Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Culture Bubble

Supported Invisibly,

The threat to science of cultural collapse, Joe Brewer
(You mean if the electricity cuts out, the internet servers lose everything, forever?)

China is installing missile batteries on those artificial islands, of course...

Col. (ret.) Ann Wright : "I support Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, D-Hawaii, going to Syria and meeting with President Bashar al-Assad because the congresswoman is a brave person willing to take criticism for challenging U.S. policies that she believes are wrong."

Washington's Blog has a densely packed current-history piece, from a real historian, about the deep-state contest now going on with American imperial policy, domestic policy, and the pedophilia blackmail used to control politicians by the deep-state. A bunch of pedophile-ring busts will break that control-system. Thanks Eleni.

Marine LePen, current front-runner (but "ultimately unelectable", right?) refuses to don head scarf mandated by Sunni Grand Mufti in Lebanon. 
"I will not cover myself", she says. She had met the Egyptian Grand Mufti who did not demand this of her. 
(Probably this ruins her chances of getting elected president of Lebanon...)
LePen committed the further gaffe of saying that president Assad is the only viable solution for Syria, NOT the official French position.

France leaving the Euro would be the largest sovereign default in history. (Yeah, it would end the Euro...)

Stampede out of French bonds as Le Pen extends lead in polls.

Finance as Warfare, The IMF lent to Greece, knowing it could never repay the debt. (That's not a bug, it's a feature. We want everything your country owns as community property, for very cheap. Sign here.)

There was an ECB legal analysis of the 2015 Greek "bailout", which financed all the creditors. It's classified. You don't need to know what's in it. Mr Draghi says it is "privileged". Don't ask to see it. Stop. Now...

Fumbling Towards Collapse, Jim Kunstler : 
"The falling energy-return-on-energy-investment in the oil industry is approaching the point where the immense activity of getting oil out of the ground won’t be worth the cost and trouble of doing it. And since most of the things we do and produce in this economy are based on cheap oil — with no reality-based prospect of replacing it with so-called “renewables” or as yet undiscovered energy rescue remedies — we can’t generate enough wealth to maintain anything close to our assumed standard of living. We can’t even generate enough wealth to pay the interest on the debt we’ve racked up in order to hide our growing energy predicament. And that, in a nutshell, is what will blow up the financial system. And when that department of the economy goes, the rest will follow."


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