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 Versatile Humans,

  A couple of days ago Google deleted my blog and closed our email, which we have had since 2005. We were beta-testers for gmail. We have a lot of information which is majority owned by Google. The loss of access again was a wake-up. Since Google won't say why this was done, I assume that it was a function of narrative-control AI algorithms. It was eventually restored after we jumped through Google's AI hoops. 
Doc Robinson found Johnday's blog in the wayback machine, most of it, anyway:
Free-floating anxiety remains.

  The email newsletter has gone out to friends since 2006, and has about 184 subscribers. "To unsubscribe, just ask" quoth the header. My bcc sends started to get blocked in spring of 2016 when I was sending out stories of Sanders and Sanders voters being disenfranchised through election rigging in the Democratic primaries, no matter how I tried to comply. That blocking stopped 3 days after the (Trump-Surprise) election, but resumed in 2018 and 2020 election cycles. 
  The blocking of bcc sends (over 200 seems to be strictly verboten) prompted me to start a blog as an alternative arrangement for sharing potentially useful current news and perspective, such as I could dredge up. That has mostly worked, though has been shut down a couple of times, and Google does not like to take people there in searches. 
  The email bcc newsletter somehow gets routed to trash for a lot of people who used to see it in their inboxes. Mysterious...

  There is now another option, which other bloggers who are being marginalized by mainstream media and other platforms are going to, Substack.
Tessa (fights robots) Lena likes it and encouraged me to try it out 
  There are a lot of different functionalities I have to figure out, like the site not acccepting jpg images, just png images, which I don't seem to have.
Jenny, a school librarian, is (patiently) helping me work on technical problems. 

  A benefit of the Substack platform is that people can subscribe to the blog now, which Google never made easy on Blogger, then canceled last summer.
Thank you to those who have already signed up, and "Hi" to all of you who have been getting this in your inboxes or trash for so long already.
I'll continue both blog platforms for now, as long as the Google Blogger platform still works.

The birth of the baby twins: Russia’s strategic swing drives NATOstan nuts , Pepe Escobar (excerpts)  
  History will register that the birth of the baby twins – Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics – only a few hours before 2/22/22, was simultaneous to the birth of the real, 21st century multipolar world...
...A few hours later, at an emergency UN Security Council meeting, Russian Permanent Representative Vasily Nebenzya precisely outlined why the recognition of the baby twins does not bury the Minsk agreements.
  The baby twins actually declared their independence in May 2014. In 2015 they signed the Minsk agreements as one of the interested parties. Theoretically they could even be back within Ukraine if Kiev would ever decide to respect the agreements, which will never happen because the US has vetoed it since 2015...   
  As Nebenzya outlined, “I would like to remind you that at the time of the conclusion of the Minsk agreements, the LPR and DPR had already declared independence. The fact that Russia today recognized it does not change the composition of the parties to the Minsk agreements, since Russia is not one (…) Another thing is that the Minsk agreements have long been openly sabotaged by Ukraine under the auspices of our Western colleagues. Now we see that many colleagues want to sign that the Minsk agreements are dead. But this is not the case (…) We are still open to diplomacy, but we do not intend to allow a new bloody massacre in the Donbass.”
  And here’s the clincher, directly addressing imperial support for the killing of ethnic Russians in Donbass: “The main task of our decision [on recognizing independence] was to preserve and protect these lives. This is more important than all your threats.”
  There you go: Responsibility to Protect (R2P), a concept invented by the Americans to launch wars, used by Russia for preventing one...
...China is a way more complex proposition. One of the key tenets of Beijing’s foreign policy is the fight against separatism – embedded in the foundation of the SCO. So Beijing cannot possibly recognize the baby twins, or what would amount to Novorossiya – yes, Putin did pronounce the magic word – before Kiev itself does or, a serious possibility, completely disintegrates...
...The intervention of all 12 members at the Security Council session, combined with Putin’s address to the nation was the stuff of gripping geopolitical drama. Putin’s body language and the look in his eyes testified to the immense gravity of the moment – and it all came to the forefront when he embarked in a concise history lesson spanning a century...what mostly stood out was the clear-cut rendition of the insurmountable antagonism between the Anglo-American islands and the civilizational Heartland – or the clash between maritime powers and land powers. That Eurasia classic was the bulk of his exposition: the recognition of the baby twins took less than three minutes...
 (Weekend Security Conference in) Munich spelled out No Compromise Whatsoever – which was exactly what Putin, Lavrov, Patrushev and co. expected, the warmongering rhetoric burying any meaningful discussion of migration, inflation, cyber wars, the European energy crisis and, of course, the only thing that matters for the MICIMATT (military-industrial-congressional-intelligence-media-academia-think tank complex, as defined by Ray McGovern): let’s milk this Eurotrash lot for untold billions in new contracts, let’s isolate Russia, let’s destroy Nord Stream 2 to sell them our ultra expensive LNG, let’s keep them on a leash – forever...
  Considering the ideological stupidity of the current Brussels gang – Stoltenberg, von der Leyen, Borrell –, incapable of understanding even basic economics, the fact remains that the EU without Russian energy is doomed. Martyanov stresses the algorithm: Russia can afford the break up with Europe. Europe cannot. The US just wants to collect. And we’re not even talking about the dire, incoming ramifications of the systemic crisis across NATOstan...
...John Helmer niftly qualified as Russia’s black box defense. The beauty is no one knows what’s inside the black box.
  Enter, once again, the “military-technical measures” that will be “reciprocal” (Putin) to what US and NATOstan are already deploying against Russia. They won’t necessarily be implemented in the Black Sea, the Sea of Azov, in the airspace above Donbass, even in cyberspace. It could be anywhere – from the Syrian theater to Latin America.
  Surprise! That’s what strategic ambivalence, ambiguity, or – let’s get down to the rhythm – swing is all about.

​John Helmer analyzes Putin's body language at his recent speech. Absolute, unwavering, firm commitment is what it shows​.

Not talking to representatives of Donetsk and Luhansk, just shelling them, was not much of a path forward.
Zelensky says Kiev will not pull back troops from Donbass at DPR, LPR’s request
The Ukrainian President pointed out that Kiev was not communicating with DPR and LPR

​  ​Before the crack of dawn, just before explosions began in cities across Ukraine, Russian state television unexpectedly broadcast an address by Russian President Vladimir Putin.  
​  ​The two self-proclaimed "people's republics" of Donetsk and Luhansk, in the breakaway Ukrainian region of Donbas, which he had officially recognized as independent less than two days before, had "turned to Russia with a request for help," he said. To answer that call he was launching a "special military operation." Its purpose: to "demilitarize" and "denazifiy" Ukraine.
​  ​Within minutes, Russian missiles began hitting targets in Ukraine. "Our actions are self-defense against threats," he told his fellow Russians, claiming Moscow had no plans to occupy Ukraine. "We do not plan to impose ourselves on anyone," he insisted.
​  ​Putin described the "special military operation" in limited terms, to protect people living in Donbas who, he claimed, had been subjected to "genocide," a charge that Ukraine has strenuously denied. But in the next breath, he lashed out more broadly: "NATO supports Ukrainian neo-Nazis ... our actions are self-defense against threats."
​  ​Then, in an extraordinary passage, he spoke directly to members of Ukraine's military, at that very moment in the crosshairs of the Russian military. Addressing them as "dear comrades," he told them they had taken an "oath of allegiance to the Ukrainian people, and not to the anti-people junta that is robbing Ukraine and abuses those same people."
​  ​"Don't follow its criminal orders!" he demanded. "I urge you to lay down your weapons and go home."​ ...
​  "We are ready for any development of events. All necessary decisions in this regard have been made."
​  ​Putin, who for years had criticized the West for ignoring his complaints about NATO's expansion toward Russia's borders, was finally striking back with fury. "I hope," he concluded his short address, "that I have been heard."

​  There is war in Ukraine today.​ The Russian objectives have greatly expanded. It seems that there will be regime change. 
This should allow western governments to transfer their emergency powers from Pandemic to War? Thanks for finally cooperating, Vlad!
​  ​Now many hours into Russia's attack that started around 5am Kiev time, it's become clear that a full-scale 'shock and awe' type invasion is clearly on - which is not just limited to Donbas in the east. ​...V​ideos from on the ground show what can be described as an ongoing air war on Kiev and several other cities across the country. Tanks have also been seen speeding across Ukraine's border from Belarus, with widespread reports that Belarusian soldiers are mounting the attack alongside Russian troops.
​  ​Russia's military had announced within just a couple hours into the offensive that all of Ukraine's air defense systems have been taken out. A massive Russian aerial presence, including fighter jets and helicopters, has been confirmed over much of the country.
​  ​Soon after the initial attack which also included cruise missile launches, which likely came from Russia's Black Sea fleet, Kiev authorities cited "hundreds" of Ukrainians killed, including civilians.
​  ​It's believed that much of Ukraine's command and control military infrastructure was targeted and hit in the first wave, also as Ukraine border guards were attack, with some reports of soldiers fleeing the Russian advance. Moscow has declared safe passage for any Ukrainian soldier laying down their arms...
​  ​Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov on Thursday issued comment on the scope and goal of the military objections, citing Putin's aim of the "demilitarization and denazification" of Ukraine.
​  ​"Ideally, Ukraine should be liberated, cleansed of Nazis, of pro-Nazi people and ideology," Peskov said, saying that operations would end only once these objectives have been reached. It remains unclear whether this will mean regime change in Kiev, though at this point that scenario is looking more than likely. There were early reports that President Zelensky has been offered safe passage if he leaves Ukraine.

​  NATO member Latvia sends Stinger shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missiles to Ukraine. These are better at shooting down civilian aircraft and helicopters than attack  drones and military attack aircraft.​ Sometimes Stinger missiles "fall into the wrong hands" on the black market.

What is the rational course of action for a conscripted Ukrainian soldier?
Russian Defense Ministry
“According to intelligence, the Ukrainian Armed Forces’ troops and service members are leaving their positions in large numbers, dropping their weapons. No strikes are being carried out on the positions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces’ units that have laid down their arms.”

This is something Russia cannot allow. It would also take a long time, and be risky. Ukraine's nuclear reactors are similar to its Chernobyl reactor in age and design.
​  ​Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky has said his nation will have every right to become a nuclear power, citing a document signed by leading world states back when Kiev agreed to get rid of Soviet nuclear weapons in exchange for security assurances.

​Moon of Alabama (Germany):
​ ​I do understand why Russia is doing this - it is either attack now or defend itself later with way more casualties and the danger of total defeat.
I had hoped though that it would find other methods to protect Russia from further NATO aggression.
​  ​In 2014 the U.S. instigated regime change in Kiev and has since controlled the Ukrainian government. It has build up the Ukraine as a base to strangle Russia economically and militarily.
​  ​During the last two centuries Russia had to defend itself, with horrific casualties, against two huge invasions from the west. It is understandable that it does not want to repeat that experience.
​  ​It is difficult to discern what the plan​n​ed end state of this operation is. Where is this going to stop?

​  ​Looking at this map I believe that the most advantageous end state for Russia would be the creation of a new independent country, call it Novorussiya, on the land east of the Dnieper and south along the coast that holds a majority ethnic Russian population and that, in 1922, had been attached to the Ukraine by Lenin. That state would be politically, culturally and militarily aligned with Russia.
​  ​This would eliminate Ukrainian access to the Black Sea and create a land bridge towards the Moldavian breakaway Transnistria which is  under Russian protection.
The rest of the Ukraine would be a land confined, mostly agricultural state, disarmed and too poor to be build up to a new threat to Russia anytime soon. Politically it would be dominated by fascists from Galicia which would then become a major problem for the European Union.
​  ​Thanks to Stalin's additions to the Ukraine three countries, Poland, Hungary and Romania, have claims to certain areas in the Ukraine's western regions. If they want to snatch those up again it is now probably the best time to do so. Despite being part of NATO, which likely would not support such moves, those three will have domestic policy difficulties to withstand the urge.

Ukraine Warns "Radioactive Dust" Could Spread Over Europe As Fighting Rages At Chernobyl Nuclear Plant

Chinese media are strictly instructed to employ very careful narrative management and watch comments sections closely. 
China does not support "self-determination of peoples", such as Tibetans , Uighers and Taiwanese..
​  ​While deepening ties with Moscow, Beijing is also cautious to avoid blowback by being seen as directly supporting a unilateral move to seize sovereignty of another nation—given the regime’s own designs in absorbing self-ruled Taiwan.

This system is collapsing. That's the big emergency, but it can't be admitted. It might cause panic;​ Charles Hugh Smith
​  ​Organizing the entire system to serve the pathological greed of the few is best served by devaluing truth to mere opinion and causal chains to mere narratives. In this juncture of history, truth has been revealed as a chimera; there is only opinion, and all opinions are equal. Opinions are beliefs, and all beliefs are equal. All narratives are equal. All questions boil down to values: values are all equally detached, free-floating and of the same value: zero.
​  ​This con has reached perfection in our financial system, which is now optimized for exploitation and sociopaths. As Nassim Taleb has explained (referencing Adam Smith), markets only function if there are rules which are imposed equally on all participants. In our financial system, there are two sets of rules: one which we can summarize as anything goes for the super-wealthy and the well-connected, and another set for everyone else.

​Emergency war powers could come in handy.​
Pentagon is considering sending the National Guard to DC ahead of US Freedom Convoy protest as thousands of truckers aim to shut down 64-mile Capital Beltway

​Did shutting down the bank accounts of people who donated legally have anything to do with this decision? "Own nothing; be happy"?​
​This may have been too quick of an action, with too little pretext. Trudeau revealed the globalist hand too soon.
Trudeau discontinues Emergencies Act

​Doxxing of locations as well as bank accounts, now.​ Will this scare off donors, or just increase outrage?
Google Maps Location Data Of 'Freedom Convoy' Donors Posted Online​

​Raul Ilargi Meijer at The Automatic Earth has this:
Bankruptcy For Moderna, Definitely Pfizer
​  ​Justus R. Hope, MD, at Desert Review has a long article up on the views of former Blackrock exec, hedge funder, investment adviser Edward Dowd, along with a neverending list of podcasts. To which I will add a few at the bottom of this article. We’ve seen a few Dowd videos lately, but nothing like this. He should be on Joe Rogan ASAP.
​  ​The entire thing is so complete, devastating, shocking, that I don’t know what else to do than give you some quotes. It very much feels like the end of mRNA, and of the FDA in its present shape, because they -the government itself- are deeply complicit in outright investor fraud. Wall Street (“multiple brokerage houses”) is finding this out, Moderna stock is already down 70%, and that’s just the start.
​  ​mRNA vaccines are killing and maiming people: “ matter the effort, one cannot hide the bodies – and “the bodies are piling up.”
Good luck with your vaxx mandates.

​From British tabloids; not new information, but it has gone mainstream.
More evidence Covid was tinkered with in a lab? Now scientists find virus contains tiny chunk of DNA that matches sequence patented by Moderna THREE YEARS before pandemic began
Genetic match discovered in Covid's unique furin cleavage site on spike protein
Matched genetic sequence patented by Moderna for cancer research purposes
Researchers say one in 3trillion chance Covid developed the code naturally

German Public Health Insurer: Vaccine Side Effects Maybe 8 to 10 Times More Frequent Than Officially Reported

Australian police burn anti-mandate protesters with directed energy beams
The use of short thread on LRAD/DEW Directed Energy Weapons against peaceful Australian protestors likely violates the Geneva Convention and could therefore constitute a war crime since it is prohibited to use weapons which cause excessive suffering against civilians..​.​
..A spokesman for ACT Policing has confirmed that LRADs were deployed during the anti-vaccine protests...
The police deployed long-range acoustic devices (LRADs), which transmit at high volumes and frequencies. Even if they are referred to as “non-lethal weapons”, Canberra protesters (including women and children) were badly burned by directed microwave energy beams, complaining of blisters on their faces, arms, and torsos. Concentrated microwave radiation can inflict painful burns on the skin from long distances away.

​Tessa (fights robots) Lena is putting together a special with interviews on this story.
Claims nanotechnology found in Pfizer jab by New Zealand lab

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