Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Alternative Facts

Flying by Night,

The charming story about Vladimir Putin dropping acid at a critical juncture of decision in his life, in 1982 Paris, is acknowledged by the author to be "true except for Vladimir Putin", in the comments section. Thanks Travis.

A further and ongoing CIA pipeline of weapons is still pumping to Syrian "rebels" on American payroll. The Romanian connection has other tentacles, and has bought up so much that it is having to accept Soviet era stockpiled weaponry now.
"The SOCOM contractor, who asked not to be named, identified the Pentagon’s Picatinny Arsenal as a source for the CIA-run programme to arm Syrian rebels fighting President Assad as well as the Pentagon’s anti-ISIS campaign."

The CIA has 137 artificial intelligence projects in the pipeline (that we know about)

"Hackers" Could Program Sex Robots To Kill (or DARPA... Hey wasn't this a 1980s movie, or something?)

"60% of chronic Lyme patients are actually co-infected with several strains of mycoplasma, the most common one being “mycoplasma fermentens” which is patented by the U.S. Army and army pathologist Dr. Lo; Pathogenic mycoplasma, U.S. Patent 5,242,820 issued Sept. 7, 1993."
That's weird. Thanks Colleen. I wonder what could lead to this bizarre coincidence.
"Plum Island was specifically named for Cold War biowarfare research alongside Dugway Proving Ground and Fort Detrick back in the early ’50s when the US biowarfare program and clandestine germ warfare trials first began."
So they continued German biowarfare research into tick born illness deposited behind enemy lines? Plum island is a short hop across the water from Old Lyme Connecticut. Mapped density of Lyme Disease cases marks the spot.

Not only were all those files about Plum Island lost, but these CIA files on Lee Harvey Oswald were all empty folders, too. Wassup?

Hurricane Irma's weather records and comments.

America's Fiscal Doomsday Machine, David Stockman
18% of GDP for shitty, bureaucratically swamped health services is what we get, and we can't afford it, and the music will soon stop. Then what?

The Democratic Party seems to have had a tipping point into support for some form of Medicare for All, which is bound to have some guaranteed profits for their supporters in the interim. Sander proposes legislation today. (Who gets to be the hero on this unavoidable step?)

Not talking about how to pay for Medicare for All. That would probably kill it. A lot of current vested interests will be big losers. That's where politics comes in, and it won't be realistic until the crash sets in.

"Mother of Leprosy Patients", Ruth Pfau MD, a German nun and physician, won against leprosy in PAkistan by "treating the whole patient", and family and community and society. RIP, Doctor Pfau.

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