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​  Musk Offers To Help Rebuild A Deradicalized, "Prosperous" Gaza After Touring Ravaged Kibbutz With Netanyahu
​  Netanyahu laid out that his main priority is to neutralize Hamas, after which he will turn to rebuilding Gaza: “You first have to get rid of this poisonous regime.” Musk agreed and offered to be involved in the post-war recovery. “I think that makes perfect sense that those who are intent on murder must be neutralized, then the propaganda must stop … and then making Gaza prosperous,” Musk said. “Well, I hope you’ll be involved,” Netanyahu responded. “I’d love to help,” Musk said. In statements which are likely to prove controversial, particularly to the pro-Palestinian side, Musk also voiced that civilian casualties are “unavoidable” and generally appeared to back Israel’s position that it is trying hard to avoid them while seeking to target only terrorists.

​  Israeli tank gunner reveals orders to fire indiscriminately into kibbutz
New disclosures add to the growing body of evidence indicating many Israelis who died on October 7 were killed by the Israeli military. 
Meanwhile, the Israeli government has muzzled captives freed from Gaza to prevent further damage to the official narrative.​..
​..“The soldier points and tells me, “shoot there — the terrorists are there,”” the captain recounts in the newly-released footage, noting that when she asked “are there civilians there?,” her compatriot simply replied, “I don’t know,” and ordered her to “just shoot” a tank round into the buildings anyway

​  Israel-Palestine war: How a slogan became bigger news than the murder of babies in Gaza​ , Jonathan Cook
​  The protest chant 'From the river to the sea' rejects not Israelis or Jews but the apartheid nature of Israel. This is why pro-Israel western politicians and media want to criminalise it.

​  Israel deports human rights defender documenting Palestinian home demolitions
​  Alison Russell was detained by Israeli forces while documenting home demolitions in Masafer Yatta in the occupied West Bank. She was deported following a perfunctory hearing where Israeli police accused her of "supporting terrorism."

​  "Jewish Voice For Peace", again ...
​  Pro-Palestine rally shuts down Manhattan Bridge calling for ceasefire
Pro-Palestine demonstrators have vowed not to leave the bridge on the busiest travel day of the year until the US President demands a permanent ceasefire in Gaza.

Israel-Palestine war: Three Palestinian students shot in US in critical condition
​  Rights group says students were wearing keffiyehs and speaking in Arabic when shot by unidentified gunmen in Burlington, Vermont, amid fears anti-Muslim violence in US is growing
​  The three 2​0-year-old students, identified as Tahseen Ahmed of Trinity College, Connecticut, Kinnan Abdel Hamid of Haverford College in Pennsylvania, and Hisham Awartani of Brown University, Rhode Island, are graduates of the Ramallah Friends School in the West Bank.

​  Israeli occupation forces violated terms of the Gaza truce again​ (after killing some farmers and people returning to their homes over Thanksgiving weekend)
​  He revealed that the occupation forces fired artillery and smoke shells west of the Sheikh Radwan neighborhood during their withdrawal, aiming to cover their retreat from the central part of the neighborhood towards Rashid Street.

Water delivered to northern Gaza Strip for 1st time since beginning of escalation — UNRWA
According to the agency, this was the first delivery of clean water that reached people sheltering in the north since the war began

UN estimates 43,000 Gaza housing units wiped out, 80% of population displaced

​  PM lobbying Likud MKs, saying only he can prevent a Palestinian state in Gaza, West Bank
“I am the only one who will prevent a Palestinian state in Gaza and [the West Bank] after the war,” the Kan public broadcaster quotes Netanyahu as having told the lawmakers.

​  Russian Embassy Asks UK to Clarify Its Role in Disrupting Peace Talks With Ukraine
​  The Russian Embassy in London is asking the United Kingdom to comment on the statement by a senior Ukrainian lawmaker who said that former UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson was the one who convinced Kiev in 2022 not to negotiate with Moscow and continue the fighting instead.

European country imports ‘banned’ Russian gold​ , Switzerland is reportedly using loopholes to bypass its own sanction​ (Quick, melt it down!)

North Korean satellite takes pictures of White House, Pentagon

​  Korean dog farmers threaten to release 2 million hounds
Owners of canines raised for meat have reportedly threatened to release the animals if the government bans consumption
​  South Korean dog meat farmers have threatened to release 2 million canines onto the streets as controversy continues over plans to ban consumption in the country, Reuters has reported. Parties across the political spectrum are working together to outlaw dog meat as part of a bill backed by the country’s first lady, Kim Keong-hee.

​  A South Korean writer has been slapped with a prison term for praising North Korea in a poem, the Korea Herald newspaper has reported. 
Seoul Central District Court handed the 14-month sentence, his fourth such conviction, to the wordsmith on Monday, according to the outlet.
The author, identified by the media as 68-year-old Lee Yoon-seop, was found guilty of violating the National Security Act, which prohibits citizens from glorifying North Korea.
The poem in question was titled “Means of Unification” and in it Lee urged the two Koreas to reunite under the leadership of the socialist government in Pyongyang.

​  Inside The UN Plan To Control Speech Online
The UN plans to control speech online by imposing international laws through organizations like governments and corporations.
​  Proponents of free speech and prominent US legislators are alarmed by a United Nations agency’s proposal to control social media and internet communication while pursuing a tough stance against what it refers to as “false information” and “conspiracy theories.”
​  The U.N. Educational, Cultural, and Scientific Organisation (UNESCO) detailed a number of “concrete measures which must be implemented by all stakeholders: governments, regulatory authorities, civil society, and the platforms themselves” in a 59-page report that was made public this month.
​  This strategy entails imposing international laws through organizations like governments and corporations, with the goal of preventing the spread of other kinds of expression while advancing goals like “gender equality” and “cultural diversity.”

​  Meryl Nass MD ,  The International COVID/CRISIS Summit #4 at the Romanian Parliament is now fully posted
You can watch the whole event, or just me or certain talks. All my slides are posted below: my 20 minute version on the WHO-globalist coup (involving all the major multinational organizations)

Unvaccinated account for just 5% of COVID-19 Deaths since beginning of 2023 but 3 & 4x Vaccinated account for Shocking 95%

Peter McCullough MD , Why Vaccine-Pushing Cardiologists Never See Myocarditis​ , Twitter Poll Reveals Giant Shift in Doctor Preference after ComplicationsFor cancer patients, “sugar intake can indeed nourish cancer cells,” Mingyang Song, associate professor of clinical epidemiology and nutrition at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health...​  
​..A study published in PLoS One involving 1,011 colon cancer patients with a follow-up period of over seven years found that compared to patients consuming less than two servings of sugar-sweetened beverages per month, those who consumed two or more servings per day experienced a 67 percent increased risk of colon cancer recurrence or mortality.
​  Another Spanish study published in Clinical Nutrition in 2021 involving over 7,000 participants found that for every additional 5 grams of sugar consumed in liquid form per day, cancer incidence increased by 8 percent. People with the highest intake experienced a 46 percent increase.
​  A can of soda usually contains 30 to 45 grams of sugar.

​  Honeybees Suffer Unnecessarily in Human-Made Hives, Study Finds​  ​, Derek Mitchell, PhD Candidate in Mechanical Engineering, University of Leeds
​  Honeybees in man-made hives may have been suffering the cold unnecessarily for over a century because commercial hive designs are based on erroneous science, my new research shows.
​  The thin wooden walls of commercial hives act as little more than a boundary between the air gap and the outside world. This means that for hive walls to be effective, they have to be substantially insulating, such as 30mm of polystyrene.
​  This misunderstanding of the complex interaction between the colony enclosure, thermofluids (heat, radiation, water vapour, air) and honeybee behaviour and physiology are a result of people not recognising the hive as the extended phenotype of the honey bee.

​Winterizing (pictured shoveling warm compost onto garden rows)

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