Sunday, January 15, 2017

Cliff Niotes

Cliff Divers,

Civilization Goes Over the Net Energy Cliff in 2022 - Just 6 years Away (Condensed version of a series of articles. It is really energy-costly to get most oil out of the ground now, and getting worse. The last of the easy-oil is strategically critical. Libyan and Iraqi oil, for instance.)
"I am saying that when 1 barrel of sweet crude is traded at US$44 (actually as I write it’s at about $43 and a bit), the Globalized Industrial World has access to only 16% of the energy it contains, so the net financial impact for the Globalized Industrial World as a whole is yes, $277/bbl equivalent. The Globalized Industrial World can’t make money with the full barrel, only the 16% residual, so it all happens as if it was attempting to “grow” at a basic cost of $277/bbl, which these days is quite a challenge. Even adjusting for inflation, at the time of the 1978-79 crisis (based on BP inflation adjusted price data) with some 56% net energy available to end-users, the shadow price was around US$188/bbl equivalent, and back then the situation was dire."

"It Can't Happen Here, Color Revolution by Force", Moon of Alabama 
(The CIA really has the procedure worked out quite well, after pulling-off so many of these in other countries. Yeah, they only "usually" work. The color is already picked-out, of course.)

Colleen sends Paul Craig Roberts' version of the same assessment: The Establishment is Trying to Steal the Presidency from Trump, and the Liberal-Left is Helping 

Martin Berger at New Eastern Outlook also sees a set-up for color revolution against president-elect Trump:

"Remember Kennedy", says John Ward, from across the pond. "How long will Trump last?"

The Color Purple

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