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Shades Of 1968


  Gilbert Doctorow attended Columbia U.  Shades of 1968:  The New York police assault on Columbia University demonstrators
  Yesterday’s NYPD storming of Hamilton Hall on the Columbia University campus which had been occupied by student demonstrators protesting Israeli genocide in Gaza has brought the clash between America’s non-academic, pro-Washington narrative university administrators and its more idealistic students to the attention of global media. After taking the building, the police arrested the demonstrators and, before television cameras, paraded them off, wrists bound, to waiting buses for dispatch to jail.
  As an alumnus of Columbia who entered graduate school there in the months following similar, shall we say, revolutionary developments in the student body in the spring of 1968, I take special interest in this development...
..At that time, much of the Columbia faculty sided with the retrograde administration, as I saw in my own department, Russian history. My academic advisor, Leopold Haimson, a leading scholar on the Menshevik movement and closet Marxist himself, was aghast at being in the midst of a real bottom-up revolution and sided with the administrators...
..That Republicans and other political conservatives with their all-in support for Israel whatever it does would uniformly condemn the students as ‘anti-Semites’ is obvious. [Not PCR, though.] For their part, Liberals are split on the issue...  Many are saying out loud that attempts to instill uniformity of thought on the Israeli question destroy the underlying principles of higher education grounded in diversity of views and civilized public debate...
..I call for a time out to reflect on the destruction of the social sciences and humanities on American campuses that did not start yesterday but goes back in time at least 15 years. This passes unnoticed by our Liberals because it clashes with their own political correctness that acknowledges no other views than their own on the given subject.  I have in mind the anti-Putin, anti-Russian doctrine that totally captured university policies on free speech when Washington launched its Information War on Russia...
..If you dared to pose a question in the time allotted for “discussion” that showed some variance from this consensus, you were immediately denounced as a ‘stooge of Putin.’ In effect, this institution of higher learning had descended to the level of a kindergarten.
  From following developments on campus ever since from the weekly program announcements of the Harriman, it is crystal clear that the situation with respect to freedom of speech and thought on the subject of Russia has only gotten worse...
..Until and unless I see a sobering up of our universities from their intoxication with Russophobia, I will not believe that freedom of speech on campus has been restored, whatever the outcome of the present confrontations over Israeli genocide.
  But who knows? Perhaps someone among the present day rebels will move beyond outrage over 34,000 murdered Palestinians and consider the possibility of hundreds of millions of dead civilians globally including in the good old U.S. of A. should the present clash in Ukraine be allowed to escalate to WWIII.

 Gen Z support for Hamas increases six percent in one month 
  In a survey conducted earlier this month, respondents were questioned about the ongoing war in the Gaza Strip. The poll aimed to determine whom respondents support more in the war, and it found that individuals within Gen Z, aged between 18 and 24, are increasingly showing support for Hamas. The poll results also indicated that 43 percent of respondents in this age category voiced support for Hamas, compared to 57 percent who backed "Israel".
  In March, a similar survey conducted by Harvard CAPS-Harris revealed that 37 percent of respondents from Generation Z expressed support for Hamas, while 63 percent backed "Israel".
  It's noteworthy that these polls indicate a six percent increase in support for Hamas within just one month and a six percent decrease in support for "Israel". This suggests a significant shift in sentiment toward the Palestinian Resistance faction among respondents, highlighting a growing endorsement of Hamas amid the ongoing Israeli genocide against Palestinians in Gaza.

Large police force invades Columbia University, seals off campus

  UCLA clashes: Pro-Palestinian protesters attacked by Israel supporters
  A demonstration against Israel’s war on Gaza at the University of California in Los Angeles (UCLA) turned violent when a vigilante pro-Israel mob attacked a solidarity encampment occupied by peaceful pro-Palestinian protesters.
  Witnesses said the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) only intervened after nearly four hours of the attacks, which started overnight into Wednesday when masked pro-Israel counter-demonstrators, who appeared in their hundreds from outside the university campus, hurled fireworks into the encampment.
  The attackers, carrying Israeli flags, then tried to tear down the pro-Palestinian camp, assaulting students with pepper spray, sticks, stones and metal fencing. Police stood by, failing to protect students, who re-commandeered the metal fencing thrown at them to shield themselves, said Joey Scott, an investigative journalist speaking to Al Jazeera from the scene.
  Before the police arrived, a group reportedly piled on one person who lay on the ground, kicking and beating them until others pulled them out of the scrum.
  Eventually, Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass issued a statement on X early on Wednesday morning that police were responding to requests for support from the UCLA administration... 
..[Culprits not named, I note, just "the encampment".]  “Horrific acts of violence occurred at the encampment tonight and we immediately called law enforcement for mutual aid support,” Mary Osako, a senior UCLA official, told the campus newspaper the Daily Bruin.
  Reporting from Los Angeles, Al Jazeera’s Rob Reynolds said the student protesters had stood their ground. The number of injured was not yet known, but reports on social media indicated that some people have been led away with injuries, he said, as he described the “really shocking and ugly scene of violence”.

  The vigilante mob appeared to come from outside the campus. “They appear to be all largely people who are not of student age and they’re not from the UCLA campus, but what they’re doing is trying to harass and attack the pro-Palestinian demonstrators,” said Reynolds.
  Bass called the violence “absolutely abhorrent and inexcusable”.   
[But WHO did it, Karen?]
  The antiwar group said that “law enforcement simply stood at the edge of the lawn and refused to budge as we screamed for their help. The only means of protection we had was each other” as the attack went on for more than seven hours.

From last October, and going back for years. Netanyahu funded Hamas for decades. "Strategy-of-tension". Soros funneled $15m to groups behind pro-Hamas protests
The New York Post found that Soros money supports groups that "justified Hamas' bloody attacks."

  Investing in the Strategy-of-Tension ... Is George Soros behind anti-Israel protests in Columbia, other US universities?
  The cash from Soros and his associations has been key to the protests in Columbia University. At the Columbia University, three groups set up the tent city last Wednesday. These groups are Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP), Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP), and Within Our Lifetime... 
..The SJP termed the October 7 Hamas attack on Israel as "a historic win". The SJP reportedly received $300,000 from Soros' Open Society Foundations since 2017 and also took in $355,000 from the Rockefeller Brothers Fund since 2019, as per media reports. The Rockefeller Brothers fund is chaired by Joseph Pierson and includes David Rockefeller Jr, a fourth-generation member of the oil dynasty, on its board of directors...
..At three of these colleges, protests against Israel are being encouraged by radicals who are "fellows" of a Soros-funded group called the US Campaign for Palestine Rights (USCPR). At an encampment in Columbia University, protesting students were seen using tents reportedly purchased from Amazon and getting pizzas and sipping coffee from Dunkin', complimentary sandwiches from Pret a Manger, organic tortilla chips and rotisserie chickens, as per the report.
  The USCPR gives around $7,800 to its community-based fellows and an amount of $2,800 and $3,660 to its campus-based fellows for spending 8 hours a week to organise "campaigns led by Palestinian organisations."

  Earning their stipends? Looking bad? Justifying harsh attacks? Who benefits? Chaos Erupts At UCLA After Pro-Gaza Activists Refuse Entry To Non-Allied Students
  Far-left activists have declared the UCLA campus a "liberated zone" and are refusing entry for many students not affiliated with the pro-Gaza protests.  They have erected barriers and placed guards, creating makeshift checkpoints which require a special wrist band in order to gain passage.

Israel’s Smotrich Calls for ‘Total Annihilation’ of Rafah, Other Cities in GazaThe Israeli finance minister wants Netanyahu to end negotiations with Hamas

Israel Won't End War On Hamas As Part Of Hostage Deal, Bibi Tells Blinken

UN chief urges global action against Israel's military operation in Rafah
Antonio Guterres appeals to 'all those with influence over Israel’ to prevent further civilian casualties, displacement in Gaza​

​  U.S. port off Gaza raises suspicions​ , “Aid” project won’t alleviate Palestinian starvation
​  The Pentagon has confirmed media reports that the pier that is being built by the U.S. military near Gaza will cost at least $320 million, which is double the original estimate announced for the project.​ “The cost has not just risen. It has exploded,” Senator Roger Wicker told Reuters.​ “This dangerous effort with marginal benefit will now cost the American taxpayers at least $320 million to operate the pier for only 90 days,” the Republican lawmaker added.
​  Around 1,000 U.S. military personnel have been deployed to Gaza’s waters, including from the army and navy, who are working in close coordination with the Israeli army and navy to build the pier that the Pentagon says will be operational in May.​..
..Essentially, the Israeli occupation forces, who have killed a record number of aid workers numerous times, will be in charge of handling the aid via this questionable project.
​  The United Nations has been calling on the Israeli occupation regime to allow a significant increase in the number of humanitarian trucks to enter the enclave to avoid famine.​ 500 trucks entered the Strip on a daily basis before the war. UN officials say the daily figures needed now vastly exceed pre-war levels.
​  Last week, the UN pointed out that the average number of trucks entering Gaza every day during April was 200, which is far below the required level.​..
..[A direct entry into ground war for the US Army?]​ The only party that is not involved in the project is the Palestinians, who have once again been sidelined.​ Hamas has warned it would target foreign forces, uninvited, on Palestinian land or water.​

​Lebanese Hezbollah is an effective, disciplined, and experienced army. Hezbollah destroys crewed Israeli vehicle in well-prepared ambush

Alex Krainer has really condensed these insights effectively. Decoding the Russia vs. the West relationship​ , Condensed in a 22-min. podcast with Ivor Cummins

The Four Key Reasons Why The U.S. Will Never Stop Targeting Russia’s LNG Sector ​  [Easily understood after Alex's explanation above.]
LNG has become the most important swing energy source in an increasingly insecure world.
Energy exports remain the foundation stone of Russia’s essentially petro-economy.
Russia's LNG industry is closely associated in Russia with President Vladimir Putin personally.​

​  U.S. Senate Approves Bill to Ban Russian Uranium Imports
​  Plans are to step up local production and enriching of uranium to reduce dependence on imports, with one senator noting Wyoming was a top candidate for future uranium supplies for U.S. nuclear reactors.​ "Wyoming has the uranium to replace Russian imports, and we're ready to use it," John Barrasso from the Senate Energy Committee said. Wyoming is his home state. "Our bipartisan legislation will help defund Russia's war machine, revive American uranium production, and jumpstart investments in America's nuclear fuel supply chain"...
..Currently, nuclear power plants in the United States spend around $1 billion annually on Russian uranium imports—a bill that would swell considerably after the ban, if the Bloomberg calculations are accurate.​

Ukraine suspended participation in European Convention on Human Rights and Freedoms​

NATO's wings were clipped: A German military aircraft lost navigation due to powerful electronic warfare suppression​ (US Navy AWACS-type reconnaissance​ plane)
​  Recently, a very non-trivial incident occurred in the sky near Kaliningrad with a German Air Force plane. The plane began to behave strangely, lost its orientation due to interruptions in communication and almost crashed. This incident has raised many questions and speculations. Was this a specially planned reconnaissance flight or did the plane simply go off course?
​  On April 4, 2024, a German Air Force Lockheed P-3 Orion coastal patrol aircraft took off from Nordholz Air Base in northern Germany to monitor the airspace over the Baltic Sea. Approximately 70 km west of Kaliningrad, the aircraft suddenly requested assistance and immediately changed course to the departure point. The German newspaper BILD writes that the Lockheed P-3 Orion plane allegedly barely made it to the base​.
​  The next day, April 5, 2024, at around 01:00 (local time), the plane made an emergency landing in Nordholz. The fire and rescue service arrived at the scene, but the landing went smoothly. According to a Bundeswehr spokesman, the reconnaissance aircraft are “carrying out the necessary technical work.” Details of the reasons for the incident have not been disclosed.​

​  John Ward asks,  Where is Klaus Schwab, what will They call Charles III’s death, and why is the Secret State in Dollar Doom denial?
​  Within 72 hours of a Sino-Russian bid for the Anti-Dollar Brics alternative, the USA lost a 4.6 per cent share of major multinational debt settlements.
That’s not conspiracy theory….it’s fisco-financial fact . By October 2025 – were the trend to maintain its current direction and acceleration – the US Dollar will have lost 68 per cent of its value [digital or otherwise] and, effectively, virtually all of its multinational bullying power. Get real: future US Presidents will no longer be able to play the FDR/Nixon devaluation card and stand the remotest chance of getting away with it.​

  ​Tom Luongo,  It's The End Of The Foreign Exchange Reserves As We Know It... Don't Feel Fine About It​  
  If the US really does pull the trigger and confiscates Russia’s financial assets, what are some of the potential consequences for the hegemony of the US dollar and financial system? ...Are there any other alternatives to the US dollar and financial system that they could turn to?
​  This move will not have immediate effects that we’ll see play out in capital markets beyond accelerating trends already in place.  As of right now there is no alternative to the US dollar because of its primacy in settling global trade.  The euro gave up that potential role when they went to negative interest rates last decade.
​  The Chinese yuan is not ready for this role either.  But with this move by the US, it will now gain momentum towards fulfilling that role. And, believe me, the Chinese government is fully aware of this.
​  In the short run, paradoxically, it will cause a run into the US dollar, as people who need them to service debt will hoard them, but with the intention of paying those debts off.  This will put upward pressure on the dollar making our sovereign debt that much harder to service.  The vandals of the Biden administration are fully aware of this, and if anything, are cheering it on.
​  But once trust is broken it is nearly impossible to regain it.  Capital flows to where it is treated best.  This was the US’s real super-power for all of these years.​

​  Frustrating the potential alignment of Americans for their common good, against current power elites.  The Biden regime has been importing illegals on charter flights since at least January of 2022 when we broke this news.  This past year 200,000 Illegals were flown into the United States via international charters over only 8 months.

Australian Politicians Demand Forced Online ID, AI-Assisted Content Surveillance To Stop Spread Of “Misinformation”​

​  Biden accused of plotting to declare climate emergency to boost his sagging polling numbers
​  Political commentator and the Daily Wire columnist and podcast host Matt Walsh recently wrote an op-ed for the website titled "The Government Is Gearing Up To Declare A 'Climate Emergency,' Which Will Wipe Out What’s Left Of Our Freedoms," wherein he discussed that since Biden's inauguration, the government has discussed the possibility of officially declaring a climate emergency...
.. ​"So this is the most important point: There is not, in fact, a climate emergency and everyone pushing this hysteria understands that very well. But they will never stop pretending this is an urgent crisis, because the moment they do that, they lose some measure of control over our lives," Walsh wrote...
​.."But the truth is, once it declares a national emergency, the federal government can pretty much do what it wants. The courts give the alleged 'experts' vast and completely undeserved deference. There are no guardrails in a national emergency. Everyone knows that after experiencing the COVID lockdowns (which, of course, were the pre​lude to the coming climate emergency). There were never any consequences for those lockdowns or mandates," Walsh argued.
​  "There hasn’t really been any reckoning with the destruction those policies wrought on our lives. There’s been no accountability. Nobody even seems interested in talking about it. So now they’re doing it again. And make no mistake: If they can force the entire country to stay at home because of a virus – including young people, who are at virtually no risk from that virus – then they can absolutely restrict every single one of your freedoms in the name of 'saving the climate.'"​


​  Meryl Nass MD, The Pandemic Agreement. Clarifying (I hope) what seems to be going on.  The Globalist Agenda versus the Global South's agenda
​  The USA agenda for the Pandemic Agreement appears to coincide with the globalist agenda: pathogen sharing, gain-of-function research, massively increased genome sequencing for purposes yet to be acknowledged, rapid rollout of vaccines and drugs for all the new pandemics we will see (or at least hear about, such as bird flu), centralized control of health emergencies by the WHO with a new governance role for that organization. Nations will be obligated to obey the WHO. The “One Health” concept will be used to give powers to the WHO that have heretofore not been considered directly related to health, but are being redefined so they are included in “One Health”—such as the ability to issue orders in the name of protecting animals, plants, ecosystems and so-called biodiversity...
​..The WHO’s Secretariat and Bureau are jumping into the negotiations to create new procedures to try and reach agreement. As I have said before, this is evidence that the “member-led process” claimed by Tedros is a sham, as the procedures are shaped and reshaped by bureaucrats in order to achieve the aims of the WHO’s biggest funders.
​  Geneva Health Files also has some interesting things to say about the country negotiators vs their ambassadors and health ministers. Priti Patnaik, the author, seems to think that consensus can be achieved if the negotiators can hold back the senior officials from their governments. Presumably this means that the negotiators are tired (or bribed) and are ready to give in to the big boys on some issues, and if they can just be allowed to manage the treaty discussions in isolation, without obeying messages from home, agreement can be reached.​

​  Dr. Nass with hopeful breaking news:  The Telegraph published a commentary today telling its august readership to NOT sign the Pandemic Treaty, Written by an MP and former Liberal party Minister

Joseph Mercola DO ,  More Evidence Showing Vitamin D Combats Cancer (and sunshine provides more benefits than vitamin-D from supplements. Avoid burning.)

  Gardasil Vaccine Caused Cancer That Killed 22-Year-Old, Lawsuit Alleges
  The mother of a young woman who died of cervical cancer after receiving the Gardasil vaccine sued Merck, alleging the vaccine maker falsely promoted the vaccine for cancer prevention and failed to warn patients about the shot’s risks.
  When Haley was 13, she received the first of three Gardasil shots. Following the injections, she began to experience abdominal pain, cramping, nausea, vomiting, abnormal bleeding and heavy periods, among other side effects.
  When she was 18, doctors diagnosed Haley with metastatic cervical cancer/adenocarcinoma of the cervix. She underwent salpingectomy and bilateral ovarian transposition surgery. Doctors also treated her cancer with chemotherapy and radiation. However, Haley’s cervical cancer continued to progress, spreading to her liver, skin, uterus and eventually lymph node metastases.
  After each new tumor appeared in a different organ, Haley underwent various forms of chemotherapy and combinations of treatments, along with stronger rounds of radiation. She endured excruciating pain, lost her hair and developed severe skin irritation. She required oxycodone and morphine to manage the pain.
  On May 22, 2023, Haley died of metastatic cervical cancer/adenocarcinoma. Her mother maintains that her daughter’s Gardasil injections were responsible for causing the development of cervical cancer

​  (​Especially the blue kind) PRIME Drinks facing lawsuit after tests show each beverage contains 3X the LIFETIME amount of “forever chemicals”
​  Paul's electrolyte brand was found to contain PFOS (perfluorooctane sulfonic acid), a grouping of toxic chemicals known as perfluorinated alkylated substances (PFAS) that persist inside the body and lead to health conditions like cancer and other chronic illnesses...
.."So prime is now going through a new lawsuit after it was discovered that their drink has PFOS which is forever chemicals but what's really concerning is the fact that the lawyer who tested their drink is claiming it has three times the amount of forever chemicals a human can safely have in their lifetime and the lawsuit is claiming they found these forever chemicals in the grape flavored prime drink."​

​Not Drinking Kool Aid (pictured with young peach tree)

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