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Opposing Neocolonialism


  Brook Delorme reviews: 'One Idea to Rule Them All' by Michelle Stiles
  Michelle Stiles is reverse engineering American propaganda. You will learn the many techniques of legal mind control.

   Stiles outlines the history following World War One, reminding us that there was a brief and futile pushback against the use of propaganda by the government against the people.[5]The Institute for Propaganda Analysis was formed in 1938, dedicated to protecting democracy from the threat of propaganda. (Spoiler: it failed.) But this Institute identified seven main techniques of propaganda, most still widely in use today:
1.     Name Calling: A device to discredit an opponent without refuting his claim.
2.     Glittering Generalities: A device that identifies a position with “virtue” by use of words like truth, freedom, democracy, liberty, etc.
3.     Transfer: An appeal which seeks to carry over the authority, sanction, or prestige of something we respect.
4.     Testimonial: A device to use the opinion of an expert authority for propaganda purposes.
5.     Plain Folks: An appeal to win confidence by appearing to be like the common people being addressed.
6.     Card-Stacking: An appeal that uses under-emphasis or over-emphasis to dodge issues and evade facts.
7.     Band Wagon: An appeal that encourages us to follow the crowd because “Everybody is doing it.”

  ​Brook Delorme contributes to Door To Freedom, Dr. Nass' new website which looks at the WHO medical-fascism power grab (so do I). Weekly newsletter, too.

​  US Intelligence Has Been Manipulating Wikipedia For Over A Decade: Wiki Co-Founder​  (I heard this over 20 years ago​. I thought everybody knew.)

​  Ukraine Rearrests American Blogger Trying To Enter Hungary For Asylum
  Chilean-American blogger Gonzalo Lira, who was initially detained by Ukrainian intelligence in May for 'pro-Russian sympathies'—has reportedly been rearrested as he was trying to make his way out of Ukraine into Hungary. His crime?: publishing YouTube videos critical of the war & the US-Kiev-NATO stance.

  Jimmy Dore interviews RFK Jr. for 18 minutes, but I'll summarize. What’s Actually Happening At U.S.-Mexico Border Is MIND BLOWING!
C​andidate Kennedy spent 3 days at the US​-Mexico border. One night 300 people came across, all illegally, all checked in. His team talked to all of them. only 2 families were from the Americas.  Children are missing. Families beg for help finding their stolen children. The great majority of these people were flown in from all over the world by cartels, robbed and bused to the border. They would be flown to any US city they requested, without money, and would typically "owe" the cartel money. That money would be collected at their destination by extortion and human slavery, by cartel members. This is big business in recent years, completely organized, and can be stopped. Border Patrol are deeply depressed and suicidal. The Trump fence goes down 6 feet underground to reduce placement of delivery tube systems to pop pods of fentanyl across. All of the fence sections have been lying on the ground unused. Newer fence, flimsier, not going under the ground, has been purchased for installation. (Can't use Trump fence.) The documented illegal entries to the US are more than double the green card entries.

​  Moon of Alabama: 
​  The opening of the 2024 election season was launched this week with the House Oversight Committee getting testimony from Hunter Biden's business partner Devon Archer over several documents related to Burisma. The following day confirmed this with the opening of another indictment against Donald Trump.
The timeline proves that these were not independent events.
Andrew Clark @AndrewHClark - 21:15 UTC · Aug 2, 2023
This timeline is actually incredible. I mean come on.
3/17 - Hunter admits laptop
3/18 - Trump indictment news
6/8 - FBI doc alleges Biden bribe
6/9 - Trump indicted
7/26 - Hunter plea deal collapses
7/27 - Trump indicted
7/31 - Devon Archer testifies
8/1 - Trump indicted​ ...
​..How will that look to the voters?
​  On the one side we have a case which shows the deep corruption of 'the big guy' and his family who are supported by the deep state they control.
On the other side we have the underdog who thought he was doing the right thing but is now indicted by the deep state for, at that time,  saying so.
​  The media will shine the light on both cases. Each time they will mention Trump it will, independent of what they write about him, be positive for him by making the case of the lone guy who gets unfairly prosecuted by the deep state.
​  Each time the Biden case will be mentioned it will remind the public of Biden's corrupt dealings.

  ​Robert Malone MD reviews Robert Kennedy Jr's new book: The Wuhan Cover Up , which is much more than that. It is a history of biowarfare programs.
​  What is often overlooked by academia, corporate media and the Washington DC political caste is that the history of modern biology (particularly microbiology, molecular biology, and virology) and the infectious disease pharmaceutical industry is intimately entwined with the American biowarfare enterprise.
  It has been estimated that total Federal expenditures on biowarfare research and development from the end of WW II through to the implementation of the Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention (1975) exceeded the costs of the US Nuclear Warfare program during this period, and this biowarfare program (and funding stream) is intimately linked to academia.  Most of the leaders of the American Society of Microbiology were also leaders in the American DoD/CIA-funded biowarfare program.  This background and context is necessary to understand how the fundamental corruption of academic medicine, peer-reviewed journals, the CDC, FDA, biological and academic research have been so comprehensive, as has been revealed by the COVID​ crisis.  
Just follow the money.

  ​I have been trying to get a handle on the colonial and anti-colonial power struggles going on in North Africa. These articles each add something to the consideration, but they are very different from each other. The first, sent by Christine, who used to teach university-level Water Law in Egypt, seems to give the clearest regional picture, which is that the Sahel region is breaking away from post-colonial colonialist extraction, and this coup in Niger threatens the export of a lot of high-quality uranium ore, which is of critical interest to France and the EU. This coup matters, but Niger joins several anti-colonial neighbors now.

​  Niger is the Fourth Country in the Sahel to Experience an Anti-Western Coup , BY VIJAY PRASHAD – KAMBALE MUSAVULI​  [Look at the lead photo.]
​  At 3 a.m. on July 26, 2023, the presidential guard detained President Mohamed Bazoum in Niamey, the capital of Niger. Troops, led by Brigadier General Abdourahmane Tchiani closed the country’s borders and declared a curfew. The coup d’état was immediately condemned by the Economic Community of West African States, by the African Union, and by the European Union. Both France and the United States—which have military bases in Niger—said that they were watching the situation closely. A tussle between the Army—which claimed to be pro-Bazoum—and the presidential guard threatened the capital, but it soon fizzled out. On July 27, General Abdou Sidikou Issa of the army released a statement saying that he would accept the situation to “avoid a deadly confrontation between the different forces which… could cause a bloodbath.”​ ...
..The coup in Niger follows similar coups in Mali (August 2020 and May 2021) and Burkina Faso (January 2022 and September 2022), and Guinea (September 2021). Each of these coups was led by military officers angered by the presence of French and U.S. troops and by the permanent economic crises inflicted on their countries. This region of Africa—the Sahel—has faced a cascade of crises: the desiccation of the land due to the climate catastrophe, the rise of Islamic militancy due to the 2011 NATO war in Libya, the increase in smuggling networks to traffic weapons, humans, and drugs across the desert, the appropriation of natural resources—including uranium and gold—by Western companies that have simply not paid adequately for these riches, and the entrenchment of Western military forces through the construction of bases and the operation of these armies with impunity...
​..A highly informed source in Niger tells us that the reason why the military moved against Bazoum is that “he’s corrupt, a pawn of France. Nigerians were fed up with him and his gang. They are in the process of arresting the members of the deposed system, who embezzled public funds, many of whom have taken refuge in foreign embassies.” The issue of corruption hangs over Niger, a country with one of the world’s most lucrative uranium deposits. The “corruption” that is talked about in Niger is not about petty bribes by government officials, but about an entire structure—developed during French colonial rule—that prevents Niger from establishing sovereignty over its raw materials and over its development.
​  At the heart of the “corruption” is the so-called “joint venture” between Niger and France called Société des mines de l’Aïr (Somaïr), which owns and operates the uranium industry in the country. Strikingly, 85 percent of Somaïr is owned by France’s Atomic Energy Commission and two French companies, while only 15 percent is owned by Niger’s government. Niger produces over 5 percent of the world’s uranium, but its uranium is of a very high quality. Half of Niger’s export receipts are from sales of uranium, oil, and gold.​..
..Fourteen former French colonies continued to use the Communauté Financiére Africaine (CFA), which gives immense advantages to France (50 percent of the reserves of these countries have to be held in the French Treasury and France’s devaluations of the CFA—as in 1994—have catastrophic effects on the country’s that use it). In 2015, Chad’s president Idriss Déby Itno said that the CFA “pulls African economies down” and that the “time had come to cut the cord that prevents Africa from developing.” Talk now across the Sahel is for not only the removal of French troops—as has taken place in Burkina Faso and in Mali—but of a break with the French economic hold on the region.
​  At the 2023 Russia-Africa Summit in July, Burkina Faso’s leader, President Ibrahim Traoré wore a red beret that echoed the uniform of the assassinated socialist leader of his country, Thomas Sankara. Traoré reacted strongly to the condemnation of the military coups in the Sahel, including to a recent visit to his country by an African Union delegation. “A slave that does not rebel does not deserve pity,” he said. “The African Union must stop condemning Africans who decide to fight against their own puppet regimes of the West.”
​  In February, Burkina Faso had hosted a meeting that included the governments of Mali and Guinea. On the agenda is the creation of a new federation of these states. It is likely that Niger will be invited into these conversations.

​  Drago Bosnic has this, French invasion of Niger could turn into all-out Franco-African war
​  To make matters worse for France, Algeria has joined the chorus of Niger's allies. The French archrival that spearheaded the independence of many of its "former" colonies in the 1960s is effectively an African superpower, heavily armed and highly motivated to never allow Paris or any other Western (neo)colonial power to establish a firm foothold in the region. This still leaves Chad as the only viable option for an invasion, as the country was an instrumental staging ground for virtually all French military operations in the area, including the illegal invasion of Libya. However, reaching Chad at this point is easier said than done and this still leaves most of the geopolitical issues unresolved. Also, all geographical considerations remain.
​  Namely, the Nigerien capital of Niamey is located in the southwestern corner of the country, close to the border with Burkina Faso. Thus, even in the unlikely case that none of its neighbors intervene, Niger is still left with a comfortable window of opportunity to resist the invasion. This could end in a disaster for France, as yet another military defeat in the area would inevitably lead to a complete collapse of the neocolonial system it left in place in the 1960s. On the other hand, if Paris doesn't intervene, this will happen anyway, albeit at a somewhat slower pace.

​  Andrew Korybko , The West Wants Nigeria to Invade Its Northern Neighbor
​  It’s expected that maximum pressure will be exerted on Nigeria by the West behind the scenes over the coming week ahead of ECOWAS’ ultimatum expiring. France and the US recognize the threat that the patriotic military coup in Niger poses to their hegemonic interests, which is why they’re ready to pull out all the stops in reversing this possibly game-changing development. For all its potential, Nigeria has largely failed to liberate itself from Western influence, hence why it’s likely to do their bidding.​..
 Chadian Interim President Mahamat Idriss Deby Itno traveled to the Nigerien capital of Niamey on Sunday to hold talks with the junta, though it’s unclear at the time of this analysis’ publication what the outcome was. His country is a regional military powerhouse whose armed forces could potentially participate in any operation that ECOWAS launches against Niger despite not being a member of that bloc. At the same time, however, there are reasons why it might not do so.
​  This traditional French ally failed to fall for the US’ information warfare provocation earlier this year falsely claiming that Russia was plotting to kill its interim leader. Instead of expelling that country’s ambassador, it kicked the German one out instead after discovering that he was trying to stir up Color Revolution unrest.
Shortly after, “Bloomberg Demanded That Biden Meddle In Chad On The Pretext Of Averting A Sudanese Scenario”. Accordingly, Chad might nowadays be reluctant to do the West’s bidding.
​  Its unexpected multipolar drift in recent months, which most recently saw the Chadian Foreign Minister travel to Russia for last week’s summit in defiance of intense Western pressure upon his country to boycott the event, could explain why its President is leading diplomatic efforts to defuse this latest crisis. At the same time, however, it still can’t be ruled out that Western pressure might prove too much and Chad is ultimately coerced into participating in a potential ECOWAS invasion of neighboring Niger.
​  Regardless of whatever role Chad may or may not play in that scenario, nothing can realistically happen unless Nigeria agrees to lead the invasion.

​  Andrew Korybko, West Africa Is Gearing Up For A Regional War
​  The latest events don’t inspire confidence that a wider war in West Africa can be averted, which is why everyone should brace themselves for one breaking out sometime later this month. If NATO-backed and Nigerian-led ECOWAS doesn’t swiftly defeat the newly formed Sahelian Coalition of Burkina Faso, Mali, and Niger (with Guinea possibly joining them in some capacity), then Russia is expected to tangibly support the latter, thus leading to a New Cold War proxy conflict in which Chad could be the kingmaker.​   [France seemed to be planning for war, building military hospitals, announced in late winter. I wondered why.]
​  Last week’s patriotic military coup in Niger, which was carried out in response to the prior regime’s failure to ensure its citizens’ security in the face of rising terrorist threats, is quickly turning into the catalyst for what could soon become a regional war in West Africa.

​  More Andrew Korybko ,  It’s Likely That Algeria Will Play An Important Role If West Africa Descends Into War
​  Security and ideological interests account for why the Algerian Chief of Staff just flew to Moscow. His country wants to coordinate with its strategic partner in responding to this regional crisis as well as the wider war that might soon break out. While Algeria’s role isn’t as important as Nigeria’s could be in leading the NATO-backed ECOWAS invasion of Niger nor Chad’s in possibly being the kingmaker, it’s still pretty significant and shouldn’t be ignored or downplayed.​..
​..NATO supports a Nigerian-led ECOWAS invasion to reinstall Niger’s ousted leader while Russia backs Burkina Faso and Mali, which have de facto merged into a federation and jointly announced that any attack on that neighboring nation will be regarded as a declaration of war against both of them. Those two are trilaterally cooperating with Guinea, which is also under military rule like they are and just threw its political weight behind the Nigerien junta, but it’s unclear whether it’ll militarily defend it too.

 On Thursday evening The Washington Post published an op-ed by the ousted president of Niger, Mohamed Bazoum, calling on the United States and the "entire international community" to intervene in order to restore him to power, and return the country to constitutional order.
  He also stated in the Washington Post that he was writing "as a hostage", at a moment unrest has persisted in the streets, following his overthrow by the military last Friday (and by his own presidential guard).
  Earlier in the day the junta declared the formal withdrawal of Niger's ambassadors from France, the US, Nigeria and Togo. There are now growing fears of an alliance between Niger's military and Russia's Wagner Group, which has a significant presence across West Africa and elsewhere on the continent.

​  More anti-colonialism:  Venezuela looking forward to joining BRICS after submitting membership bid — president Nicolas Maduro said.
  The five BRICS member states are expected to consider official membership applications from a number of countries at the group’s summit scheduled to be held in Johannesburg, South Africa, on August 22-24.

  Professor Anthony Hall on neoliberal-neoimperilism in Canada: (The RCMP conspiracy to frame and entrap protesters got released, but the judge won't look.)
  Trudeau's and Freeland's Fear and Loathing of Canada's Continuing Freedom Convoy
The Ingredients of a Serial Epidemic of Crime Fraud in the Case of Four Coutts Protesters Kept in Jail Without Any Conviction for Over 500 Days on the Bogus Charge That They Conspired to Kill Cops

​  Biden to Ask Congress to Include Military Aid for Taiwan in Next Ukraine War Spending Bill
​  The White House is expected to submit the request this month
​  According to Financial Times, including the Taiwan aid with the Ukraine spending bill could help win over support from Republicans who have opposed supporting the proxy war against Russia. Many Republicans who are against arming Ukraine say the US should be focused on arming Taiwan instead. “Adding supplemental funding for Taiwan will put some House Republicans in a more difficult position since many who oppose Ukraine funding remain in favor of supporting Taiwan.”

​  US President Joe Biden intends to ask Congress to finance arming Taiwan as part of the supplemental budget for Ukraine​ 
  In mid-July, Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley said that the United States and its allies should accelerate weapons deliveries to Taiwan to improve the island's defense capabilities. According to Milley, Taiwan's primary needs are air defense and equipment that can strike maritime targets from the ground. He added that the US is considering options to change the location of its contingent in the Asia-Pacific region.

​  Meryl Nass MD has this: Is there a depopulation agenda at work? The (Catholic) LifeSite News summarized a recent talk about this by Robert Malone.
 ​ In a speech at the 2023 White Coat Summit, Dr. Robert Malone asked the crucial question about the so-called COVID vaccines:
​ “Why would a government wish to advance this technology?”
His reluctant conclusion is that the novel mRNA injections have been developed by the CIA to assist in a global depopulation program – which has existed in the United States since the 1970s.

​  More childhood vaccines are correlated with higher infant and early childhood mortality. It appears to be causal. Peter McCullough MD
​  Now an analysis by Miller, et al, suggests the entire program of hyper vaccination may be backfiring.
​  The two main independent variables in this analysis restricted to developed countries at two time points 2019 and 2021 (check for internal validity) were the number of vaccines given in the 28 day neonatal period (none, hepatitis B, Bacille Calmette-Guérin (BCG) for tuberculosis) and then the overall number of shots given before age 1 year. The outcome variable was all cause mortality at age 1 and 5 years.
​  As you can see this does not look good for vaccines. In every analysis the children who went “natural” with no shots did the best and there was a trend for the fewest number of injections to be associated with the lowest mortality.

​Doing No Harm (pictured with Jenny, fig tree and young apple tree)

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