Thursday, November 25, 2021


 Eating and Breathing,

  We are in an alternate universe this month, with Jenny's low back surgery and my firing for non-vaccination. 
I'm not starting to whine. That's just the shock to the system, which caused the transition. 
  Jenny is recovering very well, almost completely off pain medicines, except Tylenol, for a week, and I am building a smallish "dream house", which is looking better and better on drawings. They have that appearance of reality now. All the angles look like the same real thing from different angles.
  Opportunity has been waiting, and free time presented the opportunity to get the operation done and build the house, the first phase funded by cashing-out my modest retirement, before the "money" goes POOF!
  Life takes sudden turns, and a lot of us have known that for a long time, but it's not possible to know exactly what turn it will take, or when. 
Having multiple projects "on the drawing board", or in-the-works, helps a person stay well applied to life.
  Today, Thanksgiving Day, Jim the extraordinary climber visited and we got the live oak manicured better than ever (hours of fun for at least part of the family).

  We are figuring things out as life unfolds. I am so grateful that Jenny is healing so well and moving more normally each day.
We await further divine instruction as we proceed.

  David Graeber finished a book, The Dawn of Everything, a month before he died, about a year ago. 
The premise is that we did not always live and assume as we now assume we always lived and assumed. 
  We CAN live in large groups without hierarchical inequity, in cities, and it has often been thus...
David Graeber,
​  M​ost of human history is irreparably lost to us. Our species, Homo sapiens, has existed for at least 200,000 years, but we have next to no idea what was happening for the majority of that time. In northern Spain, for instance, at the cave of Altamira, paintings and engravings were created over a period of at least 10,000 years, between around 25,000 and 15,000 B.C. Presumably, a lot of dramatic events occurred during that period. We have no way of knowing what most of them were. This is of little consequence to most people, since most people rarely think about the broad sweep of human history anyway. They don’t have much reason to. Insofar as the question comes up at all, it’s usually when reflecting on why the world seems to be in such a mess and why human beings so often treat each other badly — the reasons for war, greed, exploitation and indifference to others’ suffering. Were we always like that, or did something, at some point, go terribly wrong?
​  ​One of the first people to ask this question in the modern era was the Swiss-French philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau, in an essay on the origins of social inequality that he submitted to a competition in 1754. Once upon a time, he wrote, we were hunter-gatherers, living in a state of childlike innocence, as equals. These bands of foragers could be egalitarian because they were isolated from one another, and their material needs were simple. According to Rousseau, it was only after the agricultural revolution and the rise of cities that this happy condition came to an end. Urban living meant the appearance of written literature, science and philosophy, but at the same time, almost everything bad in human life: patriarchy, standing armies, mass executions and annoying bureaucrats demanding that we spend much of our lives filling out forms.
​  ​Rousseau lost the essay competition, but the story he told went on to become a dominant narrative of human history, laying the foundations upon which contemporary “big history” writers — such as Jared Diamond, Francis Fukuyama and Yuval Noah Harari — built their accounts of how our societies evolved.​..
​  The history we learn in school has made us more willing to tolerate a world in which some can turn their wealth into power over others, while others are told their needs are not important and their lives have no intrinsic worth. As a result, we are more likely to believe that inequality is just an inescapable consequence of living in large, complex, urban, technologically sophisticated societies. ​ 
​  We want to offer an entirely different account of human history. We believe that much of what has been discovered in the last few decades, by archaeologists and others in kindred disciplines, cuts against the conventional wisdom propounded by modern “big history” writers. What this new evidence shows is that a surprising number of the world’s earliest cities were organized along robustly egalitarian lines. In some regions, we now know, urban populations governed themselves for centuries without any indication of the temples and palaces that would later emerge; in others, temples and palaces never emerged at all, and there is simply no evidence of a class of administrators or any other sort of ruling stratum. It would seem that the mere fact of urban life does not, necessarily, imply any particular form of political organization, and never did.

​More about this book, and well explained. (It might be a good Christmas present, but itis long.)​
Everything we “know” about the rise of Man is wrong
​   ​For 350 years, it has been common knowledge that Man went from bands of hunter-gatherers, to pastoralists, to farming, to industry. In parallel, Man lived in families, in tribes, in villages and then in cities, as technology improved. Technology, the third parallel, took us from the stone age through the bronze age and the iron age to the industrial revolution. All neat, tidy and clearly separable. David Graeber and David Wengrow claim there is no evidence for this. In The Dawn of Everything, they show proof of an unbelievable variety of living styles, governance and intellectual activity all over the world and throughout time. It was never a straight line progression. It was never the result of technology. And possibly most stunning, the larger the population was did not also mean more restrictions, more crime, more laws, or more inequality. This is an important book.

​  All risks in the economy are piled onto the whole economy, so the "best" strategy is to gobble up "risky assets", because you will only get benefits until the whole thing crashes. "Moral Hazard".
The Fed's Moral Hazard Monster Is About to Lay Waste to "Wealth"

From "Space Age" to "Waste Age"...
  How will this age be remembered? After the stone age, the bronze age, the steam age and the information age, what material or innovation will most define the current era? According to a new exhibition at the Design Museum, the most ubiquitous hallmark of the Anthropocene is not a gamechanging material, nor the mastery of technology. It’s trash...
  Generating waste, the curators argue, has long been a primary engine of the economy. The history of the lightbulb is an illuminating case in point. In the 1920s, bulbs were so long-lasting that they were deemed commercially unviable. General Electric, Philips and others formed the Phoebus cartel in 1924 to standardise the life expectancy of lightbulbs at 1,000 hours – down from the previous 2,500 hours. And so the culture of planned obsolescence was born.

Vaccinated English adults under 60 are dying at twice the rate of unvaccinated people the same age
And have been for six months. 
This chart may seem unbelievable or impossible, but it's correct, based on weekly data from the British government.

Dutch deaths more than 20 percent higher than previous year average
According to the statistical office, the higher mortality can be seen in all age groups.

Already, in November... (The "vaccines" weaken the immune system's ability to fight other infections, COVID after 6 months, and cancer.)
US COVID Deaths In 2021 Have Surpassed 2020's Total... Despite Vaccines, Treatments

​  ​A report in the U.K. Telegraph explains how the Covid-19 vaccine has led to a sharp rise in excess deaths...
Mortality is rising because more people are dying. And more people are dying because more people have been vaccinated. 
​  ​There’s a link between rising mortality and the Covid-19 vaccine. 
Naturally, the media wants to shift responsibility for the fatalities to “delayed treatments” and “the lack of preventable care”. But this is just a diversion. 
The primary cause of death is the injection of a toxic pathogen into the bloodstreams of roughly 70% of the population. 
That’s what’s causing the clotting, the bleeding, the pulmonary embolisms, the heart attacks, the strokes, and the premature deaths. 
It’s the vaccine...
​  ​The sudden surge in mortality is not a meaningless blip on the radar. It’s a red flag indicating a significant break in the five-year trend. Something has gone terribly wrong. Mass vaccination was supposed to reduce the number of cases, hospitalizations and deaths. Instead, the fatalities continue to rise.
​  ​The answer to that question can be found in the data itself. As the author admits, there has been a sharp uptick in heart failure, heart disease, circulatory conditions and strokes. (Diabetes is the outlier)​ ​
​[Actually, Diabetes causes inflammation of the arterial circulation as the mode of injury and death. It is not an outlier at all. Vaccination accellerates the destructive processes of diabetes.]​
​  ​These are precisely the ailments one would expect to see if one had just injected millions of people with a clot-generating biologic that triggers a violent immune response that attacks the inner lining of the blood vessels inflicting severe damage to the body’s critical infrastructure.

​The mRNA and DNA "vaccines" cause your body to produce spike protein, which gets into your blood and circulates.​
The SARS-CoV-2 Spike protein disrupts human cardiac pericytes function through CD147-receptor-mediated signalling: a potential non-infective mechanism of COVID-19 microvascular disease

​Another Judge orders another hospital to let a doctor give somebody with COVID, dying on a ventilator, ivermectin. 
Another one does not bite the dust. 
The hospital appeals, after the man gets 5 days of ivermectin, gets off the ventilator, and out of the ICU.​
(What is never explained is that the hospital is free from liability, no matter how many people die from lack of treatment, as long as they ONLY use treatments with liability-shielded emergency-use approvals. This is a set-up, nationwide.)
A Judge Stands up to a Hospital: "Step Aside" and Give a Dying Man Ivermectin
A Chicago-area judge saved a grandfather's life with the single question that exposes hospitals blocking doctors from using a safe, FDA-approved drug: Why?

​The Police report of the death of Thomas Jendges is not yet out. There is disagreement about what he did or did not say. 
I would like to know that video records of the stairwell to the roof were reviewed...
​  The German police deny the existence of the letter, which qualifies the anti-Covid-19 vaccines as "genocide". It has been circulating online since the death, on November 2, of Dr. Thomas Jendges, who ran a hospital in Chemnitz.,sc

"A short Introduction (5 minutes) To The Fourth Turning" is maybe a little too short and simple, but it's short and simple.
  There does seem to be a pattern that we forget what went wrong last time when the people who had to fix it are all buried, and it goes wrong again, a little differently, but for the same reasons.

Wherein it is considered that Mao really did do a lot before he got neurosyphilis, and everything that went wrong in China was not completely his fault... Thanks Charles.
Mao reconsidered

​Reconsidering Historical Lessons​

​(gratuitous Yoakum garden-porn image)​


  1. Thank you for your always perceptive posts. Building new when old is going away is good!

    The case of that doctor dying: what would I do if I made a mega-mistake: endorsed cheerily something that is not good at all? As per the linked post "He was among the first establishment people to receive a dose of the Covid-19 vaccine, the end of December 2020 reported the local Freipress media. He also supported the opening of a vaccination center within the hospital" If I had been that person, what would I do?
    Conveniently a new vaccine-evading variant is popping up right now, and it also will conveniently expain why folks keep dying although vaccinated.

    1. I keep looking for a police report on Dr. Jendges, but I understand why the police might want to be slow and careful on this death investigation.

      At this point, the variants of COVID are pretty good at evading the "vaccines" (though nasal vaccines might work better. We'll see).
      What the excess deaths point to is ADE, antibody dependent enhancement of viral pathogenicity, and these new, weird twists, which are akin to it, of medical injuries from the spike proteins as well as the response of the immune system to the spike proteins, produced after injection with mRNA or DNA vaccines".

  2. Reading about the Nu variant and thought...

    Prediction - Novavax never sees the light of day. Why would they allow a safer option when they won't allow alternative safe treatments. The newest 'mutation' is sooo mutated. It's super mutated. Moderna says they can create a new vax in 60 days after Pfizer said 90. They will declare Novavax outdated and ineffective and continue to force mRNA and DNA vaxxes into us.

    Protest growing. Time to crank the fear dial to 11.

    1. I also see the foreshadowing from Pfizer and Moderna about quick-response vaccine-updates to the latest multiply mutated threat. The look like they want to move to the next vaccine sale.
      I wonder if "Omicron" will cause much morbidity and mortality.
      If it is a naturally mutated variant, specializing in evading vaccine antibodies (which it seems to be at first blush) then it should be clearly less pathogenic to unvaccinated than to vaccinated persons. This should be apparent by Christmas.
      Since the vaccinated are the potential market for a new vaccine (You and I are not) it may be ok(ish) that it is a big threat mainly to them.
      I speculated a lot there...

  3. Great post John. I admire and appreciate your courage to refuse this vaccine and wish you well in a new career. I am in my mid 70s living in Wales, UK. I practised hypno/psychotherapy between 1976 tp 2010 when I went into semi-retirement.
    I have learned a lot about big pharma since I was harmed by the usual mish-mash of drugs after a heart attack back in 2006. I trusted them at the time and after two years, because of severe side-effects and muscle pain, I just had to quit the drugs. I was shocked at the pressure to get me to acquiesce and follow their instructions being told that the side-effects would ease.. But after two years, and nothing was improving at all. Then, through research into these medications, I learned that is was all about profit and not my good health. Fortunately I refused the flu jabs and have never had them.
    I then researched all over-the-counter drugs, and have now become drug free. I use diet, and nutrition and have never felt better.
    I am fortunate that I have retired, but still feel appalled at the way our so-called experts in nearly every country in the world, seem to be turning into a tyranny. I am currently following Dr. Sam Bailey from New Zealand and have purchased her book, 'Virus Mania' that explains to much..
    My experience with hypnotherapy work, gave me a lot of insight into how people became entranced and more importantly, awakened, but I never thought I would see mass hypnosis as we are seeing it now.. Thank you for your post.

    1. Thanks Derek.
      It sounds like you were having statin-side effects, with the muscle aches. I hope you are keeping your vitamin-D level up, and taking some K-2, or K-2 complex, and maybe some Co-Q10. Fresh vegetables are good for your cardiovascular system, as is avoiding a lot of red meat, especially smoked meats.

      Yeah, it's about profit motive, which drives research, and "evidence based medicine", where only profitable products and procedures can generate any "evidence".