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  Journalist Gonzalo Lira, who has been reporting from inside Ukraine, while walking around through cities, has disappeared suddenly, and has reportedly been captured and killed by Ukrainian neo-nazi secret police.

  On a much, much smaller note, Google Blogger has enigmatically deleted another post of mine, "Individuals Matter" from Johnday's Blog,
 on April 17, after it was posted April 7. 
I must presume that parts of it are outside of the Google-approved scope of American public discourse.
It can still be viewed on Substack

​  ​Ukraine Conflict Marks End of Era Dominated by Western Power​ 
 ​The ongoing military conflict in Ukraine is a watershed event of immense historical significance. It marks a break from the past and the beginning of a new geopolitical reality, one that will encompass progress in international relations towards greater economic development, justice, and peace.
​  ​The military conflict in Ukraine is not about a narrow conflict between Ukraine and Russia. It is but the outward sign of a bigger confrontation between, on the one hand, the U.S.-led Western order and, on the other, nations like Russia, China, and others who refuse to accept a subordinate role.

  ​Former NATO advisor says that US and EU are "Sacrificing Ukraine to weaken Russia"
​  F​ormer Swiss intelligence officer, senior United Nations official, and NATO advisor Jacques Baud analyzes the conflict and argues that the US and its allies are exploiting Ukraine in a longstanding campaign to bleed its Russian neighbor.
..I think it was on the 16th of February—Joe Biden, during a press conference, told that he knew that the Russians would attack.  And how would he know that?  (Because I still have some contacts, and nobody actually thought that the Russians—before end of January, beginning of February—I think nobody thought that the Russians would attack Ukraine.)
   So, there must have been something that made Biden aware that the Russians would attack.  And this something, in fact, is the intensification of the artillery shelling of the Donbas starting on the 16th of February, and this increase in the shelling was observed, in fact, by the [Border] Observer Mission of the OSCE [Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe], and they recorded this increase of violation, and it’s a massive violation.  I mean, we are talking about something that is about 30 times more than what it used to be, because the last eight years you had a lot of violations from both sides, by the way.       But suddenly on the 16th of February you had a massive increase of violation on the Ukrainian side.  So, for the Russians, Vladimir Putin in particular, that was the sign that the operation—the Ukrainian operation—was about to start. 

​  Bill sends these next 2 articles about CIA "influence" in Ukraine since WW-2.
​The CIA, 70 Years in Ukraine, Douglas Valentine  
  "The United States occupies Ukraine, its occupation government that's supported and funded and directed by the United States, and the businessmen and the military people and the politicians that support the Americans benefit and those who don't are put on hit lists and they're targeted and and that's basically the history and the summary of what's going on in the Ukraine."
  "The CIA through its agent operations which have been in place for 70 years is at the vanguard of that operation...also to steal Ukraine's...natural resources."

​  ​The Taliban, al-Qaeda, and ISIS all arose in an environment the CIA created. The Azov Battalion is just the next iteration. FBI Director Christopher Wray warned Congress about them; we de-funded them; and dozens of members of Congress implored then-Secretary of State Pompeo to designate them a foreign terrorist organization (FTO).

​  ​How the West Was Won: Counterinsurgency, PSYOPS and the Military Origins of the Internet​  
​  Over​ ​time, however, the intelligence state lost touch with reality, as the focus of its counterinsurgency programs shifted from foreign to domestic populations, from national security risks to ordinary citizens. Particularly in the wake of 9/11, when the NSA and its British counterpart, GCHQ, began mapping out the Internet.
​  ​Thanks to Edward Snowden’s revelations in 2013, we now know that the NSA were collecting 200 billion pieces of data every month, including the cell phone records, emails, web searches and live chats of more than 200 million ordinary Americans. This was extracted from the world’s largest internet companies via a lesser-known, data mining program called Prism.
​  ​There’s another name for this, and its total information awareness. The highest attainment of a paranoid state seeking absolute control over its population. What ceases to be worth the candle is that peoples right to privacy is enshrined under the US Constitution’s fourth amendment.
​  ​Few understand how lockdowns are ripples on these troubled waters. Decades of counterinsurgency waged against one subset of society, branded insurgents for their Marxist ideals has, overtime, shifted to anyone holding anti-establishment views. The predictive policing of track and trace and the theory of asymptomatic transmission are the unwelcome repercussions of the intelligence state seeking total information awareness over its citizens.​..

​More of the same, but even harder to pretend the Russians did it this time...
​  ​Ukrainian Armed Forces (UAF) and its notorious extremist Azov Battalion fighters appear to have left dozens of murdered civilians behind, including some with their hands bound – indicating an execution, after UAF retreated from their positions embedded among civilians in Mariupol. 
​  ​Residents give testimony as to the war crimes perpetrated by UAF and Azov fighters.

​  Analysis of the (Russian Black Sea fleet flagship) Moskva sinking in the Black Sea a few days ago, including photographs​ taken from Turkish rescue-ship.

  Moon of Alabama (German)  
The Ukraine Is Still Losing So What Is Its Plan?
Russian and Donbas forces have cleared the city of Mariupol except for the giant metallurgic complex of Azovstal which is held by some estimated 4,000 men, including many from the fascist Azov battalion.

  These diplomatic words can be read through a variety of cognitive filters and convey different implications to different people. 
​  ​In an interview with NBC's "Meet the Press", Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer - who met with Vladimir Putin last week - said that the Russian President “believes he is winning the war” almost two months after Russia invaded Ukraine. Nehammer, said that the Russian leader told him that the war is “necessary,” even though Western sanctions have had an impact.
​  ​“[Putin] thinks the war is necessary for security guarantees for the Russian Federation,” Nehammer said. “He doesn’t trust the international community, he blames Ukrainians for genocides in the Donbas region."
​  ​“So he is now in his world, but I think he knows what is going on now in Ukraine.”
​  ​Nehammer added that Putin told him in German that it was “better the war ends earlier than later,” which led the Austrian leader to believe the Russian president knows “exactly what is going on now.”
​  ​The Austrian chancellor, who was the first Western leader to sit down with Putin since the start of the invasion due to his country's traditionally close ties with Russia, emphasized the need to confront Putin on alleged war crimes and the need for humanitarian corridors in Ukraine.

  Charles Hugh Smith brings up the "very large numbers", which are so hard to comprehend, focusing on the $33 trillion increase in US national debt in the past 12 years. It is only the additional debt discussed here. 
  American citizens stand to benefit from the fall of the global dollar regime if they are no longer liable to service this debt until they die, and hand it to their kids and grandkids.
​  ​Does it illuminate the $33 trillion to say that's $100,000 of debt for every one of the 330 million Americans? Are we each $100,000 better off for borrowing $33 trillion? Well, a few folks have benefitted. The top 400 wealthiest folks have seen their wealth skyrocket by trillions of dollars​...​

​  The lipid nanoparticles that get the mRNA into cells, the carriers of this genetic-message, are highly inflammatory themselves. (This article was presented about a year before it was finally published, too late to change the course of decision-making.) Thanks D.R.
The mRNA-LNP platform's lipid nanoparticle component used in preclinical vaccine studies is highly inflammatory

​  Medical Emergency Powers to evict people and use their homes to "isolate" COVID patients in apartment blocks with shared ventilation. (huh?) 
Shanghai cops clash with citizens over leaving homes to COVID patients

Stephen Donnelly chooses WHO over Irish sovereignty.
Ireland will be signing up to the WHO pandemic treaty

​  There is a new, traditional weakened-whole-virus vaccine for COVID, which appears to be at least as effective, and with fewer adverse events, and without gene-therapy mechanisms (now that everybody has had COVID of some sort, already). Thanks Jeremy.
Covid-19: Valneva’s vaccine produces stronger immune response than AstraZeneca’s, company reports

​  ​US Airlines Drop Masking Requirement After Biden Admin Concedes Mandate Was Unlawful

​Dropping Pretenses

(pictured with family at our Easter party Saturday) 

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