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Enemies And Enemies Of Enemies


  Prigozhin had enemies in the CIA, MI-6, Ukraine, Poland, and the Russian military, at all levels. He has clearly been assassinated and everybody is publicly supposing that somebody else did the deed. Wagner has had its top brass taken out. This is delicate.

​  Special Report: The Curtain Closes On Yevgeny Prigozhin , Simplicius

​  The one puzzling thing it does bring up however is that if the act was carried out by way of explosive planted on the plane, how would the perpetrators know which plane to “mine” if he infact kept it hidden up until the last moment? There was a report stating that Russian authorities now recovered footage, presumably from the airport, showing exactly which plane he boarded in an effort to confirm his death. So if it was a governmental hit job, they would have known at the last minute which plane he boarded, but this would not have given enough time to plant an explosive on it.
​  Of course, both planes could conceivably have been mined with an explosive. Or Prigozhin himself could have somehow accepted an explosive device, unbeknownst, in the same way that Vladlen did when he accepted the statue/bust of his likeness.
  ​So now let’s use that to segue into theories of who or how it could have been done. Cui bono and who stands to gain or lose from this?
Firstly, let’s state the obvious: if Putin or the FSB wanted to “off” Prigozhin, they likely would not have done so in such an obvious way, over Russian territory, near Moscow, etc..

​..So the Prigozhin hit has indications of being an outside force trying to frame Russia with the presumable intention of starting, or continuing, the internecine war between the Wagner-loyal faction and the Kremlin/MOD. Of course, it’s possible that a rogue S-300/400 commander used the opportunity to get one back “for the boys” killed by Prigozhin’s people on June 23. [ut which plane, and the radar would see the missile, as would videos.] ...

​..We could perhaps argue that the “rogue commander” was being fed precise info by a military faction in the form of some general who wanted revenge, and they had more accurate information on exactly which plane to shoot down. That is possible. However the debris photos seen above don’t appear to indicate an AD missile in my view. The 2 or 3 explosions heard by eyewitnesses is also an intriguing and peculiar clue, particularly given that if an onboard explosive device was used, it would likely not lead to several explosions of that sort...​ 

Take it with a grain of salt but we have the following rumors:
​1. "Relatives of flight attendant of Prigozhin Kristina Raspopova, with reference to the words of the girl, was told about strange manipulations with the plane before the last flight. It was taken away for some short-term and incomprehensible repairs."

2. [A case of expensive wine was presented to Prigozhin after he boarded the plane, after all inspections had been done.] ...
..They’re both from the VChK-OGPU propaganda outlet, but it’s something to chew on.
  As I said, the June 23 to August 23 symbolism would appear to point to “pay back”, however this can also be taken advantage of and utilized by a 3rd party in order to frame Russia.But could Ukraine/CIA or some such 3rd party have carried this out? It’s difficult to believe them gaining access to Moscow airport in a way that would allow them to plant a bomb there, though the above claims he was lured with an expensive wine gift, perhaps playing to his vanities in the same way that Vladlen’s statue/bust played to his. But it’s still hard to believe the SBU could have somehow fooled the notoriously cunning and suspicious Prigozhin with an explosive package of some sort—though we can’t discount anything.
​  Could they have shot the plane down in the sparsely populated region with some type of anti-air capability smuggled from Ukraine? Well, the plane’s altitude appeared to be nearly 30k feet at the time of the catastrophic “event”. There is almost nothing in existence that you could smuggle over a border that can shoot an object down at that height...
..In general an air defense missile shot at the craft would be difficult to hide as there would be a contrail at least part of the flight (for the early booster stage) visible by many people, so the likelihood of an AD missile shoot down is low...
..Thus my conclusion is the plane likely exploded from within, and if that’s the case, it would point more strongly to the FSB as I would find it difficult to believe that Prigozhin would have fallen for accepting some kind of disguised explosive device from someone like an SBU member on the ground, nor would such a device be easily triggered at 30k feet as it would be nearly impossible to use any of the most common methods like a cellphone trigger, etc.
  The mystery remains. The only other conceivable option is an inside job of some sort. Someone on Prigozhin’s own team who knew he had to go, for whatever reason. A close trusted associate who knew all his boss’s ins and outs would be a candidate for being able to effectively plant an explosive of some kind. A piece of luggage from a person like this would not trigger Prigozhin’s suspicion, for instance.
  The sound of multiple explosions is still problematic but there could have been some kind of secondary blasts from the engines or something else perhaps.

​  Lastly, I want to mention the possibility—remote as it is—that Prigozhin and Utkin are not even dead... Most likely him and Utkin are dead, but I’m simply putting it out there to cover all bases...

​..There was also rumor yesterday that Surovikin too joined Wagner, while other rumors said he was merely shifted to other duties in the ministry of defense. There is no confirmation as of yet where he actually ended up, and some believe he’s been detained or could face prison.
​  The point of that is the fact that these two events clearly appear related. You’ll be hard-pressed to convince me that the chief and highest ranked member of the Russian military to be potentially accused of treason or aiding and abetting the Wagner coup was officially removed literally hours before the head of the coup himself is assassinated—and that it’s all just a coincidence.​..

​..Also, assuming Putin/FSB/MOD was responsible, the reason for waiting til now rather than getting Prigozhin right away is obvious, to me at least. If you neutralize him immediately, you risk doing so while the Wagner association was still assembled and frothing with amped up adrenaline and fervor, and could risk unleashing the beast. But if you wait a few months for things to die down, people to disperse, fires and passions to cool, you can do it without rousing too much blowback. Not to mention there could have been a number of administrative things they still needed Prigozhin to finalize in the organization, move pieces into the right place, etc., before it was convenient to decapitate the PMC.
​  The other thing is that Wagner was rumored to be returning to some kind of conflict zone in the “end of August”, which is when their leave was to expire, but the soldiers had no idea where they would be committed yet—i.e. Africa, Belarus, Ukraine, etc.​..

​..And the gist of it was that the MOD was trying to replace Wagner in Africa, slowly but surely, with a series of their own PMCs. Despite the source, this is believable for logical reasons: of course Russia could have been slowly decommissioning Wagner all over the globe. Wagner had been allowed to grow out of control, beyond its master’s restraints and this proved nearly costly for Russia.
​  However, it takes time to replace all the inroads Wagner built so they’ve likely been doing this slowly. This for obvious reasons didn’t sit well with Prigozhin and he likely was making further moves behind the scenes to block the MOD from incurring on what he considered “his territory.”​ ...

​..This is merely to give context to the speculation that the events of today could have been precipitated by the ongoing tussle and scramble for Africa. As I said, Wagnerites were supposed to have been returning in late August—to somewhere. Perhaps seeing the deadline coming up, some people in power decided to pull the plug entirely and effect a “hostile takeover” of the Wagner organization. I even half-joked that Surovikin may end up as the new Wagner boss, given that Mizintsev followed a similar path and Wagner may need a new ‘face’ of the organization.​..

​..It doesn’t matter what your sentiments or dispositions towards Prigozhin are, you have to acknowledge the danger of such a situation, where one man and his private company are gatekeeper and monopoly in one on Russia’s access to a strategically essential continent.
​  This is unacceptable for any democratic society for the same reason that the CIA and its minions, the federal reserve, or any such institutions are execrable and anti-democratic parasites...
..So, what happens now? Wagner is decapitated, both Prigozhin and Utkin are said to be dead, as well as Prigozhin’s 3rd shadow figure Chekalov. For those that don’t know, Utkin was the “shadow commander” of Wagner. His callsign is Wagner and the entire group is named after him. In some ways he was the true ideological leader while Prigozhin was merely the public spokesman...
​..Prigozhin represented a virulent threat to the Russian state no matter his apparent intentions. The fact is, the people didn’t support what he did, or attempted to do on June 23rd. That’s objectively proven via polling. If polled, I suspect the people wouldn’t approve of him trying to muscle out the official state/public representation in Africa either—if that was even the case. Sure you might argue that the MOD is simply attempting to replace him with another private PMC anyway, so what’s the difference? But at least it’s a PMC under state control, which makes it an extension of it.
​  What I see is the slow, gradual, and inevitable reformation and clean up job that the MOD is doing on the entire systemic framework and infrastructure of the Russian armed forces and its various attendant apparatuses. It’s a colossal scale re-organization, a purification, ablution. This has been an ongoing process since the start of the SMO.​..
​..That’s why we can’t get sentimental about one piece or another being ‘discarded’ if it has outlived its usefulness. As Putin once said to a reporter, “I’m not your friend, I’m the president of Russia.”​ ...
..That being said, even given those conflicts of interest, we still can’t be certain that Russia would have resorted to offing him in such an ostentatious way, on the outskirts of Moscow no less. It could still very well have been a malicious third party actor with the intent to frame Russia and foment division and a new rebellion. After all, the timing is peculiar given Russia’s own actions vis a vis the Surovikin dismissal, but conversely, the timing is likewise “interesting” given Ukraine’s own—and by extension that of NATO and attendant intel services—desperate promises of escalations, and an urgent need for something new to destabilize Russia in order to save its own disastrous “counter-offensive”. Budanov himself promised some more “surprises” for the end of August...

​  On Thursday President Putin belatedly addressed the reported death of Prigozhin for the first time, vowing to see a criminal investigation through to completion, and hailing him as a "talented businessman" who made "mistakes".
​  According to a state media translation of the fresh Putin remarks:
​  Yevgeny Prigozhin was a man of many talents who made a “significant contribution” to the struggle against neo-Nazis in Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday, commenting on the plane crash that reportedly killed the Wagner Group head.
​  Speaking with journalists at the Kremlin, Putin said that he had known Prigozhin since the early 1990s, and described him as “a man of complicated destiny.”
“He’d made serious mistakes in his life, but also got results. For himself as well as our common cause, when I asked it of him in these last months,” Putin added.​..

​..Meanwhile the US has said it believes the Wagner private jet was shot down with a surface-to-air missile that originated from within Russia. If true, this would point to Putin or the military chain of command having made the decision to take the plane out. [This should be easy to prove or disprove.]

​  Russia’s goal is to end war that West unleashed in Ukraine — Putin
​  Russia's special military operation pursues the goal of ending the war in Ukraine unleashed by a number of Western countries and their satellites, Russian President Vladimir Putin said at a meeting of BRICS leaders.
​  "Russia has decided to support the people who are fighting for their culture, for their traditions, for their language and for their future. Our actions in Ukraine have only one reason - to put an end to the war that was unleashed by the West and their satellites in Ukraine against the people living in Donbass," Putin said.

​  Ending Ukraine conflict now is ‘smartest thing we can do’ – retired US Army colonel
​  The former Pentagon adviser predicted that any attempt to save Kiev from defeat might require direct Western intervention, which would have catastrophic consequences.
​  “If we intervene…. the Russians will be ready for that. And the consequences for us and for NATO will be devastating, because we are not ready,” Mcgregor said. The US and its allies might eventually “fall back on the nuclear deterrent,” putting the world on the brink of all-out conflict.

​  Ukraine must seek ceasefire with Russia now – ex-presidential aide
​  Gridlock in the US Congress may spell doom for Western campaign to support Kiev, Oleg Soskin has warned
Ukraine should hasten to end hostilities with Russia before the flow of American military and financial aid to the country dries up, a former aide to two Ukrainian presidents has said.

​  Xi, Putin Hail First BRICS Expansion In Over A Decade As Gulf Oil Powers Join​  (So BRIICSSUAEE?)
​  At a moment China and Russia have envisioned the future of BRICS as fundamentally an anti-Western bloc of developing nations, the Gulf oil powers Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have been formally invited to become members, which marks the bloc's first expansion in over a decade.
​  "The membership will take effect from the first of January, 2024," South African President Cyril Ramaphosa said, adding that additionally Argentina, Egypt, Ethiopia and Iran will be added to the fold next year.

​Gilbert Doctoroow , What did the BRICS Summit in Johannesburg accomplish?

​Professor Mishel Chossudovsky makes a circumstantial case, which should be kept in mind going forward.
Niger’s Military Junta Is Supported by the Pentagon. Washington’s Unspoken Objective: “Remove France from Africa”

​  John Leake has flown to Maui to carry out traditional journalism.
​  Yesterday I arrived on Maui to research the Lahaina Fire, and I spent the afternoon and evening talking with witnesses. The picture that is rapidly emerging confirms my early intuition —namely, if there was one thing the STATE should have identified as an existential threat to Lahaina, it was FIRE.
​  Last night I had dinner with a man who has lived in Lahaina for 23 years and lost all of his property, but was thankfully able to escape with his two kids. He repeatedly emphasized that for the last five years, he has been very uneasy because the fire hazard revealed by Hurricane Lane in 2018 wasn’t addressed.​..

​..Failure to respond post-disaster with much needed water, food, medicine, and other critical supplies. My brother and his friends delivered some supplies by road and by boat, but these were ad hoc shipments. My brother marveled that while one friend made multiple trips to deliver supplies in his small fishing boat, the fleet of naval vessels and Chinook helicopters stationed at Pearl Harbor, just 150 miles away, remained in port.
​  When federal authorities (FEMA) finally arrived, they PROHIBITED supplies from being delivered, claiming that only FEMA was authorized to deliver much-needed goods to the displaced and stricken townspeople. At one point an entire convoy of full-sized containers, organized and loaded in the port city of Kahului, was turned back.
​  The apotheosis of the state’s insulting incompetence occurred on Monday, when President Biden and his vast entourage of black suburbans, flown in by military cargo transport, visited the island. At the solemnest of occasions, with hundreds of people (including many children) still missing and almost certainly dead, the President doddered around talking nonsense, appeared to fall asleep during a ceremony, and then told an incoherent story about his own close shave with fire.

​  S​canning through the many comments on the above story, I saw this link posted by 4 commenters. It needs corroboration or refutation.

​  Real Raw News , Marines Arrest 67 Maui Perpetrators

​  United States Marines under Gen. Smith’s command arrested Andaya Tuesday on treason charges, days after he resigned amid public criticism for not sounding the alarm. Andaya defended his decision by saying he feared the public would mistake the siren for a tsunami warning.
​  Andaya was apprehended at Dillinger Airfield on the northwest tip of Oahu while awaiting the arrival of a Cessna 310 to ferry him to Kaui for unknown reasons. He reportedly tried to abscond on foot but was quickly subdued and arrested.
​  According to our source, White Hats have videos showing Andya and Lecky meeting in Lahaina on August 6, two days before the blaze. Real Raw News reported previously that hundreds of FEMA personnel began arriving in Honolulu on that date, suggesting the diabolical agency knew that parts of Maui would soon be set ablaze.
​  “The footage is definitive. It shows Andaya giving Eric Lecky a tour of Lahaina and advising him where to set up barricades to keep citizens trapped in what would become the disaster zone. Most of what we have comes from citizens who escaped FEMA’s blockade,” our source said.
Lecky, he added, was apprehended Tuesday night outside the Grand Wailea Astoria Hotel, where he and 65 subordinates were enjoying a taxpayer­-funded vacation in $1000/night hotel suites and boozing it up at expensive bars far from the charred remnants of their hellish handiwork.​  FEMA, our source said, had commandeered several luxury hotels and evicted legitimate guests to make room for what seemed like a never-ending stream of armed agents, many of whom shed their uniforms, disguising themselves as beach-going tourists, once word spread that United States Marines captured Lecky in the parking garage.
​  The Marines, though, had photographs of each FEMA employee to have arrived in Maui since August 6 and were able to identify and catch 65 federal goons trying to flee the hotel by every available exit and crevice. Marines suffered no casualties, though several FEMA sustained superficial injuries resisting arrest.
​  Marines, our source said, are determined to incarcerate or otherwise deal with all agents still on the Hawaiian Islands.
​  “We know at one time FEMA had 2,500 in Maui. Some we got, a lot were killed in action as enemy combatants, and a bunch escaped on airplanes back to the continental U.S. There’s still plenty more there, and they know they’re being hunted,” our source said.
​  In closing, our source confirmed that Armed Forces loyal to the criminal Biden regime have arrived in Maui to support FEMA.
“This is a bad development, and it seems inevitable that more bloodshed will follow.”

​  The above story, held in abeyance, seems to refer to this context of an annual FEMA meeting on Oahu.
​  Maui fire investigation: Maui's top emergency officials were on a different island for a disaster training as flames flared and did not join response call until five hours after the deadly wildfires begun
​  The annual FEMA disaster meeting was held on August 8 in Waikiki Beach, Honolulu, on the island of Oahu - a 30 minute flight from Maui
While Hawaii's top emergency coordinators were meeting, wildfires were breaking out in Maui, with the Upcountry Fire reported around midnight
Lahaina's fire flared up later in the morning: a school was evacuated at 6:40am and it was declared contained by 9am - only for evacuations to begin at 3:30pm

​..'There were consultations about the fires among local, state and FEMA participants,' said FEMA spokesperson John Mills.
​  It was unclear when the Maui officials made the decision to return home and deal with the disaster, or who was in charge when the fires broke out.
​  Those attending the conference included Herman Andaya, the then-director of Maui County Emergency Management Agency, who defended the decision not to activate emergency warnings.
Andaya resigned on August 17, nine days after the wildfires, citing his health.
It had emerged he had no background in disaster response: Local news site Maui Now reported in 2017 that he was hired over 40 other qualified applicants
​  Also at the conference was Major General Kenneth Hara, director of the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency (HIEMA); James Barros, administrator for HIEMA; and Don Aweau, executive officer for HIEMA.           

H​ere is the unconfirmed back-story, about US Marines finding FEMA burying bodies in mass trench graves on Maui. Riveting tale of an alternate world...

..A dozen FEMA—and FBI embedded among them—survived the initial onslaught and fled the gunfight in two SUVs and the MBC. Sixteen Marines in four Hummers gave chase, while the remaining Marines remained behind to mop up stragglers and recover the dead civilians at the mass gravesite.
​  The Marines pursued FEMA northeast along Route 36 to the Route 37 intersection in Kahuli, then southeast along Route 37 toward Pukalani, and, further on, the precarious, swerving road ending at the Haleakalā National Park entrance—a several hours’ drive.
Our source said the Marines did not engage en route due to the risk of endangering civilians.
​  FEMA dismounted at Kalahaku Overlook, a cliff overlooking the expansive Haleakalā crater, and formed a defensive perimeter around their vehicles as a UH-60 chopper in the distance drew nearer to the bluff...

​Republican debates vs. TuckerCarlson interview national poll follow-up.
200 Million & Counting... Trump Triumphant, Ramaswamy Runner-Up, DeSantis Dud

"It's Election Interference": Trump Surrenders In Georgia For Booking As Scores Of Supporters Show Up

Joe Biden's Ukraine Defense Falls Apart​ 
,  Jonathan Turley is an attorney and professor at George Washington University Law School.
​  Biden has always had a certain penchant for bragging, whether it’s claiming a dead man told him he reached a million miles on Amtrak, being a cross-country trucker or fighting off some “bad dude” named Corn Pop.
​  But one of those bravado moments may have revealed more than vanity.
Ironically, it’s the one controversial story that appears entirely true.
​  In a 2018 interview at the Council on Foreign Relations, Biden bragged that he unilaterally withheld a billion dollars in US aid from the Ukrainians to force them to fire prosecutor general Viktor Shokin.
​  The Ukrainians balked, but Biden gave them an ultimatum: “I looked at them and said, ‘I’m leaving in six hours. If the prosecutor is not fired, you’re not getting the money.’ Well, son of a bitch. He got fired.”​ ...
​..Recent testimony from Devon Archer, a business associate of Hunter Biden, revealed that Burisma executives made the removal of Shokin a top priority and raised it with Hunter.
​  He described how the need to neutralize Shokin was raised with Hunter and how “a call to Washington” was made in response. While Archer also said that “the narrative spun to me was that Shokin was under control,” he and others also heard concerns over Shokin and the risks of the investigation.
​  President Biden has insisted, “I did nothing wrong. I carried out the policy of the United States government in rooting out corruption in Ukraine. And that’s what we should be focusing on.”​ ...
​..As part of the first impeachment of Donald Trump, Democrats largely dismissed earlier accounts of these misgivings and portrayed Shokin as a thoroughly corrupt prosecutor perpetuating corruption.
​  Biden’s Ukrainian Corn Pop story was celebrated as a gutsy moment of leadership.
​  During the impeachment, Kent said Biden’s demand was consistent with US policy.
Yet we now know the State Department had found progress was being made on corruption and Shokin was praised in private correspondence.
​  The demand for the replacement of the equivalent of the attorney general in another country is an extraordinary move.
We give massive amounts of money to countries with rampant corruption and authoritarian records.
But Biden decided Shokin had to go and used public money to make that happen.

​  United Nations Countering 'Deadly Disinformation' Through Creation Of 'Digital Army'​   [Not global censorship if explained politely.]
​  In an Aug. 19 press release, U.N. officials said peacekeepers throughout the world are building the "digital army" through smartphones, editing apps, and "innovative approaches" as part of efforts to "fight back against falsehoods that can trigger tensions, violence, or even death."
​  The intergovernmental organization has also been monitoring how mis- and disinformation and hate speech can "attack health, security, stability" as well as progress towards its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), officials said.
​  "Digital platforms are crucial tools that have transformed social, cultural, and political interactions everywhere. Across the world, they connect concerned global citizens on issues that matter," U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres said in a policy brief (pdf) published in June on information integrity on digital platforms.
​  Such platforms have "given people hope in times of crisis and struggle, amplified voices that were previously unheard, and breathed life into global movements," Mr. Guterres wrote.
​  However, they have also "exposed a darker side of the digital ecosystem," the U.N. secretary-general noted.
"They have enabled the rapid spread of lies and hate, causing real harm on a global scale," he wrote in the brief. "Optimism over the potential of social media to connect and engage people has been dampened as mis- and disinformation and hate speech have surged from the margins of digital space into the mainstream. The danger cannot be overstated."​   
[Remember, Ivermectin kills horses and ​it will kill you, too!]
​  Disinformation is described by the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) as "false or misleading content that can cause specific harm, irrespective of motivations, awareness or behaviors."
​  The term "misinformation" is described in the U.N. policy brief as "the unintentional spread of inaccurate information shared in good faith by those unaware that they are passing on falsehoods."

​  Military Members Kicked Out For Refusing COVID Vaccine Seek To Have Their Discharges Upgraded
​  Service members who received general discharges when separated from the military for their refusal to obey the vaccine mandate say their transition to civilian life has been hampered because they were not given honorable discharges.
​ The majority of service members kicked out over their refusal to get vaccinated received general discharges. With a general discharge, service members lose all educational benefits, reemployment rights, and civil service retirement credit.

​Meryl Nass MD ,  New book out by my colleagues at Doctors for COVID Ethics. Info you can trust. Free download! 
Read. Share. Create the future you want.

 More Dr. Nass ,  A tragedy begets more tragedy. Wisdom is needed.  
​  Dr. Goff made a terrible mistake. It was a lot more horrible than producing this silly article. She made an understandable error of judgement two years ago, and it had the most awful result possible. It killed her only child.
  I have written about this story previously, but from a different perspective. Dr. Sarah L. Goff vaccinated her only child for COVID, a beautiful daughter attending Amherst High School, and that child suffered a sudden death at a high school track meet last year.
  Not only that, but her daughter had an autopsy, and the cause of death was lymphohistiocytic myocarditis. Certainly the preponderance of evidence—a 99% probability, is that this was a vaccine death due to a COVID vaccine. Everyone must know this, yet Dr. Goff pretends otherwise.
  And so instead of warning other parents about the dangers of COVID vaccines, Dr. Goff has funded a “study” to encourage the authorities to hunt down doctors like me for warning other parents not to do what she did.

​Unmasked 2030 is a new movie. Here is the 3 minute trailer. It's about the next 7 years being an acceleration of the control mechanisms we have been seeing since 2020. Dr. McCullough's blog.

​Unmasked Desperado (pictured moving a tomato cage to help deter ravenous deer)

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