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Proxy War Swarm


​  There is one way in which regional war against Israel can be waged by the Arab states, Turkey, Iran, Russia, even China to which Israel and the US are vulnerable; against which they cannot achieve a quick and conclusive end to Hamas and prevent a multi-front, long and ruinous war for Israel; and against which the Israelis and Americans cannot fight by a firepower escalation against the major states when Israel’s survival chances are far lower than the US will risk.
​  This is proxy war by swarm.​..
​..Against proxy war by swarm, the US is currently monitoring Hezbollah along the Lebanon coast by long-range Northrop Grumman drones launched from the US airbase at Sigonella, Italy.  At the same time, for safety sake, the USS Gerald Ford and its escorts have withdrawn more than a thousand kilometres westward, out of Hezbollah missile range. The Ford squadron is now reported to be under way in the central Ionian Sea continuing westward.  
​  The USS Eisenhower and its escorts, however, are now moving into firing range of Iranian drone and missile attack, and also long-range Russian Kinzhals, as the USN force has passed through the Hormuz Strait sailing northward​...
​..But the USN-IDF combination is incapable of deterring, let alone defending against proxy swarms of either unarmed balloons or civilian motor yachts – unless they attack and destroy them. The futility of doing that with violence, as the IDF has done before, is the weapon the Palestinians hold – of winning the war by not losing,  and in the process to demonstrate that Israel is a US-NATO protectorate for race hatred and genocide.​..  
​..“I can’t see Putin letting them be killed”,  a Moscow source comments, “as the Turks were in the 2010 Gaza Flotilla, or the crew of the USS Liberty in 1967.  Yes, in a swarm of a thousand vessels the IDF would be unable to repeat a shipboarding commando operation. But the Israelis might mine the seas in front of the flotilla, or strafe the vessels from the air. Committing the small but potent Russian navy squadron at Tartous to covering the flotilla would defeat the proxy cover story.”​...
​..“In theory,” comments a US source, the Turkish plan is “the opening of another front. The organisers are certainly aware of of the unprecedented naval presence in the area. So the vessel swarm is upping the ante. But only if Erdogan and Putin decide to let it happen.”
​  A Moscow source concedes “this is a very fluid situation changing by the hour or the minute. It’s impossible to differentiate statements from intentions, or actions from counter-actions. If the major power are coordinating, then they are coordinating not getting involved right now. I just do not see the Turks, Indians, Chinese or Russians getting into any posture in the Middle East which might seem confrontational. Especially when the Saudis and Emiratis are not doing it, the Chinese and the Russians won’t. Iranian restraint speaks more than anything else.
​  I also believe this is the right approach,  especially if Hamas can drag the war on for another 90 days. The condition of the released hostages tells that Hamas is well-entrenched. They have a lot more fight in them. A multi-day ceasefire might give them the long war which Netanyahu wants but Biden does not. However, I see no one coming to fight with them.”
​  “Let us say a Turkish aid flotilla materialises and gets to the new port and marina the Turks have built in North Cyprus. There are several problems with that. Small craft, especially leisure yachts and motor boats cannot ply the Eastern Med during the storm weather from December until April. Moreover, if Hamas is running the current ceasefire, it does not want Erdogan to give a reason for Israel to break it. A flotilla is therefore just PR at this stage.”
​  “The Gaza genocide will pave the way to something bigger, but later.”

​  Israel left premature Palestinian babies to 'die alone' after evacuating Gaza hospital
​  The five infants were found “dead and in a state of decomposition” in Al-Nasr Hospital after being alone for three weeks, in what may amount to a horrific execution and a crime against humanity.
​  The Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor quoted the hospital Director, Dr Mustafa Al-Kahlot, as saying that he had sent an appeal to international organisations, including the Red Cross, to save the lives of the babies, but “he did not receive any response.”

​  The Palestinian Red Crescent Society (PCRS) said on Tuesday evening that the Israeli occupation forces prevented the entry of aid and fuel trucks into the northern Gaza Strip, the official Palestinian Wafa news agency reported, citing PCRS’s statement.
​  In the statement, PCRS affirmed that it attempted to bring in fuel trucks, and 31 humanitarian aid trucks containing food, water, and relief materials into Gaza City and the north, but the occupation forces stationed at the military checkpoint that separates the north of the Gaza Strip from its south, prevented the fuel trucks from entering.
​  It stressed that bringing in fuel trucks was aimed at enhancing the work of the Red Crescent ambulances operating in the northern Gaza Strip, warning that it has seven ambulances that will stop working due to the lack of fuel.

Israeli army labels Jenin ‘closed military zone’
Israeli troops have been conducting near-daily raids of the rebellious West Bank city, destroying homes and bulldozing vital infrastructure

​  ‘Operation Al-Aqsa Flood’ Day 54: Two children killed by Israeli forces in Jenin amid discussions of truce extension
​  As leaders discuss extending the temporary truce, Israeli forces kill two children, including an 8-year-old boy, in the occupied West Bank. Meanwhile, Gaza is still facing a grave humanitarian crisis, with children on the frontline.
​  8-year-old Adam Samer Al-Ghoul and 15-year-old Basil Suleiman Abu Al-Wafa were shot dead by Israeli forces during a large-scale raid in Jenin, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health in the West Bank.

Occupied West Bank home to 'two million Nazis' says Smotrich
Far-right finance minister is latest senior Israeli to make broad-brush inflammatory statements about Palestinians

UN Chief Says Conflict Has Forced Over 80% of Gazans Out of Homes

Number of People Living in Shelters Across Gaza Strip Reaches 1.3Mln - WHO

​  Israel and Hamas agreed to a one-day extension of the pause in fighting in Gaza early Thursday just minutes before the truce was set to end, according to a statement from Qatar's Foreign Ministry.
​  The deal includes the same terms of the previous agreement, under which Hamas agreed to release 10 Israeli citizens in exchange for the release of 30 Palestinians held in Israeli jails​.

​  Jordan​'s King rejects separation of West Bank from Gaza
​  Jordan’s King Abdullah II, on Tuesday, reiterated his country’s rejection of any attempt to separate the West Bank from the Gaza Strip, Anadolu Agency reports.
In a message to the Head of the Committee on the Exercise of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People (CEIRPP), King Abdullah II affirmed that both the West Bank and Gaza are an “extension of the Palestinian State”.
​  “The values of all divine religions and our common human values reject the killing of civilians,” he added.

​  Top Chinese diplomat says Israeli violence against Palestinians in Gaza is red line
​  "We should take more practical and forceful measures to protect civilians, to protect them in armed conflicts, this [violence against civilians] is a red line in international law," he told a meeting on the Middle East at the UN Security Council. "All violence and attacks against civilians are unacceptable," the Chinese foreign minister emphasized.
​  According to Wang Yi, any violation of humanitarian law is reprehensible. "We are opposed to collective punitive measures against the residents of Gaza, to the forcible transfer of Palestinians," he stressed.

​  "The justice of the Palestinian issue is that the two-state solution is irreplaceable. Only if it is respected in full can peace be achieved in the Middle East," the Chinese diplomat said at a UN Security Council meeting on the Middle East.
​  "The rights of the Palestinians to statehood, existence and return [to their own land] have long been neglected, and this is at the heart of the turmoil that is ongoing between Palestine and Israel."
Wang Yi added that Beijing calls for launching a multilateral settlement process and insists on convening a peace conference.

​  Israel must protect rights of all religious communities in country — Russian diplomat
"We are extremely alarmed by the information about the increased provocative actions against representatives of the Christian community in Jerusalem,"
Maria Zakharova emphasized

​ Rep. ​Thomas Massie Casts Lone No Vote Against Bill Equating Anti-Zionism With Antisemitism
​  The resolution passed in a vote of 412-1-1, as Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) voted “present.” The bill states that the House “reaffirms the State of Israel has the right to exist” and “recognizes that denying Israel’s right to exist is a form of antisemitism.”
​  Massie explained his opposition in a post on X. “I agree with the title ‘Reaffirming the State of Israel’s Right to Exist’ and much of the language, but I’m voting No on the resolution because it equates anti-Zionism with antisemitism. Antisemitism is deplorable, but expanding it to include criticism of Israel is not helpful,” he wrote.
​  Tlaib said she didn’t vote in favor of the resolution because it “ignores the existence of the Palestinian people” and “brings us no closer to peaceful coexistence.” The resolution states that Jewish people are “native to the Land of Israel” without mentioning that the modern state was founded mainly by recently emigrated Jewish Europeans who drove over 700,000 native Palestinian Arabs out of the land in 1948.

​  Sen. Rand Paul to Force Vote on Syria Withdrawal
​  Paul introduced the resolution on November 15, and it would order the removal of the approximately 900 US troops stationed in Syria within 30 days unless President Biden receives authorization for war from Congress.
​  Sources told RS that the vote could happen as early as next week. Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) introduced a similar resolution in the House earlier this year, which failed in a vote of 103-321.
​  According to the Pentagon, there have been at least 73 attacks on US troops in Iraq and Syria, including over 30 in Syria. The attacks started on October 17 in response to President Biden’s support for Israel’s onslaught in Gaza.

​  Military Summary has insights into the Ukraine War, firstly that one Russian FPV-drone operator may have killed and wounded 98 Ukrainian soldiers in a 2 week period, over 1% of the total for the Russian military forces. This is important to comprehend as modern warfare rapidly evolves. 
  Secondly, pertaining to combat morale, a Ukrainian infantry commander was harangued by a female Psychologist, also an officer in the Ukrainian military, called a "coward" and his men (& women?) were called cowards for refusing orders to advance (suicidally) on Russian positions.  The commander drew his sidearm and shot the "lady" Psychologist, who lost the argument at that point.
​  They Only Need 100 Soldiers To Win The War. Military Summary And Analysis For 2023.11.30

​  Ukrainian troops furious over leadership, lack of equipment, according to top German newspaper
​  “Ukrainian troops have to use 50-year-old Soviet civilian SUVs to get to the frontline,” some of the soldiers told Bild, pointing to an acute shortage of armored troop carriers and military SUVs. According to one source, the soldiers have to pay for repairs to their vehicles and fuel themselves.
​  “In a garage, we paid for everything out of our own pockets,” said the soldier. The Kyiv forces also suffer from a lack of reconnaissance and strike drones, which they also have to acquire themselves or ask various aid organizations and private donors for.
​  “We also have to pay for the houses we sleep in and for food, which is infuriating,” said one soldier, adding that while Russia invests huge amounts of money in its army, Ukrainian soldiers have to rely mostly on themselves.
​  Some acknowledged that Western air defenses were barely reaching the front. Dozens of Western anti-aircraft systems, such as the German-made Gepard self-propelled anti-aircraft guns, are used as stationary anti-aircraft systems in various cities, a soldier told Bild.

​  Frozen foreign mercenaries surrender en masse near Artemovsk
​  From the very beginning of the special military operation, Georgians and Poles formed the basis of the Foreign Legion of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. As a result, representatives of these two countries suffered the greatest losses among the mercenaries. But if last winter their morale was, as they say, at the level, then the upcoming period of cold weather clearly does not add to their military optimism.
​  This is largely due to the serious reduction in humanitarian aid that Ukrainian Armed Forces personnel previously received. Now the soldiers in the trenches simply lack warm clothes and winter shoes, which would allow them to effectively solve the problems of holding defensive lines.
​  The Russian military, which captures foreign fighters, note that they often surrender in groups of 10-15 people. At the same time, many of them have frostbite on their extremities. Many admit that they would gladly throw down their weapons and go to the rear, but the nationalists from the barrier detachments do not allow this to happen.

​  Manpower Now Ukraine's Biggest Problem As Checkpoints Cast Dragnet For Conscripts
​  "To help fill the ranks, Ukrainian officials have set up roadside checkpoints to seek men evading the draft." The FT report continues, "If they are deemed fit, they are whisked off to draft offices. Online videos of recruitment officers picking men off the streets and forcing them into minivans have gone viral."
​  Thus it appears a military "medical exam" will be administered in the streets. But tragically, this is yet another grim indicator of the immense casualties Ukraine has suffered after almost two years of war.

​  Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov sees no chance for a ceasefire in the Ukraine conflict next year, on the basis that Kiev and its Western backers have taken a position that is totally unacceptable to Moscow​.
​  He expects no breakthroughs, despite suggestions in the Western press that the US may be nudging Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky towards a negotiated settlement.
“Unfortunately, the US leads the Western group, which recites the ‘Zelensky peace formula’ as mantra, claiming it to be the only possible basis for an agreement,” he said, adding that a dialogue is “impossible on this basis.”
​  Asked whether he expected a ceasefire next year, Ryabkov responded negatively. He said: “I expect the goals of the special military operation to be unconditionally achieved.”

​  Stoltenberg Preparing NATO to Accept Russian Demands for Ukraine's Neutrality - Expert
​  NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has changed his rhetoric with regard to Ukraine to make it easier for alliance members to accept that Russia's demands for Kiev's neutrality will likely to be accepted in future peace talks, Belgian military expert Pierre Henrot told Sputnik.

​  SCOTT RITTER: The End of US Nuclear Superiority
As Russia modernizes its nuclear arsenal it is no longer interested in trying to patch up an arms control relationship with the U.S. based on the legacy of the Cold War.

​  Celia Farber ,  BREAK IN SETH RICH COVERUP: Texas Judge Gives FBI A FINAL 14 Days To Turn Over All Documentation Around Seth Rich's Work and Personal Laptop, DVD and Tape Drives—FBI Wanted To Stall For 66 Years , Extremely Likely DNC Emails Published by Wikileaks Came From Seth Rich

  "Sundance" has background details:
​  The bottom line of the latest development is that a judge has given the DOJ 14 days to turn over the contents of the laptop belonging to former DNC staffer Seth Rich.  There are multiple points of information that point toward Seth Rich having downloaded the DNC email files and shared them with Wikileaks founder Julian Assange.
Seth Rich was killed shortly thereafter in what DC claims was a “botched robbery.”
..This DNC hack claim is the fulcrum issue structurally underpinning the Russian election interference narrative pushed by the Weissmann and Muller Special Counsel.  However, this essential “hacking” claim was/is directly disputed by WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange...
..When you overlay the timeline of activity that touches the story of Seth Rich, a DNC staff member who was outraged at the DNC effort to block Bernie Sanders, the potential motive for Seth Rich’s death takes on an entirely different dimension.​..
 ​..Seth Rich was the likely source of the DNC emails.  It is possible that Rich was coincidentally killed as a result of a “botched robbery.” However, that possibility diminishes very quickly when you look at the timeline of the Julian Assange arrest.  There are just too many coincidences in the timeline to be, well, coincidences...
​..Julian Assange was not a threat to Donald Trump, but he was a threat to those who attempted to stop Donald Trump.
In 2017, the DC system was reacting to a presidency they did not control.  As an outcome, the Office of the President was being managed and influenced by some with ulterior motives.
​  Yahoo, via Michael Isikoff, puts it this way: “Some senior officials inside the CIA and the Trump administration even discussed killing Assange, going so far as to request “sketches” or “options” for how to assassinate him. Discussions over kidnapping or killing Assange occurred “at the highest levels” of the Trump administration, said a former senior counterintelligence official. “There seemed to be no boundaries.”​ ...
​..DNC staffer Seth Rich likely downloaded the DNC emails then leaked them to Julian Assange.  Seth Rich was killed under very suspicous circumstances and then Julian Assange was arrested on the day after Mueller’s report was released claiming the DNC email leak was from a Russian hack.
​  The Russians never hacked the DNC.​ The people around the Deep State all know what happened.  SO DO WE!
​  If the Seth Rich laptop has the evidence of how he transferred those DNC files, every single interest in Washington DC will be in alignment against that explosive discovery.

Barack ​Obama's Fourth Term Plans?  Speculation Runs Wild After Michelle Obama Joins Clintons, Biden Alone on Air Force One

Special Counsel Jack Smith Demanded Info On Americans Who "Favorited Or Retweeted" Trump Tweets; Newly Released Docs Show​  (Uh, "extremist threats"?​)

  ​Will Zoll ,  1871 - Part V​: The Collapse of a Complex Enemy
​  German-banking sector in New York had become so powerful, that they successfully implemented the US Federal Reserve; a private central bank modelled from the German Reichsbank.
​  The architect of the Federal Reserve was Paul Warburg. While he was busy implementing a central bank, his brother Max was advising the Kaiser on military preparations for a war that had not yet begun. Unsurprisingly, America’s entry into WWI allowed the Federal Reserve to rapidly expand its balance sheet, and flood the nation with its new currency, known as Federal Reserve Notes.
​  In this final part to the 1871 series, we will bring the monetary fiasco into the modern era, and show how the United States and its mighty dollar have become hostage to the globalist elite. We will show how We The People have been forced to defend the value of a fiat system that serves the globalist beast and its desire for a New World Order.

​Meryl Nass MD ,  A member of the Dutch Parliament has challenged the WHO's procedures when the May 2022 amendments were approved
This is linked to an earlier effort by 30 Dutch parliamentarians demanding that their Parliament approve the amendments, since they are a treaty, according to Dutch law

​  35-Year-Old Firefighter Injured by COVID Vaccine and Forced to Retire Sues New York City for Disability Benefits
​  A New York firefighter is suing New York City for denying him expanded disability payments after he was forced into early retirement due to permanent heart damage from the city-mandated COVID-19 vaccine. His lawyer says the denial is part of a “disturbing pattern of deliberate cruelty” toward the vaccine-injured and anyone who spoke out against the mandates.

New Zealand’s Top Female Rugby Player, 29, Dies Suddenly

​  Auto Dealers Call on Biden to Hit Brakes on Unrealistic, Unachievable Electric Vehicles Mandate
​  A coalition of nearly 4,000 auto dealers on Tuesday sent a letter to President Joe Biden explaining why his plans to force Americans into electric vehicles are unworkable...
​..The auto dealers wrote that “the supply of unsold [battery electric vehicles] is surging, as they are not selling nearly as fast as they are arriving at our dealerships—even with deep price cuts, manufacturer incentives, and generous government incentives.”

General Motors Pulls Funding from Foundering Electric Vehicle Efforts in $10 Billion Bid to Appease Investors

Alberta Premier Defies Trudeau Carbon Agenda - Invokes Sovereignty Act

Over 70% of Canadians Want Trudeau to Step Down – Poll

Henry Kissinger, secretary of state to Richard Nixon, dies at 100
The towering diplomat and Nobel prize winner shaped decades of US foreign policy but was seen by critics as a war criminal

​  The Kissinger Continuum: The Unauthorized History of the WEF’s Young Global Leaders Program
​  The World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leaders program, Klaus Schwab’s supposed brainchild, is actually an almost exact replica of Henry Kissinger’s International Seminar that was originally run out of Harvard and was funded by the CIA. In this article, Johnny Vedmore investigates the people behind Kissinger’s International Seminar, the CIA conduits which funded the program, and Kissinger’s key role in the creation of the WEF’s Young Global Leaders program itself.

​Mortal Human (featuring this recent picture of granddaughter in tree)

Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Defensive Actions

 Eternally Vigilant,

​  The IRGC Navy commander says Iranian maritime forces dispatched drones toward the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower and forced it to land its helicopters before changing its course.
​  A US aircraft carrier that entered Gulf waters was forced to change its course and land its helicopters after receiving a direct warning from Iranian naval forces, the commander of the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps Navy in Iran General Alireza Tangsiri said on Monday...
​  Brigadier General Alireza Tangsiri revealed that the navy dispatched drones to the American warship when it encountered the military vessels of the IRGC, forcing the US vessel to head toward the south of the Gulf "in compliance with our instructions" after forcing it to land its helicopters.

Gravitas: High stakes in the high seas: Iran's drone encounter with US aircraft carrier​  (4 min. news video from India)

​  Leaked cable raises the possibility the US is flying surveillance missions over Gaza from RAF Akrotiri and sharing the intelligence with Israel, which would further implicate Britain in war crimes in Gaza.

  ​Aleks at Black Mountain Analysis has a Geopolitics Update, which I'll sample.
​  The Russian military has experienced almost two years of high-tech warfare and has developed a well-functioning military industry and a well-grounded military training and education system beyond the reach of the enemy, and it is at the highest possible degree of combat effectiveness. The opposite is true for Ukraine.
​  The West is currently dumping everything it can in terms of Ukrainian human potential against the Russians, with the lowest possible investment, since the end is near. The goal of the West is to still cause the greatest damage to Russian human resources. To be clear, the Russian human potential is both Ukrainians and Russians, since the Ukrainians will soon be part of Russia again. Hence, to be entirely clear, the main target of destruction of this war is no longer the core Russian territory or Russian soldiers (or regime change in Russia), but especially and solely everything Ukrainian, since it will go back to Russia soon.​..

Avdeevka: We are seeing here the classic combined-arms doctrine employed by Russia to take this city. It is being conducted very professionally. Still, I believe that the cauldron won’t be closed until the end for obvious reasons. Always let the enemy fight in the least favorable place. Of course, supplying troops through a semi opened cauldron with fire control is the worst possible situation for fighting. It has the potential, to kill tens of thousands of Ukrainians. Unfortunately for the Ukrainian families, the Ukrainian leaders are not very keen to save any lives of their soldiers.
​  How long will the siege take? It will take as long as Ukraine is willing and able to resupply the garrison in Avdeevka. The same story as in Artemovsk. When Russia saw that the Ukrainian ability to hold the garrison dwindled, Russia put an end to it. Hence, it will grind as much meat as possible and then it will close.​..
..Russia doesn’t seek to penetrate quickly and to move forward to gain territory. Russia seeks to preserve its soldiers, as well as Ukrainian civilians, the Ukrainian infrastructure, and enterprises because Russia will be responsible for a large part of Ukraine (its former territory) going forward. Hence, we don’t see maneuver warfare, but the typical semi-cauldrons, designed to bury the Ukrainian mobilization potential in it, where it is the most favorable.​..
..I assume that the public split between Zaluzhny and Zelensky is rather a prepared script to ensure the exit/evacuation plans of the highest Ukrainian leaders (traitors). The American services know very well how the war is going, and what will happen and what will not happen. As long as the industrial disposal of the Ukrainian (Russian!) people is going well, everything is fine. But there will be a point when Ukraine as a state will start to collapse. And at this point we only need to think back on what happened in Afghanistan when NATO withdrew. Remember the people falling from planes? Soon, this is going to happen with all the traitors of the Ukrainian people. This time with trains… The Ukrainians would/will kill all the current traitors on sight...
​..M​iddle EastHere is what I assume is going on: the Americans decided to protect their precious asset, Israel, with a significant navy force. As I explained before, the Western Oligarchs are using Israel to control the world economy with a divide-and-conquer strategy for the entire middle east. That’s what I meant: they decided to protect their precious asset. Of course, the oligarchs don’t care for the Israeli or Palestinian people.
​  The US Navy gathered an impressive armada across the region, including an Ohia-class nuclear submarine. In fact, the force actually is impressive. And according to the information I received, the US Army, US Navy, and the Marines are actually ready and equipped to protect Israel and its occupation of Iraq and parts of Syria. This is significant. I guess the ball to escalate is now in Iran’s and Hezbollah’s hands. I can’t make any predictions or estimations, but it is very tense. We pray for peace.

​  Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth reported on 27 November that the Israeli army dismissed two officers – one of them a commander – for withdrawing from the battlefield after being ambushed by dozens of Palestinian resistance fighters. The report noted that half of the soldiers in that particular unit have not returned, following the brigade’s decision to dismiss the officers, causing a “severe crisis between the soldiers of the battalion and the commander to which it belonged.” The soldiers complained that they did not receive support or air cover by the army when they were ambushed by fighters of the Qassam Brigades, which caused the battalion to withdraw. Officers in the Israeli army remarked that the soldiers “were not prepared when entrusted with this mission.” Other officers said the soldiers were sent without being given the chance to rest properly following extensive military activity in the Gaza Strip.
The newspaper explained that this incident “caused a difficult atmosphere” and “crisis of confidence” among the battalion, prompting army officials to remove it from Gaza and send it to site near Ashkelon. The battalion was also “exposed to other serious events last month” including the injury and deaths of other officers in the ground battles.  

​  Israel's ground war conundrum
​  While Tel Aviv may intensify its bombardment of Gaza after the truce, this disguises the fact that its ground incursion is facing unprecedented dangers ahead.
​  This picture reveals, to a large extent, the results of Israel’s ground operation: civilian massacres and infrastructural destruction galore, but with little damage to the military structure of the Palestinian resistance. A number of its leaders have indeed been killed - most recently Al-Qassam’s northern commander and military council member Ahmed al-Ghandour - but its command and control system still ticks on effectively.
​  Further evidence of this lies in the inability of the occupation army to penetrate, unimpeded, all of northern Gaza. Israel precedes its ground movements with intense air strikes, then artillery shelling. After destroying everything in its path, its tanks begin advancing. It is almost impossible to confront tanks as they enter, because air fire clears spaces 500 meters ahead, while artillery shells pave the path 150 meters in front of the ground units.
​  However, whenever possible, the resistance fighters launch anti-armor missiles - Cornet, Conkurs, or similar types - with ranges exceeding one thousand metres. After the tanks reach their designated target, the resistance fighters emerge like ghosts from under the ground or rubble and fire anti-armor shells at them, usually Al-Yassin homemade shells, with a range of fewer than 150 meters. Or, alternatively, a fighter physically approaches the Israeli tanks and plants a sticky bomb that explodes in much the same way as a hand grenade.
​  The work of resistance does not end there. If the tanks do not retreat, and the occupation soldiers settle in, they will be attacked with machine gun fire or explosive devices. The Palestinian fighters film many of these operations, and the footage is delivered to the operations room, which decides what to publish.​..
..Estimates of the Palestinian resistance suggest that the total number of regular and reserve forces deployed on the borders of the Gaza Strip, and inside it, exceeds the number of Israeli troops that participated in the 1973 war counterattacks on the Syrian and Egyptian fronts...
..The frequency and intensity of Israel’s aerial and artillery bombardments do not allow resistance fighters to repel the occupation’s advancement, as the overwhelming firepower detonates most of the IEDs intended for tanks or infantry and blocks or destroys entrances to tunnels.
​  For this reason, the resistance waits for a lull in the bombing, the entry of tanks, and the reopening of the tunnels to begin its operations. At this stage, the fighters wait for Israeli infantry to emerge from their armored vehicles in order to target them...
​..Before the 24 November truce, the occupation army had exhausted its ability to maneuver on the ground, having already deployed the majority of its regular combat forces in the northern and western axes.
​  It will need to search for innovative solutions if it seeks to advance toward densely populated areas in northern Gaza, such as Jabalia refugee camp, the Al-Zaytoun and Al-Shuja'iya neighborhoods, Al-Shati beach camp, and other vital places the Israelis have failed to penetrate. These areas are the ground zero of the Palestinian resistance, in which these forces have prepared themselves – and their tunnel infrastructure - for fierce and protracted confrontations.
​  The main reason the occupation government agreed to a short truce is that its ground incursion had hit this wall - in addition to other factors such as US pressure to release American captives. Simply put, the Israeli army needs to re-examine its plans and develop new strategies to advance in the field.
​  It is important to note that norms applicable in regular armed conflicts, as in Ukraine, Syria, Iraq, or Sudan, do not necessarily apply to the Gaza Strip. When a control map shows the Ukrainian army controlling a region, the Russian army has withdrawn from it, and vice versa.
​  In Gaza, a map showing the Israeli army in an area does not necessarily mean a withdrawal of Palestinian resistance forces, as the latter do not have armored vehicles or traditional formations to remove from enemy-invaded areas. Its fighters simply disappear underground to await the emergence of occupation soldiers from their tanks and such.
​  The bottom line is that maps currently circulated by governments, media, and think tanks that display Israel’s field advancement in Gaza – accurate or not - are not illustrating Israel’s ground control, but rather the depth of its incursions.​..
..Days later, the occupation government is still seething that Israeli captives were released according to terms dictated mainly by the resistance: military operations had to be frozen ( and heavily monitored), Palestinian prisoners were liberated from Israeli detention, and aid began flowing back into the besieged Gaza Strip.
​  Fifty days into Israel’s staggeringly disproportionate war on Gaza, the Palestinian resistance is still able to impose its will - despite the occupation military’s unprecedented massacre of more than 20,000 civilians, the displacement of hundreds of thousands more, and the wholesale destruction of residential homes, hospitals, and schools.

​  From a Released Hamas Captive:
​  “I will forever be a prisoner of gratitude because she did not leave here with a lifelong psychological trauma.”
​  “To the generals who have accompanied me in recent weeks, it seems we will part ways tomorrow, but I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your extraordinary humanity shown towards my daughter, Emilia.

​  You were like parents to her, inviting her into your rooms whenever she desired. She acknowledges feeling like all of you are her friends, not just friends, but truly beloved and good." 

​  Israeli settlers destroy olive and almond trees, and vineyards in occupied West Bank
​  The Shushahla area has been repeatedly targeted by the occupation forces and settlers. Agricultural structures and old houses have been demolished, its land has been bulldozed and citizens have been prevented from accessing their property.

​Extensive lists and details of family by family genocide:
Forcible transfer of isolated Palestinian communities and families in Area C under cover of Gaza fighting

​  Russian President Vladimir Putin said in a message to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas that the key to resolving the Palestinian-Israeli conflict is the creation of a Palestinian state within the 1967 borders.
​  "It is in this (the creation of a sovereign Palestinian state within the 1967 borders) that we see the key condition for achieving a comprehensive, long-term and just Palestinian-Israeli settlement," Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov read out the Russian president's message to Abbas at an event marking the Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People at the Palestinian Embassy in Russia.
​  In the text of the telegram published on the Kremlin's website, Putin stressed that "now, when the bloody conflict is bringing untold suffering to the peaceful population of Palestine, I consider it particularly important to reaffirm Russia's consistent position in favor of the realization of the legitimate rights of your people to establish their own sovereign state within the 1967 borders with East Jerusalem as its capital."

  ​Alastair Crooke, The Magician's Hat
​  Solution’ being here but a polite word for the EU’s attempted bribery of Egypt and Jordan. Reportedly, the EU President, Ursula von der Leyen, visited Egypt and Israel to present them with financial offers ($10bn for Egypt and $5bn for Jordan), in exchange for the dispersal of the inhabitants of the Gaza Strip elsewhere – effectively to facilitate the evacuation of the Palestinian population from the Strip in line with Israel’s aims of ethnically-cleansing Gaza.
​  However, former minister Ayalet Shaked’s tweet – “After we turn Khan Yunis into a soccer field, we need to tell the countries that each of them take a quota: We need all 2 million to leave. That’s the solution to Gaza” – is but one by senior Israeli political and security figures extoling what Israel increasingly sees as the “solution” for Gaza.
​  But by being so explicit, Shaked likely has torpedoed Von der Leyen’s initiative – for no Arab state wants to be complicit in a new Nakba.​..

​..At its core, ‘the bet’ lies in the conviction that public sentiment – contextualised deliberately by the Israeli cabinet in absolute Manichean terms (light versus the dark; civilisation versus barbarism; all Gazans being complicit with ‘Hamas’ evil’) – will ultimately arouse a wave of support for the further move of taking “the fiction” of a Palestinian state off the table “once and for all”. The table is being set for a long war against ‘cosmic evil’.
​  The ‘solution’, as National Security Minister Smotrich and his allies underline, is to offer Palestinians a choice – ‘to renounce their national aspirations and continue living on their land in an inferior status’, or to emigrate abroad. Put bluntly, the ‘solution’ is the removal of all non-subservient Palestinians from the lands of Greater Israel.
​  Turning now to the contending perspective:
​  The ‘united axis’ supporting Palestinians observe that Israel continues to adhere to its initial military goals of destroying Gaza to the point where there is nothing left – no civilian infrastructure at all – by which Gazans might live, were they even to try to return to their collapsed homes.​ 
They see this Israeli objective fully supported by Biden...
..Non-western powers are not siding with Israel. They are coalescing in opposition to the Israeli Cabinet’s aspiration to end the notion of a Palestinian State, once and for all. And today, Israel is bitterly divided on the vision for its future; what it is exactly that constitutes ‘Israel’ and even that very post-modern question, ‘what it is to be Jewish’.

​  M. K. BHADRAKUMAR​ , The Middle East at an inflection point
  On Netanyahu’s part, at least, he doesn’t even feel the need to pay lip service to a two-state solution, after having systematically buried the Oslo Accord and embarked on the journey towards a Jewish theocracy in what was once the state of Israel. Make no mistake, Greater Israel is here to stay and the world opinion regards it as an apartheid state. There is a great misconception that Biden is under pressure from the American opinion on the conflict in Gaza. But the fact of the matter is that support for Israel has all along been rather thin in America and had it not been for the Israel Lobby, it would have probably asserted a long time ago. Curiously, something like one third of American Jews, especially the youth, don’t even care for the Israel Lobby.... Indeed, Israel has been an increasingly illiberal country even toward its own citizens. Due to such factors, Americans no longer take an idealised view of Israel as a morally upright country battling for existence.​..
..The elites fear that the Lobby will target them if there are any signs of them wavering in their support for Israel. Put differently, the political elites do not place American national interests above their own personal or career interests. Thus, the Israel Lobby always wins on the Palestinian issue and in extracting generous financial support for Israel with no strings attached...
​..The high probability is that Israel will hunker down with the help of its Lobby in the US and would rather prefer to be a Pariah in the world community, to a two-state solution that demands abandonment of the  Zionist state built around Greater Israel. The only game changer could be be if Biden is willing to make the US force its will on Israel — through coercive means, if necessary.
​  But that requires the courage of conviction and a rare ingredient in politics — compassion. Biden’s hugely successful half century in public life was almost entirely devoted to realpolitik and there are no traces of conviction or compassion in it. A legacy cannot be built on ephemeral considerations and expediency.

​  John Helmer is back with this examination of the ongoing delicate negotiations of the Russian power elites, who Vladimir Putin faithfully serves, along with the citizens, military, and long-term interests of Russia. Putin held the annual oligarch-dinner somewhat early this year, in complete secrecy, without a list of attendees or recorded minutes.
​  A veteran Moscow commodity trader comments: “What is happening is a carrot-and-stick display. Elections are coming, so the message is —  say and do nothing to undermine VVP [Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin] and he will create conditions for you to keep your business and take over what Western companies have left. But do not complain too much. Those who go too far will get the Prigozhin treatment. So for everybody,  there can be no wavering, no vacillation on this now.”
​  The paradox of this moment – unsaid publicly, acknowledged privately — is that never has oligarch rule of Russian economy been under greater threat, and the oligarchs politically less capable of resisting.  On the other hand, the president intends by his dinner ceremony to reassure the oligarchs that he isn’t planning any threat to their domestic survival. They understand that,  domestically, apart from Putin, there is no other threat. The organised political opposition to oligarch rule has never been weaker.

​  The Seventh Generation Principle is based on an ancient Haudenosaunee (Iroquois)* philosophy that the decisions we make today should result in a sustainable world seven generations into the future. This extremely prescient philosophy is currently somewhat overused as a “green” marketing ploy to sell everything from dish soap to cars.
​  The first recorded concepts of the Seventh Generation Principle date back to the writing of The Great Law of Haudenosaunee Confederacy, although the actual date is undetermined, the range of conjectures place its writing anywhere from 1142 to 1500 AD. The Great Law of Haudenosaunee Confederacy formed the political, ceremonial, and social fabric of the Five Nation Confederacy (later Six). The Great Law of Haudenosaunee Confederacy is also credited as being a contributing influence on the American Constitution, due to Benjamin Franklin’s great respect for the Haudenosaunee system of government, which in itself is interesting from the perspective that the United States formed their Constitution not on the principles of European governments, but rather on that of a people considered “savages”.

​  Shiny Toys, KlownShows and the War for Happiness​ ​  ​  Will Zoll tells the 800+ year history of the opposite of "Seventh Generation" ​stewardship philosophy. 
 The Kult of Supremacy is a club that declares their mandate to rule, because they possess “sensitive information” that the public cannot see. This, by default, means that they are in the light, and the People are in the dark, unable to see. Klownshows are used to validate the public’s inability to see or understand the truth. It all began with Frederick’s unfortunate flaccid state and his palace, “Sans, Souci.”.
​  They believe that if you cannot see the Klownshow for what it is, then “the joke is on you”​.

​  Meryl Nass MD is presenting European Parliamentarians with a clear formulation of the WHO - NWO threats, urgent procedural timelines, and effective tools to block the takeover of their representative governments.
​  Considerations of procedural issues that likely void the ability of a nation's diplomats to approve the WHO's 2 proposed international treaties
From where do diplomats get the power to turn over their country's governance to the unelected WHO? The answer is that very few, if any, actually have the legal power to do so.

​  Dr. Nass makes one of those important points here. Did the committee just skip a vote and "move on"? If so, that completely invalidates their rushed timetable for approval.
Did the WHO actually conduct a vote on the May 2022 amendments, or not? Is the WHO breaking its own rules? European parliamentarians want the evidence NOW.
We saw video of a subcommittee "consensus" process, but where is the evidence that the entire WHA voted? Where is the video? Which nations voted yes?

​Respecting The Future (took this picture of Jenny with eggplants and banana plants)

Tuesday, November 28, 2023



​  Musk Offers To Help Rebuild A Deradicalized, "Prosperous" Gaza After Touring Ravaged Kibbutz With Netanyahu
​  Netanyahu laid out that his main priority is to neutralize Hamas, after which he will turn to rebuilding Gaza: “You first have to get rid of this poisonous regime.” Musk agreed and offered to be involved in the post-war recovery. “I think that makes perfect sense that those who are intent on murder must be neutralized, then the propaganda must stop … and then making Gaza prosperous,” Musk said. “Well, I hope you’ll be involved,” Netanyahu responded. “I’d love to help,” Musk said. In statements which are likely to prove controversial, particularly to the pro-Palestinian side, Musk also voiced that civilian casualties are “unavoidable” and generally appeared to back Israel’s position that it is trying hard to avoid them while seeking to target only terrorists.

​  Israeli tank gunner reveals orders to fire indiscriminately into kibbutz
New disclosures add to the growing body of evidence indicating many Israelis who died on October 7 were killed by the Israeli military. 
Meanwhile, the Israeli government has muzzled captives freed from Gaza to prevent further damage to the official narrative.​..
​..“The soldier points and tells me, “shoot there — the terrorists are there,”” the captain recounts in the newly-released footage, noting that when she asked “are there civilians there?,” her compatriot simply replied, “I don’t know,” and ordered her to “just shoot” a tank round into the buildings anyway

​  Israel-Palestine war: How a slogan became bigger news than the murder of babies in Gaza​ , Jonathan Cook
​  The protest chant 'From the river to the sea' rejects not Israelis or Jews but the apartheid nature of Israel. This is why pro-Israel western politicians and media want to criminalise it.

​  Israel deports human rights defender documenting Palestinian home demolitions
​  Alison Russell was detained by Israeli forces while documenting home demolitions in Masafer Yatta in the occupied West Bank. She was deported following a perfunctory hearing where Israeli police accused her of "supporting terrorism."

​  "Jewish Voice For Peace", again ...
​  Pro-Palestine rally shuts down Manhattan Bridge calling for ceasefire
Pro-Palestine demonstrators have vowed not to leave the bridge on the busiest travel day of the year until the US President demands a permanent ceasefire in Gaza.

Israel-Palestine war: Three Palestinian students shot in US in critical condition
​  Rights group says students were wearing keffiyehs and speaking in Arabic when shot by unidentified gunmen in Burlington, Vermont, amid fears anti-Muslim violence in US is growing
​  The three 2​0-year-old students, identified as Tahseen Ahmed of Trinity College, Connecticut, Kinnan Abdel Hamid of Haverford College in Pennsylvania, and Hisham Awartani of Brown University, Rhode Island, are graduates of the Ramallah Friends School in the West Bank.

​  Israeli occupation forces violated terms of the Gaza truce again​ (after killing some farmers and people returning to their homes over Thanksgiving weekend)
​  He revealed that the occupation forces fired artillery and smoke shells west of the Sheikh Radwan neighborhood during their withdrawal, aiming to cover their retreat from the central part of the neighborhood towards Rashid Street.

Water delivered to northern Gaza Strip for 1st time since beginning of escalation — UNRWA
According to the agency, this was the first delivery of clean water that reached people sheltering in the north since the war began

UN estimates 43,000 Gaza housing units wiped out, 80% of population displaced

​  PM lobbying Likud MKs, saying only he can prevent a Palestinian state in Gaza, West Bank
“I am the only one who will prevent a Palestinian state in Gaza and [the West Bank] after the war,” the Kan public broadcaster quotes Netanyahu as having told the lawmakers.

​  Russian Embassy Asks UK to Clarify Its Role in Disrupting Peace Talks With Ukraine
​  The Russian Embassy in London is asking the United Kingdom to comment on the statement by a senior Ukrainian lawmaker who said that former UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson was the one who convinced Kiev in 2022 not to negotiate with Moscow and continue the fighting instead.

European country imports ‘banned’ Russian gold​ , Switzerland is reportedly using loopholes to bypass its own sanction​ (Quick, melt it down!)

North Korean satellite takes pictures of White House, Pentagon

​  Korean dog farmers threaten to release 2 million hounds
Owners of canines raised for meat have reportedly threatened to release the animals if the government bans consumption
​  South Korean dog meat farmers have threatened to release 2 million canines onto the streets as controversy continues over plans to ban consumption in the country, Reuters has reported. Parties across the political spectrum are working together to outlaw dog meat as part of a bill backed by the country’s first lady, Kim Keong-hee.

​  A South Korean writer has been slapped with a prison term for praising North Korea in a poem, the Korea Herald newspaper has reported. 
Seoul Central District Court handed the 14-month sentence, his fourth such conviction, to the wordsmith on Monday, according to the outlet.
The author, identified by the media as 68-year-old Lee Yoon-seop, was found guilty of violating the National Security Act, which prohibits citizens from glorifying North Korea.
The poem in question was titled “Means of Unification” and in it Lee urged the two Koreas to reunite under the leadership of the socialist government in Pyongyang.

​  Inside The UN Plan To Control Speech Online
The UN plans to control speech online by imposing international laws through organizations like governments and corporations.
​  Proponents of free speech and prominent US legislators are alarmed by a United Nations agency’s proposal to control social media and internet communication while pursuing a tough stance against what it refers to as “false information” and “conspiracy theories.”
​  The U.N. Educational, Cultural, and Scientific Organisation (UNESCO) detailed a number of “concrete measures which must be implemented by all stakeholders: governments, regulatory authorities, civil society, and the platforms themselves” in a 59-page report that was made public this month.
​  This strategy entails imposing international laws through organizations like governments and corporations, with the goal of preventing the spread of other kinds of expression while advancing goals like “gender equality” and “cultural diversity.”

​  Meryl Nass MD ,  The International COVID/CRISIS Summit #4 at the Romanian Parliament is now fully posted
You can watch the whole event, or just me or certain talks. All my slides are posted below: my 20 minute version on the WHO-globalist coup (involving all the major multinational organizations)

Unvaccinated account for just 5% of COVID-19 Deaths since beginning of 2023 but 3 & 4x Vaccinated account for Shocking 95%

Peter McCullough MD , Why Vaccine-Pushing Cardiologists Never See Myocarditis​ , Twitter Poll Reveals Giant Shift in Doctor Preference after ComplicationsFor cancer patients, “sugar intake can indeed nourish cancer cells,” Mingyang Song, associate professor of clinical epidemiology and nutrition at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health...​  
​..A study published in PLoS One involving 1,011 colon cancer patients with a follow-up period of over seven years found that compared to patients consuming less than two servings of sugar-sweetened beverages per month, those who consumed two or more servings per day experienced a 67 percent increased risk of colon cancer recurrence or mortality.
​  Another Spanish study published in Clinical Nutrition in 2021 involving over 7,000 participants found that for every additional 5 grams of sugar consumed in liquid form per day, cancer incidence increased by 8 percent. People with the highest intake experienced a 46 percent increase.
​  A can of soda usually contains 30 to 45 grams of sugar.

​  Honeybees Suffer Unnecessarily in Human-Made Hives, Study Finds​  ​, Derek Mitchell, PhD Candidate in Mechanical Engineering, University of Leeds
​  Honeybees in man-made hives may have been suffering the cold unnecessarily for over a century because commercial hive designs are based on erroneous science, my new research shows.
​  The thin wooden walls of commercial hives act as little more than a boundary between the air gap and the outside world. This means that for hive walls to be effective, they have to be substantially insulating, such as 30mm of polystyrene.
​  This misunderstanding of the complex interaction between the colony enclosure, thermofluids (heat, radiation, water vapour, air) and honeybee behaviour and physiology are a result of people not recognising the hive as the extended phenotype of the honey bee.

​Winterizing (pictured shoveling warm compost onto garden rows)

Monday, November 27, 2023

Look It's A Squirrel

 Maintaining Focus,

​  The Thanksgiving Truc​e , Joe Lauria
​  The trend towards rejecting the mainstream media’s whitewashed history of Israel and Palestine, and the growing understanding that Israel was established in 1948 largely through the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians from their ancestral homes and land, has only intensified with Israel’s current onslaught against Gaza.
​  Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and U.S. President Joe Biden know that if they lose the American people they are both in serious trouble.​..
​..Both Biden and Netanyahu strongly rejected any ceasefire until the timing was right.  During this Thanksgiving weekend there will be no war.
The killing will resume when Americans go back to work on Monday.

​  Amid "utter carnage" in Gaza, the White House insists that the Israeli government has a "legitimate objective."​ , Aaron Mate'
​  By destroying Gaza’s homes, hospital, schools, and every other facet of Palestinian civilian life, Israel is following through on its openly declared aims, and longtime goals. The current Israeli war on Gaza is arguably the most barbaric phase of what the late Israeli sociologist Baruch Kimmerling dubbed a post-1948 campaign of “politicide.” Kimmerling defined this as a “process that has as its ultimate goal the dissolution of the Palestinian people’s existence as a legitimate, independent social, political and economic entity,” including, he warned, “their gradual ethnic cleansing, partial or complete, from the Land of Israel or historic Palestine.”
​  As the carnage in Gaza makes clear, this is the “legitimate” Israeli campaign that the Biden administration continues to support in the name of trying to “eliminate Hamas.”

Hamas Isn't The Target, It's The Excuse​ , Caitlin Johnstone

​  Hamas attack originally planned for April – The assault was called off, and intelligence warnings of it were considered a false alarm, Israeli Channel 12 reports
​  Hamas, the sources claim, focused on internal security and kept most of its members in the dark about subsequent plans, including the rescheduled incursion, which took place on October 7. According to Israeli media reports, surveillance units on the border with Gaza alerted the IDF to “unusual” Hamas training exercises some three months before the October attack, but their concerns were reportedly dismissed as “fantasies.”

‘Operation Al-Aqsa Flood’ Day 51: Israel fires at Palestinians attempting to return to northern Gaza amid shaky truce
Israeli forces killed a Palestinian in Al-Maghazi refugee camp and shot at people attempting to inspect their homes amid the shaky temporary truce. Israel also killed five Palestinians during a 14-hour raid in the West Bank city of Jenin.

​  Simplicius , SITREP 11/25/23: Major Avdeevka Breakthroughs as NATO Plans Forever War
​  U.S. establishment elites see the writing on the wall of the Ukrainian war, and are already initiating the planning stages of the second phase of the wider conflict to perpetually weaken Russia—or as they call it in their Newspeak, “contain it.”​.
​  The bellwether was the latest announcement that NATO wants to create a military Schengen zone in Europe, which would allow all European armies to freely move between countries, relocating large swaths of troops in record time without the paperwork and waiting​...
​..In short, this is the slow conversion of Europe’s eastern Russophobic front into a sort of cannonfodder vanguard to be perpetually smashed against Russia in sequential fashion, after Ukraine falls.
​  What the Ukrainian conflict has taught the NATO controllers and their U.S. masters is that countries with a decent pool of human resources can be converted into a Janissary fodder army by endlessly equipping and financing them from the wellspring of Europe’s ‘inexhaustible’ central bank and fiat money spigot.​..
​..First you may balk that this is unrealistic, as Europe appears next to bankrupt at this point. But on the other hand, one must recall that this is a longer term plan. Over the next few years, they can surely scrounge up enough cash to continue arming the ‘next-in-line’ vassals, like Poland, the Baltics, Finland, etc.
  For the U.S. it’s a win-win not only as it keeps division between Russia and its closest neighbors and natural allies as a constant, but it keeps Europe poor and the U.S. on top of the ‘Western world’ heap.​..
​..European politics does appear to be slowly veering away from many deepstate/establishment positions and initiatives, so while this is a rough generalization, it would appear likely that many of these NATO dreams will face increasing friction and opposition in the future, with their likelihood of coming to fruition going down each passing year.​..
..Thus, there’s a sort of power creep happening—as “nationalist” or anti-establishment figures slowly take control of European countries, the fascist EU nomenklatura seeks to abolish those countries’ abilities to have a real voice or say in anything. This is why, initiatives like the NATO ‘military Schengen’ plans are up in the air as it will all depend on which side gains the lead in this escalatory power game...
..The U.S. elites hope that the AI boon can give it another major boost equal to what U.S. received in the aftermath of WW1 and WW2, pushing it ahead of the developing world while drowning everyone else in war and misery. The AI revolution has the potential to do the same by 2030-ish, give or take...
​..U.S. elites appear to be of the mind that if they can’t freeze the conflict, then at least let Europe fund and prolong it at their own expense,​..
​..The problem is, the ruling elite of Ukraine have no choice but to double down because if the conflict is frozen, then much of their dirty laundry will come to light, including—most catastrophically for them—the scale of losses and destruction to Ukrainian society, something they’ll never live down. They’ll be torn to shreds...
..A ceasefire for Russia likewise has many dangers...
​..Elena Panina, director of the Institute for International Strategic Studies: “The decision will be made overnight”: in Kyiv, the forecast for Ukraine’s accession to NATO has been clarified...
​  This statement should be taken extremely seriously.
The fact is that US President Biden made a similar statement during the NATO summit in Vilnius on July 11-12, 2023. When asked by a journalist how long it would take the West to admit Ukraine into the alliance, he answered: “One hour and twenty minutes.”
​  The North Atlantic Alliance is simply waiting for the right moment. He is ready to use any freezing of the conflict with Russia or suspension of hostilities for Ukraine’s official entry into NATO. Accordingly, Russia must fully take this factor into account during the SVO. There can be no pauses - otherwise, later we will formally find ourselves in conflict with a NATO member country."​...
​..Zelensky’s strategy seems to be “preservation mode” for now, with only some choice, token offensive action in areas where opportunity may present itself.
​  This has been borne out by reports from the frontline that confirm Ukraine’s usage of artillery, drones, etc., has dropped precipitously. Correspondents on the Russian frontline have outright said it looks like Ukraine is conserving ammo heavily right now.​..
​..November 25, 2023​   A few hours ago, Russian fighters successfully cleared the last building in the Yasinovataya-2 industrial zone in the southern part of the Avdeevsky fortified area after several days of intense and bloody fighting.
​  Since 2014, the industrial zone had been under the control of Ukrainian forces. However, despite the fortifications and reinforcements, it is now completely under the control of the Russian Army.
​  This line holds not only symbolic significance but also has strategic importance as it is situated on a hill overlooking the southern outskirts of Avdeevka
..Zelensky is scrambling 5+ broken and not-yet-reconstituted brigades to Avdeevka, from other hot zones to plug the gaps. Videos of Ukrainian troops complaining or outright mutinying have begun to appear as it begins to get increasingly difficult to resupply the garrison inside the city...
..Most notable is the presence of a female fighter(s) directly in the trench on the frontlines, which is becoming a more and more common sight.

​  Moon of Alabama, Ukraine SitRep: High Losses, Political Infighting, Blocked Borders
​  Some western observers, foremost retired Colonel Macgregor, say that Ukraine's unrecoverable losses have exceeded 400,000 men. But he does not name his sources.
​  Now a new chapter in the war between the Ukrainian president Zelenski and the Commander in Chief of the Ukrainian army, General Zaluzny, may have given us an answer. Yesterday this news item found its way to the Strana news site (machine translation):
​  Zaluzhny didn't provide the plan of war-2024 and has to leave-the people's Deputy from "Servants of the people"  ...
..The commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Valery Zaluzhny, does not have a war plan for 2024, and therefore must resign.

​  This was stated by Deputy head of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on National Security and Defense, MP from Servant of the People Mariana Bezuglaya on her Facebook page, referring to a "non-public discussion" with the military.​..
​..Zaluzny has no plans for 2024 because there is nothing he can do about the upcoming defeat of the Ukrainian army.
Every time he urges to stop defending positions that can not be held, like Bakhmut and Avdeevka, the political leadership tells him use all reserves and to keep holding. Every time he urges to build strong defense lines and to retreat to them he gets overruled. There is thereby nothing, except one number, that he can plan for.​ That number is the one of the irretrievable losses of the Ukrainian army is experiencing. Zaluzny needs 20,000 new men per month to replace the losses and to keep his army going​...
..Storming Russian ditches when one's rare troops have an average(!) age of 54 is impossible...
​..Unless the Pentagon and the Biden administration intervene Zelenski will fire Zaluzny within the next few weeks.
British 'experts' continue to push the Ukrainian army into conscripting younger men​...
​..But all these 'experts' ignore the severe problems with Ukraine's population 'pyramid':

The 20 to 30 year old men they want to draft are simply not there to be recruited in any decisive numbers.

​  Andrew Korybko, Poland’s De Facto Blockade Of Ukraine Is Its Outgoing Government’s Last Power Play
This is also Poland’s last realistic chance to defend its territorial integrity in the face of the coming years’ threats.
​  Poland is poised to become Germany’s largest-ever vassal state upon former Prime Minister and European Commission President Donald Tusk’s likely return to the premiership following the liberal-globalist opposition coalition’s victory in last month’s elections.​..
​..Polish truckers now even farmers have imposed a de facto blockade against Ukraine that the outgoing government hasn’t broken, which can be regarded as that party’s last power play aimed at giving their country a fighting chance at preserving some of its sovereignty.​..
..If it succeeds in coercing Ukraine into restoring Poland’s sphere of influence over the country that Germany just recently replaced over the summer, ideally by institutionalizing it in some legal form prior to the incumbents leaving office, then Poland’s territorial integrity can more confidently be defended. As regards Tusk’s plans to subordinate Poland to German hegemony, he’ll struggle to do so completely since that would necessitate a full-fledged purge of his country’s permanent bureaucracy.

Kim Jong Un Boasts He's Reviewing Images Of US Bases In Guam After Spy Satellite Launch

 Celia Farber,  Documentary Film "Shot Dead" Is Very Hard To Watch: Parents Who Lost Their Children, Killed By Covid Shots, Tell Their Stories.  It's Being Throttled​

The onus of proof of safety must rest with the manufactures - not with parents

Death of 12-Year-Old Boy in France Following HPV Vaccination Triggers Probe Into Gardasil Safety and School Vaccine Campaigns
French prosecutors have launched an investigation into the death of a 12-year-old boy who collapsed minutes after receiving Gardasil’s human papillomavirus vaccine in a school setting and subsequently died of head trauma, according to French media.

​  Pfizer failed to inform pregnant women participating in its clinical trial for the respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) vaccine that the clinical trial of a similar vaccine by GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) was halted after a safety signal revealed a potential risk of preterm births leading to neonatal deaths.
​  Pfizer seems to view informed consent as a barrier to sales—something that causes vaccine hesitancy or drug hesitancy.”
“There should have never been a clinical trial in pregnant women studying any injections aimed at RSV in pregnant women,” Sasha Latypova told The Epoch Times in an email. “Pregnancy and potential to become pregnant is historically the most protected class of human subjects from clinical research because the risks and potential to cause inadvertent harm are too devastating to justify scientific interest in made-up subjects like RSV.”

​  Landmark Lawsuit Alleging Medical Battery Killed 19-Year-Old With Down Syndrome Will Go to Trial
​  According to the complaint, doctors and nurses defied the informed consent law, “fraudulently labeled [his daughter] as a DNR [Do Not Resuscitate] patient, administered a lethal drug cocktail known to kill” and blocked attempts to save the girl’s life.
​  Due to hospital protocols, Schara said, his daughter was given a knowingly lethal blend of drugs without informed consent from him or Grace’s mother, Cindy Schara, who possessed Grace’s legal and medical power of attorney.
​  When Schara protested, he was escorted out of the hospital by an armed guard, and he and his wife were forced to watch their daughter die on FaceTime.

Moderna’s ‘Disinformation Department’ Monitors 150 Million Websites for ‘Anti-Vaccine’ Narratives
Through a pharma-funded nonprofit and Talkwalker, a “social listening” company, Moderna’s team — run by a former 20-year veteran of the FBI — deploys artificial intelligence to monitor everything from mainstream news outlets to gaming sites.

A Decade Later, Snowden’s Worst Fears Have Come True
Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve seen an extreme ramp-up of censorship, surveillance and harassment — not unlike what whistleblower Edward Snowden warned would happen.

​  Last week, more than 40,000 hours of Jan. 6 Capitol Police security footage was released in the public domain that once and for all blew a hole in the pro-Trump ‘violent insurrection’ narrative so dear to the Democrats.
​  The one question on countless Americans’ minds following the release of the damning videos was: will all those men and women recently locked away as political prisoners for dozens of decades get another day in court? Indeed, January 6 may have been a lot of things to many people, but another Boston Tea Party it most definitely was not.
​  Social media was alight over the weekend showing one benign scene after another of the ‘insurrectionists’ casually strolling through the Capitol Building premises, exchanging pleasantries with the on-duty police officers, even giving each other fist-bumps.

  ​[New House Speaker, Mike] Johnson’s lack of experience in international monetary affairs has left him blind to the dangers.
Right now, the U.S. holds about $300 billion of Russian assets that were frozen after the Ukraine war broke out in February 2022. Most of those assets came from the Central Bank of Russia and consist of U.S. Treasury securities.
  Technically, those assets have not been converted to U.S. ownership; they have merely been frozen and still belong to Russia even though Russia cannot use them. Now Johnson wants to convert those assets to U.S. ownership and use the proceeds to pay for the war in Ukraine.
  Johnson said, “It would be pure poetry to fund the Ukrainian war effort with Russian assets.” It would be pure stupidity is more like it.
Such an action would amount to a default on U.S. government debt since the securities were legally owned by Russia.
Nations around the world would take note and accelerate their dumping of Treasury securities and their flight from the U.S. dollar.

​  Meryl Nass MD ,  Many have asked us how their nation could exit the WHO. It turns out the WHO Constitution has no provisions to get out. But our international legal consultant has identified two ways to do it.
Door to Freedom will continue to chase down the legal ins and outs of the WHO's attempted coup

China Pneumonia Update​ , Macrolide-Resistant Mycoplasma pneumoniae in focus.(Z-pak and similar drugs for "walking pneumonia" won't work.)

  ​The Ethical Skeptic ,  What is Loosh?
​  Loosh is the opposite of faith. Faith is the refusal to imbibe in loosh. The act of faithfulness itself involves a deliberate abstention from a specific set of logical conditions. This broaches the question: What therefore, is ‘loosh’?
​  Loosh is the flow of intoxicating energy from a captive source. That source is us. It serves to produce a spiritual insanity in its abuser, anesthetizing and blinding them to their own encroaching darkness.

​Doing the Work (pictured with Jenny, and Dan's grandmother's shovel after a couple of days of fall garden chores)