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Looking Forward


  The currents of history are running deeply and largely unseen, but we can look at things that are not working well in the current globalist-neoliberal financial paradigm of decision-making and resource management on our fair planet. What kinds of modifications to the plans would be beneficial, and what adjustments to the decision-making procedures would facilitate practical management going forward?
  People live and learn, and die, and the next generation has learned some good habits, but does not "know" in the same way, so there is a tendency to recurring crises, as support systems decline, and human elites turn societies against each other in wars, which the elites use to try out different managements while the societies are obeying emergency orders and afraid to be marked as "traitors". We also use-up whatever good-stuff we find to support ourselves, like forests, coal, oil, aquifers and rich soil for farming. 
  We're not bad critters. Any other critters would do the same thing, using what is found to support themselves and their progeny.

  I'll spill the beans. I seek Divine Guidance frequently, and I am often waiting for epiphany, so I have to keep busy with practical matters, because it comes when it comes, and it's not that frequent. That being said, we have the structures and mechanisms that we have, and must work within them every day. 

  We saw a gross representation of the failures of the current corrupt elite structures Thursday night, as the husk of Joe Biden was seen by all devout members of the Democratic Party to be demented. Now everybody knows that everybody knows. This moment was planned and structured by DNC elites, in coordination with other ruling elites. One must assume that DNC elites are now monitoring social media traffic for clues as to what direction people might easily be led, but it is also the case that rumors of false flag attacks and bioweapons releases, to force states-of-emergency, also abound. Well meaning elites might allow another candidacy by Bernie Sanders to proceed, elderly as he is, but these elites won't. they are severely constrained by their code-of-conduct which only allows dishonesty, and that road has reached a certain late destination now.

  There are other "rising-elites", more willing to engage the world realistically, and to ascertain where it is likely to go, as opposed to where they want it to go, history "rhyming", and resource assessments and financial analyses being available. One of the recurring themes is that when economic systems must adjust and "reset", that some elite group, often a rising-elite group, will offer the non-elite members of society a better deal to gain their cooperation. Declaring the slaves in a city to be "free" as soon as it is taken over by the besieging army is such a deal. Lincoln used that one, but it was already thousands of years old. We are not yet in receipt of such a social-contract as the Americans of the "great generation" of WW-2 obtained through their sustained efforts. It was offered by FDR, but undercut as soon as he died, by "imperial financial interests", his "banksters".

  Trump and Kennedy have both made statements that they would make peace with other countries, improve the American economy, and cut military spending, but they cannot do it without changes in the imperial court of deep state functionaries, and a new coalition of financial-power "ownership" elites. A financial crisis was "dealt with" in 2019-2020 with the "going direct" intervention, under cover of COVID-lockdowns, but the shuttered restaurants and real-economy inflation are apparent. The mismatch between the real-economy and the financial economy has only worsened by all of the measures taken since 2009, which have delayed and worsened the inevitable reckoning, where vast "fortunes" on ledgers will be written down, and some humans will find that they have little or nothing left. Elites have arranged for the first of those losses to be taken by retirees, especially by ceasing to live and claim their entitlements. There are more losses than that. Some elites will have to take losses. That's always the point where wars and insurrections take place. It is still being put off, but it is inevitable, and the $US is being stepped-down as global reserve currency, by the parallel BRICS system under-construction. Default upon $US debts has already been accepted by that system as non-exclusionary for participation. There will be a lot of that at some point...

  The new system will have an efficiency advantage, just as the current financial imperialist system started with an efficiency advantage over the military imperialist model. The natural response is to presume that this system will degrade over time, maybe sooner, which I also presume, but a stark choice is likely to present soon, and it will be presented as No-Choice, but that we must comply in some emergency. Maybe I'm wrong. That would be fine. Getting out of debt, since banks usually take assets in crises, and growing a vegetable garden are good investments, seldom regretted. Be a friend, too. Same thing.

  A Midwestern Doctor (eventually) makes a fair case for this speculation.  Is Joe Biden's Brain Vaccine Injured?  
Story at a Glance:
​  One of the most common side effects of the COVID-19 vaccination we’ve observed is cognitive impairment. This can range from brain fog to dementia, and frequently we see a rapid acceleration of pre-existing cognitive decline into Alzheimer’s disease.
​  •Recently large data sets have emerged which support our observations and indicate millions of people are being affected by the adverse neurological effects of the vaccines. Those datasets are summarized here.
​  After Joe Biden became president, he had a rapid decline in cognitive function, leading many to say he is not the same man who assumed the presidency four years ago. Since that decline paralleled his vaccination uptake, the pertinent medical information about his case is provided here so you can assess if the two were indeed linked.
​  Many other prominent Democrats have had significant vaccination injuries, including 8% of the Democratic Senators. Each of their brain injuries (3 strokes and encephalitis) and their link to vaccination are discussed here. This article particularly focus on Dianne Feinstein’s case, because like Biden, she had pre-existing cognitive impairment which rapidly progressed after the COVID vaccines (which she forced on America) hit the market and rather than admit it, she did everything she could to cover it up until she died.​ 

​  CDC Panel Recommends COVID Vaccines for Ages 6 Months and Up Amid Concerns Doctors Afraid to Recommend Shots​  
The CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices on Thursday also recommended everyone 6 months and older get a flu shot.​ 
 (Especially retirees!) ​  ​

  ​Andrew Korybko is more emphatic than usual.  Don’t Let The Elite Get Away With Gaslighting That They Didn’t Know About Biden’s Senility
The country is being ruled by a shadowy network of transnational and domestic elites that are united by their radical liberal-globalist ideology.
​  The reality is that they knew about this all along but covered it up by lying that any claims to this effect were “Russian propaganda” and/or a “conspiracy theory”, all because they actually approved of the Democrats installing a literal placeholder in the White House who the liberal-globalist elite could control.​..
..They ... went along with the lie that Biden is in tip-top mental condition for reasons of political convenience, but now it’s impossible to keep up the charade any longer, hence why they’re all feigning surprise and shock...
​..Biden was chosen as the Democrats’ candidate in 2020 precisely because he was already senile and therefore completely controllable.​ (Or c​orrupt & compliant, anyway.) That (uni)party, which functions as the public face of the abovementioned elite network, wanted someone who’d do whatever they demanded on the home and foreign policy fronts. In particular, they sought to turn America into a liberal-globalist hellhole while ramping up NATO’s containment of Russia in Ukraine, but the second policy backfired after the special operation began.
​  Nevertheless, they’ll never have another chance to install someone like Biden since 2020 was an exceptional election year due to it being a referendum on Trump – who a significant share of the public was preconditioned to falsely believe is the new Hitler – and mail-in voting due to COVID-19.​..
​..Any acknowledgement that they were aware of this would expose their role in 2020’s de facto coup, which was the elite’s latest after the ones in 2001, 1974, and 1963. Back then, 9/11 was exploited as the pretext for taking the national security state to its next level, while Nixon’s resignation in the face of the CIA’s Watergate scandal was meant to remove a truly independent and popular visionary leader. As for Kennedy’s assassination, many believe that it was aimed to stop his planned withdrawal from Vietnam.
​  The elite’s latest coup was meant to turbocharge the US’ preexisting liberal-globalist trajectory after Trump partially offset it with his comparatively more conservative-nationalist policies, which necessitated provoking a proxy war with Russia in order to unify the West around this ideological cause. The damage has already been dealt and a lot of it is irreparable, but Trump’s return to power would still be better for Americans and the rest of the world, which is why the elite are dead-set against it.  (And there's Kennedy, unmentioned.)​

​  Israeli Officials Hiding Data About Forced Starvation of Gaza Prisoners
​  Security sources told the Israeli newspaper Haaretz that the Israel Prison Service (IPS) is intentionally cutting Palestinian prisoners’ caloric intake, a move confirmed by Israeli National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir, who called the policy a “deterrent.” “The Palestinian detainees will receive the minimum rights and the minimum food, and I will ensure that this policy is implemented.”​...
​..“There is no starvation, but my policy does call for reducing conditions, including food and calories,” Ben-Gvir added.
​  However, dozens of Palestinians held by Israel, including so-called security prisoners and detainees unaffiliated with Hamas, have testified that the IPS “has significantly reduced their food rations, to the point of starvation, causing them to shed dozens of kilograms.”​...
..At a hearing on Wednesday, the High Court of Justice slammed the reduction of Palestinian prisoners’ food rations as “unacceptable.”...
​..According to Israeli whistleblowers who worked at the notorious Sde Teiman prison camp in the Negev Desert, Palestinian detainees there are tortured not to “gather intelligence,” but “out of revenge” for October 7.
​  Often referred to as “Israel’s Abu Ghraib”—the infamous U.S. military prison in Iraq where dozens of detainees died, some of them tortured to death—Sde Teiman has been described by former detainees as hell on EarthPalestinians held there and at other detention sites described being electrocuted, mauled and even raped by dogs, and starved, among other abuses.​

​  US Begins Evacuation of Thousands of Citizens: Israeli Army to Invade Lebanon and Syria Simultaneously to Eliminate Hezbollah
Risk of engagement with Assad forces - US sends 3,500 bombs
​  The US, Germany, the Netherlands, Canada, North Macedonia and Kuwait are asking their nationals to leave Lebanon immediately, while Germany, along with the US, Canada, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Russia, the UK, France, Ireland and Australia, have urged their citizens to avoid traveling to Lebanon following rising tensions between Hezbollah and Israel.
​  Additionally, according to breaking news, US Navy, Marine Corps and Air Force helicopters and aircraft are expected to evacuate hundreds of American citizens from Lebanon to Cyprus and from there to the United States as Israel is set to launch its operation against to Hezbollah.​..
..An unimpeded flow of arms is now being promised by the Americans with the delivery of 1,700 500-pound Mk.82 bombs destined for Israel, which were seized in May after the Israel Defense Forces launched an incursion into Rafah in southern Gaza... 
..There is a strong possibility that any Israeli invasion to oust Hezbollah north of the Litani River would coincide with an Israeli invasion of Southern Syria to oust Hezbollah and IRGC (Iranian Revolutionary Guard) militias such as Fatimiyoun and Imam Al -Hussein, from Quneitra and the countryside of West Daraa.​..
..Yesterday's pounding by Israel's air force, last night, as well as the concentration of forces in the Golan Heights and South Lebanon, support the above scenario...
​..Nasrallah appears to be locked in a costly conflict, but he cannot end it before the war in Gaza ends. Meanwhile, the IDF continues to pound southern Lebanon and prepare for a major war, which will be painful for Israel but a total disaster for Hezbollah, according to Israeli experts.
​  Besides, according to statements by a top official of the Biden administration, to Politico: "Nasrallah's logic ... is that everything is connected to Gaza and until there is a cease-fire in Gaza, the rocket launches into Israel will not stop ... Frankly, we reject completely this logic".
​  On the one hand, they "reject this logic" and on the other, US Secretary of ​State, Antony Blinken recently stated that "A new war between Israel and Lebanon would be disastrous for Israelis and Lebanese citizens, we call for urgent diplomacy".​

​  Report: Biden Admin Sent Israel 'At Least' 15,000 2,000-Pound Bombs
​  Between the war's start last October and recent days, the United States has transferred at least 14,000 of the MK-84 2,000-pound bombs, 6,500 500-pound bombs, 3,000 Hellfire precision-guided air-to-ground missiles, 1,000 bunker-buster bombs, 2,600 air-dropped small-diameter bombs, and other munitions, according to the officials, who were not authorized to speak publicly.​

 Iran is not specifically threatening to attack Israel... Iran Threatens Israel With 'Obliterating War' If It Attacks Lebanon
​  A Friday statement from Iran's ambassador warned the UN that any "full-scale military aggression" in Lebanon against Hezbollah will mean that "an obliterating war will ensue." The Iranian statement continued by emphasizing that "all options, including the full involvement of all resistance fronts, are on the table" in a statement posted to X.
​  By "resistance fronts" Tehran means the militias it supports in Syria, Iraq, and Yemen will also ramp up their military activities. On a few occasions, Iraqi Shia militias have launched missiles and drones against southern Israel, as have the Houthis, with limited effect.
​  Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has acknowledged this week that a "seven front war" could open up, in reference to all of Iran's proxies across the region.​.. ​ 
Most analysts agree that Hezbollah is far more capable a paramilitary and guerilla force than Hamas, or any other Iran-linked group in the region for that matter. In the 2006 Lebanon war, there were reports that IRGC operatives were on the ground in Lebanon assisting Hezbollah.

​  Iran Openly Talks About Building A Nuke In Historic Shift
Tehran is fully aware of its status as a 'threshold state' and is using this to project strength in its broader standoff with Israel in the region:
​  In interviews with a dozen American, European, Iranian and Israeli officials and with outside experts, the cumulative effect of this surge appears clear: Iran has cemented its role as a “threshold” nuclear state, walking right up to the line of building a weapon without stepping over it.
​  And yet Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu has warned many times over the years that he will not allow Iran to achieve nuclear status. He has vowed to launch a preemptive attack should Tehran cross this line.​ ​ [We hear that Russia doesn't want that to be done.]
​  But this has not stopped an official close to Iran’s supreme leader from recently explaining that if the country were to face an existential threat, it would "reconsider its nuclear doctrine" — as quoted in the Times report.
​  Without doubt, Iranian leaders have in the back of their minds the examples of Iraq's Saddam Hussein and Libya's Muammar Gaddafi. Both gave up their WMD programs and nuclear aspirations, and soon after were invaded, overthrown, and executed (and in Gaddafi's case he was killed on the street by NATO-backed rebels).​

​  Iran presidential election 2024 updates: Pezeshkian, Jalili head to run-off
Reformist Pezeskhian won the first round of the presidential race with 42.5 percent of the vote, followed by hardliner Jalili who got 38.6 percent.
Both candidates now head to a run-off as neither managed to get 50 percent plus one vote needed for an outright victory.
At 40 percent, the turnout was the lowest ever recorded since the formation of the Islamic republic in 1979.
Friday’s election took place to pick a successor to President Ebrahim Raisi who died in a helicopter crash earlier this year.

​  Masoud Pezeshkian (Persian: مسعود پزشکیان; born 29 September 1954) is an Iranian heart surgeon and reformist politician who is currently representing Tabriz, Osku and Azarshahr electoral district in the Parliament of Iran, and also served as its First Deputy Speaker from 2016 to 2020. He was Minister of Health and Medical Education between 2001 and 2005 in the Government of Mohammad Khatami.​

​  The Heart of Gnosticism​  by The Ethical Skeptic
​  Gnosticism is not a particular set of beliefs; rather, it is a learned philosophy concerning the ethical relationship between authoritative power and its constituency. A philosophy abhorrent to those who crave abuse of such power. It is the heart and soul of the message brought by The Son of Man.​ 

Wearing My Heart (pictured this morning with Jenny on an anniversary happier than that of poor Archduke Ferdinand yesterday)  

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Everybody Knows That Everybody Knows

 Well  Aware,

  Sorry to flog a dead horse, but you are bound to have seen some "debate" clips from last night. I watched the Kennedy 3-way debate, as did over 2/3 of debate-watchers, I have read. I mostly left the sound off, as an active tab, occasionally popping in, but I can't stand much at a time. I presume that you know the feeling. Jenny said her Facebook feed was dead; no debate comments from her mostly Democratic friends, very unlike 2016 and 2020.

  Celia Farber, America Wakes Up To Surreal Dream: RFK Jr. Got Most Viewers By Landslide Yet Is Un-Personed, While Trump and Biden Fight Inside CNN Box Where No Covid Genocide Is Mentioned

  Yves Smith @ Naked Capitalism has the intelligent liberal take:  Biden Crashes, Trump Lies: A Campaign-Defining Presidential Debate
​  The presidential debate last night is likely to go down as being of historical importance, in the same league as the Kennedy-Nixon debate. But here, instead of demonstrating how the then-young medium rewarded good looks and a confident affect, here it showed two men, which as often happens with the aged, having become even more of who they are, and not in a good way.
​  There is no way Biden will be in office for a second term after last night’s performance. As blinkered as Biden himself is, too much rides on having at least a semi-functioning incumbent, and voters and donors realize that. Reagan’s Alzheimer’s was not apparent when he ran for a second term and stayed well-hidden. But a big reason why was his strong Cabinet, something Biden abjectly lacks. The members of his top team, in their various ways, are more often than not as weak as he is.
​  That does not mean Trump will be president. He could choke to death on a burger or suffer a George Wallace or worse assassination attempt. Or perhaps the Democrats will do the seemingly impossible and rally successfully around a last-minute contender like Jay Pritzker or Gretchen Whitmer. But odds considerably favor he will be back in the White House.​

  May I simply say that everybody knows that Joe Biden can't be "elected" again, even with massive vote rigging. He got the best nootropic "smart medicines" available, one can be sure   

  Here are the gambling odds on 8 POTUS potential candidates, from Trump at 56% and Biden at 16%, to Newsome 11.2%, Harris 6.5%, Michelle Obama 4.9%, Gretchen Whitmer 2%, and both Hillary and Bobby Jr. at 1.65%

Because I am no sadist I'll give you this video clip marked at 2 minutes of Bobby Kennedy Jr. explaining how the Ukraine war came to be still unresolved. (Nobody talked about human rights of Palestinians, nobody. I'll vote for Jill Stein again.):

  Biden's "not dropping out" yet, because they don't know who to put in yet, because they don't know Trump's VP yet, and he's in no hurry to help them.
"He's Not Dropping Out": Biden Digs In After Disastrous Debate
President Joe Biden is "not dropping out" of the 2024 race despite his party's collective freakout over last night's debate performance, which put his severe cognitive decline on display, raising questions about who's actually running the country.​ (Obama)​

  ​Mainstream media... ABC NEWS:  Democratic dread grows after Biden debate disaster. What now?: ANALYSIS
​  Even before Thursday night's debate, there was a sense of dread among Democrats that the party was charting a course towards the unthinkable -- a Trump victory in November...
..Joe Biden needed a strong debate to address concerns about his age and to show he has physical and mental ability to take on Trump and win in November. That's why he spent nearly a week at Camp David with an army of advisers preparing for Thursday night...
​.."I am in a state of shock," a Democratic member of Congress who has strongly supported Biden told me even before the date was over. "He is diminished to an extent that has become undeniable."...
​..But nobody knows better than Joe Biden how high the stakes are in this election. He still has time -- although not much time -- to make this decision. And while there is no indication that either he or anyone of his closest advisers or family members is having second thoughts, some of the most prominent voices on the outside publicly calling for him to drop out are voices Biden respects.​ (What sayeth Obama?)​

​  On this day 110 years ago: Archduke Franz Ferdinand Carl Ludwig Joseph Maria of Austria (18 December 1863 – 28 June 1914) was the heir presumptive to the throne of Austria-HungaryHis assassination in Sarajevo was the most immediate cause of World War I.

​  Justice Alito Dissent Says Majority "Shirks" Duty in Free Speech Case
​  Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito said the high court shirked its duty in rejecting a challenge brought over the White House’s communications with social media companies over political content, a case he described as “one of the most important free speech cases to reach this Court in years.”​

​  Aunt Of Matthew Perna, Who Killed Himself In Prison, Enraged: "Matthew Perna Is Dead!" Julie Kelly: "Texts Pouring In From J6ers." "I Just Spent 3 Years In Prison For Something That Isn't A Crime."​

​I think most homeless are "independents". We need jobs and cheap rents again: In Blow To Democrats, Supreme Court Allows Crackdown On Homeless

  The right to "due process" is rediscovered.  SCOTUS Overturns 'Chevron Deference' In Massive Blow To 'Administrative State'
​  In an 6-3 decision along ideological lines, the Supreme Court’s conservative majority upended the 40-year administrative law precedent that gave agencies across the federal government leeway to interpret ambiguous laws through rulemaking.
​  Conservatives and Republican policymakers have long been critical of the doctrine, saying it has contributed to the dramatic growth of government and gives unelected regulators far too much power to make policy by going beyond what Congress intended when it approved various laws. The authority of regulatory agencies has been increasingly questioned by the Supreme Court in recent years.​

'Devastating Blow': Divided Supreme Court Says SEC Cannot Seek Fines In-House
Justice Sonia Sotomayor, in dissent, said court's broad reading of the Seventh Amendment right to jury trial could affect many federal agencies.​

​  John Leake,  Knockout Blow to Admin State Confirmed
Company long harassed by a federal agency is contacted to discuss a settlement an after after the SCOTUS decision was announced.​

   Project Veritas "Interview": Biden's State Department Official Admits Great Replacement is Real; ‘They Want to Change the Demographics of the United States’     KEY QUOTES:
“The truth is they want to change the demographics of the United States.”
 – Consular Officer, U.S. State Department
“I wish people knew we were letting in criminals [to the United States] daily.” – Consular Officer, U.S. State Department
“Migrants are coming from elsewhere, like Venezuela. So we’re like, this [the Root Causes Strategy] doesn’t solve that problem.” – Dan Fitzgerald, Country Coordinator U.S. State Department
“It looks bad for any administration because no one solves migration… it’s like the end all, be all, kill pill for politics.”- Dan Fitzgerald, Country Coordinator U.S. State Department

  Moon of Alabama,  Russian Note To The U.S.: Your Drones Are Now Targets
A new statement by the Russian Defense Ministry says:
​  The Russian Defence Ministry noted the increased intensity of U.S. strategic unmanned aerial vehicles over the Black Sea waters, which are conducting reconnaissance and targeting high-precision weapons supplied to the Armed Forces of Ukraine by Western states to launch strikes at Russian facilities.
​  This demonstrates the increasing involvement of the United States and NATO countries in the Ukrainian conflict on the side of the Kiev regime.
​  Such flights increase the possibility of air incidents involving the Russian Aerospace Forces' aircraft, increasing the risk of a direct confrontation between the alliance and the Russian Federation.​  The NATO countries will be responsible for this.
​  The Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation Andrei Belousov has instructed the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces to make proposals on measures for rapid response to provocations.​

​  Then kill our pilots.  A British reconnaissance aircraft is operating over the Black Sea today under the protection of fighter jets​

Six Ukrainian battalions abandon their positions on Gorlovka direction​

​Bulgaria is a regional keystone NATO ally.  Bulgarian President won't attend NATO summit due to disagreement over support for Ukraine

So the Patriots go to Ukraine to "protect" the arriving F-16s? Will Israel forego war with Hezbollah?  US Negotiating To Send Israel's Patriot Systems To Ukraine

​  Israeli Defense Minister Vows to Return Lebanon to ‘Stone Age’
The White House reversed course and now says a ceasefire in Lebanon cannot be contingent on a deal in Gaza​

​  Israel Creating ‘Dead Zone’ Along Lebanon Border​,  Tel Aviv is attempting to destroy everything within three miles of the border
​  So far, the conflict has been limited to tit-for-tat daily strikes but these have slowly escalated. The fighting has killed hundreds in Lebanon and over 25 Israelis. Hundreds of thousands of civilians have been displaced from the border area, and large swaths of southern Lebanon have been decimated.
​  The IDF has used white phosphorus weapons – and even fireballs slung from trebuchets – to set fire to farms and vegetation. An Israeli official claimed that Tel Aviv was not trying to create a dead zone or buffer area, but rather to clear the area of Hezbollah. “We just want Hezbollah pushed back,” the official said. “We have to ‘clean out’ the area of Hezbollah’s presence.”
​  Tel Aviv justifies the destruction by claiming that Hezbollah uses civilians as human shields, and Israeli officials make similar arguments about Hamas in Gaza.​

Balloons Land in Southern Lebanon, Warning Locals the Land ‘Belongs to Jews’​, Messages in Hebrew and Arabic demand immediate evacuation of all locals​

​  US Readies To Evacuate Americans From Lebanon If War Erupts, Marines En Route
​  IDF forces also practiced combat scenarios "in a tangled terrain that simulates combat on a northern route, progress along a mountain route and the use of gradual fire," the statement said further.
​  Among the units present for the drill included the 55th Reserve Paratroopers Brigade, which strongly points to Israel gearing up for a major invasion of south Lebanon.​

​  Israel storms Gaza City neighborhood, orders Palestinians to go south
​  Israel stormed a neighborhood in Gaza City on Thursday, telling Palestinians as the tanks moved in that they must move south, and bombed the southern city of Rafah in what it says are the final stages of an operation against Hamas militants there.
​  Residents of the Shejaia neighborhood in Gaza City said they were taken by surprise by tanks rolling in and firing in the early afternoon, with drones also attacking after overnight bombing.
​  “It sounded as if the war is restarting, a series of bombings that destroyed several houses in our area and shook the buildings,” Mohammad Jamal, 25, a resident of Gaza City, told Reuters.​

​  Israel Bombs UN Headquarters Distributing Aid In Gaza
​  An Israeli airstrike hit near the main gate of the UN’s Palestinian refugee agency headquarters in Gaza City, killing at least eight people and injuring many others who were seeking aid or sheltering from the conflict. The attack, which Israel claims targeted a site used by Hamas, devastated a key humanitarian hub amidst Gaza’s escalating crisis. Witnesses described scenes of chaos and desperation, with families fleeing and bodies lying in the rubble.​

​  UNICEF's deputy executive director underscores the severe toll on Palestinian children amid widespread death and destruction due to the ongoing Israeli genocide in Gaza.
​  “The bodies of thousands of missing children remain buried under rubble, and none of this includes the thousands of violations reported so far in 2024,” he stressed.
​  The UNICEF official also highlighted the obstacles hindering aid deliveries to Gaza, which are contributing to the rising number of acutely malnourished children. He noted that "after nearly nine months of horrible conflict, UNICEF and other humanitarian actors are still struggling to reach those in need."
​  He further called for “a complete ceasefire” in Gaza, where many children are dying due to the starvation imposed by "Israel" on the besieged territory.​

​  UN criticizes Israeli soldiers for unleashing dogs on detained Palestinians
Such actions constitute serious violations of Israel’s obligations under international law, says UN official
​  Laurence responded in writing to questions from Anadolu about Israeli soldiers using dogs to attack Palestinian prisoners, engaging in acts of sexual violence, and using a wounded Palestinian as a human shield in the West Bank.​

​  Israel brings in military service for ultra-Orthodox Jews​   
Israel has introduced mandatory military service for ultra-Orthodox Jews, ending long-standing exemptions. The move has sparked significant debate within the country.
​  It is a decision of historic importance, and it has the potential to cause new domestic turmoil in Israel and to fuel a smoldering cultural conflict: The Israeli Supreme Court has unanimously ruled that ultra-Orthodox Jews are also liable for military service.
​  Those who refuse to do so will no longer receive state support.
 A legal exemption that spared ultra-Orthodox Jews from military service expired in March 2024.​..
​..Because the military operation in the Gaza war is continuing, the military also wants to draft ultra-Orthodox men.​  Now, Israel's Supreme Court wants to ensure that politicians act accordingly, but it remains unclear what consequences this decision will have. Israel as a state has no written constitution, and for many ultra-Orthodox Jews, the Supreme Court as a secular authority ultimately has no great significance.​

​  Iranians vote in snap polls after Raisi’s death in helicopter crash
​  Iranians voted on Friday for a new president to replace president Ebrahim Raisi, killed last month in a helicopter crash. The ballot list featured a choice between a tightly controlled group of four candidates loyal to the supreme leader, amid pervasive public apathy after years of economic strife, nationwide protests and escalating tensions in the Middle East.​

​  Locking up anybody who says what they see going on:  The well-known Romanian patriot Iurie Roșca is in danger of being imprisoned!
The Moldovan lackeys of globalism are rushing intensely these days to silence Iurie Roșca, as he has been creating for decades a strong current of opinion that systematically exposed the criminal agenda of the trans-national plutocracy.​

​  Stroke Risk: COVID Shots 200 Times More Likely to Cause Blood Clots in Brain​, Suzanne Burdick, Ph.D.
​  The COVID-19 vaccines had an over 1,000-fold increased risk of blood clots in the brain compared to the flu vaccine and more than a 200-fold increased risk compared to all other vaccines, according to a study by Dr. Peter McCullough and colleagues.​

​  Jessica Rose Ph.D.  1/200 chance of death in context of new bird flu injection - 5 times higher than placebo according to clinical trial 
“Fatal SAEs included 11 (0.5%) AUDENZ recipients and 1 (0.1%) placebo recipients.”

​  Finland to Offer Bird Flu Vaccine Despite Lack of Safety Testing and Human Infections​  [High risk" means "expensive-and-easy-to-kill", right?]
​  Finland plans to vaccinate 10,000 “high-risk” individuals against the H5N8 strain of bird flu. Critics warn of potential dangers from the untested vaccine and question the necessity given the absence of human infections in the country.​ 

  The "good WHO":  WHO Reports Hundreds of Thousands of Annual Deaths in Europe Linked to Ultra-Processed Foods​ 
​  The World Health Organization accused the food and beverage industry of spreading misinformation and lobbying against public health initiatives.​ Ultra-processed food is responsible for about 391,000 deaths annually in Europe, according to a new report from the World Health Organization.​..
​..“It is estimated that at least one-third of total global deaths [19 million] and 41 percent of noncommunicable disease deaths are attributable to just four commercial products: tobacco, ultra-processed foods, fossil fuels​ 
 [Note: Fossil fuels keep us all alive.]  and alcohol,” the WHO wrote.​

Reducing Risks (​Pictured recently with unprocessed foods)  

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 ​Likely Voters,

  There is something being billed as a "debate" this evening, and the format remains contested at this late hour. Joe Biden (one of them) and Donald Trump will sit at a table, with microphones muted, except when it is their-turn. Robert Kennedy Jr. who does seem to be on enough ballots to qualify (which presumptive-nominees Biden and Trump are not yet), and who still lacks Secret Service protection against assassination, as befell his father, will "join" in the free speech telephone booth afforded by X/Twitter, and an online format. CNN says they will sue anybody who does that. Kennedy will answer the same questions as Trump and Biden in his medically-impaired voice.

​  Watch The Real Debate
You deserve to hear your three options. Watch the presidential debate as it was supposed to be: Biden, Trump, Kennedy. And decide for yourself.
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I'm voting for Jill Stein MD again, the anti-genocide candidate, not any of these AIPAC-approved politicians.

James Clapper, Mr. October Surprise: How Obama's Intel Czar Rigged 2016 and 2020 Debates Against Trump​

Hillary Clinton Lays Groundwork for Biden’s Debate Defeat: It’s ‘Impossible’ to Argue with Trump​

Biden Campaign Refuses To Commit To Drug Test Before Debate​

​  Michael Snyder has done good work here. It's not just the economy, but the financial system, about to snap again.  This underlies western political and military desperation.
11 Signs That The U.S. Economy Is In Far Worse Shape Than Most People Think​

​  Growing number of countries liberating themselves from Western influence — Lavrov
The Russia's top diplomat drew attention to the fact that profound changes of the global order were currently going on, as "before our very eyes a more just, multipolar and polycentric architecture is being formed"​.

​  Simplicius,​ Coordinated Terror Attacks by Ukraine and Friends Seek to Sow Instability
To look briefly further ahead, we’ve had some interesting developments.
​  Almost as if the Russian leadership ‘knows something we don’t’, they’ve made a series of statements in the past few days that seem to point to an early conclusion to the conflict.
​  First, Putin again reiterated that he believes Zelensky will be ‘replaced’ in early 2025...  
One scenario some analysts have hypothesized is the following:
​  Right now there are rumors that Syrsky is being forced to put together another “offensive” for this fall, and channels like Rezident claim sources indicate reserves are being built up for this. The reasons are several-fold, but they include the U.S. mandate to launch a successful offensive right in time for the U.S. election to give Biden a final propaganda boost.​

​  Russia’s emergency services have discovered an unexploded cluster bomblet in the waters near Sevastopol following a deadly Ukrainian missile strike on a beach last weekend.
​  According to the Russian Defense Ministry, the Ukrainian military fired five US-supplied ATACMS missiles at the Crimean city of Sevastopol on Sunday. Russian air defense systems destroyed four of the projectiles in mid-air, but the fifth was damaged, veered off course, and detonated its cluster warhead over a packed beach. The strike killed at least four people, including two children, and injured more than 150 others.​

​"Tat":  CNN: Biden Will Pay US Military Contractors to Work Inside UkraineThe moves make another White House step closer to direct war with Russia

  "Tit for Tat":  Simplicius, Things Heat Up With Reports of North Korean Troops to Donbass
​  We now have video evidence that beyond a shadow of a doubt proves cluster munitions were deployed against the civilian beach in Crimea. Of course, to be fair, we must say we don’t have definitive proof whether the missile targeted the beachgoers specifically or was shot down en route to a military target, causing it to release its submunitions...
..The problem is, if you draw a straight line from probable Ukrainian launch sites, you find that it’s fairly impossible for the ATACMS to have flown OVER Uchkuivka beach en route to Belbek...
​..The next pressing topic is the sudden announcement that North Korea reportedly intends to send troops to Ukraine... From the Kyiv Post:
​  In response to that Pyongyang announced early this week that it will be sending troops in the form of a military engineering unit to support Russian forces on the ground in the Donetsk region. The troops are expected to arrive on the battlefield as soon as next month.
​  It seems the source of this news is a South Korean news station called TV Chosun
​..The important takeaway is that this appears the latest in a tit-for-tat move of Russia’s escalatory procedures against the U.S. You see, just yesterday the big headline was that Biden intends to allow U.S. boots on the ground in Ukraine​.
​  Ostensibly, of course, this is initially under the premise of specialists to help repair American equipment in Ukraine without having to send it over the border. But just like North Korea is now being accused of planning, the U.S. could likely use the new authorization as cover to incrementally move actual combat forces into the country.
​  One can only assume that this is Russia and its bloc’s message to the West, that for every escalation in Ukraine, there will be a reciprocal one dealt back.
​  What’s most interesting, however, is that Russia and Iran announced the upcoming signing of a new ‘comprehensive’ treaty of some kind...​ 
..It appears Russia is building a tighter pact with closer military cooperation in preparation for potential escalations. Understandably, most are thinking of all the current moves as precursors to WWIII—and it may very well be the case. But with the West’s sinking political situations I would not bet on it at the moment. There are huge amounts of opposition to any troops on the ground. Just earlier David Cameron was pranked by the infamous Russian pranksters Vovan and Lexus, wherein he admitted that putting troops in Ukraine is highly problematic because they would become targets for Russian missiles​...
​..Some have noted that Putin has suddenly and ‘mysteriously’ visited Patriarch Kirill, as if to get a blessing before a difficult decision of some kind...
​..Which was followed by the equally mysterious ‘special squadron’ direct flight from Russia to D.C., which is the first time this plane has flown to the U.S. since June 26, 2023.​  
(Reports are that Russian and US Minsters of Defense talked in Washington, followed by the flight of the diplomatic plane from Russia to DC.)​...
​..Also, it should be noted just yesterday the U.S. and NATO countries conducted a nuclear exercise in the Norwegian Sea, with EAM (Emergency Action Messages) sent over HFGCS (High Frequency Global Communication System)... And it was noted by experts that the emergency nuclear signals being broadcast were of a rare 102+ character variety—with “normal” ones being only a few characters long due to the low data bandwidth of the special VLF waves used to penetrate the ocean in order to send nuclear authorizations to ballistic missile subs deep underwater. The understanding is that the longer codes are associated with higher Defcon risks or emergency situations, with radio observers potentially expecting a ‘Skymaster’ code to be sent, which reportedly constitutes a top secret elevated situation, though it’s unclear if it was broadcast or not.​..
​..In accordance with the above, Tsargrad featured military analyst, Doctor of Military Sciences Konstantin Sivkov, who claims that NATO is preparing a mass decapitation attack on Russia... "At the beginning of the invasion, about 600-700 aircraft and at least one and a half thousand Tomahawk missiles will be involved, which are planned to suppress Russian air defenses. After the destruction of our front-line aviation and the achievement of air supremacy, favorable conditions will be created for the offensive of ground forces on the territory of Russia."​...
​..Also:​  Ex-Colonel of the SBU Starikov expects a “general battle” in the SMO zone in August-September According to him, this will lead to either escalation or de-escalation and could become “the basis for starting negotiations.”​...
..Not to mention FighterBomber now releasing a doubling down on his story that a Russian Mig-31 reportedly damaged a Global Hawk drone over the Black Sea yesterday (Is this what the Defense Ministers met about? What about the diplomatic flight?)​

In a first, North Korea claims successful multiple-warhead missile test​

​  Drago Bosnic, US, UK and EU preparing for war against Russia
​  In one of its essays (PDF) published last year, the Pentagon stresses the need to learn lessons and draw conclusions from the NATO-orchestrated Ukrainian conflict. In a subsection titled "Casualties, Replacements, and Reconstitutions", the authors argue that "large-scale combat operations troop requirements may well require a reconceptualization of the 1970s and 1980s volunteer force and a move toward partial conscription". This is yet another indirect proof of the enormous casualties among the NATO-backed Neo-Nazi junta forces.
​  However, it's not only the US that is preparing for war. Namely, it seems that the recent changes in the United Kingdom's recruitment ads sent shivers down the spine of many in the country. In previous years, British military ads focused heavily on "feminism", "multiculturalism" and "diversity", emphasizing a supposed "religious and ethnic harmony", with a 2018 ad showing a Muslim soldier praying in the middle of a patrol mission. However, new recruitment videos are completely different, showing only the British natives (i.e. whites). Many in the UK see it as an ominous sign of the coming war.​

Pentagon study reveals U.S. soldiers are 9 times more likely to die by suicide than in combat​

​  U.S Army Admits Covid Shot Caused Soldier’s Heart Failure
​  24-year-old Army National Guard Specialist Karoline Stancik is lucky to be alive after suffering a Covid shot-induced heart attack.
After receiving her second dose of the Moderna mRNA shot, Stancik suffered three heart attacks and a stroke.
​  The young woman has now been forced to have a pacemaker fitted.
Stancik developed a headache, sinus problems, cough, and chest pain after her first dose.
​  After her second dose a month later, she developed intense adverse reactions.​ Stancik suffered a high heart rate, dizziness, neuropathic pain, and difficulty breathing.
It was shortly after the second injection that she suffered her first heart attack.​

​  I'm not very reassured.  Ukraine strikes radiation monitoring posts around the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant to pursue psychological and political goals, said Yury Braslavsky, associate professor at Sevastopol State University, told TASS.
  It was reported earlier that Ukrainian forces hit a radiation monitoring post of the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant in Velikaya Znamenka, completely demolishing it. The plant's specialists made efforts to ensure that the radiation level is still being continuously monitored. The level remains within natural boundaries...
.."It will be quickly restored. It is not a challenging operation from a technical perspective, provided there is certain equipment, which ZNPP does have. There will be no negative consequences for the environment either," Braslavsky, associate professor at the university's Nuclear Reactors Department, told TASS..."This is about stoking tensions. People who are far from the nuclear power industry, when they hear that something - no matter what - has been destroyed at ZNPP, may succumb to panic, especially if news media - our own or the enemy's - report the incident. In reality, I repeat, there is no threat. Nothing critical happened," he said.

​  Ministry of Defense: substances for a “dirty bomb” are being imported into Ukraine through Poland
​  All organizational, logistics and financial issues of importing substances into Ukraine, says Mr. Kirillov, are personally supervised by the head of the office of the country’s president, Andrey Ermak. The Ukrainian government can use a “dirty bomb” “under a false flag.”
​  A "dirty bomb" is a simple version of a radiological weapon. The main damage a bomb causes is not the explosion itself, but the spread of radioactive material. Experts consider one of the types of “dirty bombs” to be the detonation of non-nuclear facilities that use radioactive materials.
​  Russia has already accused Ukraine of plans to use a “dirty bomb” on its territory. The first time was in the fall of 2022.​

Ministry of Defense: The Russian Armed Forces destroyed three HIMARS launchers along with foreign crews​

​  Andrew Korybko,  Russia’s Response To Ukraine’s US-Backed Bombing Of Beachgoers Wasn’t What Many Expected  (There may also be unseen responses.)
​  Instead of shooting down or otherwise neutralizing American reconnaissance drones over international waters in the Black Sea, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov reaffirmed that President Putin’s ceasefire proposal still stands. Shortly afterwards, Peskov also expressed Russia’s continued openness to talks with France after Emmanuel Macron publicly said that he’s interested in them the other day while also walking back his earlier rhetoric about wanting to conventionally intervene in Ukraine.
​  These two developments were then followed by new Defense Minister Andrey Belousov talking to his American counterpart in a call where “they exchanged views about the situation around Ukraine”. He also warned him about “the dangers of further escalation in terms of the continuing deliveries of American weapons to the Ukrainian Armed Forces.” Taken together, it’s clearly the case that Russia’s response was once again conciliatory and not escalatory.​

​  Post-trust diplomacy:  West ‘unable to negotiate’ – Lavrov, US “vassals” are willing to breach any agreements at Washington’s orders, the Russian foreign minister says​

​  Trump advisers have a Ukraine ‘peace plan’
​  In an article on Tuesday, Reuters quoted retired Lieutenant General Keith Kellogg as saying that he and his colleague, Fred Fleitz, had presented Trump with their plan, and though he did not necessarily agree with “every word of it,” his feedback was apparently positive. Both Kellog and Fleitz served as chiefs of staff in the National Security Council during Trump’s first term.
​  According to Kellogg, “We tell the Ukrainians: ‘You’ve got to come to the [negotiating] table, and if you don’t come to the table, support from the United States will dry up.” The US would also tell Russian President Vladimir Putin that “He’s got to come to the table and if you don’t come to the table, then we’ll give Ukrainians everything they need to kill you in the field.”
​  The plan foresees an initial ceasefire based on the battle lines during peace negotiations, with no need for Kiev to formally cede any disputed territories to Moscow, according to Reuters.
​  On top of this, a promise to put Ukraine’s NATO accession talks on hold would reportedly be extended to Russia.
​  Trump spokesperson Steven Cheung, however, said that only statements made by the former president or authorized members of his campaign should be considered official.
​  Commenting on the Reuters article, Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov told the outlet that the “value of any plan lies in the nuances and in taking into account the real state of affairs on the ground,” adding that Moscow needs to first study the purported plan...
..Earlier this month, Putin said that Moscow is prepared to cease the hostilities immediately if Kiev withdraws its troops from the four former Ukrainian regions that voted in referendums to join Russia, as well as committing to neutrality and undergoing “demilitarization” and “denazification.”

​  Ukrainian presidential office refutes plan of Trump’s advisers on settlement — news agency
Mikhail Podolyak reiterated that Kiev only promotes President Vladimir Zelensky's so-called peace formula​

​  Ukraine Not Invited to NATO Summit, British Foreign Secretary Tells Russian Pranksters​    (SMILE :-D  You're on Candid Camera!)
Russian pranksters Vovan and Lexus phoned British Foreign Secretary David Cameron in disguise as former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko.
​  Ukraine will not be invited to join NATO at its July summit because the US is against it, British Foreign Minister David Cameron told pranksters Vovan and Lexus.​..
​..The British minister also praised French President Emmanuel Macron for his enthusiasm for Ukraine. But he added that the British government was privately pushing France not to stoke further escalation with statements about sending troops to Ukraine.
​  "I really welcome the fact that the French have changed their view, but I am not sure that is the right approach. I mean I think that the problem is if you put foreign troops into Ukraine, you create target for [Russian President Vladimir] Putin," Cameron said.
​  "I am very keen on the French enthusiasm, but I am not sure they picked the right particular answer," he added. "We do not want an argument with them, we are just trying to say privately to them 'Let's think of the things we can do that are really helpful to Ukraine [without escalating the situation]."
​  Cameron insisted that the UK is "Ukraine's most ardent ally" and that aid to the country will not stop even if a new Labour Paryt government comes to power. But he added that too much depends on the US, which is not involved enough, and on Germany.​

​  Lavrov horrified by Israel's statement there are no civilians in Gaza
Moscow hopes that Israel will hear the voice of the world's overwhelming majority
 on the situation in Gaza, the top Russian diplomat said

  ​I didn't watch it. In video: Israeli police dog brutally attacks old woman in Gaza
​  Several activists on social media circulated on Wednesday a video clip from a camera installed on an Israeli occupation police dog attacking an elderly Palestinian woman in her home in Jabalia Camp, in the northern Gaza Strip.
​  The video showed that the police dog attacked the woman while she sleeping in her home, and she was mauled and suffered from fractures.
The woman was attacked and beaten after she insisted on staying in Jabalia camp
 and refusing to leave.​

​  10 children lose one or two legs in Gaza every day, says UNRWA
UNRWA Commissioner-General, Philippe Lazzarini, said yesterday in a press conference that the numbers are staggering in Gaza: ‘4,000 children missing, 17,000 unaccompanied... you add this to the reported 14,000 children killed. Every day 10 children on average are losing one or two legs’​

​  Israel Pounds South Lebanon Town With White Phosphorous​, Attacks escalate as Israel uses incendiaries against civilian targets​ (​It burns in eyes, mouth and lungs)
Amid growing fear of a full-scale invasion, Israeli warplanes carried out airstrikes against the southern Lebanon town of Khiam, using incendiary white phosphorous bombs, according to the National News Agency.​

30 Palestinians killed in Israeli airstrikes on two UNRWA schools in Gaza​

​From yesterday:  Israel war on Gaza updates: Israeli attacks across enclave kill 60 people

  Today's news:  Israel war on Gaza live: Israeli tanks roll into Gaza City neighbourhood
Palestinian families flee Gaza City’s Shujayea neighbourhood as Israeli tanks move in, Reuters reports.
Gaza’s Health Ministry says 47 Palestinians were killed and 52 wounded in the past 24-hour reporting period.​

​  Palestinian detainees in Israeli prisons face malnourishment: Haaretz​  
A report by Haaretz has exposed that the Israeli occupation's Prison Service has been systematically underfeeding Palestinian detainees as an alleged deterrence measure.​

​  War on Gaza: Hunger 'worse than bombings' for starving Palestinians
Food is scarce, spoilt and often non-existent in besieged enclave, leaving people dizzy and weak​

​  EU says delivering meaningful humanitarian aid to Gaza has become impossible 
​  In a joint statement, the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Josep Borrell, and EU Commissioner for Crisis Management, Janez Le, warned that “the very fabric of civil society is unravelling,” and that civilians in Gaza, who are suffering from hunger, are now resorting to desperate measures to obtain the limited aid that is trickling in.
​  Humanitarian aid is piling up at the borders of Gaza, including aid funded by the EU. Some of this aid is perishable and at risk of being wasted.
​  According to the UN in a statement on its website, “Due to the ongoing military operations and the collapse of law and order in Gaza, our partners are forced to operate in an unacceptably unsafe environment.”

​ (What Israel desires) UN Tells Israel It Will Suspend Aid Operations Across Gaza Without Improved Safety​ 
​  Senior U.N. officials have warned Israel that they will suspend the world body's aid operations across Gaza unless Israel acts urgently to better protect humanitarian workers, two U.N. officials said Tuesday... A U.N. letter sent to Israeli officials this month said Israel must provide U.N. workers with a way to communicate directly with Israeli forces on the ground in Gaza, among other steps, the officials said.​

​  This may destabilize the longstanding political alliances in Israel.  Israel’s top court rules ultra-Orthodox Jews must be drafted
Seminary students have been exempt from compulsory military service for decades​ 
​  In Israel, military service is compulsory for most Jewish men and women, whereas ultra-Orthodox or ‘Haredi’ Jewish seminary students have been largely exempt from conscription since the foundation of the state in 1948.
​  The exemptions have long sparked anger among secular Israelis and the rift has deepened further since the military called up thousands of soldiers following the outbreak of the Gaza conflict.
​  “These days, in the midst of a difficult war, the burden of that inequality is more acute than ever – and requires the advancement of a sustainable solution to this issue,” the Supreme Court justices wrote in their ruling.

​  Azerbaijan, Israel's Quiet Friend
Azerbaijan gets arms, Israel gets Azeri oil, and anti-Tehran allies on Iran’s border. But pressure on Baku from Turkey over Gaza might soon disrupt the relationship​

​How did they make something the US can't yet make?  Houthis Claim Use of Domestic-Made Hypersonic Missile Against Israeli Ship in Arabian Sea

​  In video: Sanaa reveals Yemeni hypersonic ballistic missile with advanced technology
​  Sanaa forces revealed via pictures and a video clip distributed on Wednesday evening by the Yemeni military media the identity of the missile that targeted the Israeli ship (MSC SARAH V) in the Arabian Sea.
​  The​ (how does one pronounce?) “Hatem 2” ballistic missile is a hypersonic missile that operates with an intelligent control system and is powered by solid fuel, and capable of maneuvering. The missile has generations with different ranges, and was manufactured locally by the Yemeni Military Industrialization Organization.​

​  Less embarrassing if they fail again?  Australian combat jets will fire US hypersonics
Partners with US to test-launch hypersonic missile, aiming to restore air-based long-range strike capabilities​

CIA Planned to Kidnap or Poison WikiLeaks Leader Julian Assange: Plea Deal Ensured Plot Did Not Emerge in Court​

​  Pepe Escobar (who must have been warned a few times by now)   Julian Assange: free at last, but guilty of practicing journalism
The ruthless, all-powerful U.S. Intel Apparatus will go no holds barred and take no prisoners to punish anyone, anywhere, who dares to expose imperial crimes.
​  The United States Government (USG) – under the “rules-based international order” – has de facto ruled that Julian Assange is guilty of practicing journalism.
Edward Snowden had already noted that “when exposing a crime is treated as committing a crime, you are being ruled by criminals.”
​  Criminals such as Mike “We Lie, We Cheat, We Steal” Pompeo, former Trump Secretary of State, who had planned to kidnap and kill Julian when he was head of the CIA.
The indomitable Jennifer Robinson and Julian’s U.S. lawyer Barry Pollack sum it all up: the United States has “pursued journalism as a crime”.
​  Julian was forced to suffer an unspeakably vicious Via Crucis because he dared to expose USG war crimes; the inner workings of the U.S. military in their rolling thunder War Of Terror (italics mine) in Afghanistan and Iraq; and – Holy of Holies – he dared to release emails showing the Democratic National Committee (DNC) colluded with the notorious warmongering Harpy Hillary Clinton.​

​  Assange to make public address once recovered: Wife
Stella Assange announced that her husband Julian Assange would address the public "At a time of his choosing."​

​  Every American was harmed. How does anybody not have standing for Federal Government Censorship? Were their families threatened to force this decision?
​  The Supreme Court on Wednesday tossed a case claiming that the Biden administration unlawfully coerced social media companies into removing content and banning users based on political views.  In a 6-3 decision, the Court found that the plaintiffs did not have standing to sue - as opposed to tossing the case on merit - just like the vast majority of election fraud cases which didn't make it past lower courts.
​  Clearly it was easier to punt this one than focus on the mountain of evidence that the Biden administration and US intelligence agencies were directly pressuring social media platforms to censor free speech disfavorable to the regime.
​  GOP attorneys general in Louisiana and Missouri, along with five social media users, filed the underlying lawsuit claiming that US government officials exceeded their authority by pressuring social media platforms to moderate content. The individual plaintiffs include Harvard's Martin Kulldorff and Stanford's Jay Bhattacharya, as well as Gateway Pundit owner Jim Hoft.​

​  Bannon Praises House GOP For Backing Supreme Court Appeal To Remain Out Of Prison
​  On Wednesday, America First Legal - a legal nonprofit founded by former Trump adviser Stephen Miller, filed an amicus brief to the high court alongside Rep. Barry Loudermilk (R-GA) in support of Bannon, who has been ordered to report to prison by July 1 to begin serving a four-month sentence after being convicted of contempt of Congress.​

​  Alex Jones’ Infowars to be shut down, assets liquidated: bankruptcy trustee
​  A US bankruptcy court trustee is planning to shut down conspiracy theorist Alex Jones’ Infowars media platform and liquidate its assets to help pay the $1.5 billion in lawsuit judgments Jones owes for repeatedly calling the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting a hoax.
​  In an “emergency” motion filed Sunday in Houston, trustee Christopher Murray indicated publicly for the first time that he intends to “conduct an orderly wind-down” of the operations of Infowars’ parent company and “liquidate its inventory.”​

​  U.S. Supreme Court justices on June 24 rejected appeals brought over COVID-19 vaccines by Children’s Health Defense (CHD), a nonprofit founded by Robert F. Kennedy Jr., an independent candidate running for president.
​  The nation’s top court rejected an appeal seeking to overturn lower court rulings that found that CHD and its members lacked standing to sue the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) over its emergency authorizations of COVID-19 vaccines for minors.​  
(Nobody who hasn't been killed has standing?)​

​  Archbishop Viganò Confirms He Has Not and Will Not Attend Vatican ‘Schism’ Trial​    God either ​"accepts​" or ​"rejects​" Archbishop Vigano. Who can d​isagree?
​  ‘I therefore wish to make it clear that I did not go to the Vatican yesterday, and that I have no intention of going to the Holy Office on June 28, and that I have not delivered any statement or document in my defense to the Dicastery, whose authority I do not recognize,’ Viganò wrote.​

​  Meryl Nass MD,  The globalists' latest approach to imposing surveillance and censorship
Free speech = Hate speech = Genocide. The globalists LOVE turning things inside out, since it serves 2 purposes. Not only does it justify their criminality, but it also scrambles your brain.
​  They are worried about the recent dissolution of the Stanford Internet Observatory and the pending Supreme Court decision that will hopefully support the First Amendment, and so they are trying to establish a UN norm of partnerships for censorship that include “government, industry and civil society” together—exactly what goes against the First Amendment.
​  And speaking of establishing norms, listen to this, also from Guterres:
“States have an obligation under international law to prevent and combat incitement to hatred and to promote diversity, mutual understanding and solidarity.”​

​  Woman Kicked Off United Airlines Flight For ‘Misgendering’ Flight Attendant: ‘Hate Crime’​   (​"Ignorance of the law is no defense" as the saying goes.)
A woman traveling on United Airlines has been kicked off the flight along with her baby and elderly mother because she made the mistake of “misgendering” a stewardess.
​  “I’ll tell you what happened right now. I was speaking with the flight attendants and I got their pronouns wrong. The other flight attendant didn’t like it,” the woman said before stating that she apologized and explained to the flight attendants that she is “not really well versed with pronouns.”
​  However, despite apologizing for hurting the flight attendant’s feelings, the woman was accused of committing a “hate crime” and kicked off the flight. Furthermore, she was told she could be banned from flying United for life due to the seriousness of the alleged “hate crime.”
​  “They are saying that it’s a hate crime that I did. That I might not ever be able to fly United. We don’t know how we are going to get back today. I don’t know what my rights are here.”
​  “We were denied boarding – myself, my six-month old son, my mother – they took our luggage on the plane, which includes my thyroid medication, which I will be very sick without.”​ ... 
​..Harry Potter author JK Rowling is warning that freedom of speech is “at an end” after strict new laws are rolled out around the world to criminalize speech.
Controversial new laws in Scotland make misgendering transgender people a criminal offense​ “Scotland’s Hate Crime Act comes into effect today.

​Meryl Nass MD,  Europe has been working on creating multiple hate speech crimes since 2021, Just so you know what is coming down the pike elsewhere if we let it

  Steve Kirsch,  Over 100M Americans think the COVID-19 Vaccine ‘Is Killing Large Numbers of People’
And 66M Americans have "buyer's remorse." Also, new studies published in medical journals now show that mRNA shots cause permanent brain damage.

​Walter M. Chesnut, My Most Important Finding to Date: The Spike Protein’s “Obliteration” of ACE2 and the Induction of Irreversible Oxidation via NOX5 Activation
Irreversible oxidation leads to systemic small vessel disease (fibrosis, etc.) explaining multiple organ damage post SARS-CoV-2/Spike Protein exposure.​

​  Scamdemic Bird Flu: Vaccines for 33 Billion Chickens? Digital Food Rationing? The End of Animal Agriculture?
The overhyped threat of a human bird flu pandemic is a hoax to "reset" our food system.​

​Speaking Freely (pictured recently after a family reunion with sons, grandson and coffee)