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Blue Pill Crack Pipe

 Facing Reality,

  You may remember the Larry Sinclair story from early 2008 during the primary season. Hillary Clinton supporters liked Larry. Larry said he gave Barack Obama $250 for some cocaine and had oral sex with him in the back of a limo in 1999, after Barack smoked some crack. That story came up in February of 2008, but the first link I can find in my inbox that is still live is from May, describing Larry's story and how popular he was during the 2008 primaries among Clinton supporters.
​  Larry Sinclair, the Minnesota man who took to YouTube to allege that Barack Obama had oral sex with him in the back of a limousine in 1999, is one of the belles of the ball. "They almost made me cry this morning when they told me to get out of there," the blond Sinclair--who's looking roly-poly and giddy in a blue-and-white striped shirt with a pack of Marlboros protruding from the breast pocket--says, referring to several nervous protest organizers who tried to evict him when he first showed up at the rally site early this morning carrying a box of "Obama's DIRTY LITTLE SECRETS: Murder, Drugs, Gay Sex" fliers. Since then, though, he goes on, "I have been totally surprised by the reception I have received!" He's not kidding. Clusters of people in Hillary shirts ask to take their photo with him, one woman covered in Clinton buttons introduces him to Greta Van Susteren, and he estimates he has handed out 500 fliers.​.. In the thirty minutes I stand with him, only one woman expresses disgust at his fliers and his willingness to chattily discourse on whether Obama is "good in bed." Earlier, he claims, he even got to take a picture with Charlie Rangel. "I love him!" Sinclair chirps, though, it must be said, not as much as he loves Lanny Davis.​..  It's easy to sink into despair here. Standing and watching all these Democrats chat up Sinclair--who's retained Montgomery Blair Sibley as his lawyer and says the Republican National Committee has also been in touch with him--makes me want to fall to my knees, rend my garments, and start insanely screaming, "Wake up! Wake up! You'll hate a President John McCain!"

  Somehow Larry Sinclair is still drawing air all of these years later. Tucker Carlson has mentioned him recently and has interviewed him. 
That interview may have "aired" by the time you read this. Here is the 1 minute teaser of Larry Sinclair's statements to Tucker.

  James Roguski, who focuses on international treaty law, particularly related to UN and W.H.O. "Pandemic Preparedness, Prevention and Response" instruments has long monitored organizations which advocate for these interventions. James has put up this blog post about a meeting which would benefit greatly from some "diverse views".
​  If you know anyone who lives in the New York City area, or would be willing and able to travel to NYC on the evening of September 18, 2023, please share this information with them ASAP.
(Technically, you will not be “crashing” the party - everyone IS invited!)
The Panel for a Global Public Health Convention and the Government of Malaysia are pleased to invite you to a panel discussion during the 78th United Nations General Assembly on September 18, 2023.

  This is extremely dark and evil. I have been seeing this same basic story since the mid 1980s. You are not required to look at this. I think it is real. I knew one victim in 1989.
Elite Pedophilia And The Propaganda Machine, Part 4: The Final Chapter – Towards Ascension

Ukrainian Spy Participated in US Capitol Breach Alongside QAnon Shaman – Report
In one of the photos taken on January 6, 2021, QAnon Shaman is standing near the man later identified as Dubynyn at the front door of the US Capitol. Per Jacob, he didn’t know who the man was: the individual approached him and asked for a photo.

​About the complete social media blackout of all personal videos of Maui fires. "Removed for Graphic Content", even with no "graphic content" at all. 10 second loop of a strange tree on fire from only the inside.

U.S.-Funded War in Ukraine Costs More in One Day than Biden Is Sending to Maui

​To their deaths...
Poland begins to extradite to Ukraine men who left it after February 24, 2022

​  Remember the Polish-Lithuanian Empire? (me neither)  
​  MINSK, September 4. /TASS/. Poland is using the issue of the Suwalki Gap as a pretext to enter Lithuania and potentially occupy part of its territory, Andrey Bogodel, deputy head of the department of the General Staff of the Armed Forces at the Military Academy of Belarus, said in an interview with the STV TV channel.

​Gilbert Doctorow , Kim Jong Un as guest of honor at the Far East Economic Forum
​  The New York Times and Financial Times both today speak about a meeting between Vladimir Putin and North Korean president Kim Jong Un in Vladivostok during the coming days. Buried in their reports is the suggestion that this may occur simultaneously with the Far East Economic Forum which opens in Vladivostok on Monday, 11 September and continues through the 13th.  Of course, neither publication says a word about the Forum itself.  Meanwhile on today’s Russian state television (Sixty Minutes) I heard confirmation that Kim is expected in Russia as early as on the 10th.
​  The Economic Forum is clearly a determinant of the timing of Kim’s visit to Russia. But then so are the American-South Korean military exercises, the port call of a U.S. nuclear submarine to South Korea and the observation by Kim last week when he visited his own naval headquarters that the nearby seas presently hold the world’s biggest concentration of warships, and that North Korea would respond to this threat...
..Of course, at this point no one can say whether Kim will be given the podium at the Forum. But his likely presence in Vladivostok for his meeting with Putin at this moment which will be watched by the entire world shows that Russia’s emerging relationship with North Korea is anything but surreptitious.

​Shutting the barn door...
US Sanctions Fail Again: Huawei Unveils New Smartphone With Its Own Advanced Chip
​  Bloomberg purchased a Huawei Mate 60 Pro. The handset was delivered to TechInsights for a complete teardown. They found a new Kirin 9000s chip manufactured in China by Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp.
​  TechInsights said SMIC had used existing equipment and applied its second-generation 7-nanometer process, known as the N+2 node, to manufacture the Kirin 9000s chip for the Mate 60 Pro. This phone with the new chip is on par with Apple's iPhones launched in 2018. Currently, iPhone chips are made by the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, using a 4-nanometer process.

​  "No Choice": Musk Threatens Suit Against ADL; Blames Activists For "Most Of X's Revenue Loss"
​  Elon Musk, owner of the platform X, formerly known as Twitter, has threatened to ban the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) from his platform, adding that he had “no choice” but to file a defamation lawsuit against the advocacy group, which previously called for a pause on ad spending on the social network.
​  The group alleges Mr Musk has failed to clamp down on hate speech on the social media platform since his takeover last year, allowing disinformation to proliferate – something Mr Musk strongly denies.
​  Further, it was revealed that the ADL has put pressure on X to deplatform popular anti-woke account Libs of TikTok, which is run by a conservative Jewish woman, Chaya Raichik...
..News of the potential lawsuit comes after news broke that X is still down around 60% in US ad revenue as the ADL continues to put pressure on its advertisers to avoid the social media platform.
​  "I don't see any scenario where they’re responsible for less than 10pc of the value destruction, so [around] $4bn.”
​  In November, the pressure group Stop Hate for Profit, which includes the ADL, called on advertisers “to pause their spending globally” and claimed “hate speech and disinformation have proliferated” on the app since Mr Musk’s takeover.

​  ADL "Has Lost Its Way"; CEO Claims Musk Is 'Inciting Violence Against Jewish People By Criticizing Us'
​  "The ADL taught me that nastygrams from Jew haters were just the price we pay for liberty, worthy of being filed and forgotten," writes Ron Coleman in the op-ed.
"This is not Weimar Germany; it is America. We have a First Amendment, we have civil rights, we have a working democracy.
That is part of the good we have done.
​  "But" Coleman explains, "the ADL no longer believes this..."
"It has become part of a great online censorship machine that is being exposed day after day as an anti-free speech enterprise."

​  As Coleman concludes:
​  "The ADL's efforts to censor Twitter confirms what we have known for years: Not only is today's ADL not doing the world some good. It is doing something much worse. How much longer will we be allowed to say so?"

​   These graphs of excess deaths are really easy to read for 1-or-more vaccinations, 2-or-more vaccinations and 3-or-more vaccinations compared to no vaccinations.
Proof of a mRNA Disaster! A Buried England mRNA Data Avalanche has been Exposed. We can now Compare the % of All Cause Death (by Vaccination Status) with the % of Vaccine Uptake.

​  This cost Dr. Littell so much time, effort and fees, and he gets nothing but his Family Medicine Board Certification reinstated. Mine remains revoked for this same offense.
​  A Florida physician known for being outspoken about COVID-related topics has regained his board certification that was stripped because he publicly criticized COVID vaccines...
​  Dr. Littell, a longtime family physician in Ocala and a medical school professor, began posting videos sharing his thoughts about COVID-19 testing, treatments, and vaccines early in the pandemic. He was frustrated to find his content often was pulled down from his YouTube channel.
​  But he fought against what he saw as censorship by moving the content to other platforms, such as Rumble, he said.
Then, in January 2022 and again five months later, he received warning letters from the American Board of Family Medicine (ABFM), the organization that issued his certification for his medical specialty.
​  The letter stated that his videos on YouTube and Rumble spread “medical misinformation” and could put his board certification in jeopardy, he said.
The ABFM declined to comment on the matter because the board's "policy indicates we are unable to comment about professionalism cases."

​Here is a one minute smartphone-video of flying saucers flying at low altitude over Florida a few days ago, followed by some helicopters.

Sub 10 minute video, "What Is Space Weather?", clearly explains how solar conditions directly influence weather and communications outages here on earth.

Out At Dawn (pictured starting bike ride as Jenny leaves for work)

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