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Empire Off Balance

 Seeking Harmony,

  The western globalist empire, the "rules based order" is sustained by the tribute effectively paid when nice people of the world give their oil, copper and things they make, to the US for dollars which the US solemnly "prints", swearing to back those dollars with more dollars faithfully in perpetuity. European banking also found a way to be a source of $US lending and credit-creation, accepting interest payments in oil , smartphones and wheat.
The tribute is extracted when the world uses the $US system for international trade. Using anything but dollars for trade between nations directly threatens the western empire.
  The empire has enough troubles, since the imperial fleet is spread thin as the global natives become emboldened, like the Houthis in Yemen. At this moment there is no good way for the empire to move forward in the Ukrainian proxy war against BRICS+ member, Russia, or in the Israeli genocidal war against the native Palestinian people trying to survive in their ancestral land. Every step taken to feed these wars is a rent payment on not-losing-today, and the rent is going up. Imperial loss of face has proceeded from  defeats in Afghanistan and Syria, while the defeat in Ukraine is seen as a fait accompli, just a matter of time. The definitive war for loss of imperial power is the one being fought by the apartheid European colonists of "Israel" against the stoic and long-suffering Palestinian people, randomly bombed, starving in rubble and praying five times per day. 

​  Germany would abide by Netanyahu arrest warrant
Berlin has confirmed it would follow International Criminal Court rulings over alleged war crimes in Gaza.​

​  Blinken Says He Wants To Work With Congress To Punish the ICC​  (international criminal court)
The Biden administration opposes the ICC case against Israeli leaders after backing the court against Russia​

​  Israeli defense minister announces plans to step up military activities in Rafah
It is reported that while on the tour, Yoav Gallant was joined by several Navy commanders.​

​  Israel has allegedly abandoned its plans for a major invasion of Rafah in the Gaza Strip in favor of targeted incursions after talks with the United States, The Telegraph has reported, citing a senior US official.
​  "It’s fair to say, I think, the Israelis have updated their plans. They’ve incorporated many of the concerns that we have expressed ... This is an ongoing discussion, ongoing conversation. It’s been constructive," the official said, referring to a meeting between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and White House National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan in Jerusalem last week.
​  Last week, Sullivan traveled to the Middle East and visited Saudi Arabia and Israel, where he met with Saudi Crown Prince and Prime Minister Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud and the Israeli leadership.
​  Earlier in May, the Pentagon confirmed media reports that the Biden administration halted deliveries of 1800 2000-pound bombs and 1700 500-pound bombs to Israel after the country began its allegedly limited military operation in Rafah while making public its plans to proceed with a major ground operation.​

​  Palestine Submits New Bid to Security Council for Full UN Membership​  
​  After Palestine presented to the UN General Assembly a proposal to admit the country to the UN, which was vetoed by the US and rejected, another proposal was again sent to the UN Security Council with a demand that the UN Security Council positively consider this proposal, the ambassador said, adding that the meeting of the Security Council to discuss this issue is an take place next week​.
​  Earlier, the US vetoed a resolution recommending that the General Assembly admit Palestine to the UN. Britain and Switzerland abstained from voting. The other members of the Security Council voted in favor. Palestine has observer status in the UN, while Israel has been a full member of the organization since 1948.​

​  Philip Giraldi , Washington Digs In Deeper on Its Support for Israel
Claims of “terrorism” and “antisemitism” promote the perpetual victim narrative​

​  Pepe Escobar eulogizes Iranian President Raisi:  Raisi led the charge for Russia–Iran–China’s ‘new world order’
Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi’s eastward vision was instrumental in advancing the strategic Moscow–Tehran–Beijing nexus and bulldozing a path toward institutionalizing multipolarity.​

​  Sergey Poletaev,  Ukraine is losing, and direct intervention by the West risks a nuclear conflict – so what now?
​  As for the idea of defeating Russia on the battlefield, the turning point occurred in the summer of 2023. After the failure of Ukraine’s counteroffensive, it became clear that the AFU would not be able to impose peace on its own terms. The problem is that in the conflict with Russia, the West has gone ‘all in’ and any military outcome that could be regarded as beneficial for Moscow – even negotiations on an equal footing – would now be regarded as a defeat. The whole world would realize that they can stand up to the hegemon and not just avoid becoming an outcast, but even gain some benefits. The West cannot allow this, since it could cause a chain reaction on a global scale.
​  By the beginning of 2024, Western countries faced a dilemma: In the current proxy war it was clear that they were losing and Ukraine was getting weaker, while Russia was growing stronger. Western leaders realized that the situation will continue to get worse until the middle or end of 2025 – by which time their own military production should gain momentum and Moscow may begin to experience a shortage of volunteers at the front. In other words, the worst-case scenario meant that Russia would be able to conduct at least three more successful military campaigns (summer and winter ‘24, and summer ‘25) with superior military forces.
​  The logic of the conflict is pushing the West towards the choice that we wrote about back in May 2022 – either intervening directly and fighting Russia on its own, or starting serious negotiations with Russia on the topic of Ukraine’s NATO membership and, more broadly, security in Eastern Europe.​..
​..The reason for the West’s indecisiveness is clear: it fears an escalation of the conflict. Russia is the world’s largest nuclear power and President Vladimir Putin has repeatedly stated that he will not tolerate a widespread NATO intervention, which will result in a nuclear war.
​  Moscow’s warnings have challenged Western countries, headed by the US, to find ways “to intervene without intervening” and to enable Ukraine to win (or at least save face) without directly defeating Russia. In short, Western countries are forced to walk the thin line between defeat and nuclear war, without a clear end goal in sight.
​  After the failure to cut open a land corridor to Crimea, the West has not been able to find an alternative military strategy. Moreover, it has no idea how to get out of the war of attrition which, even in the case of a positional deadlock and a ‘static’ front, will result in Ukraine’s defeat, since an opponent that is many times weaker (Ukraine’s current population is at least five times less than that of Russia) will inevitably lose. We see plenty of such examples in history.
​  In this situation, the only thing that Western strategists have managed to come up with is to continue supporting the AFU and “increase costs” for Russia in the hope that Putin will get tired of fighting. Of course, no one in the West takes Ukraine’s suffering into account. It takes for granted the fact that Ukrainians will continue to die en masse just so that the West can save face.​..
..It is unlikely that Western leaders still hope to see a victory for Kiev on the battlefield. The more likely goal now is either the “Korean scenario” where no one wins and Ukraine is kept as Russia’s opponent, or the “Palestinian scenario,” ie, eternal war on Ukraine’s former territory. What is clear is that the West will do anything it can to avoid holding serious negotiations with Russia.​..
..Moscow has clearly stated that any obvious attacks on its “old” territories will allow Russia to retaliate and hit Western cities directly – not through proxies.​..
​..However, it is possible that the desperate situation at the front and the need for some kind of propaganda success will sooner or later force the West to take such a step – and perhaps this may happen very soon. So far, this seems to be the most likely scenario that may lead to an escalation of the conflict beyond the zone of the Ukrainian “sandbox”...  
..In conclusion, we may say that the Western doctrine – ie, the combination of a total trade war and a proxy war – has failed to bring about victory and has put its “client” (Ukraine) at risk of a major defeat. The West is still afraid to get directly involved in the conflict, even when it comes to striking “old” Russian territories or operating missile defense systems under its own flag, not to mention directly sending troops.
​  At the same time, the West avoids serious negotiations with Russia and prefers to go with the flow, consoling itself with the idea that Russia will eventually get burned by growing costs and retreat.
​  Meanwhile, Moscow is adapting to the situation, rebuilding its economy, trade relations, and society in order to live and successfully develop in the reality of a long conflict. The West’s strategy (or rather, the absence of such) has been clearly unsuccessful – especially considering the current level of involvement in the conflict, Ukraine may exhaust its forces long before Russia experiences any major inconvenience at the front.​

​  The Start Of De-Dollarization: China's Move Away From The USD
Since 2010, the majority of China’s cross-border payments, like those of many countries, had been settled in U.S. dollars (USD). As of the first quarter of 2023, that’s no longer the case.​

​  Threat of world war grows every day — Hungarian foreign minister​, Peter Szijjarto
​  "We see what is happening: European politicians are making statements about the use of nuclear weapons. The Russians are conducting exercises involving tactical nuclear weapons," Szijjarto said. He believes that "the time has come to stop this madness."​ 
​  Szijjarto recalled that the Hungarian government had long stated that it was impossible to resolve the Ukrainian conflict militarily.​  "That is why Hungary continues to tell its European partners that instead of indulging in crazy statements and fantasies that threaten to escalate [hostilities] they should spend at least half of their energy on achieving peace. Then there may be hope that this war will be ended at the negotiating table," Szijjarto emphasized.
​  On May 21, Russia began the first stage of exercises including practical training in preparations for using non-strategic nuclear weapons. According to the Russian Defense Ministry, they are being held in response to provocative statements by Western officials and are aimed at maintaining the readiness to respond and ensuring the country's sovereignty.​

​  Sy Hersh: US Diplomacy Needed to Avoid Ukraine’s ‘Overwhelming’ Defeat
​    Diplomatic efforts from Washington, which are withheld due to President Joe Biden's irrational views on Russia, could have resolved the Ukrainian conflict that Americans and their allies are now unable to win, Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative journalist Seymour Hersh said.
​  "America, in the years Biden has been in office, has spent $175 billion to fight a war that cannot and will not be won. It will only be resolved by diplomacy—if rationality prevails in Kiev and Washington," Hersh wrote in a Substack article.​

​  Scott Ritter: US Threats to Greenlight Ukrainian Attacks on Russia Could Spill Out Into Nuclear War
​  Secretary of State Antony Blinken has reportedly asked President Biden to formally greenlight Ukrainian strikes against targets deep inside Russia using US-provided long-range weaponry amid growing pressure from hawks in Washington. Sputnik asked seasoned international affairs observer Scott Ritter about the development's dangerous endgame.
​  But the debate in Washington regarding direct US approval for Ukrainian missile attacks deep inside Russia constitute little more than “word games,” says former US Marine and UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter.
​  “Ukraine is already attacking critical energy facilities inside Russia, oil tanks, petroleum depots. This is taking place. It’s just that it’s not taking place with State Department or Department of Defense connivance. It’s taking place with the assistance and the facilitation of the Central Intelligence Agency – a covert war. All Tony Blinken is now talking about is taking this covert war and making it an overt war. Why is he doing this? Domestic American politics. It will have no impact on the battlefield. But what it does is allow the Biden administration to posture itself as doing something discernable to address the Russian successes – the successful offensive north of Kharkov, the continuing successful offensives in eastern Ukraine and Novorossiya​.​ ...
​.."Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Germany, France, England, Italy, the Netherlands, the Baltics…All of those nations provide a safe haven for Ukraine – a place where Ukrainian forces can train. A place where Ukrainian military materiel can be stockpiled, repaired. Where command and control activity takes place, where intelligence is collected, assessed and disseminated. All these activities are part and parcel of Ukraine’s military effort against Russia, and under normal conditions would be subjected to military interdiction."

​  NATO's previous "Ukraine" is still a work-in-progress.  Georgian PM accuses EU of ‘blackmailing’ him with assassination threat
The bloc is trying to intimidate Georgia over its foreign agents law, Irakli Kobakhidze has said​.

​  Putin's Purge? Another Top Russian General Arrested On Bribery Charges
​  Russian authorities detained Lieutenant-General Vadim Shamarin, deputy to General Valery Gerasimov, head of the army’s general staff, on suspicion of large-scale bribe-taking, Russian state media reported Thursday.
​  It is the fourth arrest in the past month of a high-ranking military official, marking the biggest Russian army scandal in years. The detentions come as President Vladimir Putin carries out a sweeping reshuffle of top jobs, including a change at the head of the Ministry of Defense.​

Last spring,Jack Texeira revealed high level information from inside the Russian military, which implied command-level "moles", feeding data to the US military.

​  Elite power struggle continues: Trump claims Biden authorized FBI to use deadly force in Mar-a-Lago raid
He made the accusations in response to a court filing that revealed agents had been instructed to bring ammo and handcuffs to the search​

​  There are accusations that Hunter was a CIA operative in Ukraine since his dad was vice president. CIA Blocked Probe Into Hunter's Hollywood Tax 'Sugar Brother': Whistleblower

​  Not law yet: House Passes Bill Blocking The Fed From Issuing A CBDC​   The CBDC Anti-Surveillance State Act passed the United States House of Representatives on a largely partisan vote on May 23.​

  ​In the solitary dungeon for 5 years... Chris Hedges: The Slow-Motion Execution of Julian Assange Continues

  Prepare for the bird-flu bioweapon.  Peter McCullough MD has this:  Chloroquine Highly Effective Treatment for Acute H5N1 Infection in Preclinical Model
Bird Flu Study in Human Cell and Mouse Models Confirms Therapeutic Success
​  Because highly pathogenic avian influenza is so infrequent, there have been no randomized trials or human studies of treatment. Therefore, we must rely on preclinical data with drugs that are already used and proven safe in humans.
​  Yan, et al studied H5N1 infection in the laboratory and demonstrated that physiological relevant concentrations of chloroquine inhibited viral entry and damage to human cells. Additionally, when given as treatment and not prophylaxis, chloroquine reduced pulmonary alveolar infiltrates and improved survival in mice after a lethal dose of H5N1 from zero to 70%.​

​  From Meryl Nass MD, Death rates considerably higher in hospitals for same diagnosis compared to 5 years ago/ Pittsburgh Action News
  One hospital is “investigating its algorithms”—maybe the problem IS the algorithms? Maybe while the robotic clinicians order algorithmic care few are evaluating how the patients respond any more? (The “providers” are being forced to follow algorithms, trained to be robots so they can be replaced by computers, and I don’t think it will take too long before that happens). I am serious. I think that the elites have deliberately made the patient experience unpleasant, just as they have made flying in airplanes unpleasant.   Just as being a worker has become more unpleasant since you have to watch what you say and get used to being monitored all the time.

  Steve Kirsch, Latest Rasmussen survey shows that the "cure" was nearly as deadly as the disease
The latest Rasmussen survey of Americans shows that we nearly doubled the death toll of the COVID virus with the vaccine.​

​  Steve Kirsch points out that "objective-data" has funding sources with interests: 
Official US government data shows that there is no doubt whatsoever that the COVID vaccines cause Guillain-Barre, Bell's palsy, and other serious side effects​.

​  Meryl Nass MD, US Secretary of State today implied the treaty would not go forward next week, lacking consensus, but it may have been a dodge.
​  Representative Chris Smith (R, NJ) asked Secretary of State Antony Blinken whether he would submit the Pandemic Treaty (actually there are 2 treaties, the IHR amendments and the Pandemic Agreement) to the Senate for ratification.
​  Weasel Antony Blinken did a double dodge on the question..​. Not wanting to answer the question, he didn’t.
​  Instead, he pivoted to excluding the IHR amendments and only spoke about the “Pandemic Agreement.” He claimed no consensus had been reached, thus implying it would not be adopted next week. But of course, a version might be.​

​  A Midwestern Doctor,  It's Time To Stop the WHO's Horrific Pandemic Treaty
The WHO treaty is quite possibly the worst treaty of our lifetimes and is being supported by all the elitist institutions and richest oligarchs. Fortunately, we now have a real chance of stopping it​...​ 
​..“Preventing” pandemics is one of the most lucrative areas in medicine. Sadly, this money has incentivized “preventative” research which frequently leads to disastrous leaks and suppresses effective solutions for the pandemics that emerge​.
​  COVID-19 was handled so egregiously that it woke much of the public up to this grift and the pandemic-industrial complex is now facing an existential threat to its business model
​  To address this “threat” the WHO (World Health Organization) has covertly created a treaty behind the scenes which usurps national sovereignty and gives international health agencies terrifying control during “health emergencies”
​  A grassroots activist movement advocating for health freedoms has accomplished something remarkable in their fight to derail the WHO treaty and they need your help.

​  Our friend, Helen of desTroy has deeply researched a powerful "true believer" Imperial Field Marshall in the Information Wars: 
​  How Public Radio Became the Enemy of the Public​    Part I: Katherine Maher, Wikipedia's Woke Warrior​  
​  The establishment Left in the US has been engaged in an ongoing act of credibility-seppuku since Trump’s 2016 electoral victory, not because of any deeply-held beliefs on their part but because the organizations that have hijacked its ideological North Star have long since been coopted by entities hostile to true liberal values and the vulgar, unpredictable Trump merely yanked the mask off the whole sordid process. Rather than work for peace, justice, and equality, they focus on ruthlessly stripping out target populations’ remaining assets until nothing is left but the bare walls, then goading those populations into flagellating themselves for not being quicker to offer up the bare walls as well. Maher no more represented free speech at Wikipedia than she did human rights at the World Bank, and her response to the whistleblower Berliner’s essay - dismissing it because it was celebrated by NPR’s conservative critics without addressing one of his many valid points - is an eerie echo of the Wikipedia editorial elite’s dismissal of former editors’ (and co-founder Sanger’s) critiques because they happen to be republished by Breitbart or Infowars. Truth is an afterthought - “Verifiability,” defined by Wikipedia as prevalence in “reliable sources,” is king. And with reliability accredited only through votes of support by influential (ideologically sympathetic) editors, a self-perpetuating disinformation circuit is sealed, impenetrable to truth even as it is sold as the only acceptable reality for “good people” in “democracies.” In modern western society, in which the masses have abdicated en masse their duty to think critically about the information they are mainlining every day, when you control both encyclopedia and references, you get to write history. No media property - even one edited by (or funded by) “the people” - should have such power.​

  ​(2 + 2 has always been 5. What kind of deviant are YOU?)  Dutch Lawyer Faces Prosecution For Social Media Post Slamming Mass Migration
​  A Dutch conservative female lawyer is being prosecuted on charges of “racism” and “inciting hatred” after she expressed fury over mass migration in response to a viral video showing a white boy being beaten up and thrown onto a railway track by a gang of migrants.
​  Raisa Blommestijn revealed how she had received a letter that amounted to an order to appear before a Dutch prosecutor at a court hearing in front of multiple judges on August 19th.
​  The charges stem from comments Blommestijn made on social media in response to a video of a defenseless Dutch boy being brutally kicked and punched as he lay on the ground at an Amsterdam Metro station in May last year before he was thrown onto the railway track.
​  “Yet another white man got kicked around in the street by a group of black primates. How many defenseless white people remain to become victims? Countless probably: the open borders elite is importing these people in droves, with all the consequences that entails,” she wrote.
​  Blommestijn said she was subjected to a four hour police interrogation over her comments and later learned that she would be facing prosecution.​

​  The Ethical Skeptic deep dive on ancient flood catastrophe, which marred Egyptian pyramids, and how it may be the natural and recurring consequence of the spinning of an irregularly-weighted body, like our planet. So when might it flip again?: Master Exothermic Core-Mantle Decoupling – Dzhanibekov Oscillation (ECDO) Theory

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