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Defensive Actions

 Eternally Vigilant,

​  The IRGC Navy commander says Iranian maritime forces dispatched drones toward the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower and forced it to land its helicopters before changing its course.
​  A US aircraft carrier that entered Gulf waters was forced to change its course and land its helicopters after receiving a direct warning from Iranian naval forces, the commander of the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps Navy in Iran General Alireza Tangsiri said on Monday...
​  Brigadier General Alireza Tangsiri revealed that the navy dispatched drones to the American warship when it encountered the military vessels of the IRGC, forcing the US vessel to head toward the south of the Gulf "in compliance with our instructions" after forcing it to land its helicopters.

Gravitas: High stakes in the high seas: Iran's drone encounter with US aircraft carrier​  (4 min. news video from India)

​  Leaked cable raises the possibility the US is flying surveillance missions over Gaza from RAF Akrotiri and sharing the intelligence with Israel, which would further implicate Britain in war crimes in Gaza.

  ​Aleks at Black Mountain Analysis has a Geopolitics Update, which I'll sample.
​  The Russian military has experienced almost two years of high-tech warfare and has developed a well-functioning military industry and a well-grounded military training and education system beyond the reach of the enemy, and it is at the highest possible degree of combat effectiveness. The opposite is true for Ukraine.
​  The West is currently dumping everything it can in terms of Ukrainian human potential against the Russians, with the lowest possible investment, since the end is near. The goal of the West is to still cause the greatest damage to Russian human resources. To be clear, the Russian human potential is both Ukrainians and Russians, since the Ukrainians will soon be part of Russia again. Hence, to be entirely clear, the main target of destruction of this war is no longer the core Russian territory or Russian soldiers (or regime change in Russia), but especially and solely everything Ukrainian, since it will go back to Russia soon.​..

Avdeevka: We are seeing here the classic combined-arms doctrine employed by Russia to take this city. It is being conducted very professionally. Still, I believe that the cauldron won’t be closed until the end for obvious reasons. Always let the enemy fight in the least favorable place. Of course, supplying troops through a semi opened cauldron with fire control is the worst possible situation for fighting. It has the potential, to kill tens of thousands of Ukrainians. Unfortunately for the Ukrainian families, the Ukrainian leaders are not very keen to save any lives of their soldiers.
​  How long will the siege take? It will take as long as Ukraine is willing and able to resupply the garrison in Avdeevka. The same story as in Artemovsk. When Russia saw that the Ukrainian ability to hold the garrison dwindled, Russia put an end to it. Hence, it will grind as much meat as possible and then it will close.​..
..Russia doesn’t seek to penetrate quickly and to move forward to gain territory. Russia seeks to preserve its soldiers, as well as Ukrainian civilians, the Ukrainian infrastructure, and enterprises because Russia will be responsible for a large part of Ukraine (its former territory) going forward. Hence, we don’t see maneuver warfare, but the typical semi-cauldrons, designed to bury the Ukrainian mobilization potential in it, where it is the most favorable.​..
..I assume that the public split between Zaluzhny and Zelensky is rather a prepared script to ensure the exit/evacuation plans of the highest Ukrainian leaders (traitors). The American services know very well how the war is going, and what will happen and what will not happen. As long as the industrial disposal of the Ukrainian (Russian!) people is going well, everything is fine. But there will be a point when Ukraine as a state will start to collapse. And at this point we only need to think back on what happened in Afghanistan when NATO withdrew. Remember the people falling from planes? Soon, this is going to happen with all the traitors of the Ukrainian people. This time with trains… The Ukrainians would/will kill all the current traitors on sight...
​..M​iddle EastHere is what I assume is going on: the Americans decided to protect their precious asset, Israel, with a significant navy force. As I explained before, the Western Oligarchs are using Israel to control the world economy with a divide-and-conquer strategy for the entire middle east. That’s what I meant: they decided to protect their precious asset. Of course, the oligarchs don’t care for the Israeli or Palestinian people.
​  The US Navy gathered an impressive armada across the region, including an Ohia-class nuclear submarine. In fact, the force actually is impressive. And according to the information I received, the US Army, US Navy, and the Marines are actually ready and equipped to protect Israel and its occupation of Iraq and parts of Syria. This is significant. I guess the ball to escalate is now in Iran’s and Hezbollah’s hands. I can’t make any predictions or estimations, but it is very tense. We pray for peace.

​  Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth reported on 27 November that the Israeli army dismissed two officers – one of them a commander – for withdrawing from the battlefield after being ambushed by dozens of Palestinian resistance fighters. The report noted that half of the soldiers in that particular unit have not returned, following the brigade’s decision to dismiss the officers, causing a “severe crisis between the soldiers of the battalion and the commander to which it belonged.” The soldiers complained that they did not receive support or air cover by the army when they were ambushed by fighters of the Qassam Brigades, which caused the battalion to withdraw. Officers in the Israeli army remarked that the soldiers “were not prepared when entrusted with this mission.” Other officers said the soldiers were sent without being given the chance to rest properly following extensive military activity in the Gaza Strip.
The newspaper explained that this incident “caused a difficult atmosphere” and “crisis of confidence” among the battalion, prompting army officials to remove it from Gaza and send it to site near Ashkelon. The battalion was also “exposed to other serious events last month” including the injury and deaths of other officers in the ground battles.  

​  Israel's ground war conundrum
​  While Tel Aviv may intensify its bombardment of Gaza after the truce, this disguises the fact that its ground incursion is facing unprecedented dangers ahead.
​  This picture reveals, to a large extent, the results of Israel’s ground operation: civilian massacres and infrastructural destruction galore, but with little damage to the military structure of the Palestinian resistance. A number of its leaders have indeed been killed - most recently Al-Qassam’s northern commander and military council member Ahmed al-Ghandour - but its command and control system still ticks on effectively.
​  Further evidence of this lies in the inability of the occupation army to penetrate, unimpeded, all of northern Gaza. Israel precedes its ground movements with intense air strikes, then artillery shelling. After destroying everything in its path, its tanks begin advancing. It is almost impossible to confront tanks as they enter, because air fire clears spaces 500 meters ahead, while artillery shells pave the path 150 meters in front of the ground units.
​  However, whenever possible, the resistance fighters launch anti-armor missiles - Cornet, Conkurs, or similar types - with ranges exceeding one thousand metres. After the tanks reach their designated target, the resistance fighters emerge like ghosts from under the ground or rubble and fire anti-armor shells at them, usually Al-Yassin homemade shells, with a range of fewer than 150 meters. Or, alternatively, a fighter physically approaches the Israeli tanks and plants a sticky bomb that explodes in much the same way as a hand grenade.
​  The work of resistance does not end there. If the tanks do not retreat, and the occupation soldiers settle in, they will be attacked with machine gun fire or explosive devices. The Palestinian fighters film many of these operations, and the footage is delivered to the operations room, which decides what to publish.​..
..Estimates of the Palestinian resistance suggest that the total number of regular and reserve forces deployed on the borders of the Gaza Strip, and inside it, exceeds the number of Israeli troops that participated in the 1973 war counterattacks on the Syrian and Egyptian fronts...
..The frequency and intensity of Israel’s aerial and artillery bombardments do not allow resistance fighters to repel the occupation’s advancement, as the overwhelming firepower detonates most of the IEDs intended for tanks or infantry and blocks or destroys entrances to tunnels.
​  For this reason, the resistance waits for a lull in the bombing, the entry of tanks, and the reopening of the tunnels to begin its operations. At this stage, the fighters wait for Israeli infantry to emerge from their armored vehicles in order to target them...
​..Before the 24 November truce, the occupation army had exhausted its ability to maneuver on the ground, having already deployed the majority of its regular combat forces in the northern and western axes.
​  It will need to search for innovative solutions if it seeks to advance toward densely populated areas in northern Gaza, such as Jabalia refugee camp, the Al-Zaytoun and Al-Shuja'iya neighborhoods, Al-Shati beach camp, and other vital places the Israelis have failed to penetrate. These areas are the ground zero of the Palestinian resistance, in which these forces have prepared themselves – and their tunnel infrastructure - for fierce and protracted confrontations.
​  The main reason the occupation government agreed to a short truce is that its ground incursion had hit this wall - in addition to other factors such as US pressure to release American captives. Simply put, the Israeli army needs to re-examine its plans and develop new strategies to advance in the field.
​  It is important to note that norms applicable in regular armed conflicts, as in Ukraine, Syria, Iraq, or Sudan, do not necessarily apply to the Gaza Strip. When a control map shows the Ukrainian army controlling a region, the Russian army has withdrawn from it, and vice versa.
​  In Gaza, a map showing the Israeli army in an area does not necessarily mean a withdrawal of Palestinian resistance forces, as the latter do not have armored vehicles or traditional formations to remove from enemy-invaded areas. Its fighters simply disappear underground to await the emergence of occupation soldiers from their tanks and such.
​  The bottom line is that maps currently circulated by governments, media, and think tanks that display Israel’s field advancement in Gaza – accurate or not - are not illustrating Israel’s ground control, but rather the depth of its incursions.​..
..Days later, the occupation government is still seething that Israeli captives were released according to terms dictated mainly by the resistance: military operations had to be frozen ( and heavily monitored), Palestinian prisoners were liberated from Israeli detention, and aid began flowing back into the besieged Gaza Strip.
​  Fifty days into Israel’s staggeringly disproportionate war on Gaza, the Palestinian resistance is still able to impose its will - despite the occupation military’s unprecedented massacre of more than 20,000 civilians, the displacement of hundreds of thousands more, and the wholesale destruction of residential homes, hospitals, and schools.

​  From a Released Hamas Captive:
​  “I will forever be a prisoner of gratitude because she did not leave here with a lifelong psychological trauma.”
​  “To the generals who have accompanied me in recent weeks, it seems we will part ways tomorrow, but I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your extraordinary humanity shown towards my daughter, Emilia.

​  You were like parents to her, inviting her into your rooms whenever she desired. She acknowledges feeling like all of you are her friends, not just friends, but truly beloved and good." 

​  Israeli settlers destroy olive and almond trees, and vineyards in occupied West Bank
​  The Shushahla area has been repeatedly targeted by the occupation forces and settlers. Agricultural structures and old houses have been demolished, its land has been bulldozed and citizens have been prevented from accessing their property.

​Extensive lists and details of family by family genocide:
Forcible transfer of isolated Palestinian communities and families in Area C under cover of Gaza fighting

​  Russian President Vladimir Putin said in a message to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas that the key to resolving the Palestinian-Israeli conflict is the creation of a Palestinian state within the 1967 borders.
​  "It is in this (the creation of a sovereign Palestinian state within the 1967 borders) that we see the key condition for achieving a comprehensive, long-term and just Palestinian-Israeli settlement," Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov read out the Russian president's message to Abbas at an event marking the Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People at the Palestinian Embassy in Russia.
​  In the text of the telegram published on the Kremlin's website, Putin stressed that "now, when the bloody conflict is bringing untold suffering to the peaceful population of Palestine, I consider it particularly important to reaffirm Russia's consistent position in favor of the realization of the legitimate rights of your people to establish their own sovereign state within the 1967 borders with East Jerusalem as its capital."

  ​Alastair Crooke, The Magician's Hat
​  Solution’ being here but a polite word for the EU’s attempted bribery of Egypt and Jordan. Reportedly, the EU President, Ursula von der Leyen, visited Egypt and Israel to present them with financial offers ($10bn for Egypt and $5bn for Jordan), in exchange for the dispersal of the inhabitants of the Gaza Strip elsewhere – effectively to facilitate the evacuation of the Palestinian population from the Strip in line with Israel’s aims of ethnically-cleansing Gaza.
​  However, former minister Ayalet Shaked’s tweet – “After we turn Khan Yunis into a soccer field, we need to tell the countries that each of them take a quota: We need all 2 million to leave. That’s the solution to Gaza” – is but one by senior Israeli political and security figures extoling what Israel increasingly sees as the “solution” for Gaza.
​  But by being so explicit, Shaked likely has torpedoed Von der Leyen’s initiative – for no Arab state wants to be complicit in a new Nakba.​..

​..At its core, ‘the bet’ lies in the conviction that public sentiment – contextualised deliberately by the Israeli cabinet in absolute Manichean terms (light versus the dark; civilisation versus barbarism; all Gazans being complicit with ‘Hamas’ evil’) – will ultimately arouse a wave of support for the further move of taking “the fiction” of a Palestinian state off the table “once and for all”. The table is being set for a long war against ‘cosmic evil’.
​  The ‘solution’, as National Security Minister Smotrich and his allies underline, is to offer Palestinians a choice – ‘to renounce their national aspirations and continue living on their land in an inferior status’, or to emigrate abroad. Put bluntly, the ‘solution’ is the removal of all non-subservient Palestinians from the lands of Greater Israel.
​  Turning now to the contending perspective:
​  The ‘united axis’ supporting Palestinians observe that Israel continues to adhere to its initial military goals of destroying Gaza to the point where there is nothing left – no civilian infrastructure at all – by which Gazans might live, were they even to try to return to their collapsed homes.​ 
They see this Israeli objective fully supported by Biden...
..Non-western powers are not siding with Israel. They are coalescing in opposition to the Israeli Cabinet’s aspiration to end the notion of a Palestinian State, once and for all. And today, Israel is bitterly divided on the vision for its future; what it is exactly that constitutes ‘Israel’ and even that very post-modern question, ‘what it is to be Jewish’.

​  M. K. BHADRAKUMAR​ , The Middle East at an inflection point
  On Netanyahu’s part, at least, he doesn’t even feel the need to pay lip service to a two-state solution, after having systematically buried the Oslo Accord and embarked on the journey towards a Jewish theocracy in what was once the state of Israel. Make no mistake, Greater Israel is here to stay and the world opinion regards it as an apartheid state. There is a great misconception that Biden is under pressure from the American opinion on the conflict in Gaza. But the fact of the matter is that support for Israel has all along been rather thin in America and had it not been for the Israel Lobby, it would have probably asserted a long time ago. Curiously, something like one third of American Jews, especially the youth, don’t even care for the Israel Lobby.... Indeed, Israel has been an increasingly illiberal country even toward its own citizens. Due to such factors, Americans no longer take an idealised view of Israel as a morally upright country battling for existence.​..
..The elites fear that the Lobby will target them if there are any signs of them wavering in their support for Israel. Put differently, the political elites do not place American national interests above their own personal or career interests. Thus, the Israel Lobby always wins on the Palestinian issue and in extracting generous financial support for Israel with no strings attached...
​..The high probability is that Israel will hunker down with the help of its Lobby in the US and would rather prefer to be a Pariah in the world community, to a two-state solution that demands abandonment of the  Zionist state built around Greater Israel. The only game changer could be be if Biden is willing to make the US force its will on Israel — through coercive means, if necessary.
​  But that requires the courage of conviction and a rare ingredient in politics — compassion. Biden’s hugely successful half century in public life was almost entirely devoted to realpolitik and there are no traces of conviction or compassion in it. A legacy cannot be built on ephemeral considerations and expediency.

​  John Helmer is back with this examination of the ongoing delicate negotiations of the Russian power elites, who Vladimir Putin faithfully serves, along with the citizens, military, and long-term interests of Russia. Putin held the annual oligarch-dinner somewhat early this year, in complete secrecy, without a list of attendees or recorded minutes.
​  A veteran Moscow commodity trader comments: “What is happening is a carrot-and-stick display. Elections are coming, so the message is —  say and do nothing to undermine VVP [Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin] and he will create conditions for you to keep your business and take over what Western companies have left. But do not complain too much. Those who go too far will get the Prigozhin treatment. So for everybody,  there can be no wavering, no vacillation on this now.”
​  The paradox of this moment – unsaid publicly, acknowledged privately — is that never has oligarch rule of Russian economy been under greater threat, and the oligarchs politically less capable of resisting.  On the other hand, the president intends by his dinner ceremony to reassure the oligarchs that he isn’t planning any threat to their domestic survival. They understand that,  domestically, apart from Putin, there is no other threat. The organised political opposition to oligarch rule has never been weaker.

​  The Seventh Generation Principle is based on an ancient Haudenosaunee (Iroquois)* philosophy that the decisions we make today should result in a sustainable world seven generations into the future. This extremely prescient philosophy is currently somewhat overused as a “green” marketing ploy to sell everything from dish soap to cars.
​  The first recorded concepts of the Seventh Generation Principle date back to the writing of The Great Law of Haudenosaunee Confederacy, although the actual date is undetermined, the range of conjectures place its writing anywhere from 1142 to 1500 AD. The Great Law of Haudenosaunee Confederacy formed the political, ceremonial, and social fabric of the Five Nation Confederacy (later Six). The Great Law of Haudenosaunee Confederacy is also credited as being a contributing influence on the American Constitution, due to Benjamin Franklin’s great respect for the Haudenosaunee system of government, which in itself is interesting from the perspective that the United States formed their Constitution not on the principles of European governments, but rather on that of a people considered “savages”.

​  Shiny Toys, KlownShows and the War for Happiness​ ​  ​  Will Zoll tells the 800+ year history of the opposite of "Seventh Generation" ​stewardship philosophy. 
 The Kult of Supremacy is a club that declares their mandate to rule, because they possess “sensitive information” that the public cannot see. This, by default, means that they are in the light, and the People are in the dark, unable to see. Klownshows are used to validate the public’s inability to see or understand the truth. It all began with Frederick’s unfortunate flaccid state and his palace, “Sans, Souci.”.
​  They believe that if you cannot see the Klownshow for what it is, then “the joke is on you”​.

​  Meryl Nass MD is presenting European Parliamentarians with a clear formulation of the WHO - NWO threats, urgent procedural timelines, and effective tools to block the takeover of their representative governments.
​  Considerations of procedural issues that likely void the ability of a nation's diplomats to approve the WHO's 2 proposed international treaties
From where do diplomats get the power to turn over their country's governance to the unelected WHO? The answer is that very few, if any, actually have the legal power to do so.

​  Dr. Nass makes one of those important points here. Did the committee just skip a vote and "move on"? If so, that completely invalidates their rushed timetable for approval.
Did the WHO actually conduct a vote on the May 2022 amendments, or not? Is the WHO breaking its own rules? European parliamentarians want the evidence NOW.
We saw video of a subcommittee "consensus" process, but where is the evidence that the entire WHA voted? Where is the video? Which nations voted yes?

​Respecting The Future (took this picture of Jenny with eggplants and banana plants)


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