Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Guessing The Future

Time Travelers,

Eleni sends this article, which predicts that General Michael Flynn will restructure the US intelligence services more to gather intelligence, and less to assassinate people with drones. I have sent another analysis, which says this as well. I certainly hope it is the case.

Bill Binney, designer of the NSAs electronic surveillance system, and code-breaking-legend since the 1970s, calls bullshit on recent reports of "Russian hacking", provided by the US government. He is quite detailed in his calls of fabrication of this evidence-free fluff.

"Syria Gate": Tons of NATO munitions are found in East Aleppo, after it was brutally invaded (no local uprising) by paid mercenaries. Western "advisers" were allowed to leave with the mercenaries. There were a lot of civilian and Syrian military prisoners tortured to death by the rebel-forces before they accepted their safe-passage out. The Western media has p[resented Americans and Europeans a world of lies about what was being done in their names. (Thanks Eleni and Tom)

There is a strange arrangement between NGOs, refugees, refugee smugglers and the Italian government. I will continue to send articles I find which describe this. (There has been analysis that populations of North Africa and the middle east will be unsupportable on their lands, which are less lush and more desertified, and with high populations, supported by green-revolution agriculture. Some say that this is an elite {Soros et al} manipulation of events to move these nations of people northward.)

"False Prophets and False News" by James Petras (thanks, Eleni) is a broad look a how we are deceived by our rulers and the elite-owned news media, which feeds us our realities. It's not the same for everyone, or everywhere. [It's really big, and holographic, this fake world that we act within. We are acting in accord with the interests of those who conjure this world, not out own best interests.]

In 1956 M. King Hubbert, a leading academic in Oil Geology, predicted that US oil production would peak about 1970. It peaked in 1971. In 1957, Admiral Hyman Rickover, father of the nuclear-navy, (quoted herein) spoke out about finite fuels for our complex economy, which requires vast quantities of them. (That was apparent in WW-2. No fuel = you lose.) Jimmy Carter, a former nuke-sub commander, clearly knew this and tried to do the right thing, which was unpopular. We have to consider that our subsequent overlords (like Dick Cheney) have fully taken this reality into account for themselves, and are giving us the Truman Show for their benefit, not ours. Chris Martensen presents the view going into 2017 in that context.

Strauss and Howe have a generational approach to history, describing historic waves of change as taking 4 generations to begin again. Each new social order is created by heroes during a crisis. Their children benefit and advance in this new order. As time progresses children and grandchildren manipulate the world more selfishly and the order becomes degenerate, as well as consuming the economic resources it requires. The great grandchildren of the heroes are destined to be their own heroes as the cycle repeats. Baby boomers are the fortunate sons of the last heroic generation. Our children will soon take on their heroic roles, and we may assist.

Pat Buchanan asks if Trump and Putin can avert Cold War-2 (I suspect it was originally WW-3, but got toned down) He points out the hypocrisy of post-cold-war American foreign policy quite well. Vladimir Putin is not the demon we see on American TV, but a competent and loyal Russian statesman.

Amazon.com Warehouse robots on parade are shown in this 2 minute video. Humans play their minor roles, but are still critical to the functioning of this vast mechanical ant-farm. Emi is a "picker", and told me that the executives came over "to see who was picking 400 an hour" on her first 10 hour day of work. Emi keeps up with the robots better than the average human, but really has a lot of neck pain now. (This is very instructive. Our masters are building a world for themselves which will really not need very many of us.)

Arctic Blast-2 hits Texas tonight. The arctic itself is 50 degrees warmer than usual. Disturbance in the force, or jet-stream, or something. Yes, global warming is uneven, that's possibly the most salient characteristic. Weather patterns become erratic.

It was a warm New Year's Day for the wedding of Holly Day MD and Tommy Eller, in Martindale Texas. 
The wedding and dance was put on without paid help, but lots of work by family (us) and friends. (The last of the dishes are now finished.) 


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