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60 Years In Alternate Universe

 Time Travelers,

  John Kennedy was assassinated 60 years ago about 200 miles away from where I am typing this. I remember the morning clearly, and the rest of the day, and you might, too. I was in kindergarten. We went home at noon. The teachers all smiled and would not say why. Dad came home at lunch time, looking worried. Dad never came home early. Dad was a Marine. He told me "somebody had assassinated the President", with grave concern on his face. "Can't somebody else be President", I asked. "Yes, but he's not as good", came the understated reply. The oligarchs killed Kennedy, as they had tried to kill Roosevelt (and may have done with poison in 1945). The Military Industrial Complex, which Eisenhower warned of, took the reins, and ramped up the Vietnam War, while turning a blind eye to Israel's development of atomic weapons (or "helped" with missing-plutonium).

  This thoughtful essay explores what different path we might have walked if JFK had not been murdered on November 22, 1963.
Would JFK Have Lost Had He Lived?​  On the 60th anniversary of the Kennedy assassination, a look at what was and what might have been.

​  Israel's Cabinet Approves Ceasefire, Hostage Deal With Hamas
​  The newspaper cited a senior Israeli official as saying that the deal would see Hamas release 30 children and eight mothers, as well as 12 more women, during a four-day ceasefire...
​  Palestinian movement Hamas will release 50 of some 240 hostages being held in the Gaza Strip, women and children first, over a four-day ceasefire that was approved by Israel's cabinet, the Associated Press reported Tuesday, citing the Israeli government.
​  Israel would publish a list of names of prisoners to be released under a deal with Palestinian movement Hamas within the next 24 hours so that Israelis can appeal the release in court, Axios reported Tuesday, citing an Israeli official.
​  The report added that Israel would extend the truce by an additional day for every ten hostages released.
Palestinian movement Hamas said in a statement on Wednesday that it has agreed with Israel on a four-day truce in the Gaza Strip with the cessation of all hostilities and the release of 50 Israeli hostages in return for 150 Palestinian prisoners.

Mysterious military flights between Israel, Lebanon continueSources suggest the planes originating from NATO countries carry equipment meant to weaken Hezbollah

​These very large, slow, low flying, Vietnam-era  gunships circle above a target while they devastate it with automatic cannons and missiles. 
They are vulnerable to manpad SAMs, such as those which have gone missing from Ukraine.
AC-130 Strikes Iranian-Backed Militants Following Missile Attack
A U.S. military  AC-130J Ghostrider attacked an Iran-backed militant group after the group used a ballistic missile to attack U.S. and coalition forces on Al-Asad Airbase, Iraq, the deputy pentagon press secretary said today.

US to Deploy Previously Banned Missiles to Aim Them at China
[nuclear-capable] Tomahawk missiles are expected to be deployed to the Asia Pacific next year

​Spiritual reminder from Tessa (fights robots) Lena,  When the Bulldozer Keeps Bulldozing: How to Feel
Bad news about New York isolation camps and how to keep the spirits high while living under a mob

  ​First Amendment cuts-both-ways yet again: "Japs, Jewry And Trannies": Media Matters President's Bigoted Blogs Resurface Amid Spat With Musk
​  Elon Musk's X sued Media Matters, claiming that the David Brock-founded leftist 'watchdog' group manipulated the platform to show major ads next to Nazi imagery, causing a flood of advertisers to leave the platform.
​  "The end result was a feed precision-designed by Media Matters for a single purpose: to produce side-by-side ad/content placements that it could screenshot in an effort to alienate advertisers," causing "all but one of the companies featured in the Media Matters piece withdrawing all ads from X, including Apple, Comcast, NBCUniversal, and IBM—some of X’s largest advertisers."...
​  What happened next couldn't have been better scripted in pre-woke Hollywood. It turns out that Media Matters President Angelo Carusone wrote super antisemitic blog posts in the early 2000s, which were uncovered by the Daily Caller's Peter Hasson in 2019, and have been making the rounds of late given the Musk controversy.
​  In one blog post titled "Tranny Paradise," the future Media Matters president went on a lengthy diatribe against a 'tranny-loving author.'
In another post that same month, Carusone suggested in response to a male basketball coach's alleged sexual and physical abuse of female players; "lighten up Japs."...
..In an October 2005 post, Carusone said of his boyfriend, "despite his jewry, you KNOW he's adorable."...
..In another post, he suggested that his Jewish boyfriend only leaned conservative "as a result of his possession of several bags of Jewish gold."​ ...
​..Carusone said in reply, "It’s true: I wrote some gross things on my blog while I was in college. A few posts parodying living my life as if I were a self-loathing, bigoted Limbaugh right-winger."

Ken Pax­ton Sues Pfiz­er and Tris Phar­ma​, Texas AG takes on key player in the Bio-Pharmaceutical Complex​ (Same​ Dallas judge hearing this and Musk's case above.)

​The Ponzi scheme which is the Federal Budget is in the phase where interest rates are rising, due to obvious default risk, and the interest payments are being borrowed.
David Stockman on Washington’s Fiscal Doomsday Machine

​The Limits To Growth model was not a financial model at all, containing no "economics" analysis, just "systems analysis" a new discipline of analysis for complex interrelated systems, run on the best computer of the day (1972) at MIT, employing the kind of engineering-based programming used in those days. It has gone through several minor revisions in the decades since then, but the "Business As Usual" graph has tracked very closely with the observed human economic activity, and environmental consequences, on our fair planet (births and deaths were both a little lower than predicted, so everything else stayed very close to projections).

Move "Today" a bit to your right. I personally think industrial output peaked in late 2018 or early 2019.

Is this a perfectly straight 4 km long wall in the desert on Mars?

Alternate Universalist (pictured with 3 year old collard greens, granddaughter, garlic and fresh mulch)

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