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Expecting Shortages

 Potentially Redundant,

Now We Are Being Told To Expect Food And Diesel Shortages For The Foreseeable Future, Michael Snyder​  

​  ​The war in Ukraine, extremely bizarre weather patterns, nightmarish plagues and a historic fertilizer crisis have combined to create a “perfect storm” that isn’t going away any time soon.  As a result, the food that won’t be grown in 2022 will become an extremely severe global problem by the end of this calendar year.  Global wheat prices have already risen by more than 40 percent since the start of 2022, but this is just the beginning.  Meanwhile, we are facing unthinkable diesel fuel shortages in the United States this summer, and as you will see below there are “no plans” to increase refining capacity in this country for the foreseeable future.

​  "Genius"t future-trends advisor to WEF's Klaus Schwab, Yuval Noah Harari​ was recently interviewed. He explained himself clearly and well. Here are A-V clips and transcribed excerpts, which are worthy of a few minutes of deep our comprehension. (Do "useless people" have to go to the back of the food line?) Thanks Red:
"Again, I think the biggest question in maybe in economics and politics of the coming decades will be what to do with all these useless people?
The problem is more boredom and how what to do with them and how will they find some sense of meaning in life, when they are basically meaningless, worthless?
My best guess, at present is a combination of drugs and computer games as a solution for [most]. It’s already happening."

​Kim Dotcom: "A major Global Collapse is coming. It may be worse than we can imagine. Our leaders know. But, what are they planning?​

Total US debt is at $90 trillion. US unfunded liabilities are at $169 trillion. Combined that’s $778,000 per US citizen or $2,067,000 per US tax payer.
Remember, the only way the Government can operate now is by printing more money. Which means hyperinflation is inevitable...
Let’s do the math:
US total debt
$90 trillion
US unfunded liabilities
$169 trillion
$259 trillion
Minus all US assets
$193 trillion
- $66 trillion
That’s $66 trillion of debt and liabilities after every asset in the US has been sold off.​..

​  ​It’s all perception and denial.
The perception is that the US has the largest economy and the strongest military in the world. 

But in reality the US is broke and can’t afford its army.
The denial is that all nations depend on a strong US or else the global markets will crash.

Foreigners Sold The Most US Stocks On Record In March, China Dumps TSY Holdings To Lowest Since 2010​  

..​And finally, as Treasury holdings drop, gold reserves have surged to new record highs...

​  Central Bank Digital Currency and Your Biometric ID are in advanced planning stages in your country. 
Here is the list with national overviews.:

  Pepe Escobar looks at Russian strategy in Novorossiya/Ukraine, and the brute-force-and-propaganda approach of the US/NATO.
​  ​While we are all familiar with Sun Tzu, the Chinese general, military strategist and philosopher who penned the incomparable Art of War, less known is the Strategikon, the Byzantium equivalent on warfare.
​  ​Sixth century Byzantium really needed a manual, threatened as it was from the east, successively by Sassanid Persia, Arabs and Turks, and from the north, by waves of steppe invaders, Huns, Avars, Bulgars, semi-nomadic Turkic Pechenegs and Magyars.
​  ​Byzantium could not prevail just by following the classic pattern of Roman Empire raw power – they simply didn’t have the means for it.
​  ​So military force needed to be subordinate to diplomacy, a less costly means of avoiding or resolving conflict. And here we can make a fascinating connection with today’s Russia, led by President Vladimir Putin and his diplomacy chief Sergei Lavrov.
​  ​But when military means became necessary for Byzantium – as in Russia’s Operation Z – it was preferable to use weaponry to contain or punish adversaries, instead of attacking with full force.

  ​India has a national-interest based foreign policy and is not a vassal of the US or Russia. Traditional ties to Russia and Iran are important.
  In April India said it was hoping to expand its wheat exports from 7 million tons to 10 million.  However, as precarious winter wheat harvests reflect lower outputs, they are reversing position and will now block any wheat exports in order to ensure their own supply.

  Israel retains good relations with the US (benefactor) and China, but is clearly increasing economic relations with China, evidenced by massive Chinese investment in the port of Haifa and the Belt and Road inclusion of Israel as a regional hub. Israel is careful(ish) to not officially snub the (declining) US. Thanks Eleni.

  Pepe Escobar has a good, readable summary of the Russian presentation of initial US/allied bioweapons labs findings in Ukraine.

  Spartacus has so many well organized facts here:  
COVID-19 Deep Dive IX: Addendum

  Colleen Huber NMD, makes a comparison between "abortion pill" RU-486 and Pfizer and Moderna mRNA "vaccines", based upon available official data, which is far from perfect. The full data needs to be released for proper review.
​  ​Of those 116 women vaccinated during the first and second trimesters and then had a completed pregnancy of either live birth, spontaneous abortion or stillbirth, there were 104 miscarriages (spontaneous abortion).  This is a miscarriage rate of 89.66%.
​ ​The morning-after abortion pill, mifepristone, has a reported efficacy rate of 80% to 90%. [2]

  Twitter "Bot-gate":  Musk counterpunches hard.
The controversy began on Friday after Musk tweeted a Reuters article in which Twitter estimated that fake accounts comprise less than 5% of users, to which Musk said "Twitter deal temporarily on hold pending details supporting calculation that spam/fake accounts do indeed represent less than 5% of users," then added "Still committed to acquisition."...
Update (1426ET): Speaking virtually at the "All In" summit tech conference, Musk speculated that at minimum, Twitter is '20% bots,' before asking rhetorically whether it was potentially 80-90% bots.
He added that there's 'no way' to know the actual number of bots on the platform
This sent Twitter CEO Parag Agrwal into meltdown mode - posting a 14-part thread to "talk about spam," with "the benefit of data, facts, and context." ..
Update (1447ET): Is the Twitter deal dead? Musk seemed to suggest it was, unless he can buy the company for a lower price in light of 'bot-gate' which erupted over the weekend.
​... Musk said that a viable deal for Twitter is "not out of the question," but at a lower price.​..​

Shares of Twitter are now at pre-acquisition rumor levels, trading below Musk's initial purchase basis.

Expecting Less 
(Pictured in "finished attic" shortly before installation of doors, AC unit and final 5 rolls of fiberglass insulation last week. This building has a "passive-cooling" effect where the downstairs is 82F when only the upstairs windows are open , it is 97F at 5PM and the AC has been off for 2 days.)

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Understanding Financial Capitalism

 Hungry for Knowledge,

  I am happy to be able to provide a transcript (finally) of Professor Michael Hudson's recent interview, which succinctly explains our current moment in history from the perspective of power-elites using financial paradigms, like "financial capitalism", "industrial capitalism" and "socialism". He directly addresses the underlying realities.
I will edit it down to the best of my ability, but it is well worth the read/listen.

Michael Hudson: Destiny of Civilization
..Wednesday, May 11th, the book comes out. And it’s called “The Destiny of Civilization: Finance Capitalism, Industrial Capitalism or Socialism.”...

..In order to understand today’s finance capitalism, you have to understand what industrial capitalism was, as it was described in the 19th century.
  And it’s often forgotten, or played down, that industrial capitalism was revolutionary. What it was trying to do – from the physiocrats in France in the late 18th century to Adam Smith, John Stuart Mill, Marx, and the whole late-19th century flowering of socialism – the ideal of classical value theory and rent theory, was to say what is the actual value, the cost value of producing goods and services?
  And what is earned by the capitalist, when he employs labor to make a profit, and what is unearned? 
And what is unearned was the landlord class. That was the hereditary warrior class that conquered all of the European kingdoms in the Middle Ages...
..look, we cannot become the workshop of the world; we cannot undersell foreign countries if we have a landlord class ripping off all of the money in land rent​...
..we have predatory banking, or the wealthy people just lend really for buying property, or making distressed loans or predatory loans that have nothing to do with financing actual capital formation...
​..​If we have democratic reform and give voting to the people, they’re going to vote against the landlord class, and then we can have an efficient economy where our prices of our exports and our goods and services reflect the actual cost of production, not the rake off for the rentiers class, not the rake off of what landlords take, not the rake off of what predatory bankers take.
​  ​And the whole long 19th century leading up to World War One was this revolutionary value theory that depicted land rent and monopoly rent and financial returns as being unearned income and wanting to strip it away.
​  ​And all of this seemed to be moving toward socialism. The industrialists were all in favor of government public utilities, of government enterprise, because they said, if the government doesn’t provide health care, then individuals are going to have to pay it, and it’ll cost a lot of money, like it does in the United States.​..
..So all of this move towards socialism was not only in favor of increasing living standards, which soared in the 19th century, but also in freeing the economy from the rentier class, from the landlords, from the bankers.
​  ​And for the classical economists, a free market was a market free from landlords, free from bankers, free from monopolists.

​  ​Well, needless to say, the rentiers fought back. And by after World War Two, we’ve seen a continual anti-classical theory replacing the classical idea of free markets with a value of free theory, saying, well, everybody earns whatever they they have. All wealth is earned, not unearned. And if Goldman Sachs partners are paid more than anyone else, that’s because they’re so productive.​..
..And as it turns out, the business plan of finance capitalism was so predatory that it was anti-industrial...
..So finance capitalism is what has essentially de-industrialized the United States and turned the Midwest into a Rust Belt.
Well, the alternative, obviously, are the societies that have not followed this neoliberal finance capitalist plan. And the most successful economy, obviously, has been China...
​  ​And China has done exactly what 19th-century United States, Germany, England, and France did. It has kept basic utilities, basic needs, housing, and above all, finance and banking, in the public domain, as public utilities.​..
..Well, that is obviously the way in which you survive and you avoid the kind of overloading the economy with debt service, with high rents, with high payments to the health-care monopoly in the United States, by avoiding all of this payment to a rentier class that has what the classical economists call unearned income, predatory income.​ ​And instead of unseating them, we’ve put them in charge, and made the banks and Wall Street, and the city of London, and the Paris Bourse, the central planners.​.. it’s short-term planning; it’s take your money and run...

​  ​“The neoliberal ideology inverts the classical idea of a free market from one that is free from economic rent to one that is free for the rentier classes” – that is the rent-extracting classes – “to extract rent and gain dominance.” ... That is, of course, what we could call the Washington consensus.​..
..“U.S. foreign policy seeks to extend this neoliberal rentier program throughout the world.” .. “free-trade imperialism.”​  ...
​..And the term “free-trade imperialism” was actually created by a British historian of trade theory who pointed out that, wait a minute, when England went for free trade, the idea was, if we have free trade, we can stifle other countries from being able to industrialize, because if we have free trade, then we can tell America, we will open our doors to your markets – meaning the markets of the slave South, that Britain supported – and in exchange, you will open your markets to our industrial goods.
​ ​And America followed that until the Civil War, which was fought not only over slavery, but by the Republican Party after 1853 that said very explicitly, if we’re going to win the election – the Whigs never could win – if we, the new party, are going to win the election and industrialize America, we’ve got to integrate ourselves with the anti-slavery issue, with emancipation, but for us, the economic war of America is a war of, either we’re going to have protective tariffs in the North, or we’re going to end up as a non-industrial, raw materials-producing society, as the South wants.
​  ​And that was the debate from 1815, when the Napoleonic wars ended and world trade began again, until really the Civil War.
​  ​And America became strong in the way that Germany became strong too, by having protective tariffs, in order to have prices large enough to nurture what was called infant industry, to nurture American manufacturing.​..  the reality is, if we have free trade, you’ll get poor, if you’re not already able to have industrial and labor productivity and agricultural productivity on par with the most advanced countries.​..
..the leading American protectionist economist, Erasmus Peshine Smith, went to Japan and helped industrial help Japan break away from British free trade, helped Japan industrialize.​..

..But after World War One, America had already achieved its industrial dominance. And it was after World War One that America said, ok, now our protective tariffs have enabled us to outproduce all the other countries, and our protectionist agriculture especially – the most protected sector in America, has always been agriculture, since the 1930s.
  Basically it said, well, now we can outproduce other countries, we can undersell them, now we can tell them to go for free trade.  And after World War Two, the Americans created the World Bank for economic impoverishment, and the International Monetary Austerity Fund.
And the World Bank’s leading objective was to prevent other countries from investing in their own food production...
​  ​And so the function of free trade, the World Bank, and the International Monetary Fund has been to finance dependency, backed up by the American support of dictatorships throughout Latin America who agree to have client oligarchies supporting pro-American trade patterns and avoiding any kind of self-reliance, so that the United States can do what it has recently done to Russia and other countries, impose sanctions – say, well, now that you depended on us for your grain, we can now impose sanctions, and you can’t feed yourself if you don’t follow the policies we want..
​..​So basically, free trade means no government, no socialism. It means central planning essentially by Wall Street – countries should let American firms come in, buy control of their raw materials, resources, control of their oil and gas, and mineral rights, and forests and plantations, and basically let other countries send their whole economic surplus to the United States, where it will be duly financialized to buy out other countries’ raw materials and rent yielding resources.​..

​ “We must recognize how finance capitalism has gained power over industrial economies, above all in the United States, from which it seeks to project itself globally, led by the financialized U.S. economy. Today’s new Cold War is a fight to impose rentier-based finance capitalism on the entire world.”​ ...

​..Well, as we’re seeing now, the world is dividing into two parts. We can see that in the fight against Russia, which is also a fight against China, and against India, as you noted. And it seems Indonesia and other countries as well.
​  ​The United States is pushing a world that can be controlled by American investors. The ideal of the American neoliberal plan is to do to other countries what it did to Russia after 1991: take all of your public domain, your oil companies, your nickel mines, your electric utilities, give them all to the wealthy oligarchy, that can only make money once it’s taken control of these companies, by selling the stocks to the West.
​  ​The West will buy out oil, just like Mikhail Khodorkovsky tried to sell Yukos oil to Standard Oil in the West. And we’ve got to put an oligarchy that will sell all of the national domain, all of the patrimony and natural resources, and all the companies, to American investors on the cheap.​..
​..And it was furious when Russia said, we’ve lost more population as a result of neoliberalism than we did in all of World War Two fighting against Nazism. We’ve got to stop.
​  ​And Russia began to say, we’ve got to use Russia’s population, and industry, and natural resources for Russia’s benefit, not for the United States’ benefit.​..

..So the world is dividing into two parts. And it’s not simply the United States and its European satellites on the one hand versus the non-white population on the other hand; it’s finance capitalism versus the rest of the world, which is protecting itself by socialism, which in many ways fulfills what was the ideal of industrial capitalism during the 19th century, when industrial capitalism was actually progressive.​..
..And now the financial class is no longer the landlord class, but the landlord class pays most of its rent to the financial class in the form of mortgage interest, as it borrows money to buy property and housing and commercial sites on credit...
​..​Privatized health care, 18% of GDP, that is pricing America out of the world market. Debt, auto debt, student debt, which in other countries education is free; that’s pricing America out of the market.
​  ​So you have a basically un-competitive economy that’s committing financial suicide, following the same dynamic that destroyed the Roman empire, where a predatory oligarchy took over and maintained power by an assassination policy of its critics, just very similar to what America has been doing in Latin America and other countries.​.. ​

​..​And this split couldn’t have occurred back in the 1970s, with the Bandung Conference in Indonesia. There were other attempts by the Non-Aligned nations to break free of American imperialism, but they didn’t have a critical mass.
​  ​So right now, for the first time, you have a critical mass. And you have the ability of China, Iran, Russia, India, other countries together to be self-sufficient. They don’t need relations with the United States.
​  ​They can handle their own; they can create their own monetary system outside of the International Monetary Fund, which is basically an arm of the Defense Department. They can give loans to build up the infrastructure of countries outside of the World Bank, which is basically an arm of the Defense Department, the deep state.​..
​..And so we’re seeing in the last few months the beginning of a war that is going to go on for, I think, 20 years, maybe 30 or 40 years. The world is splitting away.
​  ​And it won’t be a pretty sight, because the United States and its European satellites are trying to fight to prevent an inevitable break away they cannot prevent
, any more than Europe’s landlord class could prevent industrial capitalism from developing in the 19th century.​..

..But on the subject of Russia, Professor Hudson, we now have seen that since Russia’s military intervention in Ukraine on February 24th, we saw really what could be referred to as financial shock-and-awe. That’s a term that’s been used...
..Well, it didn’t work that way. They did grab the $300 billion of Russia’s reserves. Russia immediately said, ok, we have our own money. We now, fortunately, have enough oil and gas that we don’t have to sell to Europe and Germany. If they want to freeze in the dark and let their pipes burst when the weather gets cold, that’s their problem. We’ll sell to India, and China, and other countries....
​..And so what has happened is that immediately the ruble not only recovered, but is now selling at a higher rate than it was before the American sanctions. So there was no shock at all. The Americans felt shock.
​  ​The Americans are shocked. The Americans are awed. The Russians are laughing and everything is going their way.​..

​..​And the sanctions are forcing Russia to do exactly what the United States, Germany, and other protectionist countries did in the 19th century, developing their own industry by isolating it from low-priced foreign imports that would be priced so low that the Russians otherwise could not afford to make the investment in factories, plants, equipment, research, and development.​..
..China is watching what the Americans are doing to Russia, and listening to President Biden saying, you know, Russia is not our real enemy, our real enemy of China. And when we’re finished with Russia, then we’re going to go against China and do the same thing to it.
​  ​Well you can imagine what this is leading the Chinese government to try to plan to be sufficiently independent from the United States, so that similar type sanctions will not hurt it.
​  ​And President Xi in the last few weeks has said we’ve got to make China as independent as possible...

 ..I had mentioned earlier that finance lives in the short term. American policy, being financial policy, lives in the short term. And it’s looking at if it can make a quick, a quick victory, and forget about what’s going to happen next.​..
​..​So they have people who have no idea of what’s happening in Russia, no idea what’s happening in these other countries. And they’re blinded by their ideology.​..
​..​So you’re having American policy pretty much run by the blind, and the Europeans are simply taking orders, and money in little white envelopes from the United States, to just show their loyalty, and basically are willing to spend three to seven times as much for their energy, for their liquefied natural gas and oil, by buying from the United States, than they are by a long-term contract with Russia.
​..​Europe is willing to spend now $5 trillion on putting together ports that can handle shipping tankers for liquefied natural gas instead of relying on the Russian pipeline, the Nord Stream Two, that’s already there.​..​
​..​To the United States, other countries protecting their economy, other countries trying to raise their living standards, and especially other countries undertaking land reform, are viewed as enemies of the United States, because they’re an enemy of the neoliberal American financial system.​..

​..So Europe is willing to say, well, ok, if we don’t have a Russian gas, well, that means that our chemical companies cannot buy the gas to make the fertilizer to make our crops grow, and our agricultural productivity is going to fall by about 50%.
​  ​We’re also going to spend a lot more money on America’s military, NATO arms to support NATO. So higher food, higher military spending, higher energy costs.
This ends Europe as an industrial rival to Asia, and Eurasia...
leaving the United States and Europe without any industrial competitive power. They’ve priced themselves out of the world market. They’re no longer competitive.
​ .. And I’m sure the only way that the NATO countries can fight against it is militarily, by threatening to bomb. 
But they can’t fight economically. They can’t fight financially.​.. 
​..​It really is left without a strategy, except that it’s done a wonderful job of controlling the public relations dimension of this war, making it appear as if somehow other countries are the aggressors, in not letting America exploit them, and making it appear as if Russia is the aggressor in Ukraine, instead of NATO prodding and prodding Russia...

..What is in store is a new monetary system that is an alternative to the dollar IMF system.
And in this system other countries will hold their reserves in each other’s currencies
. In other words, Russia will hold Indian rupees and Chinese yuan. China will hold rupees and Russian rubles.
​  ​There will be the equivalent of what Keynes thought of as something like artificial special drawing rights that the banks will be able to create to help fund governments to undertake capital investment.
​  ​But for settlements settling balance of payments deficits among countries, once they don’t have enough foreign exchange to make a swap, they will use gold as the means of settlement, because gold is a pure asset. It’s not a liability.
​  ​Any foreign currency basically is held in a foreign country that has the power to do what America did to Russia and just grab it all, and say, we’re just wiping it all out.
​  ​It’s as if you have a bank account, and the bank says, we’ve just emptied out your account to give it to one of our friends, and you don’t have it anymore. You can’t do that if gold is held in your own country.
..So, obviously, countries are not going to leave their gold in other countries. Even little Germany has asked America to begin sending back the gold that it has in the Federal Reserve Bank of America because it’s worried that what if it ever buys Russian gas again? America will grab all of Germany’s gold...
​..​So this act that America did of grabbing Russian money, Afghanistan’s foreign reserves it grabbed, this is telling all the other countries, pull all your money out of dollars. What are they going to put it in? There’s not that much they can put it in that it is absolutely safe.
​  ​So gold is a flight to safety today, because it’s one of the things that all of the world realizes as having an international value for settling balance of payments deficits, that is independent of world politics.
​  ​So that’s the explanation. Russia is not going on gold. It’s going on an independent standard from the United States with gold as an element of its foreign reserve, just as it’s holding Chinese yuan and Indian rupees.​..

..So these are Russia’s deposits in American banks that it used to buy or sell rubles, or to buy goods from America, or to receive payments in, if Russia exports something such as oil. Americans buyers of Russian oil would put the money into the Russian bank account.
  They never dreamed that this would be grabbed. But now Russia says, ok, you’ve grabbed our money, now that means that we get to grab all of your assets in Russia. This is great! All of your stock holdings in nickel, and Yukos, and all these other companies, ok, you’ve got the money, we have the assets, look at us as just buying the assets on the cheap.
​  ​And the Western investors in Russia have all been selling their Russian assets to show that they’re good American citizens in NATO, and the Russians are buying up these European and American assets on the cheap...

​..(Due to entrenched ideology) ​Americans and Europe are operating in the blind, and Russia and China, and Iran, and India, are all looking at how are we going to restructure the world so that we come out of it more prosperous than we were before, not more impoverished. That’s really what the world is dividing into.​..
​..Germany, with all of its history of hyper inflation, I think just realizes that, now that gold is not used to settle balance of payments deficits anymore – the gold that Germany had in America was all of the exports that it made to the United States during the Vietnam War. This is Vietnam War gold...
​..​But now it says, well, America is never going to settle its balance of payments deficits and its foreign debt in gold again, because it doesn’t have any balance of payments surplus, any ability to do that.
​  It’s going to spend its export surplus and its investment surplus on war. So it’s never going to be able to pay. That’s obvious. Let’s get the gold back.
​  ​That was the calculation that every country was making already a decade ago. They realized that America can never repay its foreign debt..

​​..Well, now other countries are saying, wait a minute, if America’s never going to repay its foreign debt, why do the Global South countries have to pay their debt to the IMF and the World Bank, all this dollar debt to dollar bondholders?
  If America won’t pay, we don’t have to pay. Let’s have a clean slate. 
Let’s start from the beginning. And we’re only going to have debt and credit relations with friendly countries, not countries that want to go to war with us like America did in Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Iran, and now Russia.​..

​..​Dollar hegemony means America’s entire balance of payments deficit in the ’50s, ’60s, and ’70s was military. So the dollars that were being pumped into the world economy were the result of military spending.
​  ​But the dollars would end up in foreign central banks, especially from Asia to France, Germany, others. What were they going to do with it? Well after 1971 they could not buy gold anymore, so all they could do was buy U.S. Treasury securities. IOUs.
​  ​And so they re-lent to the Treasury all the money that America was spending militarily. And the more money America spent in waging its cold war militarily against the world, the more money central banks would lend to the U.S. government to finance the U.S. deficit that was spent largely on the military-industrial complex and foreign military operations.
​  ​So dollar hegemony was a free lunch financing America’s almost 800 military bases across the world, to fight against communism, defined as any country that doesn’t let American industry and finance buy control of its raw materials, agriculture, resources.
​  ​And this has now come to an end. Right now America has grabbed Afghanistan’s, and Russia’s gold. 
All of a sudden it’s obvious that, this summer, there’s going to be an enormous squeeze on Third World countries, on the Global South.
​  ​Their energy prices are going to go way up, and that’s going to hurt them just like the oil shock of 1974 and 1975 did.
They’re going to have to pay higher food costs, because ​food prices are going to go way up​ now that the Ukraine war is erupting.

​  ​And a lot of their foreign debt, dollarized debt service, is coming due. ​ 
And they’re facing a choice: if they pay the foreign debt, they can’t afford to buy the oil and energy that they need to run their factories and heat their homes. They can’t afford to buy the food to feed their people.​..
​..​And so the tensions, the disruption of world prices, and inflation, and trade that is a result of the NATO attack on Russia, now threatens to drive all of the southern hemisphere countries into an alliance with Russia, China, India, and all the rest.​..
.. America basically is creating a new Berlin Wall, but the wall is isolating itself from other countries, and driving other countries all together into what I hope will be a happy, self-sufficient, non-U.S. globalized economy.

​This concludes a long and well documented article about the 2 months of the Ukraine war. I personally see the global financial capitalists as being independent of nations and regions, not "American" or "European", so I think things are going bad more quickly in resource-poor Europe, but the American people are also completely vulnerable to the same economic weapons.
..but where will Europe turn if it really cuts itself off from Russian energy sources​?​
​  ​One certain consequence from all these events will be a decline in the level of security and economic stability in Europe. The decline in living standards is almost inevitable, which will, in turn, lead to progressive radicalization or demoralization of the population. The internal cohesion of the Union, already on shaky ground, will only decrease. Political dependence on imperial policy of Washington will undermine the sovereignty of European Union and its prestige on the global level. All of this will be presented as a result of Vladimir Putin’s evil genius and despotic aspirations. As usual, this will not be the truth. The only culprit for the current situation is the NATO alliance and political elite of its leading country, United States. Negative economic and social trends within the collective West will provoke a backlash from their populations, characterized by violence. No matter what form of instability it takes, Europe will be far more exposed to the crisis, given that Washington will use every instrument at its disposal, for sake of its own survival, to transfer the negative consequences of its current moves onto its European satellites in the future.

​Consciousness Of Sheep looks at some of the failures of neoliberal-central-planning, as it has come to exist, focusing on energy requirements for economic survival​.
  The problem though, is that events over the past two years have dramatically accelerated the trend of declining surplus energy to the point that non-renewable renewable energy-harvesting technologies (NRREHTs) are no longer just a sop to green protestors and a money spinner for the corporations that deploy them.  With oil and gas going away, and with the coal-based infrastructure largely dismantled, NRREHTs are becoming essential to keeping the lights on…  Except, of course, that the engineers who are supposed to make the system work – like the bankers before 2008 – know damned well that this project is a non-starter and that a coal-based Grid cannot accommodate a massive expansion of NRREHTs until or unless we have a massive expansion in storage technologies which have yet to even be invented.  And while nobody is quite saying this in public, the bright green mask is slipping as the impossibility of the task becomes more apparent and more urgent, and the true cost of attempting it is realised...
..In the past it was possible to assume that because these problems are far off in the future, clever people somewhere else would come up with viable solutions.  But the sudden fall in supplies of oil and gas following two years of lockdown and the – frankly insane – decision by Europe to disconnect itself from one of the last suppliers of affordable oil and gas on the planet, have put us in a position where NRREHTs, nuclear and what remains of coal power are the only things standing in the way of mass hypothermia this winter.  
​ ​ And when the lights go out, as they surely will the moment the wind stops blowing, the whole energy Ponzi scheme will go the way of the banking and finance system fourteen years ago.  Once again, the economists and policy-makers will be asked why nobody saw it coming.

​  There will be a diesel fuel shortage this summer. That's the hot and believable rumor. The other part of the rumor is that it is a created crisis, which is rational. Create a crisis a little bit before it would happen anyway and maybe you can control it a bit better...​

I have to wonder if "Joe Biden" is doing everything possible (under remote-control) to bottom out the US and European economies so that whoever follows him can appear to do much better... Biden Admin Cancels Huge Alaska Oil And Gas Lease As Gas Prices Hit Record Highs

Soak some fake money with multi-drug-resistant tuberculosis and give it to children to spread at home after they put it in their mouths... "Biowarfare"
​..​The special military operation by Russian troops succeeded in obtaining additional information about bio-incidents in Ukraine.
​  ​For example, materials indicating the intentional use of a multidrug-resistant tuberculosis pathogen in 2020 to infect the population of the Slavyanoserbsky district of the LPR were examined.
​  ​The flyers, made in the form of counterfeit currency notes, were infected with the tuberculosis agent and distributed to minors in Stepovoe village. The organisers of this crime took into account the behaviour of children, who have a habit of “putting everything in their mouths” and taking food with unwashed hands.
​  ​The results of bacteriological studies have confirmed the resistance of the isolated bacteria to first- and second-line anti-TB drugs, meaning that the disease caused by them is much more difficult to treat and the cost of treatment is much higher.
​  ​According to the conclusion of the Lugansk Republican Sanitary and Epidemiological Station, “…the contamination of the notes was most likely carried out artificially, as the material contains extremely dangerous strains of the pathogen in concentrations capable of ensuring infection and development of the tuberculosis process…”.
​  ​In his conclusion, the chief doctor of the Lugansk Republican TB Dispensary also notes that “…there are all signs of deliberate, man-made contamination of the flyers with highly pathogenic biomaterial…”.

Where is Canadian General Cadieu, captured in Mariupol by the Russian army, as he tried to escape during the release of civilians from  the Azovstal complex?
​  ​Cadieu was especially close from their time together as cadets, as junior officers in the Strathcona regiment, and then as tank commanders in Kandahar to Colonel Mark Lubiniecki, who ran the Canadian operation in western Ukraine in 2017-2018. Lubiniecki’s family comes from the western Ukraine. Once back in that region, he taught mobile armour, tank and anti-tank tactics to the Ukrainians.  The strategic target of those tactics – and of Cadieu’s and Lubiniecki’s plans – was the Russian army; that’s to say, fighting the Russian Army with NATO tanks and artillery, using Ukrainian troops and fighting on Ukrainian territory. When Cadieu moved to Ottawa in 2019, Lubiniecki also moved to Ottawa.  These two Canadian soldiers have been planning the tank war in Ukraine for several years.​ 
But Cadieu’s sexual conduct with a female cadet before they graduated in 1994 has interrupted this battle plan. Although he was promoted to lieutenant-general and to Chief of the Defence Staff at the beginning of last August, he was stopped when the woman filed formal charges against him a month later, and Cadieu was suspended.

​Thanks for that story and this one F.S. That is a lot of the Canadian government that went to Kiev! More than PR?
​  ​Trudeau’s visit was a closely guarded secret. Canadian media, including CBC News, were only made aware of Trudeau’s trip after he left Canada, on the condition that it would not be reported before it was made public.
​  ​The Prime Minister and his delegation departed Ottawa on Saturday morning aboard a Canadian Air Force Airbus CC-150 for an eight-hour flight to Rzeszow in southeastern Poland. From there, a high-ranking government source said, they took the train to Kiev Central Station. Once in Ukraine, they traveled in a motorcade convoy of two dozen vehicles, including police escorts and an ambulance.
​  ​Trudeau’s small delegation included Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland, Secretary of State Mélanie Joly, National Security and Intelligence Adviser Jody Thomas, Chief of Staff Katie Telford, Deputy Chief of Staff Brian Clow and photographer Adam Scotti.

Senator Rand Paul blocks the fast-track for the $40 billion money-package to Ukraine, since it lacks any oversight. 
That money can just be given to anybody, for anything, and also, nobody has had time to read it yet. 
(This may reduce the critically necessary freedom to pay out bribes quickly and massively...)

Avoiding Food Shortage
(pictured with  vegetable garden)

Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Club Members

 Not Invited,

  I apologize: The story about the Pfizer VP arrested for fraud was "satire". My fault. I had seen a headline about "Pfizer CEO arrested" debunked for a couple of days, then saw this story at a good site, and thought it was new and valid.   It was not.

   Links including my newer blog  would not upload to Caitlin Johnstone's site or the Automatic Earth blog 3 days ago, but things uploaded with the Google blog version . This may reflect new censorship of Substack, since it does not self-censor. I don't think it is content-driven exactly, since the 2 blogs are mirrors for now (except some posts removed by Google).

  I have opined that the factor which creates a "world war" is that it resets the global financial arrangement. That still seems apt to me.

Capitalism Requires World War: (Debt-based money is terminally strung-out)
​  ​Power is more important than money. If you’re rich and weak you get robbed. Russia provides illustrating stories of such: Gorbachev had received a promise from George HW Bush that the US would pay Russia approximately $400 billion over10 years as a “peace dividend” and as a tool to be utilized in the conversion of their state run to a market based economic system. The Russians believe the head of the CIA at the time, George Tenet, essentially killed the deal based on the idea that “letting the country fall apart will destroy Russia as a future military threat”. The country fell apart in 1992. Its natural assets were plundered which raised the rate of profit in the 90’s until President Putin put a stop to the robbery.
​  ​In the last analysis, the current framework of Capitalism results in labour redundancy, a falling rate of profit and ingrained trading imbalances caused by excess capacity. Under our current monopoly state capitalism a number of temporary preventive measures have evolved, including the expansion of university, military, and prison systems to warehouse new generations of labour.
​  ​Our problem is how to retain the “expected return rate” for us, the dominant class. Ultimately, there are only two large-scale solutions, which are intertwined. One is expansion of state debt to keep “the markets” moving and transfer wealth from future generations of labour to the present dominant class. The other is war, the consumer of last resort. Wars can burn up excess capacity, shift global markets, generate monopoly rents, and return future labour to a state of helplessness and reduced expectations. The Spanish flu killed 50-100 million people in 1918. As if this was not enough, it also took two World Wars across the 20th century and some 96 million dead to reduce unemployment and stabilize the “labour problem.”
​  ​Capitalism requires World War because Capitalism requires profit and cannot afford the unemployed. The point is capitalism could afford social democracy after the rate of profit was restored thanks to the depression of the 1930’s and the physical destruction of capital during WW2. Capitalism only produces for profit and social democracy was funded by taxing profits after WW2.

​  Brandon Smith writes for capitalists, but he sees the same thing as a threat to his particular $US interests.​ The "new currency" arrangements are not settled yet.
Economic World War, Who Benefits (and how much time is left?)
​  ​If a global economic crisis is the catalyst as it appears to be, then several years would be required to let the collapse play out – along with the introduction of a “solution” to the problem. This means that the economic war will have to accelerate quickly going into the next year.
​  ​Today we are already seeing 40 year highs in inflation, along with considerable supply chain disruptions. Multiple globalist foundations are “predicting” food shortages around the world in the next 3-6 months. I believe the war itself will expand rapidly within a year to include China, and most of the damage will be done by the end of 2024. This will all depend on how fast exporters (mainly China) dump the dollar; the dollar dump will be the primary trigger.
​  ​A significant part of the WEF’s Great Reset agenda and the IMF’s Special Drawing Rights global digital currency initiative require the end of the dollar as the world’s reserve currency. This is a process the globalists have been talking about openly for some time. It’s not “conspiracy theory,” it is conspiracy reality. The IMF has argued on many occasions that the global currency framework must be “managed” by a centralized entity that can prevent national governments from exploiting currency trade for their own ends, and this includes digital currencies.
​  ​The stage is already set for this narrative. The U.S. will be painted as an example of why nationalism is a “path to disaster” and why no single nation should be trusted with so much power in the form of a world reserve currency. That kind of power tempts governments not only into excessive money creation and debt-financed spending sprees. New money is fabricated to pay for old debts, thus debasing and degrading the dollar’s purchasing power worldwide (also known as inflation).
​  ​Thus, it is only “logical” that a global central authority with no national loyalties be put in control of an “international” reserve currency, right? Maybe a multi-currency-based basket system, or, perhaps, a single world currency to prevent any future tragedies and abuses of power from ever happening again. Wouldn’t that make you feel safe?

​  Doug Casey has "5 Warning Signs" that the end of $US hegemony is near. (The oil, gold and commodity based regime being arranged by the Eurasian Economic Union looks promising to me, but I have no special knowledge.)
Here’s the bottom line.
Saudi Arabia—the linchpin of the petrodollar system—is flirting in the open with China about selling its oil in yuan. One way or another—and probably soon—the Chinese will find a way to compel the Saudis to accept the yuan.
The sheer size of the Chinese market makes it impossible for Saudi Arabia—and other oil exporters—to ignore China’s demands to pay in yuan indefinitely. Moreover, using the INE to exchange oil for gold further sweetens the deal for oil exporters.
Sometime soon, there will be a lot of extra dollars floating around suddenly looking for a home now that they are not needed to purchase oil.
It signals an imminent and enormous change for anyone holding US dollars
. It would be incredibly foolish to ignore this giant red warning sign.

​Charles Hugh Smith on The Problem With Money
​  ​I'm simply pointing out "money" isn't simple, and "backing money with X" leads to questions about the nature of "money," collateral and the fluidity and complexity of the social construct we call "money."
​  ​The problem with money is it isn't just one thing. We think it's one thing because we use it to buy things, but it's actually a bunch of different things.

​  ​The current 100 WEF full members (“Strategic Partners”) are basically drawn from the largest corporations in the world, together with their owners and managers, who are often referred to as “Davos Man”.  The list of corporations, owners and managers that control the WEF is not disclosed and membership can only be inferred indirectly.  However, the WEF members do not act alone, but have developed various groups of globally distributed trainees who generally act in accordance with the detailed policies and positions developed and distributed by WEF leadership.  In general, these training programs have been operating for over three decades, resulting in placement, distribution and rapid advancement of many thousands of WEF-trained operatives throughout the world.  As hyperlinked above, WEF chairman Klaus Schwab has famously claimed that these operatives have been strategically inserted into key positions in various governments, as well influential positions in important industries such as media, finance, and technology.
​  ​“Davos Man” is a term coined by former Harvard University Director of the Center for International Affairs Professor Dr. Samuel Huntington (1927-2008) to define what was then an emerging group of economic elites who are members of a social caste which has “little need for national loyalty, view national boundaries as obstacles that are thankfully vanishing, and see national governments as residues from the past whose only useful function is to facilitate the elite’s global operations.”

​It has been a muck-raking week against this financial inner-sanctum of the "Davos Men". Lots of stories summarized with headlines... Look, WAR!
The Covid Vaccine Boomeran​g​ A New Whirl Odor​ , Maajid Nawaz​

​Moon of Alabama (German):  ​Ukraine - Putin on Why The War Started, Failed Attempts On Snake Island, Other Issues
​  ​The use of 'pre-emptive strike' is somewhat misleading. In fact the Ukraine started the war on Wednesday, February 16 2022, when its forces near the Donbas republics began preparatory artillery strikes for an all out ground attack on the Donbas republics.
​  ​The February 15 report of the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine recorded some 41 explosions in the ceasefire areas. This increased to 76 explosions on Feb 16, 316 on Feb 17, 654 on Feb 18, 1413 on Feb 19, a total of 2026 of Feb 20 and 21 and 1484 on Feb 22.
​  ​The OSCE mission reports showed that the great majority of impact explosions of the artillery were on the separatist side of the ceasefire line.

  (Just extremely prescient about the threat developing 8 years in the future, and preparing to win when it erupted unprovoked.)
IN VIDEO: JOHN KIRBY CONFIRMS US INSTIGATED WAR IN UKRAINE​  ​” One, the Biden administration was flowing in weapons well before the invasion. The first billion dollars that the president committed to Ukraine did include lethal assistance. And that was before Putin decided to move in. Plus, we were very open and honest about what we were seeing the Russians do. And then the last point, which I don’t think we keep in mind as much as we should, Neil, is the training and effort that went into getting the Ukrainians ready for this kind of war over the last eight years. The United States, Canada, Britain, other allies really helped train the Ukrainians in small unit leadership, command and control, operational maneuver.” – John Kirby claimed in his interview.

​  ​Supporting the current global power and financial structure requires a lot of cash without oversight, because it will have to be moved quickly and decisively to friends.
​Greenwald fails to go far enough to infer that this is good for FINANCE, not just Raytheon.​
Biden Wanted $33B More For Ukraine. Congress Quickly Raised it to $40B. Who Benefits?
Tens of billions, soon to be much more, are flying out of U.S. coffers to Ukraine as Americans suffer, showing who runs the U.S. Government, and for whose benefit.
..It is difficult to put into context how enormous these expenditures are — particularly since the war is only ten weeks old, and U.S. officials predict/hope that this war will last not months but years. That ensures that the ultimate amounts will be significantly higher still.
​  ​The amounts allocated thus far — the new Biden request of $33 billion combined with the $14 billion already spent — already exceed the average annual amount the U.S. spent for its own war in Afghanistan ($46 billion).​..
​..Even more amazingly, the total amount spent by the U.S. on the Russia/Ukraine war in less than three months is close to Russia's total military budget for the entire year ($65.9 billion)... 
..Indeed, by transferring so much military equipment to Ukraine, the U.S. has depleted its own stockpiles, necessitating their replenishment with mass government purchases..
...Chomsky himself caused controversy last week when he said that there is only one statesman of any stature in the West urging a diplomatic solution “and his name is Donald J. Trump.”... (Poor Noam must have choked on spit-up, saying this.)
​..​Typically, what we see in such situations is what we are seeing now: the establishment wings of both parties are in complete lockstep unity, always breathlessly supporting the new proposed U.S. role in any new war, eager to empty the coffers of the U.S. Treasury and transfer it to the weapons industry while their constituents suffer.

  Behind-the-scenes national negotiations are underway... (Retake Galicia for Poland; share the risks in NATO)
Poland Will Formally Propose Sending NATO Troops to Ukraine at Summit This Thursday
Poland on Tuesday called for a Nato peace mission “protected by armed forces” to help Ukraine.
“This cannot be an unarmed mission,” Vice Premier Jaroslaw Kaczynski was quoted as saying by the Polish news agency PAP during a visit to Kyiv.
“It must seek to provide humanitarian and peaceful aid to Ukraine.”
“I think that we need a peacekeeping mission from Nato, or even possibly from a larger international structure, but a mission that will be able to defend itself and that will operate on Ukrainian territory, which will be in this country with the agreement of the president and the government of Ukraine and it will not be a defenseless mission,” Kaczynski said.
​  ​It “will strive for peace, to provide humanitarian aid, but at the same time it will be protected by appropriate forces, armed forces,” added Kaczynski, who is also the leader of the ruling conservative party in Poland and is considered the main strategist of government policy.

​Ukraine War update:

Germany’s third-largest gas importer, VNG, has agreed to Moscow’s new ruble-based gas payment scheme and opened the necessary accounts with Russia’s Gazprombank to transfer payments...
“We will pay the invoice amount, which will continue to be denominated in euros, into the accounts at Gazprombank in accordance with the planned procedure, so that timely payment to our supplier is ensured on our part,"

  ​All of that gas to Europe, transiting Ukraine, now goes through ONE vulnerable pipeline. (False-flag attack time?)​
Kiev cites "force majeure" to halt a third of Russian transited gas flow to Europe, while Gazprom says there have been no issues that would justify the move

(​An attack on this pipeline would be blamed on Russia, but the threat of that attack most realistically comes from desperate Ukrainian forces.​)

  There are only two entry points, which means all natgas would be diverted to the second entry point.
Ukraine's Gas Transmission System Operator said it would no longer accept Russian gas transit via Sokhranivka beginning at 0700 local time on Wednesday. Mainly because it "repeatedly informed Gazprom about threats of transit due to the actions of the Russian-controlled occupation forces and demanded an end to interference in the operation of the facilities, but these appeals were ignored."

  On the vital importance to members of lying for the "club".  When something is being covered up by the club, it's more likely to be true.
The Ethical Skeptic’s Razor – The Antiwisdom of Crowds: 
Among competing alternatives, all other things being equal, prefer the one for which discussion or research is embargoed. 

  Lying is an art form which ranks among the greatest of the humanities – bearing parity with such human affairs as mercy, semantics, history, love, literature, or war. The Paul Ekman Group, which teaches methodologies useful in spotting lies, has identified nine key reasons as to why people lie.1 Within this essay, we seek to extrapolate beyond this body of work, and identify a chain of principle regarding the lie of the syndicate in particular – a foible-in-common which further then leverages the amplification gain to be had through collective humanity: the antiwisdom of the crowd. 

2000 Mules movie for free on Bitchute, about the election rigging machine and all those people who worked so hard for it; their untold stories.

  Igor Chudov:  Israel: Chronic Covid Persists in Guts and Immune CD8 Cells, like AIDS
Delta Variant seen Massively in Wastewater long after Omicron took over!

Authors show that
Omicron completely took over and was found in the vast majority of Israel’s positive nasal swabs
The Delta variant practically disappeared from nasal swab results
Despite that, Delta variant RNA was massively present in Israel’s wastewater long after it disappeared from nasal swabs.

​  ​Preventable Deaths and D3, Robert Malone MD , MS​
We had an inexpensive life-saving solution both before and during the pandemic
The inconvenient truth is that even at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, a very simple, inexpensive and effective treatment was available that could have saved the majority of lives lost (1-3). All that the WHO and public health bureaucracy had to do was to recommend and support people taking sufficient Vitamin D3.

​Shining Light​
​(having photographed Jenny on the screen porch and vegetable garden in background)​

Friday, May 6, 2022

Self Sacrifice

 Just Saying No,

  To what degree is our human species programmed to commit mass suicide in hard times? 
Genetically, we respond differently to different situations, emotionally, not  with rational assessment. 
We look at the Jim Jones followers all drinking the poisoned Kool-Aid at the same time, or at German blindness to genocide in WW-2 with disbelief.
  A quote attributed to Joseph Mengele MD, speaking to imprisoned subjects, who he was testing to death, haunts me.
"The more we do to you, the less you believe it."
  Stress is very hard on us. If we cannot escape, why have stress? 
If we can escape, it is worth the "eternal vigilance" if we can break out and survive.

  At what point do we decide that stress is not needed for a fake threat, or not needed because "resistance is futile"?
It looks like individuals and cohesive human groups behave differently under inescapable, relentless threat of death.
Individual humans, prepared or unprepared, have a wide range of endurance capabilities. 
Special forces troops are trained in how to resist psychologically. Some fold, and other wills cannot be broken.

  Cohesive groups support each other emotionally under stress, and usually maintain group cohesion.
The followers of Jim Jones died together after drinking poison together at the same moment.
Azov-Brigade nationalists, trapped underground at the Mariupol steel factory complex, face a fairly certain death if they do not surrender.
They are not surrendering. It appears that they kill deserters who try to surrender. 
They are ordered to hold their positions. 
Those giving them this order are ordering their suicide-by-Russian.
Those orders are being followed.

  After 3 days freezing in a cattle-car would you remove all of your clothes and go naked with your children to the shower?
People did this. It looks like everybody went to the showers, whole families, but men separated from women.
I'm sure that it was easier to go to the showers. Resistance was futile at that point.

  We have the ability to look at history, to look at our human nature in different situations and to look at how people may be gradually driven into situations where there is "no way out". Some consciousness plans many small steps along the way to the trap, and makes the choice of each step easy, with rewards and punishments.
No single step suggests the ultimate destination of genocide or personal death. Those threats are hidden until the final and inescapable moment.

  When we begin to have suspicions, what do we do?
How early in the process do we become suspicious, based upon our reading of history?
This question does not plague most people, but it always haunted me.
How would a German Jew, who had options to give up everything and go to another country, know when it was the right action?
  We can look back and see that the beginning of depersonalization of a group of humans marks the point of departure from their having the same rights as "good Germans". This also happened during the Spanish Inquisition, and in the "killing fields" of Cambodia. It happened to "decadent intellectuals" in the Cultural Revolution.

  Last year, when I saw the de-humanization of "the unvaccinated"  beginning, I knew that I had to "stand naked with the Jews". 
Anything less than putting myself openly in that group would be the beginning of subtle capitulation to the beginning of a genocide.
We had taught the children to look out for a sign. We traveled to the Anne Frank House, Dachau prison camp, and to the Tuol Sleng "museum" of Cambodian genocide. In each place we saw that normal people had slowly been turned to do this to other normal people. 
Guards often became suspects and prisoners themselves, were imprisoned, tortured and killed. 
Did that spare their souls?

  I really have nothing to present but these questions. We are already on the road to mass killings, but it's not in our neighborhoods.
We're safe here, right? Food and fuel shortages won't be bad, and certainly won't lead to mass killings where we live. 
Nobody would go along with that, no matter how hungry, no matter how broadly some local minority might be blamed, no matter how long it lasted, no matter who was already doing it.  
No matter if people started calling them a "Putin-lover"... Right?

"Slavic genocide", say some...
​  ​Without artillery support in good quantity the Ukrainian military has no chance to hold the line and to stop Russian moves. Any unit which attempts is hold the line will simply be mauled by Russian artillery until it is no longer able to fight. That is happening now. As the Ukrainians have orders not to leave or move their defense lines they either have to give up or die defending them.
​  ​By giving 'hold the line' orders the Ukrainian leadership is contributing to the Russian demilitarization of the Ukraine.
​  ​Why is it doing that? The situation for the Ukraine is hopeless and has been for some time. Why has its President Zelensky not given up? Why does he not agree to Russia's peace conditions? ...
..It is the 'west' that is preventing Zelensky from suing for peace.

  This article raises the question in my mind of how long I would need to be under repeated artillery barrage before I would choose death instead. Ukrainian soldiers face this day and night, without real respite, and without much hope.  Their comrades have already died from shelling. Humans break. Thanks Dan.
Ukraine's Army Is In Very Bad Shape - More Fighting Will Only Destroy It​ ​,   Moon of Alabama (German)

  Elsewhere I saw the view that training of Ukrainian troops , near Lviv, in Western Ukraine, to fight Russia has had to move to Germany, in a much smaller operation. All of the seasoned soldiers are already being chewed up by war. These new weapons take time to learn and much more time to learn to use effectively in battle.
Many are not applicable to battle, like anti-tank missiles with range a little over a mile, when enemy tanks are behind the artillery batteries, which are pounding you from 20 miles away. The West has some time to prepare other troops for the meat-grinder, if the Ukrainians can appear to hold out until September. 
Poles and Romanians seem to be next in that line-up.
US Ramps Up Training of Ukrainian Troops
(not tens of thousands)​ ​of Ukrainians are being trained on howitzers, drones, radars, and armored vehicles provided by the US

​NATO member states are bravely sending their end-of-life weapons systems, and depleted-uranium weapons to the killing fields of Ukraine.
Go Ukrainians!  Thanks J.A.W.

Since the very special battery packs are so long expired, the missiles do not seem to hit the tanks, but they still explode and spread the uranium.
"Mission-accomplished", I guess.

​About that Canadian general who surrendered in Mariupol. Thanks Eleni.
​  ​The Russian armed forces arrested Canadian General Trevor Cadieu in Mariupol on the night of 2-3 May 2022. He is currently in Moscow awaiting to stand trial.
General Trevor Kadier was apparently not on a mission for his government, but was in charge of biolaboratory No. 1, with 18 staff working under his command.

​  ​The National Pulse reported that Hunter Biden, son of US President Joe Biden, and Christopher Heinz, John Kerry’s son-in-law, had organized subcontracting arrangements for Ukrainian research laboratories through their firm Rosemont Capital, on behalf of the Pentagon’s Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA).
​  ​The (jealous?) ​Chinese Foreign Ministry revealed that the United States operates 336 biological and chemical weapons research laboratories abroad.

​I like the line, "Zelensky will instruct Biden".
​  ​Hungary has announced they will not stop purchasing oil and gas from Russia and join a blockade of energy products by the 27 member EU alliance.
​  ​Hungary will not support sanctions that would make Russian oil and gas shipments to Hungary impossible, Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said in a statement on Tuesday.
​  ​Speaking in Kazakhstan, Szijjarto said Russian oil shipments via the Druzhba pipeline accounted for about 65% of the oil Hungary needed and there were no alternative supply routes that could replace that. (link)
​  ​Slovakia has also announced they will not participate, which makes any collective EU action problematic.  Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is reported to be using his connection to the U.S. and Joe Biden in an effort to force the EU to deliver additional sanctions.   Essentially, if an EU country does not fall in line, Zelenskyy will instruct Biden not to support that EU country with the money congress is preparing to use as blackmail.​..if you look closely at the $33 billion spending demand from the White House, it’s clear to see the U.S. State Dept, specifically those who are currently operating the proxy war along with the CIA, are positioning the funds for use as bribes to EU allies​.
​  ​Any deal on Russian oil would require the consent of all 27 EU members, meaning it could not pass without Hungary and Slovakia’s approval. The bloc agreed on an embargo on Russian coal in the fifth package last month, while it has not yet ventured into gas.

​Big-league doxxing":
​  Not only Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban but also Croatian President Zoran Milanovic and a Nobel Prize winner have been listed on Myrotvorets, the Ukrainian intelligence database which acts as a hit list.
Sputnik described the website on Monday as a “notorious Ukrainian kill list”. In April 2015, Myrotvorets, [translated as Peacemaker] published the home addresses of Ukrainian writer Oles Buzina and former Verkhovna Rada parliamentarian Oleg Kalashnikov, “just days before they were assassinated,” according to Wikipedia.
  Myrotvorets has outed Orban as an “anti-Ukrainian propagandist”.

On Wednesday, (president) ​Biden suggested that the potential overturning of Roe v. Wade was a slippery slope.
​  ​Biden proposed a hypothetical situation, "What happens if you have states change the law saying that children who are LGBTQ can’t be in classrooms with other children?"...​    
(Huh, come again, Sir?)
​  "Because this MAGA crowd is really the most extreme political organization that’s existed in American history, in recent American history," Biden said, making a reference to Trump’s “Make America Great Again” movement.​..​
(Former Hawaiian Congresswoman, Tulsi)Gabbard was incensed by Biden's incendiary remarks and slammed the president during an appearance on Fox News' "Hannity."
​  ​"When you look at the President of the United States of America calling millions of Americans, essentially terrorists, people who politically opposed him or voted against him, he's calling them terrorists in an attempt to intimidate them into silence. And we know this because we've heard this before from both him and his attorney general."
​  ​Gabbard pointed to the Justice Department's newly-formed "Domestic Terrorism Unit" that will target the "elevated threat from domestic violent extremists."
​  ​"You remember when his attorney general said, you know, anyone who holds extremist or anti-authority views will be targeted for investigation and potential prosecution by their domestic terrorist unit," Gabbard said. "So he's essentially saying that this, quote-unquote 'MAGA' crowd are worse than terrorists. This is outrageous."​ 

​Glenn Greenwald: ​Homeland Security's "Disinformation Board" is Even More Pernicious Than it Seems
The power to decree what is "disinformation" now determines what can and cannot be discussed on the internet. It is now in the hands of trained disinformation agents of the U.S. Security State.

Death is a "serious side effect", of course.
​  ​A German study has found that the number of serious side effects after Corona vaccines was 40 times higher than previously reported. The Charité, a well-known hospital in Berlin, interviewed 40 000 vaccinated people after they had received their mandated jabs.
​  ​The interviews showed that the number of serious side effects was 40 times higher than previously reported by medical supervisors the Paul Ehrlich Institute...

Study of 23 Million People Shows Risk of Myocarditis After COVID Vaccines

​That study is excerpted here: 
SARS-CoV-2 Vaccination and Myocarditis in a Nordic Cohort Study of 23 Million Residents
Conclusions and Relevance: Results of this large cohort study indicated that both first and second doses of mRNA vaccines were associated with increased risk of myocarditis and pericarditis. For individuals receiving 2 doses of the same vaccine, risk of myocarditis was highest among young males (aged 16-24 years) after the second dose.

​Meryl Nass MD points out that people who got one shot, or even two, appear to mostly be avoiding the COVID vaccines at this point.
Most Americans Don't Want Those Shots

Me Neither (pictured with coffee in Austin garden this morning at sunrise)