Thursday, June 28, 2018

Pat Tillman Lives

Living Archetypes,

Spenser Rapone, "The Commie Cadet", who graduated West Point with a history degree, including studies in economics, after being an Army Ranger in Afghanistan, is somehow alive, somehow able to tell us what he saw in these travels. He accepted an Army commission and was fairly quickly discharged other than honorably. Chris Hedges ha this story after interviewing our hero.
“When you get to RASP [the Ranger Assessment and Selection Program], you’re told you not only have to understand Ranger culture and history, you have to adopt what’s called an airborne Ranger in the sky,” he said. “They make you go online and look at Rangers who were killed in action. You have to learn about this person and print out a copy of their obituary. It’s really unsettling, the whole process. This was a class leader acting on behalf of the cadre, he said something to the effect of ‘I’ll give you a hint, don’t pick Pat Tillman.’ ”   Rapone began to read about Pat Tillman, the professional football player who joined the Rangers and was killed in 2004 in Afghanistan by friendly fire, a fact that senior military officials, including Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal, who at the time was the U.S. commander in Afghanistan, covered up and replaced with a fictitious Hollywood version of death in combat with the enemy. Rapone watched the 2010 documentary “The Tillman Story” and would later read the 2006 Truthdig essay “After Pat’s Birthday,” written by Pat’s brother Kevin, who was in the Rangers with Pat. Pat Tillman, who had been in contact with Noam Chomsky, had become a critic of the war. In addition to lying to the Tillman family about Pat’s death, the Army did not return, and probably destroyed, Pat’s papers and diary.

Ralph Nader still lives, too.
"Would be nice if Laura Bush and Michelle Obama had expressed similar heartfelt concern for the tens of thousands of children killed or seriously maimed by the wars of their husbands in Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere," he tweeted.
Eleni sends this, and I can see that this is actually what occurs in institutional invluntary psychiatric commitments in the US. I can testify that these procedures are routinely used. The courts watch for lots of little points, like hourly notes, constant visual monitoring, and so on, but the courts may not watch the illegal kids...   Court documents made public in Virginia and Texas give a glimpse of the systematic brutality being meted out to immigrant children in both public and private jails. Children are strapped down, hooded and beaten, or drugged by force, as part of the everyday procedure in what can only be called the American Gulag.

Mish Shedlock lays out the 5 points that make the EU immigration crisis politically insoluble in the current context.

Putin and Lavrov have something that Bolton wants, but what?

Trump-Putin summit will be July 16 in Helsinki, Finland. Deals will be made.

It looks like Americans will vote on issues, if given a chance...
Establishment Democrat Joe Crowley's nearly two-decade career in Congress came to an end Tuesday night in a shocking primary loss to 28-year-old Democratic Socialist and former Bernie Sanders organizer Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez - a harsh critic of Israel and immigration enforcement. 

Here is a review of a historical assessment, or two, of the history of fossil energy to expand human population, and the tchnological adaptations that it subsidized and enegized, and what is next as oil, gas and coal peter out...
If, following Rhodes’ thinking, we give science the whole credit for making a population explosion possible, we should also credit science with blowing through millions of years of accumulated energy resources in just a few hundred years. We should give science credit for the fact that billions of people live in areas already being severely impacted by climate change caused by fossil fuel emissions (even though those people typically have used minimal quantities of fossil fuel themselves.) And we should ask, why can’t science come up with a cost- and time-effective way of replacing all those fossil fuels, so that all 7 billion of us plus our more numerous descendants can keep on living the high-energy lifestyle to which (some of) us are accustomed?

​A Medical Case for a Whole-Food, Plant-Based Diet, Ankush Bansal MD

Eating Solar Energy

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