Thursday, May 27, 2021

Propaganda Outages

 Defensive Cornerbacks, 

This poster-child and his girlfriend turned "state's evidence" pretty quickly after their flight was diverted and forced to land in Belarus. 
(Do not compare with the similar forced landing of Bolivian President Evo Morales' plane to snatch Ed Snowden, who was not on it. Apples & oranges...)
They do not appear to be true-believers in anything special. 
Belarusian regime-change activist Roman Protasevich, whose arrest on a grounded plane caused a global scandal, joined Ukraine’s neo-Nazi Azov Battalion and was cultivated by the US government’s media apparatus.
  A leader of Ukraine’s notorious Azov Battalion, an explicitly neo-Nazi militia that uses white supremacist imagery, publicly acknowledged that Protasevich joined the fight alongside Azov. A Ukrainian newspaper reported that Protasevich worked with the neo-Nazi militia’s press service.
  Protasevich personally admitted in an interview to traveling to Ukraine and spending a year battling pro-Russian forces in the eastern war zone of Donbas. He is even suspected of possibly posing with an assault rifle and a military uniform on the front of Azov’s propaganda magazine, which is emblazoned with a large neo-Nazi symbol.

Hunter Biden’s Ukraine salary was cut two months after Joe Biden left office

​When, Charles? When?​
  If you wanted to design a system guaranteed to collapse in a putrid heap, you'd make moral hazard ubiquitous and you'd make the system 100% dependent on a hubris-soaked faux savior.
  For the past 22 years, every time the stock market whimpered, wheezed or whined, the Federal Reserve rushed to soothe the spoiled crybaby.
All this hubris is jolly while it lasts, but since risk cannot be dissipated, it can only be transferred, the Fed has transferred decades of fast-rising risk to the entire system. The entire system now rests on the Fed, a dependency that raises its own risks. By imposing moral hazard and crushing consequences, the Fed has stripped the entire financial system of self-correcting mechanisms. This is a surefire recipe for systemic failure and collapse.
  There is no way to wean the system off its dependence on the Fed, and no way to restore organic market functions. The slightest reduction in the Fed's spew of trillions will crash the market, because there is literally nothing holding it aloft but Fed spew--monetary and verbal.

​Babylon Bee: ​Dr. Fauci Gets In Heated Debate With Seventeen Previous Versions Of Himself
"The virus was created in a lab!" present-day Fauci said indignantly, causing past Fauci to wag his finger and shake his head emphatically.
"No, no, no, that's a deranged conspiracy theory!" past Fauci said. "It's practically alt-right! Didn't you check Snopes? Anyway, at least we can agree we should wear double masks forever."
"No, masks aren't necessary anymore!" said current Fauci. "We just wear them for political theater."
"That's insulting! They're absolutely not theater!" said early May Fauci.
At that moment, another version of Fauci suddenly appeared from March 2020, agreeing with current Fauci but taking it a step further, saying, "Masks are useless. They just make people feel better!"

​But Fauci has to run the investigation. Nobody else can be trusted to do-the-right-thing.​
Rand Paul: ‘Fauci Cannot Investigate Himself; Get Him Under Oath’
Says Fauci “needs to be excluded from the investigation” into COVID origin

Ah, it's mainly Republicans and independents...
Zogby Poll: 38% of Americans ‘Infuriated’ After Fauci Admits Nearly Half of NIH Staff Refused Vaccine
The nationwide poll conducted by Zogby Strategies also showed a majority (57%) agree agency capture is “real and a serious threat to our Democracy” vs. 20% who believe the concept is “overblown.”

18 Connecticut Teens Hospitalized for Heart Problems After COVID Vaccines, White House Says Young People Should Still Get the Shots
The mother of 17-year-old Gregory Hatton, diagnosed with pericarditis within days of his second dose of the vaccine, said her son “basically has a heart condition now and it’s terrifying.”

​From April 26. What is the military investigation finding? What happened to this story?
The Defense Department is tracking 14 cases of heart inflammation, or myocarditis, in military health patients who developed the condition after receiving either the Pfizer or Moderna COVID-19 vaccine.
The rare disorder, usually caused by a virus, has been linked to COVID-19.

​Dr. Mercola. You can't trust him. That's what I heard. He makes this stuff up.
$3 Billion of Taxpayer Money to Be Used on Ad Campaign to Increase Vaccine Uptake
The U.S. government funded vaccine research to the tune of more than $9 billion, spent $22 billion to support vaccine distribution, shelled out another $10 billion to expand access and currently announced $3 billion to spend on an ad campaign to combat vaccine hesitancy.

I hear they are WAY BEHIND on counting side effects. Problems with the system.
CDC: More than 10,000 COVID-19 vaccine breakthrough infections have been reported
Preliminary data indicated that more than a quarter (27%) of the cases were asymptomatic and 160 people passed away.

What a relief! This new vaccine doesn't inject genetic blueprints of RNA or DNA, just millions of little spike proteins.
Halfway there, folks! What could go wrong, now?
How the Novavax Vaccine Works​ , New York Times​

​The "Herd Immunity" that used to be what we meant when we said "herd immunity"...
A professor with the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine has said that there is a general dismissal of the fact that more than half of all Americans have developed natural immunity to the coronavirus “one of the biggest failures of our current medical leadership.”
Dr. Marty Makary made the comments during a recent interview, noting that “natural immunity works” and it is wrong to vilify those who don’t want the vaccine because they have already recovered from the virus.

​Unmotivated by Fear​

                       Jenny with weekend tomato harvest before I started canning.

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