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A Doctor's Last Words

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Our fossil fuel energy predicament, including why the correct story is rarely told​ , Gail Tverberg
​(Advertisers don't like "negative stories" in for profit publications.)   Thanks Dennis.
This is another very good  "You Are Here" summary from "Gail The Actuary".
Limits to fossil fuels have been known and well documented since M. King Hubbard and Admiral Hyman Rickover in the mid 1950s.
Exponential consumption eats finite, recoverable supply. 
The easiest, cheapest fuels all got used first.
The economy is over-indebted to a rosy future​, which is imaginary.
A lot of fuel goes to extracting the more expensive fuel, leaving less to run the economy.
Modern industrial economy is predicated on exponential growth, which requires cheap fuel.
In recent years, there has been very little investment in developing new oilfields, so supply is about to fall, though fracking existing fields can increase supply for a year, maybe two.
It takes a lot of fossil fuel to implement wind and solar power installations. They cannot replace fossil fuels, just supplement, as they are doing.
Ships, trucks and trains burn diesel. Liquid fuels are indispensable to transport, which is as important to economy as production.
Complex systems, like the economy which supports us, arise gradually in nature, and decline rapidly when necessary resources are depleted.
There is no honest, factual way to present this in a "positive light" which will make people buy what the advertisers are selling.
A "Green Transition" could be a constructive approach, but only if the first step were to be conservation of resources, which is anathema to growth-economy.
(I am trying to green-transition on my own. You can, too. The owners know all this. What are they planning?)

Real Rates At Levels Associated With "Panics, Wars, & Depression"... And What Comes Next Could Be Devastating
American ​national ​debt​:GDP​​ is at almost the all time high​ seen briefly in WW-2. (It is far higher in real terms, since GNP,used then, described productive economy, and GDP lumps non-government-debt into the same category as production). This can be managed by massive economic growth, which cannot happen with high costs of labor, resources, and outsourcing of production, as well as large parasitic debt loads on all sectors of real economy.
​  The remaining choices are default, which also destroys a currency, government and economy, or long periods of "negative real interest rates", accomplished by high inflation and low nominal interest rates.​ In America, we had this after Nixon had to default on the gold standard in 1971. We called it "stagflation". It lasted until the mid 1980s. There was still plenty of cheap fuel in the world in those days.
​  A long period of stagflation is predicted, but it assumes that American and global economy do not collapse. 
This essay does not consider the dollar being demoted from global reserve currency, which seems almost certain to happen as the vast global military machine gets defunded by economic reality.​

"The real virus is tyranny/medical-authoritarianism. 'The pandemic' is just the tool being used to spread it."  Thans Eleni.
​  ​The Davos World Economic Forum (WEF) is a premier forum for governments, global corporations and international entrepreneurs. Founded in 1971 by engineer and economist Klaus Schwab, the WEF describes its mission as “shaping global, regional and industry agendas” and “improving the state of the world”. According to its website, “moral and intellectual integrity is at the heart of everything it does.”
The WEF has been involved in the coronavirus pandemic in several ways.
​  ​First, the WEF was, together with the Gates Foundation, a sponsor of the prescient “Event 201” coronavirus pandemic simulation exercise, held in New York City on October 18, 2019 – the same day as the opening of the Wuhan Military World Games, seen by some as “ground zero” of the global pandemic. China itself has argued that US military athletes may have brought the virus to Wuhan. ​ 
​  Second, the WEF has been a leading proponent of digital biometric identity systems, arguing that they will make societies and industries more efficient, more productive and more secure. In July 2019, the WEF started a project to “shape the future of travel with biometric-enabled digital traveler identity management”. In addition, the WEF collaborates with the ID2020 alliance, which is funded by the Gates and Rockefeller foundations and runs a program to “provide digital ID with vaccines”. In particular, ID2020 sees the vaccination of children as “an entry point for digital identity.”
​  ​Third, WEF founder Klaus Schwab is the author of the book COVID-19: The Great Reset, published in July 2020, which argues that the coronavirus pandemic can and should be used for an “economic, societal, geopolitical, environmental and technological reset”, including, in particular, advancing global governance, accelerating digital transformation, and tackling climate change.
​  ​Finally, the WEF has been running, since 1993, a program called “Global Leaders for Tomorrow”, rebranded, in 2004, as “Young Global Leaders”. This program aims at identifying, selecting and promoting future global leaders in both business and politics. Indeed, quite a few “Young Global Leaders” have later managed to become Presidents, Prime Ministers, or CEOs...​ (Pete Buttigieg, Gavin Newsom, Chrystia Freeland, Jose Manuel Barroso, Angela Merkel, 
Sa​rkozy, Nikki Haley, Jeff Bezos, Peter Thiel,  Mark Zuckerberg, Jacinda Ardern, Gordon Brown… What do they all have in common?)

Germany | Dr Thomas Jendges Head of Clinic, Commits Suicide “COVID-19 Vaccine Is a Genocide”​   (This principled physician did die on this hill.)
In Germany, the Head of the Chemnitz Clinic, Dr Thomas Jendges, committed suicide saying he no longer wants to be part of the Genocide happening vis the COVID-19 Vaccine​.
​  ​The Chief of a Clinic in Chemnitz, Germany committed suicide. In a letter found on the scene, he explains that he can no longer be part of the Genocide.
​  ​On Tuesday, Dr Thomas Jendges, Head of the Chemnitz Clinic, committed suicide by jumping from the top of the clinic’s building in Flemmingstrasse, Germany, according to Bild . He was 55 years old.
​  ​The Docteur died on the spot from his injuries. Jendges had only been appointed sole managing Director of the Chemnitz Clinic since October 1st 2021. Since April, he was acting as Managing Director of East Germany’s largest municipal hospital.​..
​  Reports of a letter that the deceased allegedly left behind are circulating. Jendges alledgly killed himself to set an example against the corona vaccinations. These are “bio-warfare agents”, so it says in the postings. He is also said to have described the vaccine in his letter as genocide and a crime against humanity”, according to Tag24.
​  ​According to Las repúblicas, In the lengthy farewell letter Dr. Thomas Jendges wrote before his suicide and demanded its publication, he is said to have harshly criticized the information policy of governments in dealing with the dangerousness of Covid vaccines. The constant lies and deceit to the patient and the vaccinated that the vaccines are supposedly harmless, he could no longer bear them, it is said in the letter.
​  ​He condemns vaccinating the population with experimental and lethal vaccines against Covid-19, which is in fact more of a biological warfare agent created and manipulated for that use, than for any other known utility. For Dr. Thomas Jendges a genocide and a crime against humanity is taking place...
​  ​Because the mayor threatened to fire him if he no longer stayed in the submissive line imposed by government order and refused to vaccinate patients at the clinic, there were presumably no more options for Jendges. This director has not wanted to support a crime of the federal government, the state government and his faithful henchmen. So he considered that his suicide was the only way to oppose him.​..
​  Although Dr. Jendges has ordered that his entire suicide letter be published, according to the current state of knowledge of the mayor of Chemnitz, Sven Schulze of the SPD, who continues to prevent this publication.​..
​  Jendges leaves behind a wife and a son.

​Here is a 2 minute video the good doctor made before he plunged to his death, in German, with English subtitles.  Thanks V.A.
He seems completely sane to me.  (The site raises the question of whether he was "suicided".)

Another major red flag about Covid vaccines and death
This one coming from data on more than 4 million vaccinated Swedes​ 
People appear to die at rates 20 percent or more above normal for weeks after receiving their second Covid vaccine dose, according to data from a huge Swedish study.

Onward Into Darkness​, James Kunstler​
  ​Was it reassuring to see Dr. Anthony Fauci declare on MSNBC: “What we’re starting to see now is an uptick in hospitalizations among people who have been fully vaccinated but not boosted”? ...

​  ​In case you can’t put it together, that “uptick” is happening because Dr. Fauci’s vaccines undermine immune systems, making the vaxxed more susceptible to disease, and not just the illness called Covid-19, but to disease generally, including cancer, and to all kinds of mischief and mayhem around the organs as well...
​  ​Everything your government tells you these days is a lie — the old epigram goes — including “and” and “the”. The chief victim of that inexhaustible deceit is America’s rule-of-law. Case in point, the shenanigans in the DC District federal court last week in the action known as Page v. Comey et al. (basically the whole FBI and DOJ). This is Carter Page’s lawsuit over the phony FISA court warrants sworn against him in the attempt to use the “three-hop rule” to surveil everybody in the 2016 Trump campaign...
​  ​Next was the FBI’s invasion of Project Veritas chief James O’Keefe’s home in a case involving “Joe Biden’s” daughter Ashley Biden’s personal diary, which Project Veritas was alleged to be holding, and which supposedly contained some entries about sketchy father-and-daughter showers together...
...More to the point, though, within hours of the FBI confiscating Mr. O’Keefe’s cell phones and other devices, Mr. O’Keefe’s private communications with his attorneys turned up in the hands of The New York Times, which published some of the material. Of course, James O’Keefe is in the middle of a defamation lawsuit against The New York Times. And wasn’t it a fortuitous coincidence that the newspaper came into possession of their adversary’s privileged information? The thing is (of course), that the info could have only been provided to The Times by one possible source: the FBI, investigative arm of the DOJ...

​Public Health England and Public Health Scotland data best fit the COVID vaccines enhancing viral pathogenicity increasingly after 6 months since administration.​
Covid-19 Deaths 3,000% Higher Than This Time Last Year And 80% Of The Dead Had The Vaccine​ 
 ​The latest Covid-19 statistical report released by Public Health Scotland on the 22nd September also reveals that from August 21st through to September 17th 2021, 69,639 positive cases were recorded among the unvaccinated population, whilst 79,613 cases were recorded among the vaccinated population; 60,923 of which were among the fully vaccinated.
​  ​As you can see the number of cases is very similar between the unvaccinated population and fully vaccination population so you would expect to see a similar number of deaths among the unvaccinated and fully vaccinated population.​  ​But table 17 of the latest report shows that this isn’t the case, as the fully vaccinated have accounted for the vast majority of Covid-19 deaths every week since the 14th August through to the 10th September...

​Public Health England data...​
“Fresher information has fortified this conclusion of the summer. In every age group over 30 in the UK, the rates of Covid infection per 100,000 are now higher among the vaxxed than the unvaxxed. Indeed, in the cohorts aged between 40 and 79, infection rates among the vaccinated are more than twice as high as among the unvaccinated.​"

​Paul Craig Roberts​ (hard words)
​  ​The data from Israel bears out that the pandemic is among the vaccinated.
​  ​The reason the vaccinated are at risk is two-fold. The “vaccine” has serious side-effects that are confused with Covid, and the “vaccine” damages and ultimately destroys the innate human immune system, making the vaccinated more susceptible to every virus and illness.
​  ​Distinguished scientists and medical researchers who are independent of Big Pharma grants have established these facts, but the whore media refuses to report them. All people get from CNN, MSNBC, NPR, BBC, New York Times, CDC, NIH, AMA, politicians, and social media is indoctrination that causes people to damage and kill themselves by accepting the “vaccine.”
​  ​The facts are clear. The Covid vaccination campaign is the largest mass murder movement in history.
​  ​The public response to Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s just published book, The Real Anthony Fauci, shows that people are seeing through the orchestrated narrative cultivated by the whore media. The book has had a media blackout as if it doesn’t exist, but is nevertheless Number One on Amazon’s best seller list and Number One on Kindle’s best seller list.

​The "URF", under-reporting-factor, for these reported events and deaths is somewhere between 10 and 100. 
The CDC pretends the reports are all-inclusive.​
​ ​ The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released new data today showing a total of 875,653 adverse events following COVID vaccines were reported between Dec. 14, 2020, and Nov. 5, 2021, to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). VAERS is the primary government-funded system for reporting adverse vaccine reactions in the U.S.
​  ​The data included a total of 18,461 reports of deaths — an increase of 383 over the previous week, and 135,400 reports of serious injuries, including deaths, during the same time period — up 7,943 compared with the previous week.

​All-cause-admissions are the topic, not COVID admissions.​
​  ​There was a hidden gem in a blog post by Aaron Siri that nobody picked up. It was evidence that vaccinated people are 9X more likely to be admitted to the hospital than unvaccinated.​..
  ​Aaron Siri discovered someone who convinced their hospital to do something really unusual: track the vaccination status of each admitted patient to the hospital. Tracking was based on whether you got the vaccine or not, not “two weeks after you got the vaccine” which is a major definition difference. In short, honest tracking.​..
​..A concerned Physician Assistant, Deborah Conrad, convinced her hospital to carefully track the Covid-19 vaccination status of every patient admitted to her hospital. 
​..​As Ms. Conrad has detailed, her hospital serves a community in which less than 50% of the individuals were vaccinated for Covid-19 but yet, during the same time period, approximately 90% of the individuals admitted to her hospital were documented to have received this vaccine.
​  ​These patients were admitted for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to COVID-19 infections.  Even more troubling is that there were many individuals who were young, many who presented with unusual or unexpected health events, and many who were admitted months after vaccination.
​ ​As you might expect, the hospital rewarded Deborah Conrad for her courage and leadership to expose the truth by firing her.

​This paper looks at all-cause-mortality during COVID and the vaccination campaign. It looks at March to October 2021.
The massive vaccination campaign (380 M administered doses, 178 M fully vaccinated individuals, mainly January-August 2021 and March-August 2021, respectively) had no detectable mitigating effect, and may have contributed to making the younger population more vulnerable (35-64 years, summer-2021 mortality).

FDA Asks Federal Judge to Grant it Until the Year 2076 to Fully Release Pfizer’s COVID-19 Vaccine Data
The fed gov’t shields Pfizer from liability. Gives it billions of dollars. Makes Americans take its product. But won’t let you see the data supporting its safety/efficacy. Who does the gov't work for? ​ 
That is not a typo.   It wants 55 years to produce this information to the public.​  
(Well, they will give out a little bit each month and it will just take 55 years to provide what they collected in about half a year​. We're still waiting for the declassified JFK assassination files, so this is completely normal​.)
Army to Begin Forcing Out Soldiers Who Refuse COVID Vaccine, Including Guardsmen
New policy bars unvaccinated soldiers from re-enlistment, promotions as Oklahoma governor says National Guard need not obey Biden's vax mandate

  ​Ivermectin gums up SARS-CoV-2 binding to ACE-2 receptors in computer modeling, another potential mechanism of beneficial action.​
Microscopic interactions between ivermectin and key human and viral proteins involved in SARS-CoV-2 infection
​...Here we conduct a molecular dynamics study with the aim to assess the interactions of ivermectin, an antiparasitic drug with broad-spectrum antiviral activity, with the human Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme 2 (ACE2), the viral 3CLpro and PLpro proteases, and the viral SARS Unique Domain (SUD). The drug/target interactions have been characterized in silico by describing the nature of the non-covalent interactions found and by measuring the extent of their time duration along the MD simulation. Results reveal that the ACE2 protein and the ACE2/RBD aggregates form the most persistent interactions with ivermectin, while the binding with the remaining viral proteins is more limited and unspecific.

​Another mechanism of benefit from ivermectin, which did much better than any other drug studied.​
​Identification of 3-chymotrypsin-like protease (3CLPro) inhibitors as​ potential anti-SARS-CoV-2 agents
In conclusion, the SARS-CoV-2 specific 3CLpro enzyme was used as a target to screen the potential drugs that have high binding affinity for 3CLpro since it plays a major role during viral replication. We have identified that boceprevir, micafungin, ombitasvir, paritaprevir, and tipranavir exhibited partial inhibitory effect, whereas ivermectin was able to completely inhibit the SARS-COV-2 3CLpro enzymatic activity in vitro at the tested doses.

Why Ivermectin Is Superior to Pfizer’s Antiviral Pill
Comedian and political commentator Jimmy Dore discusses a video by John Campbell, Ph.D. where he explains the similarities between Pfizer’s expensive new antiviral drug for COVID and ivermectin, and why ivermectin is better.
Campbell cited a number of scientific papers which highlighted ivermectin’s effectiveness as an antiviral against COVID, including:
​  ​A paper from the Royal Society of Chemistry which concluded ivermectin exhibits “inhibition” to the “catalytic activity” which causes COVID to replicate.
​  ​An article in Nature which found that out of the 13 off-target drugs tested by researchers, only ivermectin blocked viral replication of SARS-CoV-2 by more than 80%.
​  ​A paper from The Royal Society of Chemistry which showed ivermectin, out of dozens of drugs the researchers experimented with, had the “highest score” when it comes to to stopping viral replication of SARS-CoV-2
Notably, the paper showed that Remdesivir, which is currently patented and approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, had the lowest score out of all of the compounds.
​  ​Campbell also pointed to a paper from Frontiers in Microbiology, which he said showed ivermectin not only attacked and bound to COVID’s spike protein which stopped it from infecting the cell, but also bound to the cell receptor.
​  ​“So it doesn’t just work one way, but two different ways,” explained Dore. “It double screws it up so you can’t get COVID.”
Campbell put it this way: “Not only does ivermectin bend the COVID key, but it also ruins the lock.”
Campbell told viewers:
“So as far as we’ve been told, the new Pfizer drug is only working against one particular biochemical pathway to stop COVID, and with ivermectin, it’s working against that same biochemical pathway to stop COVID but also several others.”

Professor of Medicine, ​Paul Marik MD has been a leader in successful early and hospital treatment of COVID from the very beginning, every step of the way, an excellent and compassionate clinical scientist.​
​  ​On Friday, November 12, 2021, Sentara Hospital System in Virginia submitted a motion to dismiss the complaint filed against it earlier in the week by Dr. Paul Marik—co-chief medical officer of the FLCCC, tenured professor, and the Director of the Intensive Care Unit at Sentara Norfolk General Hospital. Dr. Marik filed suit seeking a temporary injunction to lift the ban Sentara Healthcare System had placed on a range of highly effective COVID-19 treatments used by Dr. Marik to save critically ill COVID-19 patients. These components, including IV vitamin C, dutasteride, fluvoxamine, finasteride, and ivermectin, had previously been successfully used—with the exception of ivermectin, the use of which Sentara never permitted —to reduce COVID deaths in the ICU by as much as 50 percent. The result of the prohibition has been a sharp increase in mortality at Sentara Norfolk General Hospital.

​Words of Life​

​(Jenny is recovering well at home, and the pier and beam foundation is curing)​


  1. A lot going on this week. I've always liked Gail's energy analysis. The German doctor is heart breaking. So much happening so fast now. I'm very happy Jen and your projects are coming along so well. That is the most powerful helpful and hopeful message of all. Best wishes. Den

    1. Thanks Dennis: RFK Jr (Twitter video at TAE today, bottom of the articles, with James Corbett) "This is the final battle. We need to win this one"

  2. We are seriously considering taking the Pfizer injection because the social isolation is too distressing. We have ivermectin horse paste,a nebulizer and Hydrogen peroxide and normal saline, our vitamin Dregime is 4000 a day for years, we take quercitin daily and vitamind 500 vitamin C.
    I would like to have a protocol that we can use after taking the jabs to prevent the side effects. I am 79 and my daughter is 49 in BC.
    Thank you...

    1. Mary - If you can hold off a bit longer the Novavax should be a safer option. No mRNA or DNA shenanigans. I understand Ivermectin the day before, of, and after the jab is helpful to reduce symptoms and adverse events. Make sure they aspirate the syringe before injecting to assure it is not in a blood vessel!

      Novavax - Still not great but may be a much better option. Chris Martenson at Peak Prosperity is a bit hopeful about it as a lesser evil option. What do you think about this John?

    2. Mary - Best bet of course is Not to do it. You have medical people here who gave up their jobs over this because we feel so strongly about this. Den

    3. Hi Mary, I agree with Dennis that the Novavax vaccine appears to be a much safer choice.

      This has repeatedly been Peter McCullough MD's advice since June, that this is worth the wait, as it is much safer, much more "traditional" of a vaccine.
      Here is the information from the company. It is nearing approval.

      It does not send a genetic message to your cells, telling them to make COVID-spike-protein. It is good to not-do-that.
      This vaccine is a little rosette of spike proteins, mixed with an adjuvant, which irritates your immune system to make antibodies to the spike-protein-rosettes.
      It is injected into the muscle, unless the tip of the needle chances to fall in a vein or artery, which happens once in a while. Dennis gives the right advice. Get the administering person to draw back on the syringe, to make sure it does not draw back blood, as it would if it were in a vein or artery.
      You don't want any vaccine IV.

      The current "vaccines", mRNA and DNA(J&J, Astra-Zeneca, Sputnik) all cause your own cells to make the toxic spike-protein, which can lead to clotting in the vessels, causing heart attacks, strokes and blood clots in the lungs and other organs. Taking a baby aspirin per day for at least a week before any COVID vaccination seems prudent. After any of the mRNA or DNA vaccines, you should probably keep taking a daily baby aspirin for 6 months. Maybe we will find that it should be taken forever... I don't know.
      Making sure that your vitamin-D level is optimum, in the 60-100 range on a blood test, helps your immune system be at it's best.
      Autoimmune problems after vaccination, things like Lupus, are a big deal. Autoimmune reactions, where the immune system attacks the body, are a broad range of names, based on what is being attacked in the body, but this is a thing that happens pretty often.

      1) Wait for Novavax
      2) Assure your vitamin-D level is in optimal range for immune system function, 60-100.
      3) Take 81 mg aspirin per day for at least a week before vaccination, and probably 6 months after, to reduce clotting risks (strokes, heart attacks, etc.)

      This is general advice, which applies to anybody in your situation.
      It's a difficult situation, and a common predicament.

      I wish you and your daughter well in all of this.

    4. I don't know what kind of "vaccine" Novavax is, but if it's an inactivated Sars-Cov-2 type it may cause you to become prediabetic and have impaired kidney function. Are You ****ed? Maybe,But.. How Bad?

    5. Novavax is a "traditional" vaccine in that it does not make your own cells produce an antigen such as spike-protein. It does contain a slightly modified spike protein, and an adjuvant to make your body get irritated with spike protein, when it is injected. It is not whole-virus like the Sinovac (Chinese) vaccine.
      I doubt that it will be so effective, though maybe for a few months, but it should still leave the recipient with antibodies to January 2020 spike protein, which will be poorly effective against current strains, and will induce some "enhancing antibodies".
      It's clearly a lesser-evil, by virtue of not being genetic engineering.

    Australian defense force has been called in to haul off positive COVID-19 cases and close contacts to quarantine centers.

    1. Vegemite sandwiches 3 times per day ...

      The forces should mutiny, but that's for them to decide, not for me.

  4. Happy Thanksgiving John and Jen. Thank you for your work. Den

    1. Thanks Dennis,
      I wanted to get something up today, but found a couple of excellent doors at Habitat For Humanity, so trucked them down to the homestead with working scale drawings I have completed and enlarged for the carpenter and crew.
      I got a bike ride in as it got dark. I needed a bike ride.