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Desperate Empire

B​led to Death,​

This story looks at the Petrodollar global financial regime, and how those countries which sought to break away from it have been treated: Iraq, Libya, Venezuela. As oil and natural gas control the engines of global economies, the flows of these are literally the lifelines for people of the industrialized world, almost everybody. The control of waning energy resources is absolutely essential to control of the peoples of this planet.
American economic sanctions have been the worst crime against humanity since World War Two. America’s economic sanctions have killed more innocent people than all of the nuclear, biological and chemical weapons ever used in the history of mankind.
The fact that for America the issue in Venezuela is oil, not democracy, will surprise only those who watch the news and ignore history. Venezuela has the world’s largest oil reserves on the planet.
America seeks control of Venezuela because it sits atop the strategic intersection of the Caribbean, South and Central American worlds. Control of the nation, has always been a remarkably effective way to project power into these three regions and beyond.
From the first moment Hugo Chavez took office, the United States has been trying to overthrow Venezuela’s socialist movement by using sanctions, coup attempts, and funding the opposition parties. After all, there is nothing more undemocratic than a coup d’état.
United Nations Human Rights Council Special Rapporteur, Alfred de Zayas, recommended, just a few days ago, that the International Criminal Court investigate economic sanctions against Venezuela as a possible crime against humanity perpetrated by America.  

I​t says here that Chinese investments are the most at risk from the sanctions against Venezuela. China is the rising-power threat to the Petrodollar Empire.​

This is attack on Venezuela and Russia and China, in urgent defense of the Petrodollar. Crawling humans be damned! This must be CRUSHED!
US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has authorized Venezuelan opposition leader and self-declared interim president, Juan Guaido, to take control of US-held assets belonging to the country’s government... Venezuelan petroleum company Citgo will continue operating in the US, but its profits will go into a blocked account, only accessible to Guaido’s government, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin explained.
Mnuchin added that sanctions will only be lifted upon the “expeditious transfer of control to the interim president, or the subsequently democratically elected interim government.”
Maduro has denounced the sanctions as an attempt to “steal” Citgo from Venezuela, and said that PDVSA will take legal action.

​What is the history of PDVSA, Venezuela's nationalized oil company, dedicated to supporting the people of Venezuela with the proceeds from oil sales? There has been financial war on the country since nationalization of this oil wealth began in the late 1990s. Who else gets hurt?
According to Bloomberg, refiners in Louisiana and Texas would be greatly affected by the recently-announced sanctions, and the hardest-hit would be PDVSA's US-based refining arm, Citgo Petroleum Corp., which is Caracas's main source of foreign income.
​Venezuela​ exports some 500,000 barrels of oil to the US, mostly to Citgo and refineries owned by Valero Energy Corp and Chevron Corp; Citgo imported the most Venezuelan crude oil in the first ten months of 2018, followed by Texas-based Valero and California-based Chevron.

This war on Venezuela is not for America, Americans or American principles. It's for the global financial power elites. (Helen of DesTroy's story)
Ron Paul comments:
American intervention in Venezuela’s affairs is not only hypocritical, but “unwise, very dangerous, it will be costly, it’s against our rules, and if they pretend that we have to go in because we want to spread American values, those aren’t my values!” Paul exclaimed, pointing out that the US criticizes other countries for alleged ‘meddling’ but “when we do it, it’s right and proper and almost holy.”  

H​ere is Helen's journalistic output from the past week. Her version of the planetary-collision-that-created-Earth is the best one I've seen.​

I've repeatedly made the point, as have others, that the critical consideration of the Petrobuck-Empire in Syria has to do with the pipeline to take gas from the Pars field, controlled by Iran and Qatar, to Europe. Syria said "no" to the Saudi pipeline, and the Empire says "NO" to the Iranian pipeline. The gas has to get to Europe. Europe is full of industry that needs fuel. Iran is already involved in rebuilding Syria.
Because of terrorist attacks and US-led bombings, millions of homes, educational and health facilities, and infrastructure remain either damaged or destroyed.
Iran is best placed to play a leading role in their reconstruction because it is currently the Middle East’s largest producer of cement and steel.
Moreover, several important projects halted after the outbreak of the war can be revived, most notably a $10 billion natural gas pipeline to take Iranian gas to Iraq, Lebanon, and Syria and from there to Europe through the Mediterranean.
As it stands, a US military base on the border between Syria and Iraq appears to be the most immediate hurdle to its implementation.
On Friday, Washington-based Foreign Policy magazine said the United States plans to keep some of its forces at al-Tanf base in southeastern Syria despite a total withdrawal ordered by US President Donald Trump.
US forces at the base train and arm several groups of militants fighting to topple the government of President Assad.

VIENNA, January 29. / TASS /. The construction of the first line of the Nord Stream - 2-gas pipeline will be completed in November of this year, the second - in December, said Paul Corcoran, company financial director, at the European Gas Conference on Tuesday...  The head of Gazprom, Alexey Miller, has previously stated that the implementation of the construction schedule for Nord Stream 2 makes it possible to speak of a possible start of gas supplies through this gas pipeline from January 1, 2020.  

The US has savaged Afghanistan, one of the world’s poorest countries. US B-52 and B-1 heavy bombers are razing tribal villages, predator killer drones attack most road movement, US-paid Afghan puppet forces, many former Communists, routinely torture and murder. All this while the US-installed yes-man regime in Kabul does nothing to halt massive drug dealing and human rights abuses.
In fact, dealing in opium and morphine is the primary business of Afghanistan. This cash crop could not be exported to Pakistan, India, Iran and Russia without the connivance of the Kabul regime and its US military protectors. When the full truth about the war is finally written, the US will be in the deepest shame over involvement in the drug trade​..​.
Why is the US still at war in Afghanistan after 18 years? First, because the politicians and generals involved won’t accept responsibility for a defeat and its huge cost. There is nothing more wasteful than a lost war. Second, because imperial-minded circles want to keep bases in Afghanistan to menace China, Iran and Pakistan. There are huge profits to be made from this endless war with its $400 per gallon gasoline trucked in from Karachi and 24-hour on call air support. Plus the bases and fleet that support the war and promotion for the senior officers involved.

​Drug Czar​

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