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 Maintaining Focus,

​  The Thanksgiving Truc​e , Joe Lauria
​  The trend towards rejecting the mainstream media’s whitewashed history of Israel and Palestine, and the growing understanding that Israel was established in 1948 largely through the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians from their ancestral homes and land, has only intensified with Israel’s current onslaught against Gaza.
​  Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and U.S. President Joe Biden know that if they lose the American people they are both in serious trouble.​..
​..Both Biden and Netanyahu strongly rejected any ceasefire until the timing was right.  During this Thanksgiving weekend there will be no war.
The killing will resume when Americans go back to work on Monday.

​  Amid "utter carnage" in Gaza, the White House insists that the Israeli government has a "legitimate objective."​ , Aaron Mate'
​  By destroying Gaza’s homes, hospital, schools, and every other facet of Palestinian civilian life, Israel is following through on its openly declared aims, and longtime goals. The current Israeli war on Gaza is arguably the most barbaric phase of what the late Israeli sociologist Baruch Kimmerling dubbed a post-1948 campaign of “politicide.” Kimmerling defined this as a “process that has as its ultimate goal the dissolution of the Palestinian people’s existence as a legitimate, independent social, political and economic entity,” including, he warned, “their gradual ethnic cleansing, partial or complete, from the Land of Israel or historic Palestine.”
​  As the carnage in Gaza makes clear, this is the “legitimate” Israeli campaign that the Biden administration continues to support in the name of trying to “eliminate Hamas.”

Hamas Isn't The Target, It's The Excuse​ , Caitlin Johnstone

​  Hamas attack originally planned for April – The assault was called off, and intelligence warnings of it were considered a false alarm, Israeli Channel 12 reports
​  Hamas, the sources claim, focused on internal security and kept most of its members in the dark about subsequent plans, including the rescheduled incursion, which took place on October 7. According to Israeli media reports, surveillance units on the border with Gaza alerted the IDF to “unusual” Hamas training exercises some three months before the October attack, but their concerns were reportedly dismissed as “fantasies.”

‘Operation Al-Aqsa Flood’ Day 51: Israel fires at Palestinians attempting to return to northern Gaza amid shaky truce
Israeli forces killed a Palestinian in Al-Maghazi refugee camp and shot at people attempting to inspect their homes amid the shaky temporary truce. Israel also killed five Palestinians during a 14-hour raid in the West Bank city of Jenin.

​  Simplicius , SITREP 11/25/23: Major Avdeevka Breakthroughs as NATO Plans Forever War
​  U.S. establishment elites see the writing on the wall of the Ukrainian war, and are already initiating the planning stages of the second phase of the wider conflict to perpetually weaken Russia—or as they call it in their Newspeak, “contain it.”​.
​  The bellwether was the latest announcement that NATO wants to create a military Schengen zone in Europe, which would allow all European armies to freely move between countries, relocating large swaths of troops in record time without the paperwork and waiting​...
​..In short, this is the slow conversion of Europe’s eastern Russophobic front into a sort of cannonfodder vanguard to be perpetually smashed against Russia in sequential fashion, after Ukraine falls.
​  What the Ukrainian conflict has taught the NATO controllers and their U.S. masters is that countries with a decent pool of human resources can be converted into a Janissary fodder army by endlessly equipping and financing them from the wellspring of Europe’s ‘inexhaustible’ central bank and fiat money spigot.​..
​..First you may balk that this is unrealistic, as Europe appears next to bankrupt at this point. But on the other hand, one must recall that this is a longer term plan. Over the next few years, they can surely scrounge up enough cash to continue arming the ‘next-in-line’ vassals, like Poland, the Baltics, Finland, etc.
  For the U.S. it’s a win-win not only as it keeps division between Russia and its closest neighbors and natural allies as a constant, but it keeps Europe poor and the U.S. on top of the ‘Western world’ heap.​..
​..European politics does appear to be slowly veering away from many deepstate/establishment positions and initiatives, so while this is a rough generalization, it would appear likely that many of these NATO dreams will face increasing friction and opposition in the future, with their likelihood of coming to fruition going down each passing year.​..
..Thus, there’s a sort of power creep happening—as “nationalist” or anti-establishment figures slowly take control of European countries, the fascist EU nomenklatura seeks to abolish those countries’ abilities to have a real voice or say in anything. This is why, initiatives like the NATO ‘military Schengen’ plans are up in the air as it will all depend on which side gains the lead in this escalatory power game...
..The U.S. elites hope that the AI boon can give it another major boost equal to what U.S. received in the aftermath of WW1 and WW2, pushing it ahead of the developing world while drowning everyone else in war and misery. The AI revolution has the potential to do the same by 2030-ish, give or take...
​..U.S. elites appear to be of the mind that if they can’t freeze the conflict, then at least let Europe fund and prolong it at their own expense,​..
​..The problem is, the ruling elite of Ukraine have no choice but to double down because if the conflict is frozen, then much of their dirty laundry will come to light, including—most catastrophically for them—the scale of losses and destruction to Ukrainian society, something they’ll never live down. They’ll be torn to shreds...
..A ceasefire for Russia likewise has many dangers...
​..Elena Panina, director of the Institute for International Strategic Studies: “The decision will be made overnight”: in Kyiv, the forecast for Ukraine’s accession to NATO has been clarified...
​  This statement should be taken extremely seriously.
The fact is that US President Biden made a similar statement during the NATO summit in Vilnius on July 11-12, 2023. When asked by a journalist how long it would take the West to admit Ukraine into the alliance, he answered: “One hour and twenty minutes.”
​  The North Atlantic Alliance is simply waiting for the right moment. He is ready to use any freezing of the conflict with Russia or suspension of hostilities for Ukraine’s official entry into NATO. Accordingly, Russia must fully take this factor into account during the SVO. There can be no pauses - otherwise, later we will formally find ourselves in conflict with a NATO member country."​...
​..Zelensky’s strategy seems to be “preservation mode” for now, with only some choice, token offensive action in areas where opportunity may present itself.
​  This has been borne out by reports from the frontline that confirm Ukraine’s usage of artillery, drones, etc., has dropped precipitously. Correspondents on the Russian frontline have outright said it looks like Ukraine is conserving ammo heavily right now.​..
​..November 25, 2023​   A few hours ago, Russian fighters successfully cleared the last building in the Yasinovataya-2 industrial zone in the southern part of the Avdeevsky fortified area after several days of intense and bloody fighting.
​  Since 2014, the industrial zone had been under the control of Ukrainian forces. However, despite the fortifications and reinforcements, it is now completely under the control of the Russian Army.
​  This line holds not only symbolic significance but also has strategic importance as it is situated on a hill overlooking the southern outskirts of Avdeevka
..Zelensky is scrambling 5+ broken and not-yet-reconstituted brigades to Avdeevka, from other hot zones to plug the gaps. Videos of Ukrainian troops complaining or outright mutinying have begun to appear as it begins to get increasingly difficult to resupply the garrison inside the city...
..Most notable is the presence of a female fighter(s) directly in the trench on the frontlines, which is becoming a more and more common sight.

​  Moon of Alabama, Ukraine SitRep: High Losses, Political Infighting, Blocked Borders
​  Some western observers, foremost retired Colonel Macgregor, say that Ukraine's unrecoverable losses have exceeded 400,000 men. But he does not name his sources.
​  Now a new chapter in the war between the Ukrainian president Zelenski and the Commander in Chief of the Ukrainian army, General Zaluzny, may have given us an answer. Yesterday this news item found its way to the Strana news site (machine translation):
​  Zaluzhny didn't provide the plan of war-2024 and has to leave-the people's Deputy from "Servants of the people"  ...
..The commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Valery Zaluzhny, does not have a war plan for 2024, and therefore must resign.

​  This was stated by Deputy head of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on National Security and Defense, MP from Servant of the People Mariana Bezuglaya on her Facebook page, referring to a "non-public discussion" with the military.​..
​..Zaluzny has no plans for 2024 because there is nothing he can do about the upcoming defeat of the Ukrainian army.
Every time he urges to stop defending positions that can not be held, like Bakhmut and Avdeevka, the political leadership tells him use all reserves and to keep holding. Every time he urges to build strong defense lines and to retreat to them he gets overruled. There is thereby nothing, except one number, that he can plan for.​ That number is the one of the irretrievable losses of the Ukrainian army is experiencing. Zaluzny needs 20,000 new men per month to replace the losses and to keep his army going​...
..Storming Russian ditches when one's rare troops have an average(!) age of 54 is impossible...
​..Unless the Pentagon and the Biden administration intervene Zelenski will fire Zaluzny within the next few weeks.
British 'experts' continue to push the Ukrainian army into conscripting younger men​...
​..But all these 'experts' ignore the severe problems with Ukraine's population 'pyramid':

The 20 to 30 year old men they want to draft are simply not there to be recruited in any decisive numbers.

​  Andrew Korybko, Poland’s De Facto Blockade Of Ukraine Is Its Outgoing Government’s Last Power Play
This is also Poland’s last realistic chance to defend its territorial integrity in the face of the coming years’ threats.
​  Poland is poised to become Germany’s largest-ever vassal state upon former Prime Minister and European Commission President Donald Tusk’s likely return to the premiership following the liberal-globalist opposition coalition’s victory in last month’s elections.​..
​..Polish truckers now even farmers have imposed a de facto blockade against Ukraine that the outgoing government hasn’t broken, which can be regarded as that party’s last power play aimed at giving their country a fighting chance at preserving some of its sovereignty.​..
..If it succeeds in coercing Ukraine into restoring Poland’s sphere of influence over the country that Germany just recently replaced over the summer, ideally by institutionalizing it in some legal form prior to the incumbents leaving office, then Poland’s territorial integrity can more confidently be defended. As regards Tusk’s plans to subordinate Poland to German hegemony, he’ll struggle to do so completely since that would necessitate a full-fledged purge of his country’s permanent bureaucracy.

Kim Jong Un Boasts He's Reviewing Images Of US Bases In Guam After Spy Satellite Launch

 Celia Farber,  Documentary Film "Shot Dead" Is Very Hard To Watch: Parents Who Lost Their Children, Killed By Covid Shots, Tell Their Stories.  It's Being Throttled​

The onus of proof of safety must rest with the manufactures - not with parents

Death of 12-Year-Old Boy in France Following HPV Vaccination Triggers Probe Into Gardasil Safety and School Vaccine Campaigns
French prosecutors have launched an investigation into the death of a 12-year-old boy who collapsed minutes after receiving Gardasil’s human papillomavirus vaccine in a school setting and subsequently died of head trauma, according to French media.

​  Pfizer failed to inform pregnant women participating in its clinical trial for the respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) vaccine that the clinical trial of a similar vaccine by GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) was halted after a safety signal revealed a potential risk of preterm births leading to neonatal deaths.
​  Pfizer seems to view informed consent as a barrier to sales—something that causes vaccine hesitancy or drug hesitancy.”
“There should have never been a clinical trial in pregnant women studying any injections aimed at RSV in pregnant women,” Sasha Latypova told The Epoch Times in an email. “Pregnancy and potential to become pregnant is historically the most protected class of human subjects from clinical research because the risks and potential to cause inadvertent harm are too devastating to justify scientific interest in made-up subjects like RSV.”

​  Landmark Lawsuit Alleging Medical Battery Killed 19-Year-Old With Down Syndrome Will Go to Trial
​  According to the complaint, doctors and nurses defied the informed consent law, “fraudulently labeled [his daughter] as a DNR [Do Not Resuscitate] patient, administered a lethal drug cocktail known to kill” and blocked attempts to save the girl’s life.
​  Due to hospital protocols, Schara said, his daughter was given a knowingly lethal blend of drugs without informed consent from him or Grace’s mother, Cindy Schara, who possessed Grace’s legal and medical power of attorney.
​  When Schara protested, he was escorted out of the hospital by an armed guard, and he and his wife were forced to watch their daughter die on FaceTime.

Moderna’s ‘Disinformation Department’ Monitors 150 Million Websites for ‘Anti-Vaccine’ Narratives
Through a pharma-funded nonprofit and Talkwalker, a “social listening” company, Moderna’s team — run by a former 20-year veteran of the FBI — deploys artificial intelligence to monitor everything from mainstream news outlets to gaming sites.

A Decade Later, Snowden’s Worst Fears Have Come True
Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve seen an extreme ramp-up of censorship, surveillance and harassment — not unlike what whistleblower Edward Snowden warned would happen.

​  Last week, more than 40,000 hours of Jan. 6 Capitol Police security footage was released in the public domain that once and for all blew a hole in the pro-Trump ‘violent insurrection’ narrative so dear to the Democrats.
​  The one question on countless Americans’ minds following the release of the damning videos was: will all those men and women recently locked away as political prisoners for dozens of decades get another day in court? Indeed, January 6 may have been a lot of things to many people, but another Boston Tea Party it most definitely was not.
​  Social media was alight over the weekend showing one benign scene after another of the ‘insurrectionists’ casually strolling through the Capitol Building premises, exchanging pleasantries with the on-duty police officers, even giving each other fist-bumps.

  ​[New House Speaker, Mike] Johnson’s lack of experience in international monetary affairs has left him blind to the dangers.
Right now, the U.S. holds about $300 billion of Russian assets that were frozen after the Ukraine war broke out in February 2022. Most of those assets came from the Central Bank of Russia and consist of U.S. Treasury securities.
  Technically, those assets have not been converted to U.S. ownership; they have merely been frozen and still belong to Russia even though Russia cannot use them. Now Johnson wants to convert those assets to U.S. ownership and use the proceeds to pay for the war in Ukraine.
  Johnson said, “It would be pure poetry to fund the Ukrainian war effort with Russian assets.” It would be pure stupidity is more like it.
Such an action would amount to a default on U.S. government debt since the securities were legally owned by Russia.
Nations around the world would take note and accelerate their dumping of Treasury securities and their flight from the U.S. dollar.

​  Meryl Nass MD ,  Many have asked us how their nation could exit the WHO. It turns out the WHO Constitution has no provisions to get out. But our international legal consultant has identified two ways to do it.
Door to Freedom will continue to chase down the legal ins and outs of the WHO's attempted coup

China Pneumonia Update​ , Macrolide-Resistant Mycoplasma pneumoniae in focus.(Z-pak and similar drugs for "walking pneumonia" won't work.)

  ​The Ethical Skeptic ,  What is Loosh?
​  Loosh is the opposite of faith. Faith is the refusal to imbibe in loosh. The act of faithfulness itself involves a deliberate abstention from a specific set of logical conditions. This broaches the question: What therefore, is ‘loosh’?
​  Loosh is the flow of intoxicating energy from a captive source. That source is us. It serves to produce a spiritual insanity in its abuser, anesthetizing and blinding them to their own encroaching darkness.

​Doing the Work (pictured with Jenny, and Dan's grandmother's shovel after a couple of days of fall garden chores)

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