Thursday, November 23, 2023

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  Moon of Alabama:  U.S. Is Helping Israel To Commit And Hide War Crimes
​  "The Biden administration has been providing Israel with the location of humanitarian groups in Gaza for weeks to prevent strikes against their facilities. But Israel has continued to hit such sites.
​  The information included GPS coordinates of a number of medical facilities and information on movements of aid groups in Gaza to the Israeli government for at least a month, according to three people familiar with the communications. All were granted anonymity because they feared speaking publicly would make it more difficult for aid groups to operate in Gaza.
​  Still, Israel has launched operations against Hamas in or near aid sites, including hospitals, leading to the destruction of buildings and the blocking of fuel and other critical supplies.​"

​  This isn't a war against Hamas, but a war against the people of Palestine. The U.S. government knows that it is complicit in the day by day war crimes perpetrated by the IOF. Its defensive instinct is do try its best to hide all evidence that such crimes were committed...
​  A note on the hostage deal:
In the hours before any onset of temporary truces or longer lasting ceasefires Israel will always increase its level of bombing and slaughter.
Today will likely be the worst day the people in Gaza have ever experienced.

​  Stolen Glory: Qatar, Not Biden, Did Leg Work to Secure Gaza Truce
​  Qatar’s Foreign Ministry announced Wednesday that Hamas and Israel had agreed a four-day “humanitarian pause” in the month-and-a-half long Gaza conflict. Within hours, US media reported on the Biden team’s heroic “secret” role in helping to secure the truce. But that’s not the way things really went down.

​  ‘Operation Al-Aqsa Flood’ Day 48: Ahead of temporary ceasefire, Israeli forces continue to terrorize hospitals
​  Israel is taking the opportunity to heavily bomb the Gaza Strip before the temporary ceasefire takes effect, forcibly evacuating the Indonesian hospital, arresting hospital staff, and obstructing ambulances.
14,100 killed*, including 5,840 children, and 32,850 wounded in Gaza Strip.
226 Palestinians killed in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem

Israeli army arrests al-Shifa Hospital director, other doctors in Gaza

​  Testimony from prison: unprecedented brutality against Palestinian detainees
​  Ever since October 7, Israeli prison authorities have unleashed a brutal campaign of repression against Palestinian prisoners, including severe beatings, humiliation, and the deprivation of food, health care, and basic amenities.

​  President John F. Kennedy: His Life and Public Assassination by the CIA , Edward Curtain
​  The Cold War, endless other wars, and the nuclear threat John Kennedy worked so hard to end have today been inflamed to a fever pitch by U.S. leaders in thrall to the forces that killed the president. President Joseph Biden, like all the presidents that followed Kennedy, is JFK’s opposite, an unrepentant war-monger, not only in Ukraine with the U.S. war against Russia and the U.S. nuclear first-strike policy, but throughout the world – the Middle-East, Africa, Syria, Iran, and on and on, including the push for war with China.
​  Nowhere is this truer than with the U.S. support for the current Israeli genocide of the Palestinians in Gaza, a slaughter also supported by Robert Kennedy, Jr., who, ironically, is campaigning for the presidency on the coattails of JFK and his father Senator Robert F. Kennedy, who would be appalled by his unequivocal support for the Israeli government.  ​  By such support and his silence as the slaughter in Gaza continues, RFK, Jr. is, contrary his other expressed opinions, supporting a wide range of war-related matters that involve the U.S.- Israel alliance, which is central to the military-industrial forces running U.S. foreign policy.  To say this is dispiriting is a great understatement, for RFK, Jr., a very intelligent man, knows that the CIA killed his uncle and father, and he is campaigning as a spiritually awakened man intent on ending the U.S. warfare state, something impossible to accomplish when one gives full-fledged support to Israel.  And I believe he will be elected the next U.S. president.

​  European lawmakers vote for abolition of member state vetoes in latest EU power grab
The plans were passed by a majority of 17 in Strasbourg on Wednesday as MEPs endorsed a further step towards a federalized Europe
​  A total of 291 MEPs supported the proposal put forward by the “Verhofstadt Group,” a group of MEPs led by the arch-federalist Guy Verhofstadt to amend the European Union treaties in favor of greater centralization and limiting the sovereignty of member states.
​  The vote was only narrowly passed with a majority of just 17 after a faction of conservative parliamentary groups expressed considerable opposition to the move.​..
​..Saryusz-Wolski resigned from the working committee led by Verhofstadt in protest at the development of the plan that would further politicize the European Commission, give Eurocrats sole competency over several issues including the environment, education, and public health, and remove the need for unanimity among member states in key policy areas.
​  The Polish MEP called the move “a silent putsch with communist roots.” ...
​..The resolution in reality changes little. It gives an insight into the consensus of the parliament but treaty change ultimately remains a matter upon which unanimity among member state governments is required.

  ​The Ethical Skeptic  "Mentors" Chat GPT ,  Conditioning a Truly Skeptical AI
​  Ethically conditioning your Artificial Intelligence application to produce answers which are salient, critical path, informative, and free from cultivated ignorance.
It is Narrative, not novelty, which demands our skepticism.​..
​..Skepticism, as philosophy, is the complement of sound science method, not the privilege sword of a few pretenders culling and provisionally enforcing conclusions in lieu of science. True skepticism is hungry. It is foolish. It selects from that which is weak in order to confound the things which appear mighty...
..Skepticism is the hallmark discipline of those who possess the grace, integrity and acumen requisite in the wielding of great ideas.

​  Was Sam Altman's Sacking By OpenAI's Board Over 'Q-Star' Breakthrough Seen As Threat To Humanity?
​  The mystery surrounding the brief dismissal of OpenAI CEO Sam Altman last Friday, who has since been reinstated, might revolve around a Reuters report that suggests Altman's removal was due to a breakthrough in artificial general intelligence (AGI), which could threaten humanity.
​  In the days before Altman was sent off into exile, several staff researchers penned a letter to the board about a significant breakthrough - called Q* and pronounced Q-Star - that allowed the AI model to "surpass humans in most economically valuable tasks."
​  Reuters sources said the AI milestone was one of the significant factors that led to the board's abrupt firing of Altman last Friday. Another concern was commercializing the advanced AI model without understanding the socio-economic consequences.

  ​Peter McCullough MD ,  New-Onset and Flares of Multiple Sclerosis are Associated with SARS-CoV-2 Infection and COVID-19 Vaccination
National MS Society Pushes Vaccines Increasing Burden of Disease

​  Meryl Nass MD has the rest of the WHO-threat handouts in 8 more languages here.
​  Handouts in many languages: I only gave you the URL for one. I am sorry, cause this was very important. Here are the rest of the handouts and translations.
Jet-lagged. If it's Tuesday it must be Belgium. (Actually I leave for Belgium in a couple of hours.) I promise to slow down. Soon.

  ​New research reaffirms the nature of the Milky Way Galactic Current Sheet, which sweeps over our solar system about every 12,000 years to reset our terrestrial magnetic pole, if theory is confirmed in this current sweep, the first that we think has been closely monitored by our species. (3:25 minutes)
The Galactic Current Sheet & Magnetic Field

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