Thursday, December 9, 2021

Omicron Christmas Present

 Guessing What's Inside,

  Salient features of the Omicron variant include it's mildness, with no deaths yet attributed, unlike "vaccines", which are slaughtering trusting souls worldwide.
There are now many cases verified of Omicron worldwide, two (2) of them in unvaccinated persons, though that number might eventually grow to 3 or 4 in time.
The media and drug companies will not say that this is a virus which only infects the "vaccinated". 
They will not say that. 
  They say, "We'll have specialized Omicron vaccines for you faster than ever, but get a booster right away, a fourth booster for some of you".
  You need to get another "experimental vaccine" shot now, that makes you more vulnerable to infection for the month after you get it, and a little less vulnerable for the next 2 months, and might kill you, to protect you from this new variant, which infects just the "vaccinated", and is apparently much safer than any of the vaccines being sold or proposed for accelerated emergency rollout.

  Friends, the safest vaccine ever is coming to your town completely free of charge this Christmas season. 
You will only "need" it if your immune system has been weakened by the first 2-3 injections, and primed for "Antibody Dependent Enhancement" (of viral pathogenicity) by those shots. 
Don't worry if you're not sure whether you need it or not. 
If you don't need it, you can't get it.

  Am I overstating the case for Omicron variant being the best and final vaccine to COVID, the end of the "pandemic"? 
Compare me to Pfizer and Moderna executives and Tony Fauci, please. 
Watch this unfold...

Healthcare Chief Says Omicron “May Signal the End of COVID-19”
Slams “panic” generated by exaggerated fears over severity of variant.​ 
The CEO of South Africa’s largest private healthcare network says that the Omicron variant is “so mild” that it “may signal the end of COVID-19.”
According to Richard Friedland, chief executive officer of Netcare Ltd., the early days of the variant suggest there is absolutely no need to panic and that it might actually be a good thing.

Norwegian COVID Experts Says Omicron Could Provide “Best Scenario” of “Natural Immunity”
Variant is likely to be “both very mild and very transmissible.”
​  ​The country’s state epidemiologist Frode Forland was responding to news of the biggest Omicron outbreak outside of South Africa, which occurred at an Oslo Christmas party.

​This is supposed to be scary, because you can't see a thing coming that will make you somewhat tired and achy for 3 days, like a regular-cold. 
It's the new regular-cold.​ You might not see it coming. If you catch it, you'll develop "natural immunity".
Scientists find ‘stealth’ version of Omicron that may be harder to track
Variant lacks feature that allows probable cases to be distinguished among positive PCR tests

​So it could actually have done some good, after all?
Professor Says Cop26 Climate Change Summit Could Have Been Omicron Super Spreader Event

  This paints Pfizer "vaccination" in the most-favorable-light possible, and looks at mostly Delta variant cases. Another booster slightly reduced the odds of catching Delta among "previously fully vaccinated" Israelis for a couple of months, after being "negative-protection" for the first month.. 
(Those who died from "vaccination" did not enter the airport, or the data set.)
​  ​Israel national airport is a unique setting, where the Vaccinated and Unvaccinated individuals all have to test, which allows a more objective assessment of both the booster and Green Pass efficacy in preventing infections. The analysis suggests that the positivity rate (number of cases divided by number of tests) among the Vaccinated cohort throughout August-October is only 1.54-fold smaller than the one among the Unvaccinated cohort (about 35% relative protection). More specifically, compared to the Unvaccinated group, the Vaccinated group has a significantly higher positivity rate during the month of August, then in September it shows a 3.45-fold smaller positivity rate (71% relative protection), and this protection decreases to 2.66-fold (62% protection) during October. The analysis suggests that the relative protection of the booster shot against infection is likely to be significantly smaller than the initial estimates of 10-11-fold (over 90%) reported by the MOH, probably around 60% at best.

​  Yes, this says that viral adaptation to a population with antibodies from "vaccines" will lead to viral escape from those antibodies, which allows the escape-variants to spread in that population.​
​  ​By tracking the evolutionary trajectories of vaccine-resistant mutations in more than 2.2 million SARS-CoV-2 genomes, we reveal that the occurrence and frequency of vaccine-resistant mutations correlate strongly with the vaccination rates in Europe and America. We anticipate that as a complementary transmission pathway, vaccine-breakthrough or antibody-resistant mutations, like those in Omicron, will become a dominating mechanism of SARS-CoV-2 evolution when most of the world's population is either vaccinated or infected.

​  "Breakthrough" cases among the "fully vaccinated" keep rising over time​ in Germany, with high viral loads and household transmission rates, but no posting of whether the vaccinated are more or less likely to catch "symptomatic COVID" than the unvaccinated. 
The UK does provide that data....
​  ​In Germany, the rate of symptomatic COVID-19 cases among the fully vaccinated (“breakthrough infections”) is reported weekly since 21. July 2021 and was 16.9% at that time among patients of 60 years and older [[2]]. This proportion is increasing week by week and was 58.9% on 27. October 2021 (Figure 1) providing clear evidence of the increasing relevance of the fully vaccinated as a possible source of transmission. 
​  ​A similar situation was described for the UK. Between week 39 and 42, a total of 100.160 COVID-19 cases were reported among citizens of 60 years or older. 89.821 occurred among the fully vaccinated (89.7%), 3.395 among the unvaccinated (3.4%) [[3]]. One week before, the COVID-19 case rate per 100.000 was higher among the subgroup of the vaccinated compared to the subgroup of the unvaccinated in all age groups of 30 years or more.​  (and it still is)

​  A flurry of speculation about how transmissible Omicron is, and who is catching it, arises in the absence of hard data. 
Computer modeling is used. How useful is that for making important decisions? 
Hard data says there are no deaths yet, and a low percentage of hospitalizations, mostly short, for milder illness.​

​  This unprecedented partnership between global pharmaceutical corporations and your appointed public servants will get a new Omicron-specific, untested, experimental vaccine to you before you can say "Jack Robinson", before you can even think about it.
Don't Wait!  Act Now!​  
(Don't ask how they can have billions of doses ready so fast...)
CDC director: FDA in talks to streamline approval of omicron-specific vaccine
CDC Director Rochelle Walensky said the "FDA will move swiftly, and CDC will move swiftly right thereafter."

​  Here is the underlying physical reality, again: This reality informs elite policies of rigidly controlling people, which we currently see being imposed more and more harshly.
​  ​Whilst prosperity is, of necessity, a material concept, money is a human artefact, validated by its use as a medium of exchange. It has value only in terms of the things for which it can be traded. This means that money has no intrinsic worth, but commands value only as a ‘claim’ on those material goods and services for which it can be exchanged.
​  ​Conventional economics tries to circumvent this hard reality with the notion that [financial] demand creates [physical] supply. The fallacious logic here is that, so long as there’s enough financial demand for something, the availability of material supply will somehow follow automatically.
​  ​Where finite resources – such as low-cost energy – are concerned, this simply doesn’t work.
​  ​We can’t create something that doesn’t exist in nature, simply by putting up its price.
  T​his is why we can’t spend (“stimulate”) our way to material prosperity, any more than we can borrow our way to solvency, or “invest” (meaning monetize) our way to environmental sustainability.
​  ​What we’re seeing here is a widening gap between the economy as it is and the economy as we choose to see and present it.      
​  ​In essence, we’ve been creating apparent increases in economic activity (using expansions in credit and other liabilities) without creating much material economic value.

​Charles Hugh Smith:
​  ​Long cycles operate at such a glacial pace they're easily dismissed as either figments of fevered imagination or this time it's different.
But since Nature and human nature remain stubbornly grounded by the same old dynamics, cycles eventually turn and the world changes dramatically. Nobody thinks the cyclical turn is possible until it's already well underway.
​  ​Multiple long cycles are turning in unison:
1. The cycle of interest rates: down for 40+ years (last turn, 1981), now up for an unknown but consequential period of time.
2. The cycle of inflation / deflation: the 40-year period of low real-world inflation and rip-roaring speculative debt-asset inflation has ended and now an era of scarcity, real-world inflation and speculative debt-asset deflation begins.
3. The cycle of capital-labor balance: capital has dominated labor for 40+ years, siphoning $50 trillion from labor. This cycle has now turned and the rebalancing is underway: it's capital's turn to surrender gains and power.
4. The cycle of social order-disorder: as documented by historian Peter Turchin and others, social order (in Turchin's phrase, the integrative phase) holds sway for about 50 years and then it gives way to an era of social disorder (the disintegrative phase). This phase doesn't end with mild reforms nobody even notices, it ends with a rebalancing of social, political and economic power.

​Charles has a new book out, looking at this.
Can Any Nation-State Survive the Era of Inequality and Scarcity?
  We have an extraordinary opportunity to transform our unsustainable "waste is growth" economy and toxic inequality to sustainable systems that optimize well-being rather than collapse.
  The possibility that the United States could fragment is no longer a marginalized topic. Maps displaying various post-U.S. regional configurations accompany essays exploring how and why a break-up of the U.S. would be a solution to regional and ideological polarization, for example, Max Borders' recent article, Dear America: It's Time to Break Up.
  But two forces larger than political polarization may fragment nation-states across the globe, including the U.S.: inequality and scarcity. 
Inequality and corruption go hand in hand, of course, as the wealthiest few influence the state to protect their monopolies and backstop their speculative gains...
Nations which want to not just survive but emerge stronger have one path: a revolutionary transformation from "waste is growth" to degrowth, from an economy and state dominated by a parasitic elite to a strictly limited parasitic elite and from abject dependence on fragile supply chains originating in other nations to decentralized, localized independence for essentials.

​The US Dollar is the dominant global reserve currency for international trade and finance. 
Nothing lasts forever, certainly not global reserve currencies.
  There is not much trust in global finance, and though there is much talk of Bitcoin, or something like it, becoming a global financial currency, it depends completely on a universally functioning internet to acknowledge each and every transaction. No internet, no deal. No internet, no Bitcoin-existence. 
Gold has always worked in the past.​ These are not trusting times in the world. 
  If the $US is demoted to another-fiat-currency, or if all currencies must suddenly be backed by gold, much discipline will be imposed upon all governments, especially the US. It is not really clear how much gold the US Treasury actually holds. Most of it is in melted coinage, not pure gold fair-trade bars.
  "Gold" is about to become GOLD on New Year's Day.  Thanks Eleni. 
Tom Luongo (much edited for brevity)
 ​  ​In short my conclusion was similar to that of Alistair MacLeod’s and others, that Basel III should collapse the egregious manipulation of the gold market through the use of using futures and unallocated gold as bank reserves...
​  ​So, Basel III is coming to destroy the paper gold markets and destroy the money center banks in New York and London while setting the stage to bail out the euro-zone. Higher gold prices are the answer to all of these things. Think of it this way, in a world where debt assets are failing and new private forms of custodial assets are rising in mindshare [bitcoin and crypto], what’s the only real weapon the central banks have to maintain credibility?
​  ​Their gold reserves...​  ​
​  ​Remember the entire Great Reset rests on Davos destroying the current banking system and rolling it up to the central banks, cutting out the classic two-track monetary system with the commercial bankers being the transmission mechanism.​..
​  ​Davos’ agenda has failed on Capitol Hill, despite winning battles all across Europe and in the English Commonwealth. Those countries are now dead letters until their current governments are overthrown or the people throw off their shackles… not likely.
​  ​Despite the market jitters because of the necessary reallocation to global capital, Powell and the Fed now have to pursue tight monetary policy to force the ECB into openly inflationary policy. This will further trash the euro and finally overwhelm the ECB’s bond buying to the point where rates there start rising.​..​
​  ​Europe is Davos’ power base. That power looks tenuous at best in a geopolitical sense. The best way for it to reassert what power it has left over the U.S. is forcing a massive revaluation in the price of gold while preparing Europe for further federalization, debt default and population reduction...
​  ​
​  ​So far in 2021, through September, according to the World Gold Council, central banks have purchased 385.4 tonnes of gold, after adding Singapore’s numbers but not Ireland’s...
​  ​But, as I said throughout this piece, it is the players who are doing this now that matters.  Earlier Japan made headlines, adding 80.8 tonnes in March. Then Poland began a very Russian monthly buying program in May.  Now Singapore is on board trying to offset US dollar strength with gold in an inflationary environment.

When does testing-the-limits become upsetting-the-apple-cart?  
How Many People in NYC Are At Risk of Losing Their Job Over the Mayor's Vaccine Mandate?
...between 150,000 and 450,000 people will lose their job over Mayor Bill de Blasio's vaccination requirement for all NYC workers
​  ​According to Joe Borelli, NYC Council Minority Leader, 45% of blacks, 40% of whites, and 30% of Hispanics will be ineligible and legally barred from working​ ​in New York City in 20 days.
​  ​Borelli is talking about Mayor Bill de Blasio ‘first in the nation’ vaccination mandate for all workers in New York City starting December 27.
​[Borelli's numbers?  ​At most, about 9% of the city and 18% of the workers are impacted. The count is less because only 10.8% are not vaccinated at all. That's still a lot of people though.​]​

  1/3 of Senators and all Congress-critters will answer for votes on this next year, if the House deigns to consider it for a vote, which they have reason not to do.​
  Senate Dems Defect To Help GOP Pass Bill Blocking Biden's Vaccine Mandate

​Elon Musk: ​“Government is simply the biggest corporation, with the sole monopoly on violence... and where you have no recourse...”

This video has been out for 3 days without official confirmation or denial. I don't know this guy, and I have no way to tell if this 10 second video was altered..
The prime minister of the Australian state of Victoria, Dan Andrews, caught snorting cocaine

​Sneaking a Peek
(looking down from the sliding glass door opening last weekend)​


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