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Truth Gets Out

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  Scandal-stained Israeli 'rescue' group fuels October 7 fabrications , Max Blumenthal   Thanks Eleni.
  Founded by a serial rapist known as the "Haredi Jeffrey Epstein," Israeli ultra-Orthodox rescue group ZAKA is responsible for some of the most obscene post-October 7 atrocity fabrications, from beheaded babies to "mass rape" to a fetus cut from its mother.
  Secretary of State Tony Blinken and President Joseph Biden have each echoed demonstrably false ZAKA testimonies about Hamas atrocities.
  Marred by allegations of financial fraud, ZAKA is leveraging October 7 publicity to raise unprecedented sums of cash.
Its rival, United Hatzalah, has spun out bogus tales of babies baked in ovens as it closes in on a $50 million fundraising goal.
  During an October 31 Senate hearing on Israel's war in Gaza, Secretary of State Antony Blinken offered his rationale for rejecting a ceasefire. Summoning as much emotion as a dour Democratic Party operative could muster, Blinken conjured up a gruesome scene intended to illustrate the savagery of Hamas, and the impossibility of negotiations with such an organization:
  "A young boy and girl, 6 and 8 years old, and their parents around the breakfast table. The father's eye gouged out in front of his kids. The mother's breast cut off, the girl's foot amputated, the boy's fingers cut off before they were executed." 
The Secretary of State concluded, "That is what this [Israeli] society is dealing with."
  Though Blinken did not state the source of his disturbing claim - and was not prompted to do so by any senator - it matched testimony delivered by Yossi Landau, the head of operations for the southern Israel region of a religious "disaster victim identification" organization called ZAKA. Indeed, Landau has rehashed various forms of the story Blinken referenced since October 12, detailing how Hamas militants viciously mutilated and killed a 6 and 8 year-old child and their parents in Kibbutz Beeri before dining in their home.
  Despite the presence of multiple potential witnesses inside Beeri before ZAKA arrived to collect dead bodies, independent testimony corroborating Landau's claim has yet to surface. Further, there are no recorded deaths of siblings around the age of 6 to 8 in Beeri on October 7. Any record of a young child killed in the manner Landau described is similarly nonexistent, as are photos of the murdered family he described. In fact, the only siblings anywhere close to this age range who died in the community on that day — 12-year-old twins Liel and Yanai Hetrzroni — were killed by Israeli tank shelling.

​  We Blew Up Israeli Houses on 7 October, Says Israeli Colonel
Speaking in Hebrew about the airstrikes, Colonel Nof Erez told a Haaretz podcast in November, that “the Hannibal Directive was apparently applied” and that 7 October “was a mass Hannibal.”

  Behind enemy bars: Palestinian and Israeli prisoners
  The fair treatment of Israeli captives by Hamas has become part of the information war between Palestinians and Tel Aviv. Left unsaid is that there remain thousands of Palestinians in captivity who barely survive their Israeli detention...
  “We were sitting in the tunnels and we were terribly afraid not that Hamas but Israel would kill us, and then they would say - Hamas killed you.”
Another former Israeli captive went further in expressing disdain for the Israeli government's responses on and after the events of 7 October:
  "The feeling we had there was that no one was doing anything for us. The fact is that I was in a hiding place that was shelled and we had to be smuggled out and were wounded. Not including the helicopter that shot at us on the way to Gaza. You claim that there is intelligence, but the fact is that we are being shelled. My husband was separated from us three days before we returned to Israel and taken to the tunnels. And you are talking about washing the tunnels with sea water? You are shelling the route of tunnels in the exact area where they are.” ...
..Unlike the Israeli detainees, freed Palestinian political prisoners have spoken directly to the international media and provided horrifying accounts of physical abuse, including torture, beatings, and even rape. According to a number of Palestinian women and children who were freed in the latest exchanges, they were threatened by Israelis not to speak out about their treatment in detention.
  “There are no laws. Everything is permitted,” Lama Khater, a freed Palestinian captive, told the media. “I was led to the investigation handcuffed and blindfolded, I was threatened with being burned, I was explicitly threatened with rape and with deportation to the Gaza Strip,” she added.

​  Israel-Palestine war: In war, words matter. Palestinian 'prisoners' are hostages, too
​  Palestinian captives arrested, or rather captured by the Israeli army in the West Bank or police in occupied East Jerusalem, are hostages. Under Israeli law, any Palestinian of any age can be seized at any time of the day or night with no warrant, no charges, and held for days, months or years under “administrative detention”.

Gaza hospitals overwhelmed with wounded — enclave’s health ministry

WHO 'extremely concerned' about thousands of patients, health care workers in Gaza'The only way to protect them is a ceasefire. NOW,' says WHO chief

​  Hundreds of Palestinian boys and men over the age of 15 are being rounded up by occupation forces in northern Gaza, stripped of their clothes and taken away.
​  Shocking images and video footage circulating online show the boys and men stripped to their underwear and left sitting on the ground in the cold winter temperatures in Gaza. They can be seen surrounded by heavily armed Israeli occupation soldiers who are screaming orders at them.
​  Further images show an army people carrier filled with the men being driven away.
​  It is not clear how many boys and men were disappeared, but some reports have put the figure as high as 700. They are said to have been taken from shelter schools in northern Gaza where thousands of displaced civilians were forced to take shelter as a result of the bombing and destruction of their neighbourhoods and homes.

Gaza: Starving Palestinians to Death. Restrictions on Humanitarian Aid Brings Palestinians to a Single Meal a Day

WATCH (or don't watch): Israeli Soldiers Sing "I'm Coming to Occupy Gaza" and "Wipe off the Seed of Amalek"

  2017 video explains the advantages of autonomous micro-drone killing machines with facial recognition software.
Five years ago this short film was made to show the dangers of weaponizing A.I. The end includes a stark warning from a professor who’s spent 30 years studying A.I. and his words seem more relevant today than ever before.

​  Is Truth Becoming Valueless?​  Paul Craig Roberts
​  In America and its Western puppet states, there is today no greater crime than to be a truth-teller. Despite habeas corpus and due process enshrined in British law and the US Constitution, Julian Assange has been illegally detained for a decade for telling the truth. Reiner Fuellmich, the Germany attorney, who was about to file charges against the pharmaceutical companies for deaths and injuries from the Covid “vaccine,” was kidnapped in Mexico by the German government and placed in solitary confinement in Germany on obviously false charges in order to prevent the lawsuit. Barry Young, the New Zealand Covid database administrator who released the official data showing that the alleged “vaccine” was a deadly killer, has been arrested for revealing the truth.
  Be sure you understand what I am telling you. Those who tell you the truth are being arrested and treated worst than mass murderers. Murder is not a threat to the corrupt ruling establishment, but Truth is.
​  All truth-tellers have a target on their backs, including me. For reporting accurately on Putin’s hopes for reconciliation with Washington, I was labeled a “Putin agent/dupe.”
​  This was just the beginning. George Soros, who Elon Musk said “appears to want nothing less than the destruction of Western civilization,” finances “fact checkers” and “verification” sites, the purpose of which is to discredit those who tell the truth. The State Department, the FBI, CIA, Mossad, and any number of government agencies and official organizations in the West work overtime to discredit truth-tellers...
​..Every corrupt, evil, material interest has money to demonize the truth. NewsGuard is one of their operatives. These are people devoid of integrity, but these sorts of sites are plentiful online, and given the insouciance of the American people, these sites might  have more influence than truth-tellers.
​  It raises the questions: can truth prevail when endless money can shout truth down? Can truth survive when people show scant interest in supporting truth and those who tell it?

​  Israel-Palestine war: Most US-based Middle East scholars self-censoring speech critical of Israel, survey finds
Eighty-one percent of academics polled say they have self-censored
criticism of Israel amid the war in Gaza

​  The Los Angeles Times (LAT) has banned 38 journalists from covering Gaza for at least three months after they signed an open letter criticizing Western newsrooms for their biased reporting on Israel’s genocide of Palestinians.
​  “The urgency of this moment cannot be overstated. It is imperative that we change course,”
the open letter says.
LAT management claimed that signing the open letter violated the paper’s ethics policy, but the policy contains no explicit prohibition against open letters.

​  Just Like 9/11? Suspicious Israeli Stock Market Activity Hints at Foreknowledge of October 7 Attack
​  A  new academic study has made a shocking and highly controversial finding. Suspicious Israeli stock market activity in the days preceding Operation Al-Aqsa Flood on October 7 indicates that a particular party had foreknowledge of the impending attack and used that information to directly profit from the panic that ensued...
​..The paper notes numerous historical precedents for such activity, which “occurs in gaps in U.S. and international enforcement of legal prohibitions on informed trading.” Research on “profitable trading on the basis of information about coming military conflict” is an underdeveloped academic field.​..
​..The author of this article makes no comment on theories that Operation Al-Aqsa Flood was actively permitted to go ahead by Tel Aviv to secure a pretext for executing the horrific genocide currently unfolding in Gaza. The attack’s success may well be attributable to Israel’s complacency and a genuine “intelligence failure” of epic proportions.
​  However, countless indications that so many knew something was brewing for so long – including foreign governments and intelligence agencies – raises the prospect that someone, or some individuals with prior knowledge of Operation Al-Aqsa Flood, sought to capitalize accordingly.

  ​"No, No, No, It Didn't Happen!"   Criticism mounts of professors' controversial Hamas short-selling claims (Can they determine who profited? will they?)
  Israeli Securities Authority publicly said that it looked into any suspicious trading in Israel ahead of the attacks and found nothing abnormal that required further investigation.
  Separately, officials from Israel's Tel Aviv Stock Exchange pointed out that the potential profits to some TASE trades that the paper spotlighted were magnified by an order of 100 due to an error related to the denomination of stocks. (Stocks in Israel are priced in agorot — basically, pennies — rather than shekels.)
The authors acknowledged the error and revised the paper.
  Yes, but: The authors say the core findings — that there were large, unusual short positions taken in the U.S.-listed MSCI Israel ETF ahead of the Hamas attacks on Oct. 7 — were not altered by TASE's concerns.
  Their key finding is that shorts surged to nearly 100% of all trading volume on Oct. 2, just days ahead of the attack.
"The ISA's investigation did not address the short selling in the Israel ETF or short-dated options described in our paper. We hope regulators in Israel and around the world will continue to examine these troubling trading patterns," wrote Joshua Mitts, a Columbia Law School professor and co-author of the paper, to Axios.
  Meanwhile: Skeptics are also picking away at the assertion that the large short positions were even anomalous at all.

​  Egypt warns of strained relations with 'Israel' over Gaza depopulation
Egypt is seeking assurances that any wounded Palestinians allowed to leave Gaza for medical treatment will be permitted to return.

  Abu Obeida: Al-Qassam fighters destroyed or damaged 135 military vehicles in Gaza during 72 hours  [Why Bibi needs Biden to ask him to get out of Gaza?]
 Dec. 08(YPA) – The military spokesperson for the Al-Qassam Brigades, Abu Obeida, confirmed that, over the past 72 hours, Al-Qassam fighters managed to destroy 135 military vehicles entirely or partially in all combat zones in the Gaza Strip.
  They inflicted casualties on dozens of Zionist soldiers, causing deaths and injuries by exploding several tunnel openings and booby-trapped houses near enemy soldiers, Abu Obeida said in a statement on Thursday evening.
  “They targeted invading Zionist forces in their positions and engagements with anti-fortification shells, projectiles, and anti-personnel devices, engaging them at point-blank range.”

​  Israeli military forcing hospitals to cover losses: Israeli media
​  Several Israeli hospitals revealed that the Israeli army spokesperson demanded that they match their public reports of cases received to his daily statement updating the war's toll.​

​  Bibi's way out; Biden's CYA...  US criticizes Israel on Gaza civilian toll as UN to hear ceasefire demand​ 
 US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, in his strongest public criticism of Israel’s conduct of the war on Hamas in south Gaza, said there was a gap between the government’s declared intentions to protect civilians and the casualties.
​  “As we stand here almost a week into this campaign into the south... it remains imperative that Israel put a premium on civilian protection,” Blinken told a press conference after meeting British Foreign Secretary David Cameron in Washington on Thursday.
​  “And there does remain a gap between... the intent to protect civilians and the actual results that we’re seeing on the ground.”
​  Israel says it must wipe out the Hamas militant group after its attack on Israel two months ago and is doing everything possible to get civilians out of harm’s way, including warnings about military operations.
​  US President Joe Biden spoke separately by phone with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Jordan’s King Abdullah on Thursday. Biden “emphasized the critical need to protect civilians and to separate the civilian population from Hamas including through corridors that allow people to move safely from defined areas of hostilities,” the White House said.

​  This drone imagery data might feed directly into the Israeli "Gospel" targeting computer. Whaddaya think?   US resumes drone flights over Gaza after truce suspension
'In support of hostage recovery efforts, the U.S. has resumed unarmed UAV flights over Gaza,' Pentagon says

  ​Look, an Iranian Squirrel!  US claims Iran involved in Yemeni Red Sea operations against 'Israel'
On another note, White House's John Kirby claimed that Yemeni attacks are "a threat to global trade", but their "responsibility falls on Iran, which supplies them with resources."

​  Pentagon threatening Americans over Ukraine – Tucker Carlson​ , Fund Kiev or your children will have to fight Russia, X host claims Congress was told
​  According to Carlson, Austin spoke at a classified briefing for members of the House of Representatives on Wednesday, and at one point told them that “we’ll send your uncles, cousins and sons to fight Russia” unless Kiev gets the $60 billion in aid requested by the White House.

​  Simplicius has this: Establishment Alarmism in Overdrive as Raytheon Lloyd Threatens Congress with War
I'll​ mention some points he makes. 
"Russia would be afraid to fight in Ukraine if Ukraine joined NATO, but Russia will invade NATO as soon as it gets done with Ukraine. So Send Money/Weapons NOW!"
​  Biden openly says that American troops will have to fight Russian troops if Ukraine is not shored up immediately...  Kirby and Blinken stepped up the fearmongering as well, evoking spilled “American blood”...
​..Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin warned Congress on Tuesday during a private briefing that if they do not pass more aid to Ukraine, it would “very likely” lead to U.S. troops fighting a war in Europe.
​  “If [Vladimir] Putin takes over Ukraine, he’ll get Moldova, Georgia, then maybe the Baltics,” House Foreign Affairs Chairman Michael McCaul (R-TX) told The Messenger, after Austin and other senior Biden administration officials briefed House lawmakers on their request for more aid for Ukraine.
​  “And then the idea that we’ll have to put troops on the ground in Secretary Austin’s word was very likely,” McCaul added. “That’s what we’re trying to avoid.”
Recall in the last report I cited Moldova as precisely the next vector, given the sensitivity of the PMR pressure point for Russia.
​  Most notable is his express use of the qualifier “very likely” to describe U.S. troops fighting on the ground. In fact, the U.S. has been preparing for this grand European war for a while now. Reports have continued to come out this year about NATO attempting to remold the eastern flank’s infrastructure to properly prepare it logistically for a war:
️The EC calls for a 1435 mm European gauge railway to be built in the Baltics by 2030. But there is no certainty​ that Rail Baltica will be built in time​...
​..Add the above to recent reports of the NATO ‘military Schengen’ which I recently covered, and we get a clear picture of the slow attempt to move Europe onto a war footing, with the attendant infrastructural revampments.​..
​..So, according to them, even if the funding were to have processed this month, they wouldn’t get the first major deliveries until March and April. So now imagine what happens if it’s true that the funding is dead for this year. Congress won’t come back from recess until January and their docket will be full. They won’t have opportunity to begin even attempting to vote on Ukraine again until well into Jan or even February.
​  If they happen to reach some agreement, major equipment may not arrive until April, May, or even later.​..
​..Lloyd Austin, Biden, and co., have dialed up the fearporn precisely because they see the above projection and know what it entails. So they’ve resorted to trying to scare the pants off the GOP congressmen to ram through that aid, but it seems the cheap tactic didn’t work.
​  That’s not to mention the fact that Russia is now advancing on every single front, with breakthroughs everywhere.​..
​..Our sources said that the President's Office banned the General Staff from conducting active mobilization in Kiev, so as not to set up residents of the capital against Zelensky. On Bankova Street, they are afraid that Kiev residents will become the vanguard of Maidan-3, which is why the capital is the most protected city in Ukraine, and there are almost no military commissars on the streets.

​  This warning may imply what will happen if the US commits troops to the Ukraine war.
Russian intel chief warns US of ‘second Vietnam’​ , Western attempts to exhaust Russia in the Ukraine conflict could backfire, Sergey Naryshkin has said

​  I personally read the implication here as being that Russia would conquer "Ukraine" and let each region vote on whether it wanted to join Russia or be part of "Ukraine".
​  "Nuclear" bomb from Russia: "We will decide with a referendum the annexation of the whole of Ukraine" - Will the "New Russia" Army continue the war?
​  "The "annexation of the whole of Ukraine can be decided by a referendum!
​  "It is the people of Ukraine who could make such a choice, as the people of Crimea and other Russian regions have expressed their will to join Russia​" , said Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Defense Committee Yuri Shvytkin.
​  For the chairman of the Defense Committee of the State Duma to express this opinion means that there are "big plans" in the Kremlin...
His comment, which upset the US, came in response to US Senator Chris Murphy's recent statement that Ukraine could return to the control of the Russian Federation.
"It's a shame that an American senator decides on Ukraine.

​Steve Kirsch ,  Health New Zealand: Where is your analysis of your data? Why aren't you publishing it?
As my friend Robert "St. Augustine" Malone has wisely said, "Truth is like a lion: Let it loose and it will defend itself." The truth has now been set free. Why aren't you showing us your analysis?
​  When Health New Zealand’s (HNZ) Oracle DB administrator, Barry Young, sent the entire leadership team of HNZ an email to notify them of a huge safety signal in their own database, they didn’t ask any questions: they fired him immediately.
​  So Barry released the anonymized data which would expose the truth about what the New Zealand public health records contain without violating anyone’s privacy.
4M of the 12M records.
​  HNZ then decided to try to stop the truth from getting out. So they contacted Wasabi and MEGA and had them nuke my account and Kevin McKernan’s account even though neither of us had done anything wrong. Kevin lost years of work that cost him hundreds of thousands of dollars to create. This is work relied on by other researchers all over the world.
​  HNZ failed to stop the distribution of the truth.

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