Friday, December 31, 2021

Sunset On 2021

Time Travelers,

  Years are sometimes better in retrospect, or maybe just more tolerable without the anticipatory tension and anxiety.  I think this will have been the last year that anybody could even make themselves believe that things would eventually "go back to normal".

  I'm feeling better about 2021 since I finally caught and quickly got over COVID, thanks to ivermectin, vitamin-D, zinc, quercetin and lecithin, all of which you can buy at a pharmacy and/or feedstore, depending on what your feedstore carries in the supplement-for-humans department. 
Jenny did even better on post exposure ivermectin treatment, never having fever or severe fatigue.

  There was a lot of tension with the creation of a lower class of humans, "the unvaccinated", which I morally had to join.
There was the inevitable firing to exclude me from the good, compliant people at the clinic. 
The dramatic sneak-attack firing of the gardener  story is here:

  I am hearing that has not worked well. I know some very good nurses left because of the change in politics. 
I wish everybody well who still serves there, and know that many still hold me as a friend and colleague.

  We have squandered our savings and my modest pension savings from the clinic upon the "mini-McMansion" addition to our homestead in Yoakum, which is not actually finished, but Boy does it look finished from the outside! 

  We are making arrangements to bring the inside into completion in this coming year, the sooner the better, but the initial rush phase is over except some touch-ups. 
Thanks to those helping us with this!

Retrospectively Yours,

John & Jenny at sunset with "dream mini-mc-mansion" 

Thursday, December 30, 2021

Got Well From COVID

 Well Wishers,

  Thanks. I spent a lot of time resting in bed Monday and Tuesday, completely ok with resting and meditating peacefully with my headache.
Monday I woke up with bronchial irritation, and the typical mild COVID symptoms progressed. I took zinc, quercetin and lecithin, along with my usual vitamin-D and 81 mg aspirin, and a boost of vitamin-D. I improved some by the next morning, but not as much as I wanted, so I took 0.4 mg/kg of ivermectin, the dose the FLCCC folks are now advising, twice the usual dose for parasites. By mid afternoon I felt much better. I did continue everything else.
  By yesterday (Wednesday) morning I awoke feeling pretty close to normal, and took that same dose of ivermectin again. I had a pretty normal busy day yesterday, driving to Yoakum to deal with house construction, electrical wiring and inspection. I masked, talked outdoors, told everybody that I was recovering on ivermectin-based treatment and did not want to infect them. Jenny and I walked for 1.3 miles when I got home, both of us feeling good. I had no fever at all and only a slight headache at bedtime, which resolved without Tylenol.
  I am continuing treatment, and stepping down my ivermectin dose to about .25 mg/kg per day for 3 more doses. I never did begin an antibiotic in this stepwise progression of adding treatments, so no doxycycline or azithromycin. I did so well so quickly without it, that I considered it not necessary in my case.
  Likewise, Jenny did so well with ivermectin-only post exposure prophylaxis, starting a few hours after exposure, that she also is taking ivermectin, zinc, quercetin and lecithin. She has felt normal for a couple of days now.
  Your mileage may vary. We were in a unique position to begin things very early. We knew the initial exposure she had to her family members.
Having your preparations made, as per this post from last week is prudent:

Thanks Eleni. ‘Uncovering the Corona Narrative’ by the German author and journalist Ernst Wolff
This is very well written and not brief, so I will encapsulate.​ 
The COVID pandemic is being used as a tool to bring about a specific change in the global economic system, which supports the digital-electronic information network.
The financial system is failing, which is inevitable, and the electronic information network is relied on in all aspects of human communication, commerce and endeavor.
Maintaining support of the digital information system requires a replacement financial system. The WEF proposes global central bank digital currency, which central bankers will control at will.
This will be initiated in a crisis through UBI,universal basic income, through smart-phones. 
Electronic money will soon be the only form of money..
​This money will control all who use it. They might receive and might have it removed from them, or restricted for any reason.
People could be excluded from economy and travel easily.
Individual initiative would only be permitted as it served this global centralized system.​
Individual threats could be eliminated through economic shunning, or apprehended in person, based upon their location coordinates.
I will point out that this system sustains an expensive upper layer of cost, the extraction of profits at the top by bankers and other financial capitalists.
That cost is paid by the vast majority of humans, who will live in subservience and "own nothing".

  I see that the COVID-emergency narrative is weakening. Official pronouncements about Omicron are intentionally vague and open to multiple interpretations this week. This tells me that the COVID-Emergency control-narrative is breaking, and there is unease about what to say now, and how it will look next month. We need to press hard and continuously and openly for a more human and cooperative "crowd-sourced" solution to the end of growth-economy.

  Ellen Brown presents an alternative strategy to support the electronic information infrastructure, without micromanaging every human to death. Huge loans, for extraction of wealth through financial attacks on productive companies, need to stop, to support the real economy. Small to medium company loans and personal loans, for economically constructive enterprises need to be increased. Bankers and bank employees should not be rewarded for extracting wealth, and should get ordinary pay. The Bank of North Dakota and German community banking practices are instructive. 
  Ms. Brown advocates less extraction, more local control, and incentivization of low cost loans to real-economy enterprises, letting speculative financial capitalism wane and wither on the vine.
​ ...Small companies account for 64 percent of new U.S. jobs; yet in most U.S. manufacturing sectors, productivity growth is substantially below the standards set by Germany, and many U.S. SMEs are not productive enough to compete with the cost advantages of Chinese and other low-wage competitors. Why?
​  ​Werner observes that Germany exports nearly as much as China does, although the German population is a mere 6% of China’s. The Chinese also have low-wage advantages. How can German small firms compete when U.S. firms cannot? Werner credits Germany’s 1,500 not-for-profit/community banks, the largest number in the world. Seventy percent of German deposits are with these local banks – 26.6% with cooperative banks and 42.9% with publicly-owned savings banks called Sparkassen, which are legally limited to lending in their own communities. Together these local banks do over 90% of SME lending. Germany has more than ten times as many banks engaged in SME lending as the UK, and German SMEs are world market leaders in many industries.
​  ​Small banks lend to small companies, while large banks lend to large companies – and to large-scale financial speculators. German community banks were not affected by the 2008 crisis, says Werner, so they were able to increase SME lending after 2008; and as a result, there was no German recession and no increase in unemployment.
​  ​China’s success, too, Werner attributes to its large network of community banks. Under Mao, China had a single centralized national banking system. In 1982, guided by Deng Xiaoping, China reformed its money system and introduced thousands of commercial banks, including hundreds of cooperative banks. Decades of double-digit growth followed. “Window guidance” was also used: harmful bank credit creation for asset transactions and consumption were suppressed, while productive credit was encouraged.
​  ​Werner’s recommendations for today’s economic conditions are to reform the money system by: banning bank credit for transactions that don’t contribute to GDP; creating a network of many small community banks lending for productive purposes, returning all gains to the community; and making bank behavior transparent, accountable and sustainable. He is chairman of the board of Hampshire Community Bank, launched just this year, which lays out the model. It includes no bonus payments to staff, only ordinary modest salaries; credit advanced mainly to SMEs and for housing construction (buy-to-build mortgages); and ownership by a local charity for the benefit of the people in the county, with half the votes in the hands of the local authorities and universities that are its investors.​..
[Municipal bond defaults can be avoided, also.]​  ​All of this could be done without new legislation. The Federal Reserve has statutory authority under the Federal Reserve Act to lend to municipal borrowers for a period of up to six months. It could just agree to roll over these loans for a fixed period of years. Bhatti and Alston observe that under the 2020 CARES Act, the Fed was given permission to make up to $500 billion in indefinite, long-term loans to municipal borrowers, but it failed to act on that authority to the extent allowed. Loans were limited to no more than three years, and the interest rate charged was so high that most municipal borrowers could get lower rates on the open municipal bond market.​..
[The crisis which would "necessitate" the emergency imposition of global central bank digital currency by financial elites and central bankers can be avoided.]
​  ​Playing with matches that could trigger a $30 trillion debt bomb is obviously something the Fed should try to avoid. Prof. Werner would probably argue that its policy mistake, like Japan’s in the 1980s, has been to inject credit so that it has gone into speculative assets, inflating asset prices. The Fed’s liquidity fire hose needs to be directed at local production. This can be done through local community or public banks, or by making near-zero interest loans to state and local governments, perhaps mediated through a National Infrastructure Bank.

​Resisting Subjugation​

Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Finally Caught COVID

Catching Up,

  Omicron incubates more quickly to symptoms than prior strains do, maybe 4 days instead of 5 days.

  Jenny got exposed last Wednesday when she carried COVID medicines and supplements to family in San Antonio and stayed a half hour making sure everything was understood and arranged.

  She got mild symptoms Saturday/Sunday, but we had put her on daily ivermectin already, so it has stayed fairly mild.
I woke up sick yesterday morning, after sensing something faintly wrong the previous day.

  I began taking zinc and quercetin-with-lecithin at noon yesterday, and again last night (3 times per day dosing).
My symptoms have been coarse irritation in my chest airways, cough, headache, aches in all my little muscles, headache, fatigue and some increased temperature. My fever peaked at bedtime, with Temp 101.0F. I took 2 extra strength Tylenol and felt better this morning, though symptoms again increased somewhat.
My temp is 98.8F now, and I'll see if it goes up if I feel worse. That's how it was last night.

  I have added ivermectin to my treatment this morning, judging that I have improved some with zinc, quercetin and lecithin, but would like to improve faster and better.
I am naturally curious as to what I will notice, taking things one step at a time. Jenny continues to feel closer and closer to normal, never having had more than mild symptoms, similar to "cedar fever" and a bit more of aching/cramping in the areas which are still recovering from surgery, so the ivermectin has seemingly been relatively protective. I presume that I caught it from her, since the timing is right. She had a negative nasal swab yesterday and a negative flu. 
It seems that the viral load in her nose is very low. That's good.

  We are lounging around with fairly mild COVID, went for a nice warm afternoon walk yesterday, and are eating fresh vegetables. 
I've considered taking a couple more Tylenol this morning, but I'm not feeling progressively worse, and have no fever, so I won't.
I've been seeing if I can tell if meditation helps my immune system, as I have read. 
I can meditate while lying around. 
I am not feeling fearful or threatened, just achy and unmotivated. 
I'm pretty curious about all of this. It's quite interesting to finally explore it with my own body.

Viral Incubator

(pictured harvesting mustard greens for brunch just now) 

Monday, December 27, 2021

Living Economy

 Systems Analysts,

  "Economy" is our human life-support system. 
It was called "political economy" in older days, meaning that there needed to be widespread human cooperation for it to exist. 
Now it is assumed to exist, "economy".
When "economy" is assumed, then it is not the responsibility of any person, group or corporation to maintain it, to nurture and support it, to ensure that it remains healthy.

  My basic understanding is that offloading risk onto the whole economy is a winning-strategy for any "player". Too big to fail entities embody this. Their failure would break the economic system, as we saw in 2008. These entities have not been regulated to reduce the risk they take on, but rather they gorge on risk and take the profits in the short term, knowing that they have no effective risk, other than the risk of total economic failure, but that is "somebody else's problem". Derivative contracts are cheaper than actual regulated insurance, so all of the parties become counterparties to each other's "insurance". All parties profit, but no party is really accepting the risks, to cover when there is a failure.

  Individuals high in the financial system, or their "proxies" like central bank heads, make decisions to manage the systemic risk and to increase their control of assets. Increasing control of assets is preferred, and risk-mitigation is the minimum necessary to avoid a financial freeze-up, where transactions cease, because no banker can trust other bankers or financiers. Whether economies grow or contract, financiers tend to increase their "ownership" of profitable "assets". 
  However when an economic paradigm freezes up for lack of trust in counterparties, then "ownership" of "property" cannot really be executed. Productive enterprises, like factories, can soon be nothing at all, if not actively in production, which requires distribution and sales and workers with payrolls and benefits. 
Can anybody "own property" if there is no electrical grid?

  Central bankers war-game collapses of the financial system fairly regularly. It is likely that there would be breaks in the planned cooperation in an actual event. 
There would be opportunities for one entity to gain through betraying another entity. "It's just business", after all. 
These exercises seek to guide the system into the solution of global central banking digital currency, which requires a functional internet and working smartphones.. The back-up, always maintained, is gold bullion in vaults. More countries have brought their gold home in recent years.

  What can those of us who are not central bankers do to improve our chances of survival in case of a systemic financial collapse? I don't mean to be pedantic. 
I'm actually very concerned about the attitude that seems pervasive now, which is not to correct errors, but to create mechanisms which provide personal short term profit, while degrading the whole system, and to double down on them as many times as possible. 
  This seems to also be present in global political brinkmanship, risking nuclear war in a game of chicken. It seems to be present in the all-vaccines-only-and-forever "solution" to the waning COVID pandemic, creating a "pandemic of the vaccinated" and many more deaths from "vaccination" with experimental gene therapies, than from the coronavirus threat itself.
  Indications are that this autoimmune disease morbidity and mortality multiplies with each additional dose, and may accumulate over time. We are just beginning to see the increase in cancers.  The "solution" is apparently to double-down and force everybody everywhere to accept "vaccination", so all humans are bought-in, and there is no comparison group of "unvaccinated controls".

  How much life support system can we all have when we are all sick or dying?  I am not exaggerating. I wish that I were...

The Fed’s Catch-22 Taper Is A Weapon, Not A Policy Error
​...​The bigger question is, why would the central bank trigger this crisis deliberately?
​  ​The Fed does not serve the purposes of the US, it serves the purposes of international banks and the agenda of globalism. It is openly admitted that national central banks take their marching orders from an entity called the Bank for International Settlements, and this includes the Fed. The BIS is a consortium of central banks from around the world that dictate overall central bank policy. If you have ever wondered how it’s possible for most national central banks to change policy in unison the way they tend to do instead of all of them reacting differently to economic problems, this is how.​..​
​  ​There is a very interesting article published by Harpers Magazine in 1983 called ‘Ruling The World Of Money’ which I recommend people read if they want more insight into how the BIS operates and controls the decisions of regular central banks.
​  ​Everything the Fed does is to further globalist goals, not American goals or the American economy. The Fed will do as it’s ordered to do. And how do globalists benefit from America’s decline? Let’s not forget about the “Great Reset” agenda which the World Economic Forum, the IMF and other institutions have been so vocal about since the beginning of the pandemic. What the globalists want is to force the public to accept a completely centralized one world system based on socialist ideals, and this will include a one world currency that supplants the dollar. They will use any means at their disposal to get it, whether it be a pandemic crisis or an economic crisis. In fact, they are perfectly willing to engineer both.
​  ​It should be noted that the IMF and World bank recently held a “simulation” (war game) of just such a crisis. The game involved a cyber attack on global financial institutions which would then lead to economic collapse.

​Charles Hugh Smith:  ​Oops. Don't you hate it when the system works so well and then it suddenly implodes due to its self-reinforcing, self-destructive structural incoherence? A system dependent on debt for "growth" is self-liquidating, meaning that the debt eats the system alive by siphoning off income while malinvestment, waste and speculative gambling destroys the "capital" funded by the debt...
  It will be a great shock to the political class, but controlling the narrative to protect your interests won't actually stop the systemic momentum careening over the cliff. Demanding that everyone disavow problems doesn't actually solve the problems.

​  War is always the back-up plan for a failing power elite in a collapsing economic system...
The Russians really do not want war with the west, but the west keeps pushing. Russia's wars always seem to get fought on Russian soil. Russians know that.​
Putin sincerely desires a sustained and assured peace, because the weapons of war are so devastating, and are set to escalate to total nuclear war in a heartbeat, once triggered."Armed conflicts and bloodshed are absolutely not our choice. We do not want to see events go that way. We want to use political and diplomatic means to resolve problems but we want to at least have clearly formulated legal guarantees. This is what our proposals are all about. We set them down on paper and sent them to Brussels and Washington, and we hope to receive a clear and comprehensive response to these proposals."

  My impression is that Omicron is also a lab created strain, with the same "fingerprints" of all functional-mutations and very few random-mutations compared to a nearest ancestor which would have to have diverged over 3 years ago. I already think Omicron is the military-vaccine. Protects from "future strains"...
US Army Creates Single Vaccine Against All COVID & SARS Variants, Researchers Say
Within weeks, Walter Reed researchers expect to announce that human trials show success against Omicron—and even future strains.

  Omicron was over 94% of cases of COVID in Texas by last week. "Current" statistics are not really current, so rapidly does this propagate. 
Omicron is said to spread about 3 times more effectively than the prior strains, due to better binding and replication in the upper airways. 
It is much less likely to be fatal, since it does not bind the deep lung tissue well, so is less prone to spread into the bloodstream and other organs.  
This story from across-the-pond gives data on American states that was hard for me to find.

The New Normal - Pandemics of the Vaccinated?
Are we beginning to see further evidence of ADE or OAS occurring in the UK data?​  
...So, what does the data from the UK tell us today.  Firstly, those who have been infected with COVID-19 and become reinfected are more likely to test positive for an infection compatible with the Omicron variant, compared with those who test positive with their first infections.  More shockingly, when you delve into the data itself, THE MORE YOU VACCINATE, the more likely you are to get Omicron... As the vaccination status increases, the likelihood of testing positive with Omicron increases from 1.57 in one dose individuals, to 2.26 in two dosed and 4.45 in 3 dosed.  Due to the small dataset, this is only a modelled likelihood of testing positive with Omicron. (could be better, could be worse)

New studies show that the COVID vaccines damage your immune system, likely permanently
The vaccines are making it more likely you'll be infected with Omicron 90 days after you are fully vaccinated.​..
​  Worried about Omicron? Guess what? After 90 days, the vaccine they gave you is going to make you MORE likely to get infected from Omicron, not less...​ 
In short, you are getting a short term benefit against Delta, but at the expense of a degradation of your overall immunity to everything else.​..
​  ​This paper means we will need to inject people every 30 days if we want to “protect” them. Based on the harm that the vaccines do to our immune system, it’s likely that the needed interval will shorten with each booster.
​  ​If people don’t get boosted as required, they will be MORE vulnerable to Delta and Omicron than if they weren’t vaccinated. That’s what NEGATIVE vaccine efficacy means. It doesn’t mean the protection wears off (like we were told). It means the OPPOSITE of what you were told: it means the vaccines helps the virus to infect you (by suppressing your immune system, probably permanently each time we are injected according to Dr. Ryan Cole). It means we were lied to.

As Evidence of Pathogenic Priming Mounts, Calls for New Medical Approaches to Mute Autoimmunity Must Be Addressed
A compilation of evidence is disturbing. Further mass casualities might be preventable.
​  ​Pathogenic priming, as originally described, is the act of exposing people (or animals) to epitopes that match human proteins, leading to the inducement of autoreactogenic antibodies that attack tissues anywhere in the body...
​  A German pathologist performed autopsies on fifteen post-inoculation patients who died, and found that >90% had their organs attacked by their immune systems (autoimmunity)...
​  The conclusion (if supported by further data) is that essentially EVERY inoculant recipient suffers damage, with more damage after each shot.  The damage could be cumulative, and the shots may be synergistic.  Given the seriousness of the types of damage (autoimmune diseases, cancer, re-emergent dormant infections, clotting/strokes, cardiac damage, etc.), these effects will translate into lifespan reduction, which should be counted as deaths from the inoculations.  So, in the USA, where ~200M people have been fully inoculated, the number of deaths will not be the 10,000 or so reported in VAERS, or 500,000-1,000,000 scaled-up deaths from VAERS, but could be closer to tens of millions (or more) when the inoculation effects play out!​ ...​
​  ​Are we headed for the situation where the ~30% unvaxxed will be devoting their lives to operating whatever is left of the economic infrastructure and serving as caretakers for the vaxxed?

Yet another independent study confirms over 150K Americans killed by the COVID vaccines
...Results from fitted regression slopes (p<0.05 FDR corrected) suggest a US national average VFR of 0.04% and higher VFR with age (VFR=0.004% in ages 0-17 increasing to 0.06% in ages >75 years), and 146K to 187K vaccine-associated US deaths between February and August, 2021.​  [VFR: vaccine fatality rate]​

Carlos Tejada, a New York Times Deputy Asia Editor, has died at the age of 49. He suffered a heart attack less than a day after posting to social media that he had received a Moderna booster vaccination.

​Four professional soccer players collapse and die of heart attacks during games in one week.​ Young guys.

​  ​Florida’s new surgeon general, Dr. Joseph Ladapo, has issued a statewide public service announcement in support of commonsense COVID prevention strategies such as optimizing your vitamin D, staying active, eating nutrient-dense foods, and boosting your immune system with supplements.
​ ​ Florida Health’s website now urges Floridians to “Talk to your health care provider about how certain supplements or foods containing vitamins and minerals might help boost your immune system, such as zinc, vitamin D, vitamin C and quercetin.”

Patients admitted to hospital with COVID-19 can die by euthanasia if doctors decide they might not survive, the New Zealand government has declared.

​This is what I have time for, and it is the same as the impression I have developed over the last couple of years. (This is the 26 second version.)
How to Read RFK, Jr.’s Book in 5 Minutes

The first third shows that Fauci is the leader of the largest cabal of organized crime thugs to have ever walked the face of Earth
The middle third goes into more detail about the history of the establishment of Fauci’s criminal cabal.
The final third ties together loose ends with more details and factual history. The overriding theme is that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Institutes of Health and the World Health Organization are all run and controlled by criminal thugs in concert with their criminal counterparts running Big Pharma...
“Under Dr. Fauci’s leadership, the allergic, autoimmune, and chronic illnesses which Congress specifically charged NIAID to investigate and prevent, have mushroomed to afflict 54 percent of children, up from 12.8 percent when he took over NIAID in 1984

UK Mulls Door to Door Vaccination Squads    "I think anything that encourages the vaccine-hesitant is sensible," said one Cabinet Minister, who then warned: "The mood in the country is hardening against people who refuse to be vaccinated."

Grim Reaper

Thursday, December 23, 2021

OTC COVID Rxs For Omicron

 Surprised Before Christmas,

  Three fairly close family members got diagnosed with COVID yesterday and the day before, one with fever, headache, exhaustion and hurting all over, the usual COVID symptoms. The other two have mild symptoms. One is vaccinated and one was treated for a positive test at hospital screening, without ever getting sick, so we were never completely sure if it was a real positive or a false positive.

  Delta-COVID remains in circulation, and most of the hospitalized patients in the US probably have it. Most hospitals will not know what type a patient has. It's not routinely reported that way. I never got such a notification as a clinic doctor.

  When I look at Texas COVID statistics here: I see that the number of positive test results and percent positive are spiking up, while total tests done have been about steady since the end of October. 
Deaths are steady and low, and hospitalizations are down. 
That implies to me that Texans are not more worried, but that the new Omicron strain is spreading rapidly during the final Christmas rush. 

  We are reconsidering the big family Christmas Eve party. Is it OK to go if you just brought medicines to the infected? 
There is a spread of attitudes among family members, as there probably is in your family. Some are aghast that anybody "exposed" should go out at all for 10 days after exposure. A test is not useful for 72 hours after known exposure, because it is likely to be falsely negative. After 72 hours from exposure, viral loads in the nose should be high enough to detect if infection has occurred. 
That puts anybody who tended to the sick yesterday out of circulation for Christmas and Christmas Eve.

  I don't mean to whine. People have plans and feelings. We are more aware of what is going on, the range of views, and the intricacies of disease progression and spread. You are likely facing a similar spread scenario, even if people are not aware of that yet.

  Delta is still out there infecting people. Some people will get sicker from any variant. People with minimal symptoms will attend parties, and are shopping and socializing every day. Omicron does make people variously ill. Being miserable, but not needing oxygen, is still being miserable.

  In September, while Delta-COVID was rising rapidly, I posted  OTC COVID Rxs, Azelastin To Zinc  That was not so long ago. The information is about the same. 
  We have learned that those who have had their gallbladders out might need to double the doses of vitamin-D listed, since fat and fat-soluble vitamins are more poorly absorbed. Take vitamin-D, especially big booster doses with some fatty food like avocado or cheese, please.
  We've learned the benefit of a baby aspirin, 81 mg per day, as prophylaxis, is substantial, and that it should continue through the course of illness.

  The brief shopping list should include: Vitamin-D 5000 unit pills , baby aspirin 81 mg, or regular 325 mg aspirin, if you only plan to treat yourself when ill, zinc 50 mg pills, quercetin (any form, with or without bromelain) to help the zinc get into the infected cells, and lecithin (granules or capsules) to help the quercetin be absorbed in the stomach. The lecithin is likely to help absorption of vitamin-D, also, but I don't know that for certain.
  You might also want to get an antihistamine, like cetirizine. You might want to get some Pepcid (famotidine). You might want to get some vitamin-C. 
You might also want to get some ivermectin at your local feed store, if you don't keep it around for man and beast, already. 
Here we go with the revised Omicron Christmas last minute rush update:

  All of this advice except for ivermectin applies to pregnant women. That is a group with a lot of questions. 
Ivermectin remains controversial. It is widely used in pregnancy in Africa for parasitic diseases, and disparaged in the west.
I remain deeply disturbed at how expectant-mothers are being treated with experimental gene therapies by the medical machine these days. 

  Firstly, don't use ibuprofen or Aleve. Do not use NSAIDs when sick with COVID-19. [Aspirin once per day is used specifically to reduce blood clots.]
I saw information from China in February 2020, and again from France in April 2020 that NSAIDs like these worsened hospital patient outcomes. 
I don't know how confirmed that is, nor do I want to await further word. 
It is easy to avoid them, and they interfere with the anticoagulant effects of aspirin, anyway, which matters.

  Support the normal functioning of your immune system with Vitamin-D. Every B-cell and T-cell in your immune system has vitamin-D receptors on it and won't work properly and intelligently if a lot of them are empty. Dr. Grimes has a fascinating medical vitamin-D website:

  For most people, in the long term, 5000 units per day of vitamin D-3 (the kind you can buy) is a good dose, and will get people into the normal range.
Exceptions to that are people who absorb it poorly and metabolize it poorly. Those people are the ones who still have a low level after months of taking 5000 units per day. You have to do the test to know you need more. People with a lot of body fat distribute their dose into a larger fat volume, and often need more.
  A person who has a body weight over 100 kg (220 lb.) might do better to take 10,000 units per day. People without a gallbladder will not absorb vitamin-D as well and should take it with a little fatty or oily food, not a lot, of course. Checking a blood test after at least 3 months would help confirm what is best. Taking 10,000 units per day for the first month or 2, in order to normalize blood level is good.

  What is the ideal one time dose of vitamin-D to normalize one's blood level, assuming a low starting point?
A lot of effort has gone into answering that question, and it can be found here:
​  ​Vitamin D3 doses >300,000 IU were similarly effective in patients with 25(OH)D concentrations >20 ng/mL; all 3 studies (29,34,39) observed mean concentrations >30 ng/mL at 4 weeks, though the results peaked at day 3 (reaching 67.1 ± 17.1 ng/mL from 21.7 ± 5.6 at baseline) in the study of Rossini et al (34). Sanders et al (29) showed long-term efficacy of a 500,000 IU dose; the 25(OH)D concentration remained >30 ng/mL at 12 weeks and was significantly increased at 1 year in a cohort of women with osteoporosis.
  That dose, 3000,000​ International Units of vitamin D3, by mouth, corresponds to #60 pills of 5000 units, a month's worth of taking 2 pills per day. The level peaked at mid-normal in 3 days, and stayed in the normal range at 30 days. An even higher dose, a whole #100 pill bottle of 5000 unit vitamin-D pills produced a 12 week blood level that was still normal.
  People are very, very reluctant to take that many vitamin-D pills at once, even when they are sick with COVID. 
I'm sure of that. People give me feedback.
"Trust the science", or something.​ All I can do is give my best advice, with references.

  Here is a flashback to "Vitamin-D Christmas":

  Jumping to Z-for-zinc, this paper is the Gospel of Zinc, which has been shown effective against coronavirus "common colds" since 1996, reducing severity and shortening duration of illness. Zinc is clearly good, but it needs to get inside of the cells in order to directly interfere with viral replication. It is nice to have zinc adequacy when you get inoculated with COVID, but you can sure increase your dose when you get a positive test result.
​  ​In most cases, prophylactic zinc supplementation was more effective than therapeutic proceedings (106–108, 111). Up to 30% of the everyday respiratory infections, briefly named “common cold,” are due to infections with coronaviruses (112). Studies showed reduced symptom severity, reduced frequency, and duration of the common cold after zinc administration (99, 100, 113, 114) depending on dosage, zinc compound and the start time after initial symptoms (115).....Zinc supplementation improves the mucociliary clearance, strengthens the integrity of the epithelium, decreases viral replication, preserves antiviral immunity, attenuates the risk of hyper-inflammation, supports anti-oxidative effects and thus reduces lung damage and minimized secondary infections...

​  What is the optimum preventive-dosing of zinc? The prophylactic dose needs to assure zinc adequacy, without crowding out the absorption of copper. 12 - 25 mg per day seems to be an agreed recommendation. 
Not exceeding 50 mg/day prophylactically is also broadly agreed.​ (We get about 12 mg/d in a supplement and eat lots of fresh vegetables.)

  What about taking zinc when you are sick with coronavirus? What should be done differently?
This gets fancier, and includes quercetin, a plant polyphenol found in foods from onions to green tea. 
Quercetin acts as a zinc-ionophore and helps zinc get into human cells, including human cells infected with coronavirus, where it inhibits viral production.
Taking quercetin together with zinc during active infection has been advised in treatment protocols since at least June 2020, when I first saw it. I was having difficulty prescribing hydroxychloroquine, because of the medical politics which had arisen after President the-Donald had advocated for it. It was already in fairly wide use by that time. One good thing about HCQ is that it is a zinc ionophore, so I was looking for alternate zinc ionophores, and had heard that quercetin was the main one, especially the available one. 
(I did not get a good idea of how long quercetin persists in the bloodstream after ingestion. That would be expensive to study...)

  What has been studied is quercetin absorption from the gut, which is poor, but helped by taking it with a meal.
  It turns out that taking a little lecithin with your quercetin can increase absorption by up to 20 X
They call the mix of 250 mg quercetin + 250 mg sunflower lecithin, in a gel-cap, "Quercetin Phytosome".  

  We ordered some after seeing this article: Other benefits of quecetin against SARS-CoV-2 are also postulated. They didn't give zinc, just "quercetin phytosome".

Results: The results revealed a reduction in frequency and length of hospitalization, in need of non-invasive oxygen therapy, in progression to intensive care units and in number of deaths. The results also confirmed the very high safety profile of quercetin and suggested possible anti-fatigue and pro​ ​appetite properties.

​Ground-laying research about the highly-bioavailable formulation, "quercetin phytosome", mixed with lecithin, and readily available in the retail market.
​  ​Quercetin (3,3′,4′,5,7-pentahydroxyflavone) is a natural flavonoid compound widely found in vegetables, fruits, and nuts. Major dietary sources of quercetin are apple, onions, tomatoes, broccoli, lettuce, and black and green tea...  increasing the water solubility of quercetin would enhance its oral bioavailability...
​  ​A more soluble formulation of quercetin based on lecithin, Quercetin Phytosome, has recently been developed, and was found to facilitate the attainment of very high plasma levels of quercetin—up to 20 times more than usually obtained following a dose of quercetin—when the novel formulation was administered orally in human volunteers, and it did not have any notable side effects.

  You can buy any quercetin (with or without bromelain) and take it with a little lecithin (1/4 tsp granules) and your zinc.
I advise this 3 times per day for 10 days, or until well, but the limiting factor is queasiness from zinc. Take what you can stomach.
Take it all with some food. All of these things are absorbed better with a meal.
If you want to take quercetin prophylactically with your zinc, once per day dosing with lecithin is a good way to do it. Increase to 3 times per day if you catch COVID.

  COVID has 2 phases, which the Chinese already explained in early 2020. The first week of symptoms (which begins about 5 days after exposure/inoculation) and the second week, where the person either improves with the antibody response the body makes, or gets deathly ill from it. 
  In the second week the battlefield against the virus, and virus-producing cells, lays waste to organs like the lungs, kidneys, blood vessels and heart. 

  People with inflammatory conditions, like diabetes and obesity, are prone to get hit much harder in the second week. This is the time that people crash fast and get put on high dose steroids and blood thinners in the hospital, to reduce the collateral damage, the "Cytokine Storm". Those treatments are not over-the-counter.

  There are some accommodations you can make in anticipation of that.
Aspirin is not safer than Tylenol, but one baby-aspirin per day is very safe for most people.​ 
People already taking low-dose aspirin (81 mg) per day experienced a protective effect in this study.
  The treatment reduced the risk of reaching mechanical ventilation by 44%. ICU admissions were lower by 43%, and an overall in-hospital mortality saw a 47% decrease...
​  ​Israeli researchers reached similar results in a preliminary trial at the Barzilai Medical Center in March. In addition to its effect on blood clots, they found that aspirin carried immunological benefits and that the group taking it was 29% less likely to become infected with the virus in the first place.

  You might decide to take a 325 mg aspirin or two per day, and 1000 mg of vitamin-C three times per day before you get to the second week.
The potential benefits outweigh the risks for those with hypertension, diabetes, and obesity.. 

 Those who are more inflammation-prone should consider increasing aspirin dose to 1-2 X 325 mg  Aspirin per day, to get full benefit of the anticoagulant effect if they are getting fever and feeling miserable.  All the inflammation makes micro clots through the circulation of lungs and kidneys, even brain and heart, and sometimes big clots, too causing overt occlusion of blood supply to heart, lungs and brain.

  Vitamin-C has a benefit to cleaning up the oxidative damage and debris where the immune system is fighting the virus, and blasting infected cells with little oxidative-bombs. 1000 mg of vitamin-C 3 times per day is a modest dose in this context. It has been used up to 10X that dose IV in hospital studies last year.

(Astepro).​   I​ admit that I am stretching a bit to include this as OTC, but it is approved as such. I would spray it up both nostrils twice per day​ ASAP.
​  ​The 0.15% strength of azelastine nasal spray is now approved for nonprescription treatment of rhinitis – a common allergy to pollens, dust mites, mold and more -- in adults and children 6 years of age or older, the agency said. The 0.1% strength remains a prescription product for younger children.

Azelastin, hydroxyzine and diphenhydramine were found to inhibit SARS-CoV-2 replication in cell cultures. They are available​ antihistamines​.
Among the three medications, azelastine was found to inhibit the SARS-CoV-2 virus at a dose that was smaller than the amount prescribed as a nasal spray. The other two antihistamines required higher drug concentrations than currently recommended dosing levels to achieve antiviral activity in cells.

Famotidine (Pepcid) was found to reduce COVID-19 progression, severity and deaths last summer. It likely inhibits cytokine storm effects, but that; is not certain. 
The dose I heard the best reports on was 60 mg 3 times per day, more than cited in the range here​: 20-40 mg twice per day should work to full effect..
Impact of Famotidine Use on Clinical Outcomes of Hospitalized Patients With COVID-19
​   ​Famotidine use in hospitalized patients with COVID-19 is associated with a lower risk of mortality, lower risk of combined outcome of mortality and intubation, and lower levels of serum markers for severe disease in hospitalized patients with COVID-19.​..​
​  ​Famotidine was administered orally in 83% of cases and intravenously in the remaining 17%. Dosing for oral administered famotidine was 20 mg/d in 95.2% of cases and 40 mg/d in the remaining 4.8% of cases. Intravenous famotidine was administered as a 20 mg/2 mL solution in all cases, For inpatient famotidine use, the median total dose was 80 mg (range 40–160 mg) and was received over a median of 4 days (range 2–8 days).

​  You might well take 10 mg Zyrtec (cetirizine) twice per day with your Pepcid.
A more recent cohort study used cetirizine and famotidine in hospitalized patients with severe to critical pulmonary symptoms. This study confirmed beneficial reductions in inpatient mortality and symptom progression, probably by minimizing the histamine-mediated cytokine storm
  This article is sparse on details, but the Pepcid + Zyrtec combination might be what they used to treat long-COVID.
Antihistamines might be effective in long-COVID
​  ​Regarding therapeutic intervention, almost 60% reduction in symptom burden was observed in long-COVID patients treated with histamine receptor antagonists. Specifically, of 25 patients in the treatment group, 5 reported complete resolution of all symptoms, 13 reported improvements, 6 reported no change, and 1 reported deterioration of symptoms.

​  The media, Tony Fauci and the AMA all beat really hard on ivermectin, the stupid people who use it and the criminals who prescribe it last summer. It really helps.
Ivermectin is not over the counter in the US.
WARNING: If you take an ivermectin dose to deworm 50 horses, 500 times a typical human dose, you might get sick and die, maybe.​

​  ​In a trial on human volunteers, doses of 60, 90, and 120 mg were included to establish a significant safety margin for administration of this drug. No central nervous system effects, using pupil size as the parameter, were detected at the maximum dose level. No adverse events were reported in subjects who received 120 mg of ivermectin, which is 10 times the proposed dose of 0.2 mg/kg for treatment of scabies. There was minimal accumulation following multiple dosing (three times per week) with ivermectin, which was consistent with the half-life in the body of about one day.
​  A safety margin of ten times the recommended dose sounds good, but it gets better. During a program for treating children with scabies in the Solomon Islands, an 8 mg/kg accidental overdose (40 times the recommended dose) in a child caused acute emesis, mydriasis and sedation which rapidly reversed. In a study of poisoning due to ivermectin and the related molecule avermectin, “Seven patients manifested severe symptoms, such as coma (7), aspiration with respiratory failure (4), and hypotension (3), after a mean ingestion of 100.7 mg/kg avermectin (15.4 mg/kg for ivermectin and 114.9 mg/kg for abamectin). One of the seven patients died, the other six recovered. This was from an average of 500 times the recommended dose rate.

Review of the Emerging Evidence Demonstrating the Efficacy of Ivermectin in the Prophylaxis and Treatment of COVID-19

Ivermectin: a multifaceted drug of Nobel prize-honoured distinction with indicated efficacy against a new global scourge, COVID-19
​(We wanted to hike Machu Picchu last summer, so I was paying a lot of attention to Peru. The mountainous regions were handing out ivermectin and having very low case counts and deaths, compared to the cities. 
​Last​ winter Peru got a new president, who outlawed ivermectin. Look what happened. 
(Sorry. It's a copyrighted image. First link​)

Stuffing Stockings

Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Solstice Narrative Capitulation

 Bottoming Out,

  If things don't make sense, then the narrative is running counter to reality. That's what we see now. The narrative of (gene-therapy) "vaccines" only seemed potentially OK in March, but we did not know about the deaths, adverse events, and reversal of benefit (becoming detriment) after 6 months. 

  The narrative of fearing the virus enough to surrender one's own rights, and trample the rights of "the unvaccinated" was not present in March. It arose in the summer, a thing we had never anticipated. The lie about "approved vaccines" being mandated seemed odd, but we began to see a broad context within which this all made sense.

  Getting the peoples of the world accustomed to a new compliance regime, compliance to the powers-that-be, increases the security of those in power, as the post-war financial regime of Bretton Woods shudders down to the cliff without brakes.

  The acceptance of the fearful compliance narrative is spotty, and it is being pushed very hard to make up for lost time, especially in Europe, as the pandemic closes out it's second year, which looks like its final season to me. 
  Most of Europe, certainly Germany, Austria, Italy and Greece is mandating "vaccination"-or-else. Loss of job, big fines, imprisonment. 
This is clearly a wartime measure, but with a false context. The context within which it fits is class-war against the citizens of Europe, by their owners. 
Australia, New Zealand and Canada seem pretty close to that, the UK a little more distant, and parts of the US are clearly returning to normalcy, while New York tries to be Canada with mandates, firings and penalties for non-"vaccination".

  The WEF ("Build Back Better", Davos crowd) have long advocated for central banks to take over and issue a digital worldwide smartphone currency, which would be tied to identification and a social-credit-score, where one would need to keep a good rating to buy, sell, travel and have access. Accounts would be credited and debited, held or eliminated by central authorities. All individual initiative would comply with central authority, or be excluded from the economy through shunning.

  All of us are accustomed to financial freedoms, freedoms of speech, of association and travel. These are being eliminated by the social experiments currently underway. Most of Texas is over COVID. I hear that Florida is over COVID. It's not just statistics but the common-knowledge of an area. Rural Texas is clearly over COVID, though some older folks wear masks at the grocery store, while Austin might be more evenly divided. It's hard to tell, because people are not being strident about masking in public, now that it is 50:50 and officially optional. 
  In Austin Texas, the narrative seems to be in decline, after a resurrection in late summer for the Delta-variant third wave. People had gotten out of the habit of fearful compliance already, and only partly returned to it. 
  The Governor of Texas, Greg Abbot has been torn between business interests and federal policies, and has navigated the minefield pretty well, taking the right step early a few times, and proving his detractors wrong. It has still been a hard 2 years of thankless work for him. Businessmen are still mad about his mask mandate in 2020, and shutting down the bars and strip clubs that summer. 
  It does not seem like Texas will want to comply with a global central bank digital currency, and has already outlawed vaccine-passports and vaccine-mandates, at least enough to block them this year. 

  Can the whole western world swing one way or another? Will there be an attempt in Europe to go full-totalitarian, as is planned and announced, or will that be abandoned? The Euro is in crisis, but is there any way at all to keep it on life support? Crashing Italy seems to be one scenario to keep inflation at bay for a little while, but how much crashing of European economy can be imposed for how long? It seems like this winter of discontent will be testing that limit.

  Some change in currency, with some debt-jubilee, seem inevitable, and in the near term. The real economy cannot support the debt burden at negative real interest rates. There is such absence of trust that gold seems a safer standard than Bitcoin-like schemes. 

  Devaluation of currencies against gold seems overdue to me. Central bankers don't prefer it, but they certainly know how to manage such a transition, and are well prepared. Russia, China and the non-aligned nations of the world are also prepared for a gold-standard. 
Central bankers stay prepared for that, whatever they say.

  The Davos crowd has been playing a hard game to get global central bank smart money poised as the "solution" to the looming crisis. I wish them failure in this new year, for their own human benefit, as well as yours and mine. This clear and decisive plan needs to be scrapped in favor of a big mess for the next 20 years as we figure out how to live and work together in a world of declining cheap energy and disposable manufactured goods from far away.

  The time for local food production and sufficiency is almost upon us. Plant vegetables this spring.

The Death of Europe
​  ​Europe is on a precipice. It has marched, blindly, towards something very much resembling tyranny. Austria will shortly criminalize those who refuse the Covid vaccine. Germany looks set to follow.
Ursula von der Leyen, president of the European Commission, is wondering out loud if every member state should do likewise and make offenders of those who reject this form of medication.
In Italy you are deprived of your livelihood rather than your liberty if you say no to vaccination: the unvaxxed are not permitted to work. Anywhere. In Greece, everyone over the age of 60 must pay the government 100 euros for every month they remain unvaxxed. As if the Greek government, in cahoots with its masters in Brussels, had not immiserated Greek pensioners enough already.
​  ​Police in Rotterdam opened fire on people protesting against Covid restrictions. Three were seriously injured. Austrian cops have wielded batons and shields against the thousands who took to the streets of Vienna to say no to mandatory vaxxing. In Brussels, the black, bureaucratic heart of the EU project, water cannons and tear gas were unleashed upon citizens agitating against vaccine passes. The irony is almost too much: in the European quarter of Brussels, the very part of Europe in which the modern European sensibility was forged by politicians, experts and technocrats, ordinary people make a blow for freedom and the forces of this supposedly liberal new continent beat them down. Rarely has modern Europe’s bluster about ‘human rights’ and ‘respect’ been so savagely exposed.
​  ​What is happening in Europe right now is nothing short of terrifying. We are not merely witnessing another round of Covid restrictions. This isn’t just the introduction of another set of emergency measures that some people believe are necessary to stave off the latest Covid wave and the Omicron threat lurking on the horizon. No, we are living through a chilling overhaul of the entire relationship between the state and the individual, with the state empowered to such an extraordinary degree that it can now instruct its citizens on what to inject into their bodies, and the individual so politically emaciated, so denuded of rights, that he no longer even enjoys sovereignty over himself, over that tiny part of the world that is his own body and mind. We are witnessing the violent death of European liberalism and the birth pangs of a new and deeply authoritarian era.

​  Eleni in Athens sends this story, regarding the desperate need for Eurozone deflation in the consumer economy, in order to "save" the unstable Euro as a currency, fraught as it is with internal contradictions and lack of self-righting mechanisms. Plunging Italy into darkness and more COVID lockdowns, as well as excluding unvaccinated from the economy are all deflationary-tactics, but are all short term stalling tactics for the inevitable.​
The EU’s Case for Lockdowns and Blackouts – Hoping to Contain Inflation (to Save the Euro)

​They keep gaming this out every year. Rumor is "after March 2022". I sure don't know... Thanks Luc.
​  ​A banking crisis simulation conducted recently in Israel is preparation for the ‘Great Reset’, according to Mike Yeadon, former chief scientific officer for Pfizer and pandemic critic.
​  ​The 10-day simulation concluded on 9 December in Jerusalem, and invovled central bank representatives from Israel, USA, UK, UAE, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Thailand, as well as representatives from the IMF, World Bank, and Bank of International Settlements.

​  Catherine Austin Fitts has carefully tracked government and central bank money movements for decades. It has been going somewhere invisible for decades.​
Ownership is passing into "private" corporate hands, behind black curtains. This is the "Breakaway Economy" she writes of. The economy we see has been hollowed out by debt and asset stripping, like vulture capitalists (er, "activist shareholders") did with Sears.
  My thought is that this scheme requires people to support that breakaway economy without any rights, illegal aliens all... 
We all need to say "no" resoundingly, which will be a mess, as our life support is withdrawn. 
Electricity, internet and gas pumps go out from cyber attacks in that scenario the bankers just ran again in Israel.
  I am guessing that "giving people digital money to save them" would be how the solution would be presented initially.
"See, isn't this nice?" 
  Holding some cash under the mattress seems prudent, if you can. Beans, rice, salt, oil, water and some canned goods are appropriate.
Finance Guru Explains: ‘We’ve Been Lured to Create Our Own Prison’
​  ​If you don’t want to contribute to building this global prison, you have to actually take action and change how and who you do business with, says Catherine Austin Fitts.

​WW-3 is the back-up plan for our owners. Big wars always work to maintain order, right?  John Helmer has the story. Thanks Eleni.
​  Will the war start? Silly question – the war won’t start because it has already started, and has been in active use-of-force mode since February 2014 when the US overthrew the Kiev government of President Victor Yanukovich; attempted to take Russian bases in Crimea; and followed in July of that year with the plot to down Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 and trigger a NATO invasion of the Donbass.

If NATO Rebuffs Russian Security Proposals, Kremlin Will Deploy Advanced Weapons To Ukraine Border​  
  ​This also after the European Union has separately prepared a new sanctions package to enforce in the event Russia threatens Ukraine.
​  ​Grushko had this message to NATO and the EU over the weekend: "[By proposing the deal] we make it clear that we are ready to talk about how to transform a military or a military-technical scenario into a political process that will strengthen the military security of all states within The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), Euro-Atlantic area and Eurasia."

Disney World sewage is full of Omicron, but hospitals mostly have Delta
It's not "spreading rapidly". It has been here awhile, from the looks of it. 
Unnoticed. Benign.​ Thanks Doc Robinson.
​  ​ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) — Even though there have been practically no cases of clinical infection, wastewater samples show that the new omicron variant is now the dominant strain of COVID-19 in the Florida county that is home to the nation’s largest theme park resorts, officials said this week.
​  ​The omicron variant has quickly surpassed the delta variant in collections taken from wastewater sampling sites in Orange County, officials said.
A sampling this week showed that omicron represented almost 100% of the strains in the samples from the wastewater facilities, Orange County Utilities spokesperson Sarah Lux said in an email.
​  It’s a different story when it comes to people seeking treatment for COVID-19, officials said.
“Those who are hospitalized are being primarily infected by the delta variant,” Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings said Wednesday at a news conference held at the Orlando International Airport.

  I have touched on the mutation analysis of Omicron before. It needs to have been mutating away from other SARS-CoV-2 strains since early 2018, or longer, based on the number and kinds of mutations. These are almost all "sense" mutations, without random "nonsense" mutations, or "substitution" mutations. There is not the expected mutation-noise of random mutation. It is more than a stretch to believe that Omicron "occurred naturally", but it also fails to look like an an attack upon humanity, like the previous waves have been. 
Omicron really looks like a dominant "common cold" strain, literally the best vaccine of all, which can end the COVID pandemic by replacing it with a huge, free, open-source nothingburger. It is already happening. 
​  ​Omicron is not normal. No immediate progenitors are known; its closest relatives are viruses last seen in early- to mid-2020. The orthodox explanation for this awkward fact, is that it has spent the last 18 months lurking “in a geography with poor genomic surveillance … or … in a chronically infected individual.” The simpler explanation is that it leaked from a laboratory.
​  ​As el gato malo and others have indicated, evidence is strong that Omicron circulates preferentially in the vaccinated. In all likelihood, it is the result of gain-of-function research, in which SARS-2 was passaged repeatedly through convalescent or vaccinated plasma, in the hopes of helping the virus evade acquired immunity. The purpose of this research would be to anticipate future immune-escape variants that vaccines might target.
​  ​Omicron carries a series of highly unlikely and suspicious mutations in its spike protein. It is hard to imagine that these mutations can have arisen via natural processes, because all but one of them are nonsynonymous – that is, they code for different amino acid sequences. Starkly mutated variants favoured by natural selection should have a great many meaningless synonymous mutations as well.

​Omicron prefers the vaccinated. Very few cases follow natural immunity from infection, about 4.3%.​
21st December 2021 – The Omicron infection rate for double and triple vaccinated people in Denmark is 89.7%:​  
  ​The latest vaccination status for Denmark shows 80.7% of the population are vaccinated with 2 doses, and about 30% of those have been revaccinated with a booster shot.  About 15% of the population are not vaccinated at all.

​Here is the more complete statistical data, including that 4.3% of infections among those with prior PCR (+) COVID. Thanks Doc Robinson.
Epidemiological characterisation of the first 785 SARS-CoV-2 Omicron variant cases in Denmark, December 2021

  The federal agencies in charge of COVID-19 response are taking hits from former officials and high-profile medical professors for "sidelining experts," not conducting basic research, and mischaracterizing evidence related to vaccines and masks for young people
(These are the heads of service who previously resigned in protest.)​
​  ​Former Office of Vaccines Research and Review Deputy Director Philip Krause and former acting Chief Scientist Luciana Borio protested three recent actions authorizing boosters for people as young as 16.
​  "Before last month, the standard practice was for the agencies to convene standing outside advisory committees, whose members inspect the relevant data, debate it and vote," they wrote. Earlier debates and votes suggest that "at least some experts would probably have voiced opposition," and the refusal to hear them out "could hurt the credibility of these agencies."
​  ​They criticized the FDA's "unpersuasive" explanation that authorizing boosters for 16- and 17-year-olds "does not raise questions that would benefit from additional discussion by committee members."
​  ​Exigency is "the exact circumstance when expert discussion and interpretation of the data can make the biggest difference," the duo wrote.​  ​Pfizer’s COVID vaccine “probably” caused 26-year-old Rory James Nairn’s death, New Zealand health authorities said Monday. 
The man’s fiancĂ©e warned people to pay close attention to symptoms of myocarditis after getting the shot.
​  ​Wilson said Nairn began experiencing heart palpitations on Nov. 5, the same day he received his first shot but that didn’t recognize the severity of his symptoms.
Wilson told the NZ Herald Nairn went into the bathroom as the two were preparing to leave for the hospital. That’s when she heard a thud.
​  ​“He had fallen, his body was blocking the door, his full weight was against it and I couldn’t get it open,” Wilson said. “I could just see him through a crack in the door, I could see that he was gone.”
“I watched him die and I could not get to him,”
she said.

​  ​As reported by TrialSite, health regulators in Vietnam’s south-eastern provinces have stopped the use of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine after more than 120 children were hospitalised following a school-wide vaccination. TrialSite also recently reported that a 15-year-old boy from Vietnam’s northern province died, the fourth paediatric death linked to the COVID-19 vaccine...
​  ​A girl in Hanoi’s Thuong Tin District died only one day after vaccination in November. The cause of death was Grade IV anaphylaxis, according to the Post-Vaccination Events Expert Panel. Anaphylaxis is a set of symptoms caused by an allergic reaction to a foreign substance. The most severe form of anaphylaxis is Grade IV, which includes respiratory and cardiac collapse.

​Where did the conspiracy theories go? "Mandatory vaccination", "vaccine passports" "vaccine failure" "vaccine deaths", "Antibody Dependant Enhancement"?
Oops! Feds' guidance on COVID vaccines moves closer to alleged 'misinformation' of skeptics
Twitter quietly modified "misinformation" policy earlier this month to punish users who claim vaccinated people "can spread or shed the virus," but later claimed "virus" was a typo.

​I am glad to see national loyalty prevailing in Japan, over the WEF COVIDian narrative..  
Japanese Government Tells Citizens: “Don’t Discriminate Against the Unvaccinated”
  “Although we encourage all citizens to receive the COVID-19 vaccination, it is not compulsory or mandatory. Vaccination will be given only with the consent of the person to be vaccinated after the information provided. Please get vaccinated of your own decision, understanding both the effectiveness in preventing infectious diseases and the risk of side effects. No vaccination will be given without consent. Please do not force anyone in your workplace or those who around you to be vaccinated, and do not discriminate against those who have not been vaccinated.”

Will Elon Musk be the Kissinger-to-Russia?   Just askin'.   
Maybe he just wants to make Teslas and do satellite launches there.   
Forward looking dudes, Musk and Putin.
Kremlin discusses potential Putin-Musk meeting
​  Russian President Vladimir Putin and South African-born billionaire Elon Musk could have a long-awaited meeting if the world's richest man steps up and develops business interests in the country, the Kremlin has indicated.
  Speaking to journalists on Friday, Putin’s press secretary, Dmitry Peskov, said that the president has always been interested in meeting with foreigners who are keen to invest in Russia, adding that this could include Musk.
  “Without a doubt, the president is open to discussions with foreign businessmen,” Peskov explained. “There are regular discussions, practically every year, with French entrepreneurs, Germans, those with a large presence in our market. You and I know that Elon Musk isn’t in our market, but we hope that with time, he will become interested in it. And then, a meeting with the president isn’t out of the question.”

Questioning the Future
pictured with Jenny (in the last of this series on the new porch, I promise)