Saturday, August 10, 2019

Epstein's Arkancide

Telling No Tales,

​ ​The apparent suicide comes just hours after a massive trove of documents was unsealed in a case linked to Epstein, in which one of his victims said she was forced to perform sex acts with high profile individuals, including former Maine Sen. George Mitchell (D), former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson (D), money manager Glenn Dubin and MIT professor Marvin Minsky.
​ ​Virginia Giuffre, now an adult, says she was also sent to modeling executive Jean Luc Brunel and the late MIT scientist Marvin Minsky, according to parts of a 2016 deposition she gave. The testimony by Giuffre, who claims she was a “sex slave” for Epstein from 2000 to 2002, expands on her previous allegations, in court filings and tabloids, that she was forced to have sex with the U.K.’s Prince Andrew and Harvard University law professor Alan Dershowitz. Both men have​ ​strenuously denied those allegations.

​(​The big deal, of course is Bill Clinton's 26 flights on the "Lolita", and Epstein's ties to founding the Clinton Foundation, and probably it's activities in Haiti and Kosovo, and of course the Mossad puppet​-​masters.)

​First 2000 pages of Epstein documents hit about the time his lifeless body was discovered. 
If only this death could have somehow been prevented... C'est la vie.
​ While Epstein's ties to former President Bill Clinton and other famous figures are well known - all of whom have tried to distance themelves in recent weeks, much has been made about the relationship between President Trump and the pedophile financier.
 Following a 2011 article by journalist Sharon Churcher claiming that Donald Trump was a "good friend of Jeffrey's," Guiffre was asked to clarify Churcher's possible misquote that "Donald Trump was also a good friend of Jeffrey's," and that Trump "Didn't partake in any" of -- "any sex with any of us but he flirted with me."
 "It's true that he didn't partake in any sex with us, and but it's not true that he flirted with me. Donald Trump never flirted with me," said Guiffre. 

​Epstein, or How Your News is Cooked, Ilargi at The Automatic Earth looks at how media has been showing the picture of Epstein with Trump, who got away as soon as he got wind of Epstein's game, not pictures of friend-of-Epstein, President Bill, who really did fly Lolita a whole lot.

 The death of John F. Kennedy ushered in a new age of pessimism and cultural irrationalism from which our society has never recovered. The destruction of a long term vision as exemplified by the space program, the St. Lawrence Seaway and the New Deal projects had resulted in a tendency within the population to increasingly look upon present pleasures as the only reality, and future goods as the mystical expression of the sum of present pleasures. In this new philosophical setting, so alien in previous epochs, money was permitted to act as a power unto itself for short term gains instead of serving the investments into the real productive wealth of society. With this new paradigm shift into the “now”, a new economic model was adopted to replace the industrial economic model which had proven itself in the years preceding and following World War II.
​ ​The name for this system was “post-industrial monetarism”. This would be a system ushered in by Richard Nixon’s announcement of the destruction of the fixed-exchange rate Bretton Woods system and its replacement by the “floating rate” system of post 1971 fame. During that same fateful year of 1971, another ominous event took place: the formation of the Rothschild Inter-Alpha Group of banks under the umbrella of the Royal Bank of Scotland, which today controls upwards of 70% of the global financial system. The stated intention of this Group would be found in the 1983 speech by Lord Jacob Rothschild: “two broad types of giant institutions, the worldwide financial service company and the international commercial bank with a global trading competence, may converge to form the ultimate, all-powerful, many-headed financial conglomerate.”

​This may be the default "way forward", a trade and currency WW-3 of starvation blocks to trade. Mohamed El-Erian is a globalist, a smart one.
...with the US-China row now extending beyond economics to include national-security and domestic political issues, the best-case scenario on trade is a series of ceasefires; the more likely outcome is escalating tensions.  

​China bailed out the Turkish central bank in June. What might be the quid pro quo? Turkey remains in play.  

​Monsanto vs. Neil Young? Really?
​ ​The Monsanto "Fusion Center" - the name of its internal counterintelligence organization - produced detailed graphs on the Twitter activity of rock musician Neil Young, who released an album in 2015 called the Monsanto Years. The center "evaluated the lyrics on his album to develop a list of 20+ potential topics he may target" and created a plan to "proactively produce content and response preparedness."
​ ​At one point, Monsanto officials were "closely monitoring discussions" about a concert featuring Young, Willie Nelson, John Mellencamp and Dave Matthews.


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