Thursday, February 16, 2017

Swordfight at The Cliff

Errol Flynn Fans,

The Saker (Thanks for this and many of the deep-state-war articles today, Eleni) says that it is all over, that the sacking of General Michael Flynn as National Security Advisor was a death-blow to change by controlling interests in the deep state.  "Flynn was the cornerstone of Trump’s national security policy.  For one thing, Flynn dared the unthinkable: he dared to declare that the bloated US intelligence community had to be reformed.  Flynn also tried to subordinate the CIA and the Joint Chiefs to the President via the National Security Council."

In regards to Michael Flynn’s resignation, Kucinich defended Trump and told America to “Wake Up”... Kucinich did not see this as an anti-Trump game, but rather an anti-Russia game” “It’s not just this administration. I want to remind the views and all those who are on the panel that in the closing months of the Obama administration, they put together a deal with Russia to create peace in Syria. A few days later, a military strike in Syria killed a hundred Syrian soldiers and that ended the agreement. What happened is inside the intelligence and the Pentagon there was a deliberate effort to sabotage an agreement the White House made.” This is like “Deep State” said Kucinich.

"Democrats" representing deep-state interests have set the sequence of events in motion to lead to a Trump impeachment. Flynn was not the target. Flynn (bishop or rook?) is off the chessboard and the "king" is vulnerable. Trump's available moves appear highly constrained now.

Finian Cunningham has the best overall assessment of this major loss to the Trump chess game. Impeachment of Trump is the objective. Thanks Elani.
"The forced resignation of Michael Flynn, who was an influential advocate in the Trump White House for normalizing relations with Russia, can be seen as a much-desired blow against Trump over Russia – inflicted by the US Deep State operatives."

The question has been repeatedly raised of how General Flynn, broadly experienced, could have been caught saying the wrong things on the phone to Russians, while the Obama administration was still in office. The FBI says he didn't. He says "he never crossed any lines". The court of public opinion, as carried out in print, broadcast and online media has been overwhelmingly and successfully influenced. Flynn's one chance to speak, before resigning, is here.

Moon of Alabama has another fleshing out of this important mve in the smoke-screened-3D-chess-game within the deep-state. Flynn Defenestration (throwing out window) Will Hamper Trump's Foreign Policy:
After the election and Trump's unexpected win the Obama administration slapped sanctions on Russia and sent Russian embassy officials back to Moscow. This move was intended to blockade a Trump policy of better relations with Russia. Flynn talked with the Russian ambassador and, as a direct result, the Russian's did not respond tit for tat for the sanctions and expulsions. This was an absolutely positive move and in full accordance with announced Trump policies. Henry Kissinger made a similar move and visited the Russian embassy weeks before he became Nixon's NSC.

Who is Afraid of Peace in Afghanistan? Thanks Eleni. (Peace in Afghanistan would be bad for business, the military industrial business and the CIA-heroin-trade, which is also used to attack Russia, China and Iran with pleasure-powder. Good for everybody else, though.)

The US admits (under duress) to using uranium munitions in Syria, which lead to birth defects and cancer when they become uranium-oxide powder and get into food, water and lungs, as we know from Iraq.

Weird Trump/Netanyahu press conference seems to be a bit of a negotiation itself. Each applied pressure to the other, apparently unexpected pressure.

Jim Kunstler has his perspective: 
"Don’t be fooled by the idiotic exertions of the Red team and the Blue team. They’re just playing a game of “Capture the Flag” on the deck of the Titanic. The ship is the techno-industrial economy. It’s going down because it has taken on too much water (debt), and the bilge pump (the oil industry) is losing its mojo... What’s coming down is the fruit of the gross mismanagement of our society since it became clear in the 1970s that we couldn’t keep living the way we do indefinitely — that is, in a 24/7 blue-light-special demolition derby. It’s amazing what you can accomplish with accounting fraud, but in the end it is an affront to reality, and reality has a way of dealing with punks like us. Reality has a magic trick of its own: it can make the mirage of false prosperity evaporate."

While Elites Played Empire, America Fell Apart, Charles Hugh Smith points out a pervasive culture of hiding infrastructure problems and skimming the money, needed for infrastructure maintenance, for fun and profit.

Dmitry Orlov has a really interesting perspective on the distillation of petroleum products, and the need to use the 50% volatile waste product for something, the waste product that is so successfully used in the United States, the one we have come to know as "gasoline". It is really only good for smallish internal combustion engines, an invention that is important because it burns gasoline. Uses have grown up around this resource over the years.  "You are not in control"...

Chris Christie says universally supported asset-forfeiture (legal theft) transparency bill is "bad for law enforcement" and vetoes it. (Society would have to openly pay more for law enforcement, rather than funding it through criminal enterprise, which helps get rid of cash, another part of the plan.)

13 develish details about Brexit. (Damn, there are a lot of brambles in the forest between here and the castle!)

Police closely scrutinize veterans driving to Standing Rock, "Please sit in the patrol car, while we search your vehicle!" Busts for any pretext are happening, as would be expected. It's a blockade tactic. All assets are forfeited, of course.

Chelsea Manning thanks all those who kept her alive for years with their support. Not us. Other prisoners. Good perspective.

Welcome to the New Dark Ages, Where Only the Wealthy Can Retire (I never planned on it, myself. Maintain your health. Seriously. Maintain your health.)

Could be the end of a planned career for this criminal...
 An Arizona cosmetology student is currently being investigated for giving free haircuts to the homeless. Juan Carlos Montesdeoca has been giving away free haircuts to homeless individuals at Santa Rita park in Tucson and recently organized an event called Haircuts for the Homeless at a local library, during which he offered free haircuts and manicures to the homeless people of Tucson. Montesdeoca has been homeless in the past and wanted to do his part to help the community in any way he could. The cosmetology student says he was inspired to offer his services after he helped cut hair for a woman with cancer. “I started this as an act of kindness for a mom I met on Tucson Angels Facebook group,” he says. He also does it in memory of his mother, who lost her hair. “They can suspend – even before I even try to get a license, they can say no. That would be very very unfortunate.” 

Dubai Plans to Introduce Flying Drone Taxis as early as This Summer
(What could go wrong? Nice little video loop.)

George Jetson

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