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Information Civil War

 Non Participants,

  Charles Hugh Smith lives this life he preaches, though he also focuses a lot on the news and implications thereof (got food?)
Rather Than Focus on What You Don't Control ("The News"), Focus on What You Do Control: What You Grow, Eat and Own
Now that globalization and financialization are finally unraveling, people are slowly awakening to the national security foundations of localizing production.                                           

​  ​Tulsi Gabbard unleashes a torrent of facts in what most on the left in Washington would call 'conspiracy theory' and 'hate speech' pointing out the fact that everything from the IRS to the Department of Homeland Security is "blatantly being weaponized to target political opponents of those in power and anyone who dares to dissent or question or challenge their actions and policies."
​  ​By way of example, Gabbard notes that with regard to the massive increase in the size of the IRS, the messaging from Democrats is 'this will only apply to to the wealthy'. Well, as Gabbard points out, "that's only 1-2% of all taxpayers, so why in the world do they need $80 billion and 87,000 new hires in order to go after 1-2% of taxpayers?"
​  ​Simply put, she explains, "their math absolutely does not add up," which she says "should be frightening and concerning"​ ​ to all Americans, because "this means, they're coming after us - the entrepreneurs, small business owners, and the middle class hard-working Americans."
​  ​As Gabbard points out, "it's not a 'theory' that the IRS will abuse its power to go after political opponents, we have already seen them do it."
​  ​51% of all IRS audits last year were for those who earned less than $75,000, so unless they changed their doctrine, it's pretty clear the average American is going to feel the scrutiny of the IRS in a way they're not prepared for.
"This government bureaucracy at its worst... they are taking money out of our pockets... to go and plus-up their force and their ability to maintain power...

​All that for nothing?​
​  ​A Monmouth University poll shows that almost 90 percent of respondents report that the hearings have made no change in how they view the J6 riot.
Moreover, despite the overwhelming cooperation and support of the media with the Committee, the vast majority believe that the J6 Committee was a political rather than investigative exercise, focused on opposing Trump rather than disclosing the facts of January 6th.

​Civil War by 2024?​ The White House has said "Joe Biden' did not know about this warrant. Does it matter?
Attorney General Merrick Garland revealed during a brief Thursday speech that he personally approved the search warrant at Mar-a-Lago, and that the DOJ has asked a federal court to unseal the document.

​Just how was this necessary? The Clinton emails are still in some private server, somewhere, right?​ Is it really just power-politics now?
According to Newsweek, the FBI had a 'confidential human source' (a mole) inside Mar-a-Lago, who was "able to identify what classified documents former President Trump was still hiding and even the location of those documents."

​The Germans deciding this will not be the Germans wo freeze to death, so it's not suicide. How should it be classified?​
​  ​Germany won't put Russia’s Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline into operation even if the situation with energy supplies deteriorates in the coming months, government spokesman Steffen Hebestreit said on Monday.
​  ​“What is clear is that we stand firmly on the side of Ukraine, that we support the sanctions that we jointly adopted in the EU and in consultations with the international community… What is also clear is that Nord Stream 2 is not certified and is not currently going through the certification process and thus is not available [for operation],” the spokesman said at a press briefing.
​  ​When asked specifically if German Chancellor Olaf Scholz rules out using the pipeline in the coming fall and winter if the situation with gas supplies in the region becomes more complicated, Hebestreit said “yes, he rules it out.”

Ukrainian Troops Shell Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant
(Sputnik) - Ukrainian troops launched an attack against the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant overnight​ (8/6/22) ​, using an Uragan multiple rocket launcher, with shrapnel and a rocket engine falling at 400 meters (1,312 feet) from the station's operating power unit, the military and civil administration of the city of Energodar said.

Scott Ritter: One upsmanship on the human shield tactic. Shell a nuclear reactor after accusing your opponent of using it as a 'shield".
​  ​The Ukrainian attack on the Zaporozhye nuclear facility was, in typical Orwellian fashion, forecasted by the United States four days before it took place. During an August 1 news conference at the United Nations, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken accused Russia of using the nuclear facility as a base from which it conducted artillery strikes against Ukraine. Blinken declared that the act of firing artillery rockets from proximity to the nuclear power plant was “the height of irresponsibility,” implying that these rockets could land on the power plant itself. Blinken also added that the Russians were using the nuclear facility as a “nuclear shield” which prevented any Ukrainian attack out of fear of striking the nuclear reactors.​..
​..​The goal of this campaign appears to be twofold – first, to put Russia in a bad light, and second, to allow Ukraine to accomplish that which it could not achieve through military force – the eviction of Russian troops from Zaporozhye.

Ukrainian forces are still shelling it;
UNSC Holds Emergency Meeting As Smoke Observed Rising Over Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Plant

Pepe Escobar looks at the world-order contest and contestants.
  Following Speaker Pelosi’s caper in Taiwan, collateral damage is bound to multiply like the blades of a R9-X missile.
  The first stage is the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) already having engaged in live fire drills, with massive shelling in the direction of the Taiwan Strait out of Fujian province.
  The first sanctions are on too, against two Taiwanese funds. Export of sable to Taiwan is forbidden; sable is an essential commodity for the electronics industry – so that will ratchet up the pain dial in high-tech sectors of the global economy.
  Chinese CATL, the world’s largest fuel cell and lithium-ion battery maker, is indefinitely postponing the building of a massive $5 billion, 10,000-employee factory that would manufacture batteries for electric vehicles across North America, supplying Tesla and Ford among others.
  So the Sun Tzu maneuvering ahead will essentially concentrate on a progressive economic blockade of Taiwan, the imposition of a partial no-fly zone, severe restrictions of maritime traffic, cyber warfare, and the Big Prize: inflicting pain on the US economy.
  For Beijing,/ playing the long game means the acceleration of the process involving an array of nations across Eurasia and beyond, trading in commodities and manufactured products in their own currencies. They will be progressively testing a new system that will see the advent of a BRICS+/SCO/Eurasia Economic Union (EAEU) basket of currencies, and in the near future, a new reserve currency.

​Anything to lower prices at the pump until November...​
US Accused Of Stealing Over 80% Of Syria's Oil Output Per Day

​ ​Goldman believes that the oil market will remain in unsustainable deficits at current prices, and is why the bank forecasts that the oil market still requires oil demand destruction on top of the ongoing economic slowdown. This, the bank warns, requires a sharp rebound in retail fuel prices - the binding constraint to balancing the oil market - back to $150/bbl Brent equivalent prices, equivalent to US retail gasoline and diesel prices reaching $4.35 and $5.45/gal by 4Q22.

​"Coalition of the willing" again?​
US Warns Africa Against Buying Anything From Russia Besides Grain and Fertilizer
The US ambassador to the UN said African nations could be hit with sanctions for doing business with Russia

​Nancy, that's not how to look "presidential". You have to look strong, decisive, yet reserved, not call petty names. George Bush is the wrong role model.
Pelosi was asked about Xi's reaction to her being the highest American official to visit the self-ruled island in 25 years, to which she answered by saying Xi is behaving like a "scared bully" given he's in a "fragile crisis" in the wake of her trip.

  Following a four-hour meeting with Putin on Friday, Erdogan welcomed Russia’s role in building a nuclear power plant in Turkey. The two nations aim for bilateral trade turnover of $100 billion, and are cooperating against terrorism and toward peace in Libya and Syria.  Putin pledged that Russia would supply Turkey with oil, gas and coal “without any interruptions,” after the two leaders agreed that Ankara would pay for some of this gas in rubles.
  Another official told the newspaper that Erdogan’s behavior is “very opportunistic,” adding that “we are trying to make the Turks pay attention to our concerns.”
Although a NATO member since 1952 and an EU applicant since 1987, Turkey has broken with both blocs on several occasions, most recently over the conflict in Ukraine.

  Turkey has ensured a reliable supply of Russian natural gas to the EU, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Friday, adding that its members should be grateful to Ankara...
  “The Turkish Stream, unlike all other routes of our hydrocarbon supplies, works properly, works smoothly, without any failures. […] I think our European partners should be grateful to Turkey for ensuring uninterrupted transit of our gas to the European market,” Putin said.

In conclusion, Russia have now DIRECTLY accused the DNC Globalists of
-creating and releasing new variants of Coronaviruses, and now Monkeypox, intentionally, for the purposes of political control and world domination.
-using non-consensual experimentation on citizens of the world to create genome specific biological weapons for ethnic cleansing.

-creation and usage of narcotics, such as methamphetamines, on Ukrainian forces to dehumanize them in order to carry out heinous crimes against humanity on civilians in Ukraine.

Twitter Suspends Russian Foreign Ministry Account For COVID Origins Theory

​As experts such as Luc Montagnier have stated since March 2020...
Head Of The Lancet’s COVID-19 Investigation Is ‘Convinced’ It Came Out Of A Lab
Charges that a real investigation is being blocked

  This technology works against all double-stranded RNA viruses, and would apparently also work against the immortal mRNA vaccines that cause human cells to pump out spike protein month after month, by killing cells that contain double-stranded mRNA (none should). it worked well for mice, but has been cut off from funding since then.   ​Spartacus has the story.
Double-stranded RNA Activated Caspase Oligomerizer
On July 27th, 2011, a paper was published in PLOS ONE describing a novel protein biologic antiviral. It was called DRACO, an acronym for Double-stranded RNA Activated Caspase Oligomerizer.

Vaccine Deaths Outnumber Covid Deaths in U.S. Households, Two New Polls Confirm

​Adverse vaccine events reported to Pfizer in Australia up through April 15, 2022, Freedom of Information request​;
Total cases reported 1,348,078.
75% of cases reported are under the age of 65.
Over 68% of cases are female.
387,675 (29%) of cases are described as “serious”.
17,156 reported cases for pregnant or breastfeeding women.
45,523 paediatric cases.
4,563,768 adverse events (average 3.4 per case).
646,837 nervous system disorders.
503,108 musculoskeletal and connective tissue disorders.
299,486 gastrointestinal disorders.
209,213 skin and subcutaneous tissue disorders.
176,907 respiratory, thoracic and mediastinal disorders.
162,086 reproductive system and breast disorders.
114,375 cardiac disorders.
93,097 blood and lymphatic system disorders.

​For those with friends/family considering inoculating their children with the current highly marketed gene-therapy "vaccine" products.​
5 Facts to Consider Before Vaccinating Kids for COVID
Very few children get seriously ill or die from COVID-19. The risk of COVID-19 shots likely outweighs the harm of infection. Two years into this pandemic, the need to inoculate children is nil. Simple as that.

Protecting Children (pictured with installed kitchen countertop)

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