Monday, February 1, 2021

War By Virus


Both Paul and Jeremy sent me this 30 minute video. I've watched it with interest, and it brings up useful points to consider.
​  ​Former Military Surgeon, Lee Merritt MD (skip the first 2-3 minutes of beard-guy) lays out the argument that SARS-CoV-2 is a military weapon, and we humans are the targets, but that the actual aggressor remains hidden in this war​ upon us​
​  ​China is mentioned, but she specifically does not say that the CCP is the primary aggressor.
Part of this war is taking down the real economy of the USA with fear. Fear greatly exceeds mortality. Fear herds people.
Arguments are sound, even if the finish of th​e​ piece is nuevo-John-Birch-Society.​ 
 (Masks help reduce viral spread, stopping wet, outgoing virus well and reducing dry incoming virus a little bit. They mainly help when you are in a closed space with other people, not at all when you are hiking or biking alone. Don't let masks or non-masks be a religion, please.​)
​  ​Understanding that we are already in a war is a useful cognitive tool.
Yes, hydroxychloroquine is effective in the early (pre-hospital) stage​, less so in​-​hospital, and ivermectin is effective at all stages​. Other medicines have antiviral effects, notably vitamin-D as a baseline immune support, and zinc to reduce viral replication when ill. 
We are not supposed to think​ and act upon medical evidence​.
We are supposed to​ wait for, then​ take vaccines. Why?
The answer is not apparent. Is this a long term business model on your rent to keep living, in the form of a vaccine every 6 months? That’s plausible.
Is some vaccine (there are many) the harmless first part of a binary biological weapon of some sort?
What would the secondary part of the ​hypothetical ​binary weapon cause? Death? Infertility?  

​Here is a paper by Dr Merritt from this last September about the suppression of effective antiviral treatments. She speaks of this in the video.​  
The Treatment of Viral Diseases: Has the Truth Been Suppressed for Decades? Lee D. Merritt , M.D.

One thing I did this weekend was putty and grout the newly tiled shower addition to the 1957 iron bathtub in Yoakum. 
It took much longer, and was messier than I had anticipated, but not the finished product, just the stuff on the floor and in the tub. 
I'm modestly proud of how my first attempt at grouting came out. 
I did not do the tile work, itself.



  1. There's nothing like finally wiping away the excess grout after completion to reveal the orderly outlines of a new tile job. Well done!

    "COVID-19 rarely spreads through surfaces. So why are we still deep cleaning?"

    I know people who are still wiping down all the items they purchase with alcohol swabs when they get home.
    Covid has now become as much a mental disease as a respiratory one!

    1. I am somewhat obsessive-compulsive, and I did a fair amount of that grouting by fingertip, but I'm not freaky about "Germs".