Monday, September 11, 2017

Three Storms

Recognizing Patterns,

"Weird shit comes in threes", goes the saying, and I've observed it to be true countless times in a life that goes through periods of weird-shit magnetism.
America's weird shit for August 2017 is starting with 3 hurricanes.

I've heard from my friend, Hope, in Houston, who is helping in relief efforts, because that's who she is and she didn't flood. She says that her mind (and she's not sheltered) boggles at the massive piles of sheetrock, bad carpet and padding, mattresses and couches which now dominate the Houston landscape. 
People remain hard at work tearing out the rot , while military C-5 sprayer planes, designed to spray Agent Orange on the Ho Chi Minh trail so the pilots could see the Vietnamese and bomb them, release sky-filling clouds of (safe) insecticide over a million acres of born-again-swamp.

Because Houston was such a swamp, and flooded so very often and badly, Texans moved the capital to Austin in 1839. That worked out better. 
The best overall history of Houston flooding, remediation, reflooding, improvements, and housing expansion is here. Thanks Charles. It all makes sense...

Hurricane Irma has hit Florida, after raking Caribbean islands, large and small, and may create disaster areas in 6 states, much farther inland than initially projected. She was the most powerful Atlantic Hurricane ever measured.

Hurricane Jose is getting pushed hither and thither, the way that Hurricane Harvey was, making the coming week quite uncertain. Will he dump on the east coast? This hurricane season is not over. The Atlantic is still packing a lot of heat.

Florida's electric power grid needs the most extensive rebuilding in US history. 3/4 of customers are out of power. Since many are businesses, that is about half of Floridians.

America can't afford to rebuild. ("I'm callin' yer hand!") 
Our credit is "good" until it disappears completely. That's how those things go. Ilargi has a description you won't hear on CNBC.

Jim Kunstler also makes good points, in colorful style, and with a very long view of where we are all eventually going.
"The second major weather disaster this year may not be enough to induce holdouts to reconsider the issue of climate change, but it ought to provoke some questioning about the development pattern known as suburban sprawl, which even in its pristine form can be described as the greatest misallocation of resources in the history of the world. Surely there will be some debate as to whether Florida, or at least parts of it, gets rebuilt at all."

This is another part of the "perfect storm" theme. These storms come at a time when the US is about spent as dictator-of-the-world. The US navy's most advance missile cruisers get destroyed by lumbering things that go bump in the night (hacked electronics?), while our run of destroying countries that have oil on flimsy pretext, has been put to an end by the ancient culture of Syria, with help from the somewhat less ancient culture of Russia. The rest of the cultures in the world seem happy, except Israel and Saudi Arabia, of course. Turkey is adjusting... Will the fading hegemon start WW-3? 
The showdown with the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is a seminal event that can only end in one of two ways: a nuclear exchange or a reconfiguration of the international order.

Maria Zakharova, spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Service, explains the destruction of American diplomatic relations with Russia, begun under the Obama regime, and continued now, to maintain the obviously false narrative of Russian interference with the US presidential election. The data from DNC servers was downloaded to a memory stick, not hacked by anybody. (Seth Rich remains unavailable for questioning, but somebody has his laptop...) She also points out that American presidents can die in office. Thanks Bill. YouTube blocked this. It's on Russian YouTube with subtitles.

9/11, The Pentagon's B-movie is presented here again, as an important (now impotent) contextual ground for all of the other events on this page. (The neocon-deep-state "New American Century" has failed to proceed as planned, is thwarted at every front, and is about to retreat in chaos. Offensive weapons remain intact, but there is no defense for American citizens, their electric grid, economy, etc. Americans voted for regime-change, and peace with Russia, but that vote cannot be recognized by the ruling powers.)

American history of using false-flag attacks to justify war is long and has been profitable to financial elites. This looks back as far as the Spanish American War, giving a few notable examples, all well documented and widely accepted (except that 9/11 attack)

Jim Rickards figures the empire will militarily attack North Korea to take out their nuclear and missile programs, and decapitate the latest member of the ruling Kim family.
"The leadership in North Korea is hoping that the United States is bluffing and that they will be able to get a serviceable intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) with a hydrogen bomb that could threaten or destroy Los Angeles before the U.S could do anything. The United States is facing a six month window to act and I believe they will.”

On Thursday, a military and diplomatic source told Sputnik that USAF helicopters had evacuated 22 Daesh field commanders and militants from areas outside the city of Deir ez-Zor in late August, amid a successful operation by Syrian government forces to free the area from terrorist control. The militants were reportedly taken to northern Syria. The US-led coalition's press office told Sputnik that the allegations were "false."... Karen Kwiatkowski, a retired US Air Force Lieutenant Colonel turned anti-neoconservative activist, told Sputnik that these evacuees were likely people that the US military and intelligence establishment wanted to protect, "particularly people with evidence that could be used against the US [during] negotiations." "It makes a lot of sense that we would either want to kill those people or extract them before the Syrians could interrogate them,"Kwiatkowski said... CIA black programs don't require day-to-day approval from the president. If that's what this evacuation was, "this is standard operating procedure, and they don't really care what the president says in a speech. ..."Certainly, we are rescuing our allies. But to some extent, we are preserving people who have worked with us, people that are dealing with the financial aspects of our aid to Daesh, because that's what's going to be looked at in the autopsy of this operation. People are going to be saying: where did the money flow? Who knew about it? What was the American role?  Thanks Eleni 

Russia will move forward to standard monetization of cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, presumably Ethereum-based, in 2018.

More Jim Rickards: The IMF is scrambling to get a centrally-controlled blockchain technology in place to replace the $US as global reserve currency, the blockchain SDR. This would only be for use at the elite level, governments and central banks, an appropriate application of this very expensive and very secure technology. Of course China is already collecting taxes on blockchain transactions, and preparing the global oil market for a Yuan/Renmenbi/gold/oil equivalency, based in Shanghai and Hong Kong. It looks like we are entering a period without a dominant global trade currency, an era of competing platforms. This will collapse American purchasing power at all levels, and all savings in US dollars. ("America can't afford to rebuild" theme is bolstered...)

Beleaguered Venezuela, with the largest confirmed oil reserves, will ditch the $US as soon as is feasible. (US-backed regime change operations there have not yet been successful, despite widespread damage to Venezuelan economy, and suffering at all levels.)

Adapting as Possible

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