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War Narrative Pivot

 Prepping for Winter,​

​  ​The management style of our ‘owners” (George Carlin ref.) is to preemptively stage a crisis ahead of any crisis they cannot forestall.
​That allows them to manage the societal-control-narrative going into the crisis, whatever it may be.​

​  The primary crisis is that global real economy stopped growing after summer 2018, and was contracting despite financial stimulus after that, 
leading to the "repo-crisis of August-September 2019, when the biggest banks  in the world could not trust each other overnight with T-bills as collateral. ​ 
That indicated that they knew a "Lehman moment" was at hand. The Fed papered over that by taking over the repo-window, providing trillions of dollars in overnight liquidity.

  Then they played the "pandemic emergency" card, and mysterious $US trillions went directly into the reserves of the biggest banks and financial institutions, like Blackrock, 
which got mysterious government super-powers, which we don't understand yet. Still, that was kicking the can down the road, 
because economic growth has fallen-and-can't-get-up. The system implodes. It's based on exponential growth.
It has been supported by lies for 14 years already.

 The​-owners​ are ​now ​playing with fire with the “War” card, but it is a card they know well, and it can serve any need at any time, but the ante keeps rising…
Europe is the ​current​ crisis-center​, but the problem has worsened faster than anticipated. The Russian economy didn't tank. 
Russia appears to have gotten stronger by many measures.
Russia has also been irritatingly reasonable, refusing to take all kinds of bait, continuing to offer oil and gas to Europeans.​ 

​  ​It seems that the Ukraine-War crisis perception is dropping below that of economic-collapse and freezing to death​.
If Russia had just gotten sick from the Ukraine-war bait, as was planned, things would be better. there would be hope for Globo-Cap to swallow Russian resources

  The failure of the Ruble would have paved the way for central bank digital currency to be coupled with electronic health-passports, 
and the European Central Bank could have sailed over the debris of the crumbling western financial order by leapfrogging it. 

  That is not possible now. That rotting and wobbly order must be kept upright as long as possible. 
The BRICS Banking and international-trade mechanisms are up and toddling already.​
If we assume that economic collapse (at least financial-collapse) is baked in, then ​the ​crisis level must escalate to meet it.​ 

  A high crisis level is necessary to justify whatever actions the-owners and bankers decide they need to take to maintain their power over western-societies, 
especially their freedom to act without restraint, however they see fit.​
Russia was goaded to invade Ukraine by Ukrainian troop preparations to invade the Donbas region in February. Russia invaded to preempt that.
What next?

​  ​That’s a tough question, because Europe can’t fight Russia. They just can’t do it. They are out of men and material. 
The Ukrainian army was built up for this war since 2014, and it is played-out. Nobody else has tanks and artillery left. 
Military aircraft await repairs. Factories take years to fill orders for military equipment…

​  ​How about fighting China? Maybe “fighting” China would be even better…
A “war” of military posturing, threats and suspension of trade is possible.
Preparations are already underway, and numerous steps have been taken to stop transfer of critical products ​to China.​ 
The US military has purportedly moved all production of critical military chips out of Taiwan, 
and is setting up the Taiwanese chip factories for demolition by factory teams, in event of ​Chinese ​invasion.

​  This will break global supply chains before any country is ready, but it is such an opportune time to launch an attack against a foe,
that it can't really be missed, either. 
Time is of the essence to maintain escalation initiative in this war against regular-people.​

  Surplus Energy Economics notices what French (Rothschild-puppet) President Macron recently said about 
"The end of the age of abundance". This arises from the cost of extracting energy resources like oil, coal and gas rising high enough 
to suppress the rest of the economy, and create cycling recessions, as we got in 2007, and never really left.

  What Moon of Alabama (German) does not come out and say here is that European "leaders" must follow orders from their masters. 
In Germany, that's the US/NATO. The US uses a lot of bribes and blackmail on European politicians. 
Europe's Economic And Social Suicide - Provoked by The U.S. And Helped Along By Europe's Leaders

  The long awaited Ukrainian counter-offensive happened yesterday, unreported by most.
​  ​The Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU), while trying to conduct an offensive in Mykolaiv-Krivoy Rog and other directions, 
suffered heavy losses, more than 1,200 soldiers were destroyed. This was reported to journalists by the Ministry of Defense of Russia.
​  ​According to the ministry, Russian troops destroyed 48 tanks, 46 infantry fighting vehicles, 37 other armored combat vehicles, 
8 pickups with heavy machine guns.

​  It's time to try a new tack before the US military has no ammo left. Germany is already out.  
Pentagon Stockpiles "Uncomfortably Low" Amid Ukraine Transfers, Officials Admit

  Volodomyr Zelensky is about to become a tragic figure somehow. Winter approaches, Ukraine is just slowly losing, 
and the west can't keep up supplies or appearances any more. The west has to take some kind of initiative, and it is likely to kill Zelensky'
Ground beneath Zelensky’s feet is shifting​ , ​Bhadrakumar, Indian Punchline

Exact dates for IAEA mission to 'targeted' nuclear site revealed ​ 
 ​Experts from the UN’s International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) will examine the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant between 
August 31 and September 3, in an effort to assess the situation at the site amid fighting between Russian and Ukrainian forces.

​  Algeria, colonized by France, and treated disrespectfully ever since, can't increase gas exports much at all.
President Emmanuel Macron Warns of Cold Winter in Europe. Natural Gas Supplies and France’s Relationship with Algeria

This is absolutely NOT the desired societal-control-narrative, yet it keeps getting out. 
Exhaustive Study of German Mortality Data Finds Excess Deaths Tightly Correlated with Mass Vaccination

  No, No, No! They were supposed to keep that SECRET!  
China Is Aggressively Reselling Russian Gas To Europe

​  Very well connected investment analyst, and China expert, Kyle Bass, says in opening sound bite that 
"the US DoD expects China to move on Taiwan in the next 1-2 years".​. This is like the rumor I hear, that
the US DoD has moved all Pentagon chipmaking out of Taiwan this month and is working with factories 
to set up destruction-mechanisms, controlled demolitions. 
China has been warned that this is suicidal, according to my rumor.

Yes, Yes, Yes Japan has decided at the last minute to keep a stake in nearby Russian LNG project . 
This has been a long-term investment in something which is in Japan's national interest, and not in US/NATO interests. 
This may be a pivotal decision, and it may signal a US/NATO pivot-to-China (or not).
Japanese Firm Signs New LNG Deal With Russia’s Sakhalin-2

​Nordstream-1 is shut down for 3-4 days for scheduled maintenance. Russia says it will start up again Saturday.

  This sounds completely crazy, right? Texas almost lost the whole grid in February 2021, 
and now they are pitching cheap power to Bitcoin miners? The catch is, that the power gets shut off if the grid gets weak.
Texas gets the backup power for the grid by increasing total capacity, and "shedding" it away from the cheap seats sometimes.
​  ​Texas Crypto Miners Ask To Use As Much Power As All Of New York State
Texas officials have been urging crypto currency-miners to move their operations to the Lone Star State. 
The campaign is working so well that applications for power hook-ups are piling up to a level far above what state 
power authorities estimated just four months ago.

Worker Bee (pictured mowing most of an acre of thick wet grass this past weekend)

Monday, August 29, 2022

Trust And Consequences

 Societal Participants,

  Reading Marx the other day helped me get perspective on changes-of-system. Marx's world was changing from the ancient feudal system to the new industrial economy. Everybody was displaced. Nobles didn't like it, and said so. Newly-landless peasants didn't like it, and had no say; just died young. Life expectancy in England among factory workers was 28 years. Three of Marx's 6 kids lived to adulthood, and their lot was much above average.
  Around 1848, when Marx was writing Das Kapital (which was a paid job, with content he had to include) Europe was going through revolutions to end the old monarchic system, and industrialists, and their factory outputs, drove these revolutions in Sicily, France, Germany, Italy and the Austrian Empire. Naturally, proletarian revolution, which was already underway, and the platform of the Communist Party of Germany, which commissioned wordsmith Marx, was advised. Marx didn't feel this way later, but everybody liked the original rousing call to arms, and wondered why he didn't go further with all that.
  By the time Marx died in 1888, the productive-engine of industrial economy had created more ecological niches for humans than just owner and laborer, so the Marxian synthesis based on owner-laborer tensions became increasingly obsolete. Otto von Bismark, Germany's "Iron Chancellor" was a master of that transition, becoming chancellor of Prussia in 1862, and remaining chancellor of united Germany until 1890. Bismark mended a lot of European economic problems.
  Now, with energy resources becoming more expensive to extract, and in shorter supply, due to depleting the easy reserves first, and the same things happening with fossil-water in China and the US, and lithium, copper  rare-earths, and stable patterns in the oceans and atmosphere, we need to look at everything as it is.
We need to look at ourselves, humans as we are, and the failing , corrupted global wealth-management system as it is.

  How do we manage to cooperate? Cooperation on big tasks, especially big tasks over an extended period of time, is our most powerful asset. Groups of people coordinate without structure when fairly small, under 150. The Romans used 100 men as a military group, with a Centurion over them. Centurions reported upwards and commanded downwards. It worked. We see that pattern everywhere. At each layer a lot of information is discarded and simplified. Commands going down multiple layers tend to get cumbersome and stupid by the time they reach the level of the people  who have to carry out orders. 
  As systems get bigger, they need more command-and-control layers, which are expensive, and reduce task-appropriateness at ground level, when they are working optimally. They get worse over time, because the top layers are soon just giving orders to suit their selfish interests, which really degrades the functionality of the whole system to do whatever it was designed to do.
 "You Are Here", of course, as are we all.

  Bureaucratic systems usually have self-correction features designed-in. These are expensive, like long lists of government regulations for military parts production, but the system gets dysfunctional too quickly without these features, so it is the cost of sticking-around at that level of size and complexity.

  Feudalism was a system with a command and payment hierarchy that went from King to serf and back, and mostly did nothing except trickle-up some food and work and wealth. Occasionally the king called for workers or an army. The king and nobles operated a protection racket, promising protection from other kings and nobles.     There were some skilled tradesmen. This kind of system arose throughout the world with local variations. There was not necessarily "trust", because wherever you lived, it was just the world as you knew it. 
  Industrialization destroyed that system, but it provided a flow of stuff, and human societies had to learn how to channel the flow of stuff. It turned out that factory-economy was unbalanced, so some balance was created by exporting weapons to un-industrialized countries, via armies that stole their stuff, made them buy the outputs of factories, and killed anybody who got in the way of that plan. World War-1 almost destroyed that colonialist model, and WW-2 did finish it off, because it was not an efficient use of human resources, natural resources, or factory outputs, compared to a financialized global economy without overt enslavement of peoples, just financial enslavement...

  Also following WW-2 there was further experimentation with hierarchical/totalitarian command-economy vs distributed control of economic decisions about production, consumption and trade. There is no pure system, of course. Any system has mixes of local-control and hierarchical control. Importantly, when a system collapses and reforms, its bureaucratic institutions are new and the corruptions of time have not yet set in. At the end of WW-2 the US had most of the bank-owned gold in the world, because  FDR devalued the dollar against gold so that the rest of the world sent gold to the US for American factory goods. The US also had a completely unbombed factory production system, and lent to European countries for cheap so they could buy American stuff and rebuild. That made total western economy grow. Everybody in the Marshall-Plan countries liked it. The command-economies of the USSR and China did similarly well at first, but could not keep up after a decade or because of lower efficiency-at-ground-level, evidenced as making millions of left-boots and the "Cultural Revolution".

  "Winning the cold-war" encouraged the accelerated corruption of western financial-imperialism. Under the Cheney-Bush regime US/NATO sought to control all of the countries producting "easy oil" and cheap commodities through the "Global War On Terror". This changed the equation from the benefits of "capitalism" being attractive to the fear of getting treated like Iraq and Libya got treated. It was costly to support this global military, so maximum tribute had to be extracted from all the tribute paying countries, and maximum-pressure had to be maintained to keep non-tribute-paying peoples suffering (Cuba, Venezuela, Iran).

  The dominant western financial system has been internally corrupt, as evidenced in 2008, and it was not improved after that, merely made more promises of future profits and dropped more bombs. The internal-losses of gross corruption are invisible to most of us, but hinted at: "Derivatives are weapons of financial mass-destruction". The overt costs of the western financial-imperialist system to support western military are also very high. There is no carrot, only stick, and now Europe is getting the stick to keep the corrupt system from collapsing. This is a very-short-term reactive measure, not even a medium-term can-kicking.

  While the dominant global trade system, based on the $US, which is just a floating-currency, based on the ability to buy oil with it, and pay debts in it, has very high costs, maintained by fear, it is also creating a new crisis. The crisis is the shortage of food and oil. This can drive indebtedness a little farther, and can drive all of the people using this system into further austerity, or crisis-and-death. This is desperate for the system because it also reduces system-efficiency to just keep it intact.
If there was any choice other than freeze, starve or both, any rational person would take it.

  Rational people get to make their own personal decisions, but big decisions for nations, governments and corporations are made by "representatives", who are subject to bribes and threats within the system. That helps keep the system working. It's a cost of the current system. At some point, like in Sri-Lanka recently, the people come after the "representatives" of the system. The people are without any working support system at that point, and have lost all trust in representatives.

  Lack of trust in representatives, and lack of trust in the system are good internal-control mechanisms to sustain the functionality of the system. Russians are purported to deeply and broadly distrust their political and economic system. Chinese are constantly trying to protect any wealth they have by getting it and some family members to manage it into other countries, though that is made very difficult by the government. 

  Most of us born in the west since 1924 have little recollection of anything other than the postwar Bretton-Woods based system, and the post-gold version based on the "petro-dollar". Like the medieval-serfs, it's the only world we have ever known, "the world".  There is not much to trust or decide about, since we know of no other option. We may have a house or mortgage, but there is a lot of "rent" payable to banks and governments with that. We have to earn money within the system or soon become homeless. More and more become homeless.

  The rest of the world-of-nations now has choices forming between the corrupted and very expensive global-financial-imperialism model and a new model, the BRICS model of global trade and finance. There is a BRICS Bank. Instead of using petrodollars as the reserve currency, upon which deals are calculated and contracted, the BRICS system uses either bilateral currency swaps, or a combination-basket of currencies and commodities (wheat, oil, gas, gold, etc.). It also needs electronic security. It is bound to already be undergoing attacks. The potential long-term payoff is the efficiency of not needing to support a destructive global military threat and rapacious financial resource and wealth extraction schemes.

  The short term payoff to adopting the new system, as soon as it gets a perceived "critical mass", will be the option to repudiate existing $US debt. The group of countries that stands to benefit the most from that is the group of countries which owes 75% of that debt, North American and Western European countries. Right now, the screws are being put to Western Europe to undergo energy and financial austerity to support a regime in Ukraine that conscripts any man it can catch and sends him to a trench with a rifle to die by Russian artillery, in order to support the American military-industrial-complex and Globo-Cap, which owns it.

  Humans coordinate their efforts in groups through our natural abilities, coordinated by hierarchies and bureaucracies, and based upon habit, trust, self-interest and fear. As our bureaucracies and institutions age, individuals find more and more ways to insert straws into them to suck out the flow of resources, lowering system-efficiency. As that process goes on, only fear remains as a coercive motivation, and there is the force of habit. Every four generations or so, a system collapses, usually as another, more efficient system is arising next to it, and presenting a choice, at least to some participants. The new system always has some problems to work out, but they are worth working out because of efficiency. There is usually also a sweetener. As feudalism was replaced by factories, the peasants lost their right to the land, and the new business class got a lot of it. The new business class became the new center of power. They ended up finding ways to share to keep the society from breaking down in revolutions.

  At this point in history the engines of industrial production are past their peak, and will keep declining in total output. The days of making a lot of anything being the road to competitive-success are closing. The current class of global-financial-capitalist owners do not support the wellbeing of any society or nation. They extract the wealth of nations for themselves. They rely on nations to enforce their "property rights", which are denominated in $US. That enforcement is carried out through global military threat and the control of trade routes and financial mechanisms. There is profit for fewer and fewer humans in this system, and the representatives who serve their interests are more and more obviously harming the lives of the people who elect them, and the people are noticing. This does not make the news, but awareness is growing, even as it is broadly misrepresented to control hungry and desperate people. 

  Trust is built up gradually over a long time, and over the course of many tests. Trust remains in the $US financial system for fewer and fewer people in even the west. The Europeans are undergoing a crisis, and the (grrr) Russian Bear keeps not biting them, as they grow hungrier and more desperate and can't pay bills. They are told to look forward to 10 years of cold and hunger. The boy crying "Wolf" is the corrupt representatives, who are preparing for a winter of discontent, but they can't really prepare, because that would mean changing sides. Changing sides would mean accepting what the people need from the Russian suppliers of gas and oil, as they are doing by subterfuge, already. This winter, subterfuge will not supply enough gas and oil and there will be an energy crisis in Europe, rolling blackouts.

  The alternative is to give up on the Ukrainian government beating Russia, which everybody knows is impossible, and to open the Nordstream-2 pipeline.
That would cause the coming collapse of European financial institutions to come at a time when reliance upon Russian energy had been broadly accepted. 
The acceptance of Russian energy as a practical part of European economic survival would mean that the progress of a financial restructuring would include this as a basis. That would mean that the $US system would not have primacy in every way. It could not be used exclusively. This would mean that Europe would use parallel financial systems. As time proceeds one financial system will be preferred every time a deal must be done. Over time, the more efficient system will be used more often. This appears to be the nascent BRICS system. As the BRICS system reaches some tipping point, the obvious solution to many problems will be to default on $US debt and eliminate the cost of debt service.

  Each of us will need to work on local efficiencies of survival this winter. The global crisis of food and fuel is already set-in-motion, even if it causes the $US global financial system to collapse sooner. That engineered crisis of hunger and desperation to support Globo-Cap is discussed here:
How “Food Shortages” & Economic Collapse Protects the Status QuoEngineered Food & Poverty Crises Secure Continued US Dominance ,Colin Todhunter

  Consciousness of Sheep has this complimentary essay (or audio) about "Cost Push Prices", which looks at the current decline of cheap resource availability as raising prices after decades of globalisation lowering prices, and that there is no fix for it with tightening money supply. Money is tight already. That worked back in the days of plentiful cheap resources, when worker's wages could just be suppressed, but it brought us to this time which is more like 1848, when workers had so little as to favor the flames of revolutionary fervor. The social contract has been broken by the owners, and killing off a bunch of folks is not going to be a path to a society that can cooperate on big projects, such as we face.

  Not really explained here is that the countries that are "enforcing sanctions" are only "enforcing" them. The Economist is a Rothschild-owned publication.
Sanctions war isn’t going as planned – The Economist

  Whence cometh the butter for thine bread?  
Only one in three UN members back new anti-Russia resolution
International support for Ukraine has dropped dramatically since March

  In April, Bulgaria refused to pay for its contracted gas from Russia in Rubles, but Euros were made useless to Russia. Bulgaria quite receiving Russian gas. Bulgaria has contacted Russia in regards to reactivating that contract, presumably to pay in rubles, and to extend the terms of the contract, in order to buy the entire amount of gas, by means of extending the delivery-months lost since April into 2023.

  Any "reason" counts to justify an action, necessary for survival. This moral-high-ground will be easier and easier to "hold".  
German Lawmakers Break Ranks, Demand Halt To Weapons For Ukraine Amid "Escalation Spiral"
  As predicted, Europeans weary of being told to make "sacrifices" in what for them is a somewhat distant conflict on the continent's eastern periphery will reach a point of saying enough... for some within Scholz previously pacifist Social Democratic Party, that time is now. Yet critics of the letter are already calling it "capitulation" and other denunciations which come close to essentially saying the signatories are 'traitors' to the German and European cause while standing up to Russian aggression.

  Charles Hugh Smith ,   Economies can burn out, too, and they're already sliding into the final stages of burnout.

  Thanks Germ:  ("Effectiveness" is a one-way measure. "Efficacy" can be positive or negative. The vaccines have markedly negative efficacy this year.)
Increasing SARS-CoV2 cases, hospitalizations and deaths among the vaccinated elderly populations during the Omicron (B.1.1.529) variant surge in UK
  CONCLUSIONS There is no discernable vaccine effectiveness among ≥18 years of age, vaccinated third dose population since the beginning of the Omicron variant surge...

H​ome Economist (pictured with Jenny in shade of banana plants)​

Friday, August 26, 2022

Marx A Lot

 ​Inconspicuous Consumers,​

 I’ve been reading some Marx, ​but ​not Das Kapital,. ​just ​the short and engaging ​"​Preface to A Contribution to the Critique of Political Economy​"​
and the (evidence that Marx had to work as a hack for a living sometimes) ​"​Communist Manifesto​"​

 ​  ​It was kind of fun reading this “easy Marx” stuff. ​ Marx and Engels got hired by the new German Communist Party to write the party platform, which had a lot of points they needed to work into it. 
This was a paid job.​
  Most of the goals of the Communist Manifesto ​(1848) ​were realized long ago, largely by the ​industrial capitalist ​model of Henry Ford​. Things as mundane as women-voting and kids going to school​​ were highly controversial in 1848.

​  Ten Revolutionary Measures advocated in The Communist Manifesto:
1) Abolition of private land holdings (nobility, untaxed land)​. Application of land rents to public purposes. These have been accomplished by land taxation (rents). There is not private untaxed land in most countries (exceptions & special cases).
2) Progressive income tax. ("Income" redefined if one is rich enough, though.)
3) Abolition of inheritance rights. This was written in England at the end of the era of landed gentry. The dangers of concentration of productive property, land or factories, have been well understood. Inheritance taxes have been worked out by societies, but always need ongoing work.
4) Confiscation of the property of rebels and emigrants. We have seen how well it works to confiscate the property of political dissidents, but it always happened in history, anyway, including in the US, when loyalists to the crown lost everything after the revolution. Taking the property of "emigrants" should be looked at. Globalists hold property anywhere, and have no loyalty to their country of residence. Is this a good idea? Globalism?
5) Centralization of credit in the hands of the state by means of a National Bank, an exclusive monopoly. Ellen Brown says the same thing, and gives the Bank of North Dakota as an excellent working example. Why pay taxes twice?
6) Centralization of means of communication and transport in the hands of the state. These were natural-monopolies at first. They are not now, but electrical generation is, and other utilities, and public roads are. Natural monopolies should not be privately held, because it's an invitation to price gouging. It bleeds society.
7) State ownership of factories and farms. We saw how that worked out. "We pretend to work and they pretend to pay us". Bad products and lies until it collapsed. There needs to be individual initiative and responsibility for failures and successes at every level.
8) Equal liability of all to labor. Everybody has to work. This is an ongoing societal negotiation worldwide. It will change as the means available to any society changes.
​9) Combination of agriculture with manufacturing industries, abolition of distinctions between town and country, by more equitable distribution of people across the land. The mechanization of farming, and specialization of all economic tasks did it's own thing. People can now do intellectual work remotely, and people can drive anywhere with gasoline. The massive explosion in human population was not foreseen by Marx & Engels. 
10) Free Education for all children in public schools. Abolition of children's factory labor. Combination of education with industrial production (trade schools).
*) Status of women as "not mere instruments of production"; women and children as people-not-property, were decried at the time, but are long understood as obvious now. Marx did discuss that further mechanization in any field made the work increasingly suitable to women (and children) not just to men.

​  ​The ​social injustice decried by​ “The Communists” was that workers got nothing and died when they didn’t have work. ​There was a new two-tiered system of owners and exploited laborers.​
That got fixed, by ​Henry ​Ford, then the​ Global-Financial-Capitalists broke it again.​.  
  Marx died in 1888. In his later years he saw capitalism adapting to society, saw the potential for evolutionary accommodation and seems to have doubted the need for  a proletarian revolution. 
The simplistic fix of the state holding the factories for the workers after a proletarian revolution got tried out later. We now know the problems it had, like power corrupting. 
A lot has happened with capital-control-systems, like stock-markets, since 1848.​ Workers holding a significant fraction of the stock in the company that employs them could prevent the gutting of companies by "activist shareholders".

  “Capitalism” was already careening around the globe seeking an advantage in 1850. The most salient feature of capitalism is that it is always seeking the new, unexploited advantage, to make competitors obsolete. It can only be "stable" in monopoly, which is a condition of sickness for the economy, because the monopoly extracts from the political-economy, rather than supporting it. Healthy Capitalism of the mid 19th century was an aggressively hunting and devouring beast, and the most productive economic engine ever, powered by steam.

​  ​The other ​brief introduction by Marx ​is​ better​ philosophically​, and should be read first. He postulates that the means of production determine the thoughts and opinions and philosophy of societies, and that “problems” are not even “seen” in history until their “solution” is already possible, or nearly possible. The “Bourgeois” Marx speaks of are industrialists, who concentrated “Capital”, the means of production, as factory complexes.
It’s funny to see that with the distribution of “ownership of the means of production” through stock-holdings, his existential problem of the wage-workers is solvable, and that solution is already old hat 401k. Granted, it’s just a sip… The government owning the factories was the only simplistic solution those guys could come up with. We saw how it worked out. Totalitarianism-in-flavors.

​  ​We are still faced with all of the practical problems of the transition of an age-of-productive-means. We still exist in the Bourgeois-Age, according to Marx, and we might call it “Industrial Society” instead. Marx didn’t adequately comprehend the coal-as-means-of-production thing so much as we do now. It’s ok. He comprehended a lot. He was basically a historian and philosopher who didn’t go far in law, and got backed-into Political Economy. He did note the necessity of his feeding himself impinging heavily on his study and writing. He complained of the prostituting of people by bourgeois economy.

​ Analysis of political-economy is not ​primarily ​about words, ​though political speech can be.​ Marx was really good with words. He cheated ​repeatedly in the Communist Manifesto, ​opening with broadly agreeable philosophic and social arguments, then skillfully inserting unsupported statements at the end of paragraphs​. He knew he was doing it, because he was a smart guy​. His dad was a lawyer, Marx himself studied law, and it was lawyerly use of language​ to bend facts towards a desired conclusion​

​  ​We can lay blame, but ​at this moment in history ​we need to figure out ​how to modify our current industrial economy with the least damage to all of us​.​or we ​won't have done anything of much ​practical ​use. 
​Whatever name we call our revised industrial economy, it needs to harness the means of production, like farming, manufacturing, transportation, energy and communication, to the support of a healthy human society.
We can see that the amount of debt that exists can't be paid, or even serviced. The debt-money printed since 2008 has mainly been to service debts. There are derivatives that we can't see, which multiply the problem we can see.
The BRICS countries are now trading outside the $US regime. As this alternative trade regime broadens, it will be an invitation to default on $US debts when the system gets up to speed. When the $US global financial regime collapses, there will be plans like central-bank-digital-currency which we will need to avoid. Cash can be devalued by inflation, but a CBDC "wallet" can go "POOF!" if you say "ivermectin-treats-COVID", or "Russia is winning".

  To my analysis, government banking, like postal-banking, eliminates unearned income by the financial class, a form of "rent", and puts it in the public account, paying less total rent, and getting public services.  Ellen Brown lays out the Public Bank Solution here:

  Human society is an ecosystem. It was fed by the sun, and could support more people under farming than under hunter-gatherer constructs. The big power increase to western civilization came with industrialization, particularly the use of steam power, and with globalization of trade and markets through shipping and railroads. Chemistry discovered how to make chemical fertilizers, and fossil fuels powered mechanical tractors, harvesters nd transport, as well as refrigeration. Suddenly, the world could support ten times the human population. It looks like half the oil has been pumped. Exponential economic growth appears (to me) to have peaked and is starting to "de-grow", as they say.
  Marx saw the destruction of complex social orders by industry, and concluded that the workers needed to take over the factories, because they were starving and were denied meaningful lives. He already saw the start of this improving before he died. It was a transient phenomenon. it was much better by the time I was born. Industrial economy became a complex human ecosystem. 
  Industrial society will now need to re-form as a new complex ecosystem as available oil and industrial output decline. 
Exponential real-growth is an exhausted paradigm. Currently, there are a lot of "compliance" jobs, but we did fine without them 50 years ago, and many countries still do.

  We have to find useful applications of our talents to meet our personal and family needs, and to support a healthy human society. This will be dynamic, with a lot of downs before we reach a bottom where new systems are possible. We have to do this, make things work. It won't be done for us, because the vested-interests just see getting rid of most of us as the near-term fix to keep their economic system working for them.

  I cleared out and tidied up 5 vegetable beds in Austin yesterday and today, and planted 3 of them for fall/winter. I got some sunburn. It was more work than it seemed like it would be. I never learn.

Primary Producer

Thursday, August 25, 2022

If It Keeps Happening

 Not Postulating Incompetence,

"The purpose of a thing is what it does", so what are we to think about creating depression, food crisis and fuel crisis in Europe?
Ilargi at The Automatic Earth: EU: Controlled Demolition
​  ​As I read through the multitude of daily news articles about Russia, Ukraine, NATO and EU, it’s getting ever harder to escape the idea that there is a controlled demolition of the continent happening. And that neither its “leaders”, and certainly not its people, have any say in this. All we get from those “leaders” are NATO or World Economic Forum talking points. The only independent voice is Victor Orban. Who is either silenced in western media or painted as fully insane.
​  ​But Orban’s Hungarians won’t freeze this coming winter. He just signed a new gas deal with Russia. The main reason that is provided for all the others not doing that is of course Russia’s Special Military Operation in Ukraine. Which is as insane as Orban is, and “totally unprovoked”, say the western media. Noam Chomsky summarized that best: “Of course it was provoked. Otherwise they wouldn’t refer to it all the time as an unprovoked invasion.”

Pepe Escobar:  Geopolitical tectonic plates shifting, six months on

  Instead of delivering a serious blow to Russia in relation to the dynamics of the SMO, the assassination of Darya Dugina only exposed the perpetrators as tawdry operatives of a Moronic Murder Inc.
An IED cannot kill a philosopher – or his daughter. In an essential essay Dugin himself explained how the real war – Russia against the collective West led by the United States – is a war of ideas. And an existential war.
Dugin – correctly – defines the US as a “thalassocracy”, heir to “Britannia rules the waves”; yet now the geopolitical tectonic plates are spelling out a new order: The Return of the Heartland.
  Putin himself first spelled it out at the Munich Security Conference in 2007. Xi Jinping started to make it happen when he launched the New Silk Roads in 2013. The Empire struck back with Maidan in 2014. Russia counter-attacked coming to the aid of Syria in 2015.
  The Empire doubled down on Ukraine, with NATO weaponizing it non-stop for eight years. At the end of 2021, Moscow invited Washington for a serious dialogue on “indivisibility of security” in Europe. That was dismissed with a non-response response.
  Moscow took no time to confirm a trifecta was in the works: an imminent Kiev blitzkrieg against Donbass; Ukraine flirting with acquiring nuclear weapons; and the work of US bioweapon labs.

Thanks Eleni for this in-depth historical perspective piece, perhaps the best I have seen on the vst flat plain of Eastern Europe, and it's changing national boundaries.
Poland and Ukraineby Thierry Meyssan
​  ​Poland and Ukraine have a complex history of massacres on both sides. However, for eight years, they have been united against Russia. After having considered annexing a Russian territory if Moscow loses the war, Warsaw would like to annex a Ukrainian territory, if Kiev loses. President Andrzej Duda has reportedly received guarantees from his counterpart Volodymyr Zelensky that, in gratitude for his military aid against the Russians, his country could annex Galicia.

Evidence of Ukrainian shelling of Zaporozhye provided to UN
The Russian envoy briefed the Security Council on recent attacks on the nuclear plant and submitted photos

​Germany did not have the capability to fight a war before giving most working tanks, helicopters and howitzers to Ukraine. 
Now it still does not, and can only promise working supplies, because it has so very few in operation right now.  
German military stock at its limit after supplying Ukraine

  Yes, if the goal were to have a productive economy and keep Germans alive this winter, but ... 
Nord Stream 2 ‘only sensible’ solution to gas crisis – German MP
Germany needs to stick to a ‘fact-oriented policy’ in dealing with fuel shortages, Steffen Kotre says

Iran And Russia Move To Create A Global Natural Gas Cartel​  (Qatar is in no hurry to pick a side in this fight.)

​  This reserve will be at a 40 year low by October, and much has been sold on the open market, so much has gone to China. 
China has also released from its strategic reserves, but only to China. 
About a year ago I saw analysis that there would be an actual oil crisis in 2023, not the created-crisis we now have. 
Perhaps creating a crisis a little ahead of the projected real-crisis is how our owners get us to adapt. 
Europeans get to adapt by starving and freezing. That's being beta-tested on them. Greeks sort of survived that treatment.
U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve Falls To 35-Year Low

​Call it anything and put it in the budget...
​  ​The Ministry of Environment & Climate Change Canada (ECCC) is building a new facility in Winnipeg that will be home to a firearms armoury, interrogation rooms, biological labs, media relations offices, “controlled quiet rooms,” and intelligence facilities.
The plans, which were drawn up by a firm in Winnipeg, open a window into Trudeau’s future plans for Climate Enforcement.
Down the hall from the proposed “Firearms Storage” rooms are several evidence rooms, interrogation suites, and adjacent recording rooms.

​Documents reveal Twitter's back channel communications with CDC to coordinate COVID censorship, as CEO testified that there was "no censorship office".

Google censored one of my first Ukraine-War posts by taking down my blog and disappearing our email. they were eventually reinstated. Google has taken down (and kept down) 2 posts since then, but Substack does not censor. My 2 blogs are just mirrors on most days, when Google doesn't censor me. and .
A tutorial for YouTube’s content moderators that emerged on social media on Tuesday shows that the Google-owned platform has labeled a number of critical positions on the conflict in Ukraine “hateful” or “extreme” and can censor or demonetize creators on those grounds. While the parent company Alphabet has not confirmed or denied the screenshots’ authenticity, a Polish contractor who shared them has reportedly been fired.

​The very few, the unwaveringly proud Marine refusniks:
​  U.S. District Court of Florida Judge Steven Merryday issued an injunction this week against the Department of Defense and the U.S. Marine Corps, allowing US Marines with religious objections to refuse covid vaccine mandates imposed by the Biden Administration.
​  ​Liberty Council, a Christian religious rights law firm, sued Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and pursued class action relief on behalf of all U.S. Marines who were denied religious accommodations from the COVID shots.

​I keep having to post this same story. Why is nothing being done to change the advice given to pregnant women? It's almost like genocide, isn't it?
Massive Miscarriage Rates Among Vaccinated Pregnant Women Found Buried In The Pfizer Documents​ , Pierre Kory MD​
The pharmaceutical industry has committed crimes for decades, paying $30 billion in civil and criminal fines since 2000. 
The Pfizer documents reveal their latest criminal assault on our health.

​This also seems almost like genocide, but at least the people in the DC area who can afford it, put their kids in private schools​...
My Op-Ed In The Washington Times On D.C's Latest Insane Public Health Policy Decision​ , Pierre Kory MD​
The District of Columbia just mandated highly toxic and increasingly lethal COVID-19 "vaccines" for all students over the age of 12 to attend public school. 
We are living inside of a horror movie.

​  Somebody first said to me around April 2021 that "the vaccine is the bioweapon", and it struck me as odd, because the virus was clearly weaponized, but the remark stayed with me.​
Houston, We Have a Problem (Part 1 of 3)​ , ​The Ethical Skeptic
​  ​Seven of the major eleven International Classification of Diseases codes tracked by the US National Center for Health Statistics exhibit stark increase trends beginning in the first week of April 2021 – featuring exceptional growth more robust than during even the Covid-19 pandemic time frame. This date of inception is no coincidence, in that it also happens to coincide with a key inflection point regarding a specific body-system intervention in most of the US population. These seven pronounced increases in mortality alarmingly persist even now.
​  ​The following work is the result of thousands of hours of dynamic data tracking and research on the part of its author.​..
..​On March 21st 2021, a longtime mentor, friend, and business partner of mine, an otherwise healthy 68 year old male, unexpectedly suffered an autoimmune cascade which ended up shutting down his pancreas, liver, kidneys, and finally heart. He had just received his second dose of the Pfizer vaccine on that Thursday prior. Carl quickly descended into a coma, and then died on March 26th.​..
..The reader should note that there are few fancy academic heuristic tricks employed inside the models presented in this article. Rather, I’ve elected to employ good old-fashioned persistence, curiosity, hard work, logical deduction, and an experienced nose for strategy, systems, and problem-solving. Within my models, I seek to derive this inference through comparing the dynamic (not static statistics) patterns of change across a large set of differentially-compared data points and critical interval in elapsed time, in order to drive this article’s process of deduction. This is what I do professionally inside markets and for corporations and nations after all. I identify, and develop strategy to address exceptional challenges. My motivation in writing this article however is simple. I do not seek income, subscribers, power, office, notoriety, a political victory, book sales, nor a new career. I am simply compelled to stand in the gap for those who have no voice – they who lay victim to the present political hubris and its long shadow of darkness....
..Nonetheless, by the end of 2021 it had become abundantly clear that US citizens were not just dying of Covid-19 to the excess, they were also now dying of something else, and at a rate which eventually became higher than that of Covid itself...
​..As of the publishing of this article, 9,290 death records posted in the June 2nd MMWR update showed as redacted four weeks later and still remain missing from the data. Another 13,245 deaths were re-categorized by the CDC from primarily cancer and heart death, to other codes such as Alzheimer, kidney, or respiratory deaths, as can be seen in part inside this chart. It is hard to envision a scenario explaining this 52,000-record data tampering across the most at-risk weeks (MMWR Weeks 4 through 20) of 2022, as not constituting malicious obfuscation of US citizen mortality data. As a former intelligence officer and strategist for nations facing some pretty tough corruption challenges, I am a skeptic of power... Keep in mind that the charts in this article do not even reflect addition of the CDC-shorted death records redacted for MMWR Weeks 4 through 20 of 2022.​..
​..​Cancers and lymphomas have risen to a 9+ sigma level since MMWR Week 14 2021. This condition did not exist during the 2020 Covid pandemic period. In order to alleviate risk in terms of lag uncertainty I have chosen a lag function which purposely deflates the last 3 weeks of this death category rise. Yet even this conservancy yields a terrifyingly steep trend line...
​..​This defacto concealment of 21,400 death records (inside the R00-R99 code group), is independent of the 22,535 records which were removed from the June 2nd 2022 death data and have either yet to be placed back into the database or were reassigned to non-threatening ICD codes.
​  ​That makes for a total of 43,935 potential myocarditis, cancer, pericarditis, conductive, nephrosis, liver, and/or lymphoma deaths which still have not even yet posted into the data over which this article is sounding the alarm.
​  ​That is 7% of the total deaths for the period in question, and possibly 15 to 25% of these highly concerning death ICD-10 groups’ trend data – missing.​..
..​Accordingly, and without a shadow of a doubt, we have established that right now there exists a problem in terms of US citizen health and mortality. One which is differentiated from Covid-19 itself, and began in earnest MMWR Week 14 of 2021. Our next task, and what will be outlaid in Parts 2 and 3 of this article series, is to employ these and other observed arrival distributions to winnow out the causal mechanism(s) behind this concerning trend in US mortality.

​  Dr Syed on lab origins of COVID-19, posted last December. Luc Montagnier called this a lab virus in March 2020. this is not new. Lab creation is the only possible explanation for all of the cut-and-pasted functional segments, not random, which weaponized the original wuhan 2019 virus. A group of 4 co-functional segements, which work in concert, were lifter=d from HIV, and the weaponizing "Furin Cleavage Site" which no other Beta-coronavirus has ever had, and which appears intact as a Moderna-patented feature.
​  I’ve been meaning to write this blog for ever. Well, at least since Prashant Pradhan (a wonderful, honest and brave genomics scientist) raised the possibility back in February 2020 that the SARS-Cov2 virus was man made. And we have seen multiple confirmatory pieces that the virus was made in a lab.

Beginning Fall Garden Planting

Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Struggling To Exist


  Battles for existence, for survival, typically become vicious. We may have seen video clips of animals fighting in such struggles. In human affairs, we mostly know abstractions of this.
We don't really know it, unless we have been in a war or something similar. Wartime decisions, which may kill hundreds of thousands of people, like the Siege of Leningrad killing 800,000 civilians, are also made abstractly.  They discount the vast human suffering and death as necessary for abstract reasons, and the suffering and death are imposed through military bureaucracy channels.
  The bureaucratic channels of finance, which control our life support systems, "economy", are even more effective at distancing the decisions from the human and environmental outcomes, which directly result.
People in general can accept the disconnect, and experience the results and the workings as mysterious. This is coupled with the misinterpretations of history, which we are forced to memorize and regurgitate as children, never to look back. When we look back as adults, we often find that the wars were fought for economic reasons, and the people were made to participate through the propaganda-reasons, which we later memorize.

  The global, $US-based, post-WW-2 western financial system is in death-agony, so to speak. At the end of WW-2 the US had an unbombed industrial base and 2/3 of the global gold, so the $US was agreed to be the new gold-standard. Any country holding $US could exchange them for gold. Major European powers had to go off the gold standard after WW-1, which cost more than they could afford to pay back, especially Germany, which got saddled with the debts. The US had made US exports so cheap by devaluing against gold (FDR) that gold came to the US for manufactured goods, as the Great Depression starved and froze cheap American labor.
That's not what I was taught, or you, either.
   We did learn about Nixon being forced to default on the gold standard after wars in Asia drained America's gold, and we learned that he and Kissinger made the "petrodollar" deal with King Faisal of Saudi Arabia, with Iran's Shah also cooperating, which propped the dollar up quite well. "Just sell your oil for only $US and buy Treasury debt and we will protect your family regime".
  American military economy boomed, funded by the rest of the world buying oil in $US. After the USSR collapsed, the target of the American military beg=came any country wanting to sell oil for other than $US, like Iraq, like Libya. That sustained the regime. IMF and World Bank practices to lend at userous rates to corrupt dictatorships with natural resources kept those people too poor to use their own resources, like oil.

  Like all such regimes, this one is coming to an end, despite a long run. It hollowed out the US economy in the process, and is doing so to the German and EU economies now, acutely. This is reportedly to shore up the US economy, but it's just cannibalistic financial-colonialism swallowing itself. It seeks to do more of the same, consume real economy, and get rid of people with claims on that economy, like retirees, but these are just temporizing measures. That can has been kicked down the road for decades.

  The rest of the world supports this with real economic output, but wants to stop being bled and also extorted, blockaded and bombed.
Russia has recovered from the collapse of the corrupt financial system of the USSR despite neoliberal attempts at corpse-picking. Russians understand neoliberal financial parasitism quite well.
If global financial capitalism could actually parasitize Russia and Russian resources, it could grow again for awhile. The war in Ukraine was supposed to crash the Russian economy and bring Russians to depose Putin and "open their economy" again. It was a hail-Mary-pass.
  Russians widely understand that this is now an existential battle between Russia and all of western financial capitalism. Almost no westerners seem to understand this. It is a pretty threatening concept, that we depend upon a corrupt and erosive economic system, not one that is healthy and productive, that such systems collapse (just in Russia and China, right?), and that our system is crumbling into collapse now.
  Oil "production" being in terminal decline after half of it being pumped and burned is also an important factor, but it just hastens the inevitable. We should not forget it. The world economy will be different. "Recovery" will be a new experiment going forward. 
  The rest of the world may well be bitter and want restitution from our bankrupt system. I can only hope that "we" can join whatever the rest of the world patches together.

The Russian Federal Security Service ("FSB") has claimed that the assassination of Dugina was committed by a covert operative of Ukraine. The FSB has identified Natalia Vovk as the alleged assassin...
​  ​According to the FSB's investigation, Vovk entered Russia in July before situating herself in the same apartment building that Dugina resided in. Vovk would then follow Dugina to the festival in which the explosive device that led to her death was planted. Vovk, who was accompanied by her 12-year old daughter, fled to Estonia following the assassination, according to Russian intelligence. Following her identification, Russian law enforcement agencies declared their intent to seek her extradition.

Russia releases video of suspected Moscow car bomber

Russian soldiers in Ukraine hospitalized with severe chemical poisoning​  
Traces of Botulinum toxin Type B, which is an “organic poison of artificial origin,” have been discovered in samples taken from the servicemen, the ministry said, accusing Kiev of “chemical terrorism.”

​Consciousness of Sheep, "The Purpose of the System"​  ,  Thanks A.F.K.T.T. in Kiwiland.
  If I were to suggest that we do not have an energy crisis, you would no doubt wonder exactly what type of mushrooms I’d put in my risotto.  Nevertheless, please bear with me for a moment while I explain.  While it is certainly true that the UK (and Europe) is currently experiencing eye-watering rises in the price of gas, electricity, petrol, and diesel, this is not – at least not yet – the energy crisis that I have been writing about on this blog for close to a decade.  What we are currently experiencing is the final economic crisis of the neoliberal system… expensive energy is merely the rocky nemesis upon which the neoliberal ship is being torn apart...
.. the most pernicious myth to emerge out of the crisis of the 1970s – that a recession actually caused by an oil shock – the Iranian revolution and the enduing war with Iraq – came to be attributed to the steely determination of Saint Paul Volcker and the all-seeing and all-powerful Federal Reserve Bank.  And just as the recession had very little to do with central bank policy – except for making matters worse than they need have been – the recovery in the mid-1980s was primarily the result of opening up new, non-OPEC, oil fields in Alaska, the North Sea and the Gulf of Mexico rather than the technical expertise of economists and central bankers...
..And the purpose of the system?  Well, as Anthony Stafford Beer, a management theorist of an earlier age, explained:
“The purpose of a system is what it does.  There is after all, no point in claiming that the purpose of a system is to do what it constantly fails to do.”

If you and I are forced to go hungry and cold this winter it is not because we have an energy crisis, it is simply that the neoliberal system – which includes such utilities as energy, water, and the fair distribution of wealth – is doing what it was set up to achieve.

China has converted industrial regulations to an even more direct wartime command structure.
China Is Preparing To Go To War

As drought dries up the Yangtze river, China loses hydropower
No rain and a 70-day heat wave spur crop failures, power cuts, and dangerously-low reservoirs across parts of China.

​Time to regulate Dutch family farms out of business for the environment!​
European Corn Yields Expected To Plunge Amid Worst Drought In 500 Years

​See "The purpose of a system is what it does", above.
‘No Farms, No Food:’ Dutch farmers confront billionaire ‘green’ elite’s food system reset plan

Pea-Picking (picking black-eyed peas)

Friday, August 19, 2022

Humans In Nature


​  ​"Sundance" has this​. I disagree in one detail. There is an intentional cut in global energy supplies, but I believe that it follows the rolling-over of total energy available to the global economy in 2018, that the intentional interventions are excuses and work-arounds, to justify interventions while hiding the actual root cause..
​  ​Europe, North America (U.S-Canada) and Australia/New Zealand, are intentionally trying to lower economic activity to meet the intentional drop in energy production.
​  ​This is the core consequence of the Build Back Better agenda as promoted by the World Economic Forum.
​  ​Anyone who says there is a reference point to determine both the short-term and long-term consequences is lying. There is no precedent for nations’ collectively and intentionally trying to reduce economic activity.
​  ​Hiding behind the false justification that current inflation is driven by too much demand, central banks in Europe, the Bank of England, Bank of Canada and U.S. federal reserve are raising interest rates.  The outcome we are currently feeling is an intentional economic contraction and global recession.​  ​
China's heat and drought are cutting hydroelectric power, solar and wind, as air conditioning draws on the grid force many factories to close for lack of power.​
China's Power Crisis Worsens As More Factories Suspend Operations

​In the EU restarting of coal powered electric plants is reducing the need for (clean-burning) natural gas from Russia, as American liquified natural gas is being injected into storage reservoirs. German coal mines, closed for years, are again being mined, and Polish mines are producing more.​ (This is a geopolitical move to keep Germany from relying on Russian gas, to the detriment of American power/influence. Recall that NATO's purpose is to "Keep the Russians out, the Americans in and Germany down".) So much for greenhouse-gasses...    

​Across the World, Coal Power is Back (because dirty coal is what there is still lots of to burn, and there is no real economic alternative, when oil and gas run low.)​

​Venezuela stops oil shipments to Europe. It was not really "selling" oil to Europe, but shipping oil for "debt relief", not even refined petroleum products, which Venezuela needs, as its refineries are choked by sanctions on essential feeds, and lack of repair parts. The Bank of England still has "Juan Guaido's gold".​

​  ​Vladimir Putin is about to re-emerge on the G20 scene again, this time courtesy of Indonesian President Joko Widodo, who today said that both Putin and China's president Xi both plan to attend the G20 summit in the resort island of Bali later this year.​..
..The presence of Xi and Putin at the meeting will set up a showdown with the deep state handlers who control Joe Biden's teleprompter and other, less senile "western" leaders, all of whom are set to meet in person for the first time since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The attack has left the G-20 divided over whether to place sanctions on Russia, because while a handful of G-20 countries are relatively self reliant, most are desperate for Russia's commodity exports.

​Hungarian President, Viktor Orban speaks the unspeakable. He will not back down to EU pressure after this. He has chosen the other side. Attention NATO!
​  ​Orban said he expects the European Union to emerge weaker in the global arena once the fighting in Ukraine is over.
​  ​The Hungarian leader argued that the West is incapable of winning the conflict militarily, and that the sanctions it has imposed on Moscow have failed to destabilize Russia. To make matters worse, the punitive measures have spectacularly backfired on the EU, he said.
​  ​Orban also noted that a “large part of the world” is clearly not getting behind the US when it comes to Ukraine. He pointed to “the Chinese, Indians, Brazilians, South Africa, the Arab world, Africa” as regions not supporting the Western line on the conflict.
​  ​“It is quite possible that it will be this war that will demonstratively put an end to Western supremacy,”

Ukrainian Roulette: 
  The Ukrainian military has fired multiple rockets directly at coolant systems and nuclear waste storage site inside the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant in Energodar, local government administration member Vladimir Rogov told Russian media on Tuesday. He warned that a successful strike may result in a radiation release equivalent to a “dirty bomb.”
  “One of the guided missiles hit just ten meters” from the barrels with spent nuclear fuel,” Rogov told Soloviev Live. “Others hit a bit farther away, 50 to 200 meters.”
  Since the storage site is out in the open, any hit will result in the release of nuclear waste ranging from dozens to hundreds of kilograms and contamination of the area, the official explained. “In plain language, that would be like a dirty bomb,” said Rogov.

NATO’s 2030 Strategic Concept Threatens to Destabilise the World
Atlantic Alliance will continue targeting Russia and China until at least 2030.

Former Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) says that the greatest threat to democracy isn't Trump voters, or parents protesting at school board meetings - "but the permanent Washington elite which has weaponized the govt and teamed up with corporate media to intimidate and silence those who dare to disagree with them."

This is the rumor I have been hearing for a week, that political interests in the FBI wanted to "disarm" Trump, by taking records that would exonerate him of the Russiagate allegations, and also reveal the methods and means of his political attackers, who are now liable for those actions.
​  ​"Trump was particularly interested in matters related to the Russia hoax and the wrong-doings of the deep state," one former Trump official tells Newsweek. "I think he felt, and I agree, that these are facts that the American people need to know." The official says Trump may have been planning to use them as part of a 2024 run for the presidency.

Cardiovascular Effects of the BNT162b2 mRNA COVID-19 Vaccine in Adolescents  (301 patients 12-18 years of age, Pfizer vaccine)
  Cardiovascular effects were found in 29.24% of patients, ranging from tachycardia, palpitation, and myopericarditis. Myopericarditis was confirmed in one patient after vaccination. Two patients had suspected pericarditis and four patients had suspected subclinical myocarditis. Conclusion: Cardiovascular effects in adolescents after BNT162b2 mRNA COVID-19 vaccination included tachycardia, palpitation, and myocarditis. The clinical presentation of myopericarditis after vaccination was usually mild, with all cases fully recovering within 14 days.

Steve Kirsh reflects and comments on the Thai study above. Thanks Luc.
Interestingly, this is consistent with the number of myocarditis rates at Monte Vista Christian School in Watsonville, CA which was in excess of 1% but they wouldn’t reveal any of the details beyond that publicly; gotta keep the school safe from lawsuits.

German insurance claims hint at millions of unreported vaccine injuries
As the Daily Skeptic notes, given that TK [Techniker Krankenkasse] insures 11 million people, that means 1 in 23, or 4.3%, had a medical treatment billed for vaccine injury.  And that assumes all 11 million were vaccinated.
The background vaccination rate in Germany is 78%, although most of the unvaccinated are children, so the rate of injury per vaccinated person is likely even higher (5.1%).


  It is utterly important that we are aware that all the tentacles are connected. There are no coincidences; and there is no single frontline in this war. The entire humanity, no matter where we are on this globe, is the frontline. That also means, there is no escape.
  Unless, and this is crucial, we wake up. This is our escape. We, the People, see the light, and ascend to another level where the darkness of the Beast cannot reach us anymore. We need a critical mass for our People’s Power to be strong enough, to pull us, humanity, through and collectively onto a different, higher and enlightened plane.
  To do that, for those who are awake, who see the Beast, who see the tentacles and their machinations as killing machines, it is utmost important that we always see the overall objective of the Great Reset, the UN Agenda 2030, and the 4th Industrial Revolution, hence, the Big Picture.