Sunday, August 8, 2021

Totalitarianism How-To Cartoon

 Cognitive Dissidents,

  This video looks specifically at how elites use repetitive waves of crisis & confusion to create cognitive dissonance, to which they offer relief with a mass delusion, like "Life will be normal"...after The-Donald is gone; after everybody gets the v...... , insert next mass-hypnotic-command...
  "Mass Psychosis"  is a short Jungian how-to video on "Totalitarianism", which is not yet an AI-Censorship word. 
Thanks to Anonymous-in-Finland! 

 Tessa Lena has a short story about how "fully vaccinated" people in Europe are having-vaccine-passport burning protests, 
which reminds me of draft-card burnings in 1969. 
This is a slap-in-the-face to a weak narrative.

Let's Talk Delta:
​   ​I’ll try to make it simple. Before the first jab went into the first arm and could do anything Covid-19 had peaked in the United States in most areas. Remember that the rule is “two weeks from first shot to second, then two weeks to have protection.” The CDC, Trump and then Biden all took credit for something that the vaccines did not do. What did it? Covid originally had an R0 of about 3. That means you need 1 – (1/3) or about 66% of the people to be immune by either infection of vaccination before the case rate would fall. The CDC claimed we had about 33 million infections and somewhere between 4 and 11 not diagnosed for each one that was. Well, it wasn’t 11 because that’s more people than exist in the US.
​  ​But if it’s six, more or less up the middle, then we were for all intents and purposes at herd immunity
Rah-rah-rah-rah vaccines are the reason we’re saved. Nice try; the evidence is that the vaccines don’t work well at all.

​Gardening Without Facebook
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  1. Thankyou for thankyous! Seeing the structure certainly helps. Just spotted this on my FB feed, pretty amazing if true, contains link to original article. If true, the vaccination does not vaccinate against this disease. Would explain a lot.

    1. There are different "vaccines" and vaccines. Sinovac is a traditional "killed" virus vaccine, with all viral components, not just spike-protein.
      That's not to say it doesn't have side effects.
      It does, but it should provide more durable systemic immunity, since it is "whole virus".
      It does not make your cells produce a toxin and spew it into your circulation. It has some denatured whole-virus soup and an advuvant to irritate your immune system. It is a completely traditional vaccine, not a "vaccine".

  2. Thought of you John watching the doctor on this video today. Wish there were more out there willing to speak up without fear.

    Doctor Ryan Cole

    1. There is not much platform open for views to be voiced which are against the dominant political narrative. I am on an email listserv with some of the doctors mentioned in this video, sharing useful COVID information. It is Dr. McCullough's project.

  3. Over 80% fully vaccinated did not prevent Iceland from a surge in infections. And Reuters fact-check manages to spin it this way: "Rising COVID-19 cases in Iceland are not proof that vaccines are a “failure”, despite claims made online." What would it take to prove that vaccines are a failure, I wonder? And what do the lies taste like in their mouths? Willingness to speak up is indeed rarer than diamonds in these days. But maybe I cannot understand how maintaining a reputation and nice income affects your set-up, being a nobody in the average department.

    1. Just gotta' redefine "success" and "failure" frequently and you can keep dominating the political narrative.
      I wonder what happens when the narrative becomes a toss-up...