot - there's plenty of insight there! I am still chewing the crosshairs - we're also in the crosshairs of Krishna and Buddha - to run into the battlefield to kill our relatives to fulfill our karma, as Krishna advises Arjuna, or cling to peace and be a doormat, like buddhism seems to suggest? To me the Ragnarök (final battle) story of Viking mythology adds yet another twist - the two fighting families end up killing each other off, and only survivors are some gods who did not participate in the fighting, and a man and a woman, whose names are variation of life/alive. What is alive will survive, and also the ones not participating in fighting. What strange times that average human needs to seek spiritual guidance to make it through the day.

    I keep looking for a way to open a discussion on the current reality with people having different views than mine, but the manipulation and dehumanizing has been incredibly effective, so that my attempts are easy to dismiss by labels of conspiracy, disinfo etc. The Milgram experiments showed that 65% will obey the guy in white lab coat even to torturing another human. So what would be good strategy in this? Kristiina from Finland

    1. Thanks Kristina. I recommend what CJ Hopkins also recommends above, to be a human, and make a reasonable choce before humans who are still connected to you, not yet alientaed, to help them see your point, and interfere with their mental process of "othering" people into subhumans to be dealt-with.

  3. Change is hard and often must be resisted. At times it is not possible to do this and we must walk toward the new space/shape. You will take your accumulated goodwill and wisdom with you and will transmute into a new you in a new space but the whole thing sucks too. Sticking to your beliefs and standards have gotten you this far..

    1. One who seeks divine hints may do even better than that, as little opportunities to shine may arise without prior notification.
      "Chance favors the prepared", too.

  4. Hey Brother John, hard choice ahead. My second wife, Rosy, used to say, "If you have a really hard choice, ask yourself what is the kindest thing to do."
    Is it possible that you could (just) forgive the clinic directors for their ignorance and/or cowardice, and resign gracefully to lead by practicing on your own? The New Day Clinic!
    I appreciate from a distance that you have done everything right and worked your ass off and might not be up for starting over financially. No shame if so. On the other hand, this might prove to be a chance to walk the walk. Many might help. I could come up with twenty bucks a month.
    Either way, sympathy and best wishes. straighwalker

    1. i Straightwalking John,
      Your books are here next to me, Brother.
      The legal layers of compliance and bureaucracy eliminate any possibility of my doing as you suggest legally.
      I am casting out feelers, but being employed as a slow, careful, thoughtful, unvaccinated physician seems highly unlikely.
      It is an ant0business model, for sure.
      Who could do that? There is a lot of electronic compliance for me to prescribe and to maintain my license, also.
      I will do my best each day, and must pass through this test of faith without seeing the next step, I think. It would not be so much of a test, otherwise.
      Faithful John

  5. Oh John, I’m so sorry. But if you do want to work, almost every single telemedicine doc on the FLCCC list is desperately needing more NPs and MDs to help the many hundreds of thousands across the country get access to ivermectin, etc. They are ALL overwhelmed with patients calling them. You will have a a source of income. I am glad you are taking a stand. I am lucky to be retired, but it’s only a matter of time before they force us too. It would not surprise me. “Funny” how it turned so fast into completely totalitarian control, at least, it seemed fast. But it’s been a long time comin’ as the song goes. Let us know how things go for you. Was Jenny forced at her school job? M.

    1. Hi ML, Texas schools have no vaccine mandate.
      I will look into the FLCCC telemedicine thing, but it may be difficult without an actual practice location.

  6. This is heartbreaking. I found your blog from the wonderfully wise comments you have made on John Ward's "The Slog". From the UK I pray for you and your family, and that the light will shine, and bring this evil madness to an end. LBW

    1. Thanks LBW, I am still in less dire straits than John Ward is. I am working on the vegetable garden at our little Yoakum, Texas homestead today, as I have done steadily since we "bought" it in November 2018. We paid it off about a year ago (and paid our son's loan to us back before Christmas). It's a nice 1957 ouse we bought from the original family, a few years after "Mom" passed away. We hold them and her in respect and gratitude. Most of the fixing up and plumbing and electrical that it needed are done now. Taxes are very low out in Lavaca County. We are at the edge of town, 6000 people, a good grocery store and 3 hardware stores. The soil is excellent (if somewhat gooey) and being about 70 miles in from the gulf of Mexico, it is humid, but highs and lows are moderated. It's no desert. People here do cash and handshakes pretty readily, though there are some crooked contractors, and we met some, but I think we're done with that stage of settling in. It is clear that I won't be working at a Federally Qualified Health Center soon, but I pray to be guided to where I should serve my fellow humans.

    2. John Day, I think Christians need to start their own off grid communities building earth homes (won't burn and are bullet and flood proof..less heat and cooling needed, etc..) and those communities would need good doctors and dentists. I keep wishing I could build an island somewhere..where we could have OUR OWN GOVT for a change, and maybe some REAL freedom. We need to wake up our sheriffs, military and police to what is really happening. If you can, please watch what I posted above. God bless u.

    STOP THE BRAIN HACKING VACCINES! Dr Judy Mikovits says virus is from FT DETRICK not Wuhan, and that they sent it to Wuhan due to fed law restricting that work here. Then Fauci, the NIH and the Pentagon gave over 45 million to the Communist Chinese Bioweapons Lab in Wuhan China to continue their work there. This is called TREASON no matter what lying excuses they may give!
    Dr Carrie Madej exposes the fact that there is BRAIN HACKING TECH IN THE VAX. NEVER take their vax that is also spreading the virus and other injuries, even to those who go AROUND THE VACCINATED!

    1. Aloha!
      Having some things right doesn't mean a human has everything right.
      That's pretty much always.
      I try to keep rechecking my assumptions, and it's a useful habit.
      Something sinister is going on, something against life, and I sure can't see all the details.