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It's Still 9/11

 Sequestered Jurors,

  It has been a long time since John Kennedy decided to keep the US from invading Cuba and decided to negotiate nuclear de-escalation with the USSR. It's a different country now. But it is the same country we got right after 9/11/01, just more jaded, disorganized, depleted and exhausted after losing the global war on brown people with oil.

​ 1) The Triumph of the Official Narrative: How the TV Networks Hid the Twin Towers’ Explosive Demolition on 9/11​  
(Lots of original news clips with transcripts.)
​  The widely held belief that the Twin Towers collapsed as a result of the airplane impacts and the resulting fires is, unbeknownst to most people, a revisionist theory. Among individuals who witnessed the event firsthand, the more prevalent hypothesis was that the Twin Towers had been brought down by massive explosions.
​  This observation was first made 14 years ago in the article, “118 Witnesses: The Firefighters’ Testimony to Explosions in the Twin Towers.” A review of interviews conducted with 503 members of the New York Fire Department (FDNY) in the weeks and months after 9/11 revealed that 118 of them described witnessing what they interpreted that day to be explosions. Only 10 FDNY members were found describing the destruction in ways supportive of the fire-induced collapse hypothesis.
​  The interviews of fire marshal John Coyle and firefighter Christopher Fenyo explicitly support this finding. Coyle remarked in his interview, “I thought it was exploding, actually. That’s what I thought for hours afterwards. . . . Everybody I think at that point still thought these things were blown up.” Similarly, Fenyo recalled in his interview, “At that point, a debate began to rage [about whether to continue rescue operations in the other, still-standing tower] because the perception was that the building looked like it had been taken out with charges.”

2)​ The Triumph of the Official Narrative: How the TV Networks Hid the Twin Towers’ Explosive Demolition on 9/11
​  This article is the second installment of a two-part research project we began in July 2020 with the article “How 36 Reporters Brought Us the Twin Towers’ Explosive Demolition on 9/11.”
​  In that article, our goal was to determine the prevalence, among television reporters on 9/11, of the hypothesis that explosions had brought down the Twin Towers. Through careful review of approximately 70 hours of news coverage on 11 different channels, we found that the explosion hypothesis was not only common among reporters but was, in fact, the dominant hypothesis.
​  Our second question, which we set aside for the present article, was to determine how, despite its prevalence, the explosion hypothesis was supplanted by the hypothesis of fire-induced collapse.​..
​..We do not see our task as trying to discover whether the Official Narrative of 9/11 is true or false. In the 21 years since the attacks took place, it has been proven beyond all reasonable doubt, we believe, that the Official Narrative is false.
​  While we support and participate in the further accumulation of evidence for this position, as well as the presentation of this evidence to the public, we believe it is also important to look into how the triumph of the Official Narrative was accomplished. If we are able to discover this, we will greatly advance our understanding of the psychological operation conducted on September 11, 2001 — and, thus, our understanding of how other psychological operations are perpetrated on the public.
​  Our argument is that two strategies were employed to accomplish the triumph of the Official Narrative:

(a) Where news anchors were sincerely dedicated to discovering the facts of the situation, Strategy One was employed. This strategy involved directly confronting the news anchor of the relevant network with an “expert” who would explain that the destruction of the Twin Towers was caused by structural failure induced by the airplane impact and the ensuing fires. This would allay concerns about reports of explosions in the towers and would domesticate the news anchor so that he or she would stop raising problematic questions. Of course, as we can see clearly today, these experts could not possibly have known what they so confidently proclaimed. In fact, we can now see that their explanations were simply wrong. But their interviews seem to have accomplished their goals on 9/11.​..

(b) Strategy Two was used on all networks, regardless of the stance of the news anchors. This strategy involved developing two related narratives — two engaging, emotionally charged stories — that appeared to explain the day’s horrors and offered viewers a set of active responses. They were not scientific hypotheses and were not directly related to the destruction of the Twin Towers, but indirectly they appeared to favor the fire-induced collapse hypothesis more than the explosion hypothesis. By the end of the day, they had silenced the explosion hypothesis.
​  The first of these two stories is what we shall call the War on Terror narrative. This grand narrative, resonant with older storied events, explained how the righteous, the civilized, the United States had been subjected to an act of war from the evil, the uncivilized, the terrorists supported by nations in the Middle East and Central Asia; and how American leaders must respond to this aggression with an initiative that was warlike on many levels. This narrative was articulated early (before noon on 9/11) and was repeated throughout the day. It established the foundations of the Global War on Terror.
​  The second story is the Bin Laden narrative, which nested within the wider War on Terror narrative and was used to transform myth into plausible history. According to this narrative, an evil Saudi national based in Afghanistan had masterminded the attacks.
​  It is extremely important to grasp the relationship between these two narratives and what may seem as detailed — even esoteric — facts about the destruction of the Twin Towers. If the buildings were destroyed by pre-planted explosives — as we believe has been demonstrated through years of research — the two narratives, however rational and moral they appeared to be to many television viewers, are profoundly misleading in their political analysis and profoundly immoral in their prescriptions.

​  The reality of Israeli explosives experts using the cover of "art groups" to infiltrate and set up shop in the World Trade Center in advance of the big day is really not new to most 9/11 researchers. What is not as widely known however is the demonically mocking brazenness of their "art" -- something which could only be appreciated post 9/11.
*Editor's Note: We are of the opinion that a cocktail of explosive forces was used to take out the Twin Towers: 1. Floor by floor explosives (to mimic and accelerate the "pancake" collapse which was then used as an explanation) 2. Micro nukes (to take out the deep immovable base and solid inner core of the towers) 3. Directed Energy Weapons (to pulverize and aerosolize everything for effect and easy cleanup)
​  Two of the "artist" fronts -- which served as Trojan Horses for the Zionist blasting operatives -- were given unfettered, off hours access to the the 90s floors of the North Tower. The groups (among others still unknown to us) went by the name Gelatin (from Austria) and E-Team (Three Jews from New York). Both groups were chosen to be part of the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council World Views projects which enabled them to actually live in the towers during the months leading up to 9/11. We kid you not!​ ...
..But first, an observation about the group's name, "Gelatin." Gelignite is an enormously powerful blasting material, invented by Alfred Nobel -- who also invented dynamite. The explosive is also commonly referred to as gelatin. And the B-Thing? ---- Balcony Thing? --- Or Bomb Thing?​ ...
​..Another cast of shady characters fronting as "artists" working inside the Towers was a Jewish New York trio Eteam: consisting of members Ranziska Lamprecht, Hajoe Moderegger, and Daniel Seiple. E-Team = Explosives team? Yeah --- I think so.
​  Not as much is known about E-team as we now know about the Gelatin crew. But we do know that they were also active in the 90s floors of the North Tower (the exact spot which exploded first on 9/11).​..
..World Trade Center lease owner Larry Silverstein could be found eating breakfast at Windows on the World restaurant on the top floor of the North Tower which got "E-Teamed" on 9/11. But on that fateful day, he just happened to have a "doctor's appointment" and both of his children (who also worked in the WTC) were late for work.

​  “On September 10, 2001, former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld said, “Our financial systems are decades old. According to some estimates, we cannot track $2.3 trillion in transactions. We cannot share information from floor to floor in this building because it’s stored on dozens of technological systems that are inaccessible or incompatible,” the Sanders-Grassley Audit the Pentagon Act states. A day after Rumsfeld’s announcement, the building was targeted in the 9/11 attack where the alleged accounting effort was taking place. The $2.3 trillion remains unaccounted for to this day.​  The WTC7 collapse, shown above, was the only building not hit by a plane. The government simply said a fire managed to melt steel beams and destroy the building. The demolished area was the precise location of the Pentagon audit, and also happened to be the location of my computer system. Here is the letter I received from the SEC explaining that everything had simply been destroyed on 9/11. That was the final answer and no questions were permitted. The government managed to evacuate all the government employees prior to the attack; the civilians in other towers were not so lucky.​  Martin Armstrong

9/11 looks like it might have been the beginning of the end of the American empire.
It spawned the worst and most destructive foreign policy in the country’s history.
The government response to 9/11 birthed the constitutional abomination that is the modern warrantless surveillance state.
The Patriot Act enabled the government to weaponize its vast resources against its own people.
Bush’s failed foreign policy led to directly to Obama’s presidency, and indirectly to Biden’s, both of which are responsible for diminishing the U.S. at home and abroad, militarily and economically.
After two failed forever wars that wouldn’t have happened without 9/11, our government is now desperately trying to foment potentially nuclear forever war against Russia.

RFK Jr. calls out DNC’s corrupt scheme to re-elect Biden & how he plans to disrupt it.

Twilight Of The Democrats​   [Don​'tcha think it's the whole Uniparty at this point?]
​  For many years, Democrats insisted that they were the party of diplomatic solutions; today, they are eagerly sending depleted uranium rounds and internationally banned cluster munitions to Ukraine.
​  Biden’s poor approval ratings are likely also influenced by the brewing scandal around his son. Over half of voters believe that the president’s actions related to the Hunter Biden probe are inappropriate, and 61% say they think the president was involved in his son’s business dealings.
​  Indeed, there is mounting evidence that Biden’s Department of Justice is criminalizing the political activity of his enemies while shielding his son from real prosecution.
​  When Biden took office, he vowed that his administration would put an end to the division of the Trump years and would restore unity. Yet, on several occasions, Biden has made highly charged and antagonistic remarks about ordinary American citizens. Despite the media’s efforts to portray him as a wise and grandfatherly figure, Biden often appears to be angry and confused, lashing out at us unpredictably.
​  Due to the president’s age and obvious cognitive decline, it is unclear who is actually running the country and calling the shots. Biden, a corrupt and disoriented old man controlled by shadowy figures behind the scenes, is emblematic of what the Democratic Party has become.
​  The old vibrancy and inspiring messages of “hope” and “change” are gone, and all that remains is a cynical and desperate thirst for power.

​  Like its figurehead, the Democratic Party operates through secrecy and can barely conceal its contempt for large swathes of the country. It has become a party of censorship, war, elitism, and dishonesty.
​  There is only so long that Democrats can keep pretending Biden is a competent leader, and the latest CNN poll has provided a chance for many to finally state the obvious. Said Van Jones on CNN, “A lot of Democrats look at these numbers and say, ‘The whispers are finally showing up in this data’... People are scared to come out and say anything about it, but I think it’s important for us to have this conversation now.”​   
[So it's gonna be Michelle Obama, right?]

​  Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, who was representing Russia at the 18th G20 Summit in New Delhi, gave a press conference on Sunday where he weighed in, among other things, on the issue of the push towards dedollarization and trade in local currencies that is gaining momentum on a global scale.
​  “Everyone understands what the Americans want from Russia... They want to get rid of a competitor​.

Here’s why Ukraine’s defeat could mean the end of NATO in its current form
  As the Western political elites that cultivated this conflict peer into another winter of political, military, and potentially economic discontent, it is now that we potentially face the most dangerous period in Europe since the outbreak of WWII.
​  The catalyst for a wider war in Europe isn’t, in fact, a limited conflict in Ukraine in itself, one that started in 2014 and, notably, had been largely ignored by Western powers for almost a decade. The real issue is that NATO, which is currently engaged in a proxy War with Russia, is facing a ‘damned if you do and damned if you don’t’ scenario regarding its growing military involvement in Ukraine. If the US-led bloc escalates further as defeat looms, it could likely lead to direct confrontation with Russia. If it doesn’t, its proxy will collapse and leave Russia victorious, a fate once utterly unthinkable in Brussels, Washington, and London, but now becoming a nightmarish reality.
​  Such a defeat would be devastating and potentially terminal for the prestige and reputation of the whole NATO brand.​ 
[and the $US brand, too]

​Gilbert Doctorow , G20 Summit wrap-up
​  In these otherwise grim times, it was an occasion to celebrate the achievements of Indian diplomacy in reconciling the opposing sides of the Collective West and the Global South for the sake of improved global economic management based on consensus. The result was to save the G20 from irrelevance just when a rival board of directors for global governance, BRICS, had emerged at its own summit with an ambitious renewal by expanding its membership and strengthening its activities in peacekeeping as well as financing infrastructure projects in the developing world.
​  Let me emphasize that in theory these two platforms, the G20 and BRICS can and should develop in parallel.  BRICS is the venue for the Global South and its nonaligned friends to consult among themselves and agree goals and strategy without interference from the Collective West acting as spoilers... Meanwhile, the G20 is where the sides can meet and attempt to align their respective goals and strategy for the sake of common action.

..It must be emphasized that the behind the scenes negotiations by which the Indian organizers persuaded the United States and its allies in the G7 to abandon their obstructionism sets a template for next year’s G20 summit in Brazil.  It is manifestly clear that, as represented by India, the Global South rejects all attempts to be dominated by the West on the question of the Ukraine war and on much else.
​  It is also clear from the decision to raise the participation of the African Union in the G20 from the status of Guest to that of full-fledged member that the G20 was emulating BRICS in giving a still greater voice to the Global South...
​..An important agreement announced on the sidelines of the G20, namely the launch of an East-West corridor​, will provide much faster freight transport by rail from India through the Middle East to Europe.  Given expectations for India to become a much larger manufacturer and contributor to global commerce in coming years, the planned new infrastructure will be welcome. That the corridor was conceived by the United States and allies as a response to China’s Belt and Road initiative is beyond doubt, but so what?
​  What has been missing in remarks about the new East-West corridor is how it matches with the North-South Transport Corridor that is now being enhanced by agreement between Russia, Iran and India. That already provides for transmodal freight arriving in India from Russia and the Central Asian states and being shipped across to Saudi Arabia for onward delivery westward and southward, into northeast Africa.  The net result of these two projects will be to make India a major transportation hub in Asia.

  ​What's a nice word for "piracy"? Oh, "privateering", thanks!  US Confirms It Seized Nearly 1 Million Barrels Of Iranian Oil Allegedly En Route To China
​  Unsealed court documents show that in April, the United States seized from the tanker Suez Rajan contraband cargo that was allegedly being sold by the IRGC to China.
​  On April 19, the vessel's owner, Suez Rajan Ltd., pleaded guilty to conspiring to violate the International Emergency Economic Powers Act (IEEPA) in smuggling the sanctioned Iranian crude oil. Under a plea agreement, the company agreed to pay a $2.4 million fine and face three years of corporate probation.
​  Greek shipper Empire Navigation, the operating company of the Suez Rajan, agreed to cooperate and transport the Iranian oil to the United States at its own expense, a task that has since been completed.
​  "The contraband cargo is now the subject of a civil forfeiture action in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia," the DOJ stated. "The United States’ forfeiture complaint alleges that the oil aboard the vessel is subject to forfeiture based on U.S. terrorism and money laundering statutes."

​  The Kremlin has confirmed that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un will pay an official visit to Russia at the invitation of President Vladimir Putin in a Monday statement.
​  While prior reports speculated that such a meeting could be coming soon, which will mark their first such summit since the Ukraine war started, the Kremlin statement indicates it's happening sooner than expected - even this week...
..Both countries remain in US crosshairs and under far-reaching sanctions. Shoigu's visit had indeed likely kick-started serious dialogue, given it marked the first visit by a Russian defense ministry to North Korea since the 1991 collapse of the Soviet Union. So the next step, we now learn, is precisely an an ultra-provocative Kim trip to meet with Putin inside Russia.
​  At the end of last month, White House NSC official John Kirby predicted, "Following these negotiations, high-level discussions may continue in coming months." That's also when the NSC first alleged that the two sides are negotiating over "significant quantities and multiple types" of weapons to use in Ukraine.
​  It could be that preparation for a major arms deal has already been laid, and that Kim and Putin will finalize it and sign an agreement. It's been well known that Russia has been rapidly blowing through artillery shells in Ukraine, and that this is a big and constant need for Putin to execute the war.

​  Estimates Of China's Youth Unemployment Hit 50%
​  “The younger generation must inherit and carry forward the spirit of self-reliance, and hard work, abandon arrogance, and engrave the passion of youth in the water just like our parents did, on the monument of history,” declared Xi, some time ago.
​  Youth unemployment across China continued its rise this summer. The official number approached 21% before Beijing halted its publication.
​  Unofficial estimates stretched to nearly 50% when one counts the “lying flat”, a term adopted by youth who are choosing to quit the rat race altogether. In previous decades, agitated youth took to the streets. New forms of hyper-surveillance make such rebellion far harder. Instead, the young simply opt out.

​  Meryl Nass MD,  My dire warnings about the plan to aggressively hunt for "potential pandemic pathogens" has been heeded--but by only one US agency
​  The US quietly terminates a controversial $125m wildlife virus hunting program amid safety fears
​  Searching for future pandemic viruses is exactly what the proposed WHO Treaty (in its most recent Bureau Text version) demands of its member nations, and what I warned about in writings and on the Highwire last week. Other similar programs, however, continue. They all need to be shut down, with effective oversight guaranteeing they don’t continue in the shadows.
​  As Del pointed out, the WHO proposal calls for “Open-Source” biological warfare agents. To be “shared globally.”
Article 12 of the treaty has 2 options— but both require nations to share the deadly potential pandemic pathogens​ (PPP)​..
​..Biological materials-sharing:
(a) Each Party, through its relevant public health authorities and authorized laboratories, shall, in a rapid, systematic and timely manner:
​ (i) provide pathogens with pandemic potential from early infections due to pathogens with pandemic potential or subsequent variants to a laboratory recognized or designated as part of an established WHO coordinated laboratory network; and
​ (ii) upload the genomic sequence of such pathogens with pandemic potential to one or more publicly accessible database(s) of its choice.​..
​..A flagship project for the controversial practice of hunting viruses among wildlife in South East Asia, Africa, and Latin America to prevent human outbreaks and pandemics is being quietly dropped by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) after private and bipartisan criticism over the safety of such research, The BMJ has found.
​  For more than a decade the US government has been funding international projects engaged in identifying exotic wildlife viruses that might someday infect humans. Although critics have raised concerns over the potentially catastrophic risks of such virus hunting activities,1 hundreds of millions of dollars in unabated funding have symbolised a commitment to the effort.
​  The shuttering of the project, as described in a new congressional budget document and during interviews with scientists and federal policy makers, marks an abrupt retreat by the US government from wildlife virus hunting, an activity that has also been funded by the Department of Defense and the National Institutes of Health. The turnabout follows early warnings raised by sceptics—including officials in the Biden White House—that the $125m (£99m; €115m) “DEEP VZN” programme could inadvertently ignite a pandemic.

​  Forensic Analysis of the 38 Subject Deaths in the 6-Month Interim Report of the Pfizer/BioNTech BNT162b2 mRNA Vaccine Clinical Trial
​  The analysis reported here is unique in that it is the first study of the original data from the Pfizer/BioNTech BNT162b2 mRNA vaccine clinical trial (CA4591001) to be carried out by a group unaffiliated with the trial sponsor. Our study is a forensic analysis of the 38 trial subjects who died between July 27, 2020, the start of Phase 2/3 of the clinical trial, and March 13, 2021, the data end date of their 6-Month Interim Report. Phase 2/3 of the trial involved 44,060 subjects who were equally distributed into two groups and received Dose 1 of either the BNT162b2 mRNA vaccinated or the Placebo control (0.9% normal saline).....Our analysis revealed inconsistencies between the subject data listed in the 6-Month Interim Report and publications authored by Pfizer/BioNTech trial site administrators. Most importantly, we found evidence of an over 3.7-fold increase in number of deaths due to cardiovascular events in BNT162b2 vaccinated subjects compared to Placebo controls. This significant adverse event signal was not reported by Pfizer/BioNTech. Potential sources of these data inconsistencies are identified.

​  Methodological Issues and Evidence of Malfeasance in Research Purporting to Show Thimerosal in Vaccines Is Safe​   Thanks Dark Matter.
​  There are over 165 studies that have focused on Thimerosal, an organic-mercury (Hg) based compound, used as a preservative in many childhood vaccines, and found it to be harmful. Of these, 16 were conducted to specifically examine the effects of Thimerosal on human infants or children with reported outcomes of death; acrodynia; poisoning; allergic reaction; malformations; auto-immune reaction; Well's syndrome; developmental delay; and neurodevelopmental disorders, including tics, speech delay, language delay, attention deficit disorder, and autism. In contrast, the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that Thimerosal is safe and there is “no relationship between [T]himerosal[-]containing vaccines and autism rates in children.” This is puzzling because, in a study conducted directly by CDC epidemiologists, a 7.6-fold increased risk of autism from exposure to Thimerosal during infancy was found.

​Minimally Poisoned (pictured with young apple tree surviving summer)

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