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Wagner Is Back , Under General Armageddon

 Not Astonished,

From June 30, 2023:
'Russian General Surovikin was secret Wagner VIP member' 
Documents have suggested that Russian General Sergei Surovikin, the deputy commander of Russian military operations in Ukraine whose whereabouts are currently unknown, was a secret VIP member of the Wagner mercenary group, a media report said.

​Ukrainian report from 7/423:
Surovikin Refuses To Order Air Strike On Wagner Column

​From June 23, as Wagner drove towards Moscow:
General Surovkin to the Leadership  of Wagner PMCs: "I urge you to stop"

  We know Surovkin was placed under house arrest afterJune 24, and that he was officially relieved of command just before Prigozhine's plane went down, but that he was "retained" by the Russian MoD, without a specification of his new assignment. Military Summary reports that Wagner forces are moving into the area north of Melitopol , which is south of heavy Ukrainian attacks, which intend to break through Russian lines and cut off supply routes to Crimea.
  The statement is made that General Surovkin is the only military leader which Wagner forces would accept as commander, and that he is now the new commanding general of Wagner PMC.
The Time Has Come. Armageddon And Wagner Are Back. Military Summary

  M.K. Bhadrakumar @ Indian Punchline argues against Putin being responsible for Prigozhin's assassination, that it was ham-handed, not Putin's style, and that it is being officially denied. Many others would like the news to be of Prigozhin's assassination than the BRICS summit being a big success.
​   And, above all, the big message coming out of Johannesburg is that with all the king’s horses and all the king’s men, the Biden administration has failed miserably to “isolate” Russia — it is there writ large in the resplendent glow of Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s effulgent smile. Russia is capping its gains in the battlefields of Ukraine with an outstanding diplomatic victory by being on the right side of history alongside the global majority.
​  Isn’t it plain common sense that of all days, Putin would never have chosen Wednesday to act as spoiler when Russia’s prestige was soaring high in the international community? Again, the question arises: Who stands to gain?
​  The plain truth is, there could be any number of people who wanted to physically eliminate Prigozhin​.

​  Gilbert Doctorow: Who killed Yevgeny Prigozhin? (Doctorow doesn't know either, but he notes that the west and western media immediately blamed Putin. He then points out the national enemies of Wagner, not just Prigozhin. The command structure of Wagner was hit together and taken out. In the Sahel, currently Niger, it is not just French neocolonial interests which are threatened by Wagner, but also US military & intelligence investments. Doctorow makes the point that Putin is still keeping his word of honor to Boris Yeltsin by not eliminating or jailing numerous of Yeltsin's team, who Vlad vowed to leave unharmed.)

The BBC says the plane the Wagner chiefs flew in had been sitting in Moscow for over a month without use. That is enough time to build a bomb into it.
  The Russian aviation authority said the crashed plane was an Embraer.
A Legacy 600 model from that maker has long been linked to Prigozhin. It has the registration number RA-02795.
  An unverified video from one of the crash sites shows debris with the last few digits of a registration number painted on - the numbers appear to be 795.
This aircraft is registered to Autolex Transport which the US government has linked to the Wagner boss.
It is presumed to have been in Moscow since 18 July as this was its first flight listed since then.
​  Simplicius , SITREP 8/26/23: Wagner Denouement and BRICS Rebirth
​  BRICS members did verbalize an initiative to begin work on an inter-BRICS settlement payment system and currency. The timetable for it is not immediate, allegedly within 5-10 years they hope to develop one. But even in the meantime, they will increase initiatives towards settling in their own currencies away from the dollar. So the de-dollarization will continue accelerating, especially now that there are new members on board. It’s just that they will convert between their own currencies rather than use a new single inter-BRICS currency in the way the EU uses the Euro...
...It’s been noted that the new BRICS currency will not be like the Euro in that it won’t be currency to replace daily usage for the average person in the streets. They will continue using their own currencies in their individual countries. The BRICS currency will be more for the countries’ own central banks to settle trade amongst themselves to avoid purchasing USD dollars. So in that respect, it won’t be like the EU where the Euro replaces the Deutsche Mark and all the rest...
​.."An important priority for BRICS interaction is the creation of new sustainable and safe transport routes... We believe that the time has come to establish within the framework of BRICS a permanent commission on transport, which would deal not only with the North-South project, but also, in a broader sense, with the development of logistics and transport corridors," Russian President Vladimir Putin said, addressing the audience of the 15th summit via video link.
​  The article explains that in particular, this commission would look toward ensuring the chief BRICS members’ ability to bypass critically strategic corridors and choke points like the Strait of Singapore, Strait of Malacca, Suez Canal, Bosphorus, Strait of Hormuz, etc.​..
​  [Specific national interests are discussed, often in some conflict. It was hard for India to accept so many new Muslim state members, for instance. Many members are torn between the need for $US trade and the need to move to a less extractive trade system gradually.] ...
​..Noteworthy is the fact that Putin did not say the kind of things I personally would have expected, under normal circumstances. 
You expect declarations like: “We will scour the earth, leave no stone unturned until we get whoever was responsible for this. The coward/craven/villain who committed this vile terrorist act will be brought to justice, etc.”
​  None of that was said. Instead, a very reserved and mannered eulogy, fraught with symbolism. Prigozhin was a ‘difficult man’ who ‘made mistakes’, etc. Personally, it’s exactly the type of brief, cagey, boilerplate eulogy I’d expect if Prigozhin was in fact “put out to pasture” by security services.
​  That said, there’s still no real 100% confirmation or identification of the bodies.​..
..For now, what we know is that Putin suddenly issued a new decree obliging all paramilitary style forces like volunteers and PMCs to “swear an oath of allegiance” to Russia​.

Watch: Maui Residents Turned Back By Police Barricades Recount Their Brush With Death

​  Disobey and Live, Maui Fire Barricades
​  Kim Cuevas-Reyes told the Associated Press that she was fleeing the fires with her two sons when the authorities told her to turn right toward Lahaina’s Civic Center. She disobeyed and lived. “The gridlock would have left us there when the firestorm came,” said Cuevas-Reyes. “I would have had to tell my children to jump into the ocean as well and be boiled alive by the flames or we would have just died from smoke inhalation and roasted in the car.”
​  Another resident by the name Nate Baird was not aware of the fires until his two young sons said they ​"smelled smores​". He fled with his family but was told to turn around and go back to Lahaina. He disobeyed and lived. “Nobody realized how little time we really had,” Baird said. “Like even us being from the heart of the fire, we did not comprehend. Like we literally had minutes and one wrong turn. We would all be dead right now.”

​  General Mark Milley, the chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, told Jordanian TV on 24 August that US forces illegally occupying oil fields in Syria's northeast will remain there for the foreseeable future to “fight ISIS.”...
​  While the White House claims its troops are present in Syria to confront ISIS, Russian intelligence and Syrian locals say Washington's forces house and train extremist militants in the 55-kilometer-zone surrounding the Al-Tanf occupation base in southeast Syria.​ 

​Professor Anthony Hall ,  If bin Laden Didn't Do 9/11, Then Who Did?
Reflections and Original Research on Aspects of the Zionist Role in 9/11

​  C.J. Hopkins ,  The Road to Totalitarianism (Part 3)   ("Sentence first, then verdict!")
​  So, the Germans are putting me on trial for my thoughtcrimes, and, apparently, I’ve already been found guilty and sentenced. Bear with me and I’ll try to explain.
​  The Berlin District Court has issued a so-called “penalty order” or “order of punishment,” in which I am advised that I am now officially a criminal in Germany, for tweeting two Tweets. According to my attorney, a trial will now be scheduled, at which my attorney will argue the case before the judge that just issued the “order of punishment.” At this trial, the judge will listen attentively to the arguments my attorney has already made in writing, consider them carefully, and find me guilty, again. Then the judge will reaffirm the “order of punishment.”
​    Go ahead, read that paragraph again.
​  After my Kafkaesque trial has concluded, my attorney will file a series of appeals, which will fail, at which point I will have to decide whether to pay a fine of 3,600 Euros or go to German prison for 60 days.
​  This process will take months, if not years, and will cost me God knows how much money in attorney’s fees, court costs, and then the €3,600 fine. Yes, I’m going to pay the fine. I am not going to German prison for 60 days. Life is too short, and I am getting older, and it wouldn’t really accomplish anything except making a narcissistic spectacle of myself.
​  However, what will accomplish something (I don’t know how much, but something) is if I see the whole process through to the end, and shine as much light on it as I possibly can, because my case is just one of many such cases, and the real story here is not about me, it is about the crackdown on political dissent that is being carried out, not just here in Germany, but also in other countries all throughout the West.

​ Sasha Latypova ,  Chief of Nuclear, Chemical, and Biological Defense of the Russian Federation Lt General Igor Kirillov speaks about U.S. bioweapons activity ,  Parsing out facts, fiction, narratives, and reading between the lines.​ 
 Overall, Kirillov provides some factually correct information, albeit nothing new or earth shattering. He is also omitting and glossing over a lot of information that Russian MOD and government know, because they likely participate in the same activities and likely in coordination with the US. I expect them to, as they are not stupid. While Kirillov talks about US biodefense racket and Permanent Office of Pandemic Preparedness (Biden’s Next Gen) accusingly, his own job title is pretty much equivalent to Paul Friedrichs’s - Chief of CBRN “defense”...
​..Kirillov’s speech demonstrates that the Russian and US governments are playing on the same team here - Team Global, Team WHO, Team Fake Pandemics and Biodefense.
​  Russian MOD: we must defend ourselves against those American-made GOF threats!
​  US DOD: we must defend ourselves against those rogue PhDs in their garages, pangolins in wet markets, “emerging pathogens” and foreign adversaries cooking bugs!

​Avoiding Bioweapons (pictured putting floppy chicken wire cage down to make deer anxious about their hooves)

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