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Forms Of Warfare

Distant Observers,

This Ukraine-War update from The Vineyard of the Saker points out that 4/11/22 was a bad day for Ukrainian forces in Mariupol, now kettled in the fortified industrial district, and subjected to increasingly harsh measures, like fire and water. Would you die by drowning or surrender in a 2 day time window? There have been massed break-outs, which resulted in mass casualties and mass surrenders.
 Explored here is the evidence that Ukrainian military are very competent, perhaps better supplied than US military (recently) and quite likely more proficient in warfare than US military.
  This implies (if true) that the US military would want to strictly avoid direct battle against the Russian military. It would be humiliating and bad for business.
I'll keep the hypothesis in mind.

SouthFront has a video and transcript of Ukrainian soldiers, who surrendered to separatists, reporting that they had been held captive by a militia unit, after refusing to shoot civilians who had been trucked in, and escaped at night when their guards were drunk. They were shot at by Ukrainian forces as they crossed the front to surrender, one wounded and 2 of the 8 killed. The wounded man is interviewed. The video has one man telling the story, and none of them look happy. It can't be taken as fact, but does fit with a lot of reports...

Ukrainian soldiers in Mariupol are increasingly accepting the better option:
​  ​On April 12, the largest group of the AFU soldiers surrendered in Mariupol. Another attempt to break out from the trap in Mariupol, was confirmed.
According to the Russian Ministry of Defence, 1,026 Ukrainian servicemen of the 36th Marine Brigade voluntarily laid down arms and surrendered in the city of Mariupol, near the Illich plant
​  ​151 wounded Ukrainian servicemen of the 36th Marine Brigade were provided with primary medical aid on the spot, after which they were all taken to the Mariupol city hospital for treatment.

​Western psychological-warfare operations appear to be exceptionally effective upon Americans.
70% now see Russia as an enemy, and opinions of NATO are much improved, as well.​
​This is partisan anti-western polemic, but presents important insights, like this, about the neoliberal/neoconservative beliefs vs the current reality taking place.
​  And we have to keep in mind that they REALLY and SINCERELY thought they would (finally!) break the will of the Russian people and that they know this long awaited and oh-so-sweet revenge-victory is slipping away from them – just imagine the rage they must feel.  After eight years of endless provocations, insults and “negotiations” the Neocons have FINALLY forced Russia to intervene openly, which was always the dream of the Neocons.  But what they did not expect (and neither did anybody else, myself included) was that instead of “just” liberating the LDNR from constant Ukronazi strikes, Putin chose to liberate the entire Ukraine and change the entire collective security architecture of Europe.

Americans Are “In Charge” of the War Says French Journalist Who Returned From Ukraine​  
A French journalist who returned from Ukraine after arriving with volunteer fighters told broadcaster CNews that Americans are directly “in charge” of the war on the ground.
The assertion was made by Le Figaro senior international correspondent Georges Malbrunot.
Malbrunot said he had accompanied French volunteer fighters, two of whom had previously fought against ISIS.

​Moon of Alabama (German) explores the causes and players, and the motives which contribute to this war. A couple of interesting points:
​  ​If this two-level perception is correctly analyzed in its appreciation of the different actors with contradictory priorities, then it becomes crucial to understand that in the geopolitical war the US is the aggressor as much as in the traditional war on the ground Russia is the aggressor.​..
 Towards the end of a talk with Gonzalo Lira former Marine officer and UN Inspector Scott Ritter disputes the potential for escalation. The Pentagon, he says, knows the real situation on the ground and that the Ukrainian army will lose the war. Neither NATO, nor the U.S. nor single countries like Poland have their forces configured in a way that would allow them to successfully wage war against Russia. They would need more time to get ready than Russia will need to win the war in Ukraine.  Ritter predicts that the Pentagon will overrule any escalation the Ukraine warmongers in the State Department and National Security Council may plan...​   (I also hope Ritter is right.)​

​  ​The finance ministers of the BRICS alliance (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) have decided to create their own financial mechanisms to continue trade between nations of similar disposition.  Once the internal issues inside the BRICS alliance are resolved, and once the mechanisms are created, then other nations will be able to decide to join or not.  The great global cleaving will commence.​  ​

​  Only Ukrainian forces use these missiles, and they drop the solid-rocket booster from the warhead, so it lies along the flight path for inspection.
​  On April 8, a Ukrainian Tochka-U missile hit the railway station in the city of Kramatorsk. As a result, at least 57 civilians were killed, dozens more were injured.
  According to the traditional scenario, immediately after the incident, the Ukrainian authorities sent foreign reporters to the town. However, this time the plan went wrong. The journalists filmed the serial number of the Tochka-U missile which killed dozens of civilians. They left no doubts that the missile was launched by the AFU.
  The Tochka-U missile in Kramatorsk has a series number Sh91579
(photograph of serial number)
  The Tochka-U missiles, including of the Sh915 series, are actively used by the AFU on the Donbass front lines. 
The following cases of the strikes with missiles of the same series have been recorded so far: (#6 are listed, also with photographs of serial numbers.)

​  ​According to bioweapons expert Francis Boyle, Russia’s accusation that Ukraine is conducting U.S.-funded bioweapons research appears to be accurate
If true, everyone involved is subject to life in prison under the ​(US)Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989
According to Boyle, the U.S. government and Pentagon have had a “comprehensive policy” to “surround Russia with biological warfare laboratories” and “preposition biological weapons” there for use against them​.

U.S. Firm With Ties to WEF, DOD Implicated in Bioweapons Cover-Up
As evidence of a potential bioweapons cover-up begins to emerge, a company called Metabiota, whose founder is a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader graduate, is gaining prominence.​..
​  ​Metabiota investors include In-Q-Tel, a CIA venture capital firm that specializes in high-tech investments that support or benefit the intelligence capacity of U.S. intelligence agencies, Hunter Biden’s investment fund, Rosemont Seneca and the U.S. Department of Defense’s Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA), which contracted Metabiota to run operations in U.S.-connected labs in Ukraine.
​  ​In addition to having close ties to the WEF and its Great Reset agenda, Nathan Wolfe, the founder of Metabiota, has also served on the EcoHealth Alliance’s editorial board since 2004. In 2017, he co-wrote a study on coronaviruses in bats together with EcoHealth president Peter Daszak, Ph.D. EcoHealth worked closely with the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) in China, where SARS-CoV-2 is suspected of having originated.

​The widely vaccinated countries keep getting COVID, not the unvaccinated countries. Why?
AIDS-Like "Chronic Covid" is Taking Over Europe, Australia and NZ
The Boosted Cannot Clear Covid Easily and Keep Getting Reinfected

  Roger Seheult MD of Medcram delves into sunlight and vitamin-D, as they pertain to immune system function and COVID susceptibility, including severity of illness.
Surprisingly, it is not just vitamin-D which seems to be providing benefit to those who accept the sun's rays. Other mechanisms, which cannot be as easily supplemented, are presented here. Thanks "Germ".

  The global pandemic treaty, superseding all national laws, and mandating a universal digital vaccine-passport is still on track, and would be under the auspices of the WHO, which is under the auspices of... (Bill Gates? Who else?)

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  1. "​Western psychological-warfare operations appear to be exceptionally effective upon Americans."
    Bernasian Sheep. Covid, Russiagate, Libya, Iraq, Vietnam. A brand not exclusive to USA or the present.
    "Forgive them Father for they know not what they do." I know I can't.
    Sheep will always out number wolves.
    Better to be a fox.

  2. Hearing a lot of noise about the WHO pandemic treaty. Steve Kirsch, Tess Lawrie, Brownstone Institute... Giving up national sovereignty with more central control. Seems central control is breaking down. Takes energy to maintain. Which will it be?

    1. I agree. the only way to increase central control is for everybody else to have nothing, then less, then die from that when the less decreases, and so on.
      I'm against that approach, myself. It's too simple. Complex problems like the-end-of-growth call for complex processing from myriad living beings.
      It's too messy to model. It's the real-deal.