Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Finally Caught COVID

Catching Up,

  Omicron incubates more quickly to symptoms than prior strains do, maybe 4 days instead of 5 days.

  Jenny got exposed last Wednesday when she carried COVID medicines and supplements to family in San Antonio and stayed a half hour making sure everything was understood and arranged.

  She got mild symptoms Saturday/Sunday, but we had put her on daily ivermectin already, so it has stayed fairly mild.
I woke up sick yesterday morning, after sensing something faintly wrong the previous day.

  I began taking zinc and quercetin-with-lecithin at noon yesterday, and again last night (3 times per day dosing).
My symptoms have been coarse irritation in my chest airways, cough, headache, aches in all my little muscles, headache, fatigue and some increased temperature. My fever peaked at bedtime, with Temp 101.0F. I took 2 extra strength Tylenol and felt better this morning, though symptoms again increased somewhat.
My temp is 98.8F now, and I'll see if it goes up if I feel worse. That's how it was last night.

  I have added ivermectin to my treatment this morning, judging that I have improved some with zinc, quercetin and lecithin, but would like to improve faster and better.
I am naturally curious as to what I will notice, taking things one step at a time. Jenny continues to feel closer and closer to normal, never having had more than mild symptoms, similar to "cedar fever" and a bit more of aching/cramping in the areas which are still recovering from surgery, so the ivermectin has seemingly been relatively protective. I presume that I caught it from her, since the timing is right. She had a negative nasal swab yesterday and a negative flu. 
It seems that the viral load in her nose is very low. That's good.

  We are lounging around with fairly mild COVID, went for a nice warm afternoon walk yesterday, and are eating fresh vegetables. 
I've considered taking a couple more Tylenol this morning, but I'm not feeling progressively worse, and have no fever, so I won't.
I've been seeing if I can tell if meditation helps my immune system, as I have read. 
I can meditate while lying around. 
I am not feeling fearful or threatened, just achy and unmotivated. 
I'm pretty curious about all of this. It's quite interesting to finally explore it with my own body.

Viral Incubator

(pictured harvesting mustard greens for brunch just now) 


  1. Thanks for posting! This is very valuable first-hand information. Get better, be well to both of you!

    I am concerned, however, that you say that your main symptoms now are that you feel achy and unmotivated -- because that means that *I* apparently contracted Covid in about 1987.

    1. "Achy and unmotivated" are common symptoms of viral illness.

    2. That's hilarious Mick... by those symptoms, I may have had it off and on most of my adult life! lol
      Dr John, I appreciate all the posts, links and so many intelligent, compassionate comments from the may remarkable people who follow your remarkable blog! Thank you for all that you do sir!
      As for Covid, although I didn't get tested at the time, based on the most bizarre symptoms I experienced, I feel certain that I had it in February of 2020, again in July of this year and then seem to have a touch of something similar last week. I do not know with any degree of certainty that it was covid (possibly omicron)? last week but out of an abundance of caution, and because of similar (mild) symptoms, I hit it with Ivermectin and most of the supplements you've recommended. The first two times were absolutely different than any other "flu-like" illnesses I've ever experienced. (My sense of smell is still strongly affected from the bout in July).
      I've been vaccinated with all the "traditional" childhood vaccinations, (I was born in 65), was in the military in the late 80's, and do not consider myself an anti-vaxxer by any means. Having said that, I will not get this whatever it really is that tbtb are trying so hard to force feed us.
      All that basically to say again, thank you. Your insights, advice and your willingness to share are very much appreciated to say the very least.
      A friend in east Texas. Carl McQuilliam

    3. Thanks for the kind words, Carl. Keep your vitamin-D up, your zinc, quercetin and lecithin handy and ivermectin at the ready, Sir!

  2. Here's to a quick recovery for you both! Things at the clinic are exploding as we speak. Happy New Year. LS

    1. Sorry 'bout the 'splosions, LS.

      We're fine now.