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Christmas Present

 Ghosts of Christmas,

  Sullivan Tells Netanyahu To Wrap Up 'High Intensity' Gaza Fighting Within Weeks [This is a public position. God knows what the real deal is. Bibi might even need out.]
  For the first time this week, the White House has begun putting rare pressure on the Netanyahu government - after Biden earlier offered the criticism that "indiscriminate" bombing in Gaza could turn the world against Israel. National security advisor Jake Sullivan is currently in Tel Aviv meeting with Israel's war cabinet, and it appears he too is delivering a message of pushback (or at least the appearance).
  Sullivan reportedly conveyed that Israel's military needs to wrap of the current "high intensity" phase of its offensive "within weeks". This according to Israeli officials who spoke to the Times of Israel.

The case that enriched uranium residues from Gaza must have come from micro-nuclear devices, which I have posted for the last 2 days, is here again.

  A warning that some of the pictures in his report are quite distressing.
Al Jazeera has obtained footage of bodies piled up in a school in northern Gaza, witnesses tell us they were executed by the Israeli military. The dead include women and children. The Shadia Abu Ghazala School is a UN-run facility that has become a shelter during the war, but may now be the scene of a war crime.

  These 3 IDF "hostages", POWs, manage to escape their Hamas captors unharmed, then ... "So glad to see you guys, we escaped, We're Free!"
IDF troops mistakenly killed three hostages during Gaza battles this morning, spokesman says
  IDF Spokesman Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari says during battles in northern Gaza’s Shejaiya this morning, Israeli troops mistakenly identified three Israeli hostages as a threat and opened fire at them, killing them.

‘Operation Al Aqsa Flood’ Day 70: A deteriorating public health crisis in Gaza, raids across the occupied West Bank
A lack of sanitation in Gaza's overcrowded shelters is contributing to the rapid spread of infectious diseases, with the situation only expected to worsen. A three-day Israeli raid on the West Bank city of Jenin kills 12 Palestinians, 500 detained.
18,787 Palestinians killed* and 50,897 wounded in the Gaza Strip
279 Palestinians killed and 3,365 wounded in the Occupied West Bank
* Due to breakdowns in communication networks within the Gaza Strip, the Ministry of Health in Gaza has not been able to regularly and accurately update its tolls since mid-November. Some rights groups put the death toll number closer to 20,000.

  CNN journalist defies Israeli entry ban to report on ‘absolute horror’ in Gaza
  CNN chief international correspondent Clarissa Ward has become the first Western journalist to enter the Gaza Strip without supervision from the Israel Defense Forces, providing a firsthand account of what she described as “absolute horror.”
  She crossed the border on Wednesday with UAE medical volunteers to visit a field hospital, in defiance of an Israeli ban on foreign journalists independently entering the besieged enclave. Israel has allowed some journalists to enter under IDF supervision.
  During a TV appearance on CNN, Ward shared insights into the brief but impactful hours spent on the ground.
“Even in that brief window, you really got a sense of the absolute horrors that have been taking place in Gaza,” she said.

  At least 300 medical workers have been killed in the Gaza Strip since October 7, according to a report posted on the enclave's Health Ministry's Telegram channel.
According to the ministry, 138 medical facilities in the Strip came under the fire of the Israel Defense Forces during this period of time, 102 ambulances were destroyed.

  Israel’s military has begun pumping seawater into tunnels used by Hamas in Gaza, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal on Wednesday.
  Israeli officials are reportedly contemplating a plan to flood the tunnels over several weeks, in an attempt to dismantle the network and weaken Palestinian armed groups.
  Researchers specialising in water, diplomacy and conflict have told Middle East Eye that the flooding would have damaging ecological effects, including the pollution of Gaza's already devastated water supply and damage to its crops.

  Sanaa clarifies its conditions for returning calm to Red Sea
  Member of the Sanaa negotiating delegation, Abdumalik Al-Ajri, confirmed on Thursday that the return of calm in the Red Sea is linked to the return of calm in the Gaza Strip.
Al-Ajri said in his account on the “X” platform, “If the world fleets gather to the Red Sea, they will not bring safety to Israel, nor to Israeli ships or those heading to Israel, nor will they dissuade the Yemeni army from supporting Gaza.”
  He stressed that there is no way to prevent the expansion of escalation, especially in the Red Sea, except by pushing for a permanent ceasefire and lifting the siege on Gaza.

Two More Ships Struck By Houthi Missiles As Maersk Diverts All Tankers From Red Sea

  International insurance companies have stopped insuring ships transporting cargo across the Red Sea to and from Israel because Yemen military action against such shipping makes the risk to Insurance companies too great.

  The daughter of the king is a military pilot. I like her style.
  Jordanian King's daughter takes part in airdrop over Gaza
Princess Salma, who holds rank of 1st lieutenant in Jordanian Air Force, participates in airdrop of medical supplies to Jordanian field hospital

  Well, not really so much... PUTIN REVEALS SECRET TALK ON GAZA WAR
  President Vladimir Putin has revealed secret details of the Russian initiative on the Gaza war.
According to the President, Russia has a three-point proposal. “First, it is necessary to keep people in Gaza. Second, it is necessary to bring humanitarian aid on a massive scale to these keep people in Gaza.”  
  Putin’s third proposal is establish a Russian field hospital to treat wounded Palestinians at the Rafah stadium, rebuilt in 2019 after Israel destroyed the original one in 2009.     “But for this to happen, we need to have consent from both Egypt and Israel. I talked to the President of Egypt, and he is in favour of this idea. I also talked to Prime Minister Netanyahu, and they consulted various armed agencies. The Israeli side believes that opening a Russian hospital in Gaza is not safe.”
  Putin made his disclosures in response to a Turkish reporter’s question about the Gaza war during the Direct Line broadcast on Thursday.
Putin did not mention a ceasefire; he did not criticize Israeli military operations in Gaza except to refer to the deaths of children. “The Secretary-General of the United Nations called today’s Gaza the biggest children’s cemetery in the world. This opinion speaks volumes. It is an objective opinion, what else can I say?”
  Putin praised the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan for “playing a significant leading role in improving the situation in Gaza…He is very active in this matter. And God bless him.”
  Putin omitted to mention Iran, ignoring his talks in Moscow a week ago with Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi. Following their five-hour negotiations, Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian announced that “Russia is thinking about an initiative on Gaza.”
  A Moscow political analyst commented after viewing Putin’s latest remarks: “Netanyahu refused a Russian field hospital but allows a UAE one?  That is telling.  This shows that Putin defers to the Israelis on anything related to Gaza. Nothing has changed in his position.”

Simplicius , Putin's Q&A and Some Revealing Article Roundups on AFU's Deterioration
  Putin held his annual Q&A (yesterday), where he made some interesting new statements which I’ll first go over.
​  One of the most notable, to me, was the reiteration of the stated objectives of the SMO. For a long time now Ukrainian sources claimed that Russia was slowly walking back or down-scaling the SMO’s goals as a face-saving measure in light of their putative ‘inability to advance.’
​  Putin refuted this narrative once and for all, by adamantly restating the goals: [Denazification of Ukraine, No NATO membership, Neutral status for Ukraine. Human rights.]
Not only that, but he again strongly implied that Russia will retake Odessa, calling it a purely Russian city which was founded by Catherine the Great...
..In fact, on an interesting note, German BILD published this projection today, outlining what they believe is Russia’s military plans up through 2026:

  Gilbert Doctorow makes some points about Putin's "Direct Line" press conference.
  The show went on for four hours and four minutes.  Putin responded to 67 questions with his only “technical aid” being a pencil and note pad on which he took down key words of multiple questions from a single person or jotted down their name and patronymic so as to respond with traditional Russian formality. There were no souffleurs to whisper answers into his ear or screens on the table for him to consult. And yet his answers to questions in every imaginable domain were detailed and knowledgeable. This was a performance that few if any global leaders could rival, and the audience was appreciative.
  Did he say anything new or particularly noteworthy?  My answer is a qualified ‘no.’ ...
.. As regards what Russia is doing to address what he called the tragedy in Gaza, Putin called attention to his recent visits to the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia to coordinate positions, as well as outreach to Egypt and to Turkey to formulate steps to an overall solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict in terms of two sovereign states.
  What was more interesting, though, was his remark that he had been in discussion with Benjamin Netanyahu to see if Russia would be permitted to open a field hospital in Gaza near the Rafah crossing in a stadium as the UAE had been allowed to do. Netanyahu rejected the idea because security could not be assured, meaning that Israel is continuing its savage attacks in every part of the Gaza Strip. Nonetheless, it appears they reached agreement on Russia’s sending in to Gaza large deliveries of medical supplies.  This little story effectively explains what the two leaders had to discuss in their 50 minute phone conversation in the past week. And I had naively assumed that Putin was trying to apply maximum pressure on Netanyahu to wind down the attacks.

  Biden orders Ukrainian F-16 to take off from airfields in Europe
  The Russia-NATO conflict will escalate sharply when Ukraine's F-16 aircraft armed with long-range missiles start taking off from European airfields.
US President Joseph Biden, speaking before the vote in Congress on assistance to Ukraine, assured that Moscow would attack a NATO country in Europe after winning the special military operation. As a result, US troops will have to fight against the Russian troops according to the NATO Charter.
  "We can't let [Russian President Vladimir] Putin win. It's in our overwhelming national interest, in the international interest of all our friends,” Biden said.
  Contrary to Biden's rhetoric, it will be the Europeans, not the Americans that will do the fighting and dying. Therefore, Biden's statement contained a clear ultimatum to the EU — either help Ukraine or die...
.."This is our strict warning: Moscow will see the use of [F-16] fighters from the territory of these NATO member countries [Poland, Romania and Slovakia] as their participation in the conflict in Ukraine, and Russia will have to take retaliatory measures," Konstantin Gavrilov, the head of the Russian delegation at negotiations on military security and arms control in Vienna said...
..Slovakia has already replied.: "Ukrainian F-16 fighters taking off from air bases of NATO countries will become a red line," Deputy Speaker of the Slovak Parliament Lubos Blaha said.  In his opinion, this is fraught with an open confrontation with Russia and a third world war.

  US, its satellites seek to ‘unfreeze’ Transnistria conflict — foreign intelligence chief
  "Seeking to unsettle the post-Soviet space, the United States and its satellites are trying to lead the way in unfreezing the Transnistria conflict, opening a second front in Abkhazia and South Ossetia, inciting instability in the South Caucasus and exploiting the Afghan factor as an instrument to exert influence on Central Asia," Sergey Naryshkin said.

  Poland is not going to give up plans for control of western Ukraine — Russian intelligence
  "In the geopolitical arrangements of the entire Western bloc Poland is assigned the role of a sanitary barrier, and by no means the status of a full-fledged participant in the process of reshaping the European architecture," Sergey Naryshkin said.

  Italian ex-minister faces vax murder probe: New Zealand inquiry should reveal more truth
  NEW Zealand’s politicians have all been sent an email informing them that the former Italian Health Minister Roberto Speranza is under investigation for homicide after emails revealed he knew mRNA shots were killing people, just as leaked NZ health department data has shown.
  The emails were sent by US vaccine safety campaigner and tech entrepreneur Steve Kirsch, who organised statisticians and other experts to analyse NZ Ministry of Health data leaked by whistleblower Barry Young.
  The NZ health bureaucrats, supported by media, are using legal threats to censor and suppress access to the “pay-per-dose” data, which reveals of thousands of deaths in close proximity to mRNA vaccinations.
  But New Zealand’s new government has agreed to carry out as a matter of urgency a “full scale, wide-ranging, independent inquiry” into how the Covid-19 pandemic was handled, regardless of the whitewashing “Royal Commission of Inquiry” set up by the Ardern Labor government...
..In Italy, Speranza is accused of giving orders to local health authorities to conceal deaths and serious side effects in order to reassure Italian citizens of the vaccines’ “safety” and to not jeopardize the vaccination campaign. NZ and Australian health officials acted similarly.
  The main charges Speranza faces include ideological falsehood, multiple manslaughter, marketing of an imperfect, dangerous drug. Speranza is currently a deputy of the Democratic Party, and like Australian and New Zealand health ministers, was co-opted by the WHO and the global pharma cartel to push the mRNA shots.

  Canada Reports 300% Increase in ‘Unspecified Causes’ of Death, Sparking Calls for Investigation
  A new Canadian government report reveals a 300% rise in “unspecified causes” of death from 2019-2022 as unknown causes climbed to the fifth leading cause of death in Canada. Some health experts said the stark increase should trigger an investigation into whether the deaths are linked to COVID-19 vaccines.
  McCullough, a highly published cardiologist who developed a widely used early treatment protocol for COVID-19, said the dramatic rise in deaths from “unspecified causes” in Canada represents a seismic and disturbing shift in Western medicine.
  “Prior to the pandemic, death in Western countries was well understood,” McCullough said, with 40% due to known cardiovascular, 40% due to terminal neoplastic disease (cancer) and 20% due to other known causes such as homicide, suicide, drug overdoses and accidents.”
  He added:
  “Since the roll-out of the COVID-19 vaccines, we have witnessed unprecedented deaths without antecedent disease. A large autopsy series published by Hulscher et al, found that 73.9% of the deaths after COVID-19 vaccination were due to problems caused by the shots.”

Woman with long Covid, 55, applies to be EUTHANIZED in Canada as condition leaves her bed-ridden and bankrupt: 'My life with this illness is nonexistent'

​Unvaxxed (took this picture of Jenny, also unvaxxed)

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