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Solstice Narrative Capitulation

 Bottoming Out,

  If things don't make sense, then the narrative is running counter to reality. That's what we see now. The narrative of (gene-therapy) "vaccines" only seemed potentially OK in March, but we did not know about the deaths, adverse events, and reversal of benefit (becoming detriment) after 6 months. 

  The narrative of fearing the virus enough to surrender one's own rights, and trample the rights of "the unvaccinated" was not present in March. It arose in the summer, a thing we had never anticipated. The lie about "approved vaccines" being mandated seemed odd, but we began to see a broad context within which this all made sense.

  Getting the peoples of the world accustomed to a new compliance regime, compliance to the powers-that-be, increases the security of those in power, as the post-war financial regime of Bretton Woods shudders down to the cliff without brakes.

  The acceptance of the fearful compliance narrative is spotty, and it is being pushed very hard to make up for lost time, especially in Europe, as the pandemic closes out it's second year, which looks like its final season to me. 
  Most of Europe, certainly Germany, Austria, Italy and Greece is mandating "vaccination"-or-else. Loss of job, big fines, imprisonment. 
This is clearly a wartime measure, but with a false context. The context within which it fits is class-war against the citizens of Europe, by their owners. 
Australia, New Zealand and Canada seem pretty close to that, the UK a little more distant, and parts of the US are clearly returning to normalcy, while New York tries to be Canada with mandates, firings and penalties for non-"vaccination".

  The WEF ("Build Back Better", Davos crowd) have long advocated for central banks to take over and issue a digital worldwide smartphone currency, which would be tied to identification and a social-credit-score, where one would need to keep a good rating to buy, sell, travel and have access. Accounts would be credited and debited, held or eliminated by central authorities. All individual initiative would comply with central authority, or be excluded from the economy through shunning.

  All of us are accustomed to financial freedoms, freedoms of speech, of association and travel. These are being eliminated by the social experiments currently underway. Most of Texas is over COVID. I hear that Florida is over COVID. It's not just statistics but the common-knowledge of an area. Rural Texas is clearly over COVID, though some older folks wear masks at the grocery store, while Austin might be more evenly divided. It's hard to tell, because people are not being strident about masking in public, now that it is 50:50 and officially optional. 
  In Austin Texas, the narrative seems to be in decline, after a resurrection in late summer for the Delta-variant third wave. People had gotten out of the habit of fearful compliance already, and only partly returned to it. 
  The Governor of Texas, Greg Abbot has been torn between business interests and federal policies, and has navigated the minefield pretty well, taking the right step early a few times, and proving his detractors wrong. It has still been a hard 2 years of thankless work for him. Businessmen are still mad about his mask mandate in 2020, and shutting down the bars and strip clubs that summer. 
  It does not seem like Texas will want to comply with a global central bank digital currency, and has already outlawed vaccine-passports and vaccine-mandates, at least enough to block them this year. 

  Can the whole western world swing one way or another? Will there be an attempt in Europe to go full-totalitarian, as is planned and announced, or will that be abandoned? The Euro is in crisis, but is there any way at all to keep it on life support? Crashing Italy seems to be one scenario to keep inflation at bay for a little while, but how much crashing of European economy can be imposed for how long? It seems like this winter of discontent will be testing that limit.

  Some change in currency, with some debt-jubilee, seem inevitable, and in the near term. The real economy cannot support the debt burden at negative real interest rates. There is such absence of trust that gold seems a safer standard than Bitcoin-like schemes. 

  Devaluation of currencies against gold seems overdue to me. Central bankers don't prefer it, but they certainly know how to manage such a transition, and are well prepared. Russia, China and the non-aligned nations of the world are also prepared for a gold-standard. 
Central bankers stay prepared for that, whatever they say.

  The Davos crowd has been playing a hard game to get global central bank smart money poised as the "solution" to the looming crisis. I wish them failure in this new year, for their own human benefit, as well as yours and mine. This clear and decisive plan needs to be scrapped in favor of a big mess for the next 20 years as we figure out how to live and work together in a world of declining cheap energy and disposable manufactured goods from far away.

  The time for local food production and sufficiency is almost upon us. Plant vegetables this spring.

The Death of Europe
​  ​Europe is on a precipice. It has marched, blindly, towards something very much resembling tyranny. Austria will shortly criminalize those who refuse the Covid vaccine. Germany looks set to follow.
Ursula von der Leyen, president of the European Commission, is wondering out loud if every member state should do likewise and make offenders of those who reject this form of medication.
In Italy you are deprived of your livelihood rather than your liberty if you say no to vaccination: the unvaxxed are not permitted to work. Anywhere. In Greece, everyone over the age of 60 must pay the government 100 euros for every month they remain unvaxxed. As if the Greek government, in cahoots with its masters in Brussels, had not immiserated Greek pensioners enough already.
​  ​Police in Rotterdam opened fire on people protesting against Covid restrictions. Three were seriously injured. Austrian cops have wielded batons and shields against the thousands who took to the streets of Vienna to say no to mandatory vaxxing. In Brussels, the black, bureaucratic heart of the EU project, water cannons and tear gas were unleashed upon citizens agitating against vaccine passes. The irony is almost too much: in the European quarter of Brussels, the very part of Europe in which the modern European sensibility was forged by politicians, experts and technocrats, ordinary people make a blow for freedom and the forces of this supposedly liberal new continent beat them down. Rarely has modern Europe’s bluster about ‘human rights’ and ‘respect’ been so savagely exposed.
​  ​What is happening in Europe right now is nothing short of terrifying. We are not merely witnessing another round of Covid restrictions. This isn’t just the introduction of another set of emergency measures that some people believe are necessary to stave off the latest Covid wave and the Omicron threat lurking on the horizon. No, we are living through a chilling overhaul of the entire relationship between the state and the individual, with the state empowered to such an extraordinary degree that it can now instruct its citizens on what to inject into their bodies, and the individual so politically emaciated, so denuded of rights, that he no longer even enjoys sovereignty over himself, over that tiny part of the world that is his own body and mind. We are witnessing the violent death of European liberalism and the birth pangs of a new and deeply authoritarian era.

​  Eleni in Athens sends this story, regarding the desperate need for Eurozone deflation in the consumer economy, in order to "save" the unstable Euro as a currency, fraught as it is with internal contradictions and lack of self-righting mechanisms. Plunging Italy into darkness and more COVID lockdowns, as well as excluding unvaccinated from the economy are all deflationary-tactics, but are all short term stalling tactics for the inevitable.​
The EU’s Case for Lockdowns and Blackouts – Hoping to Contain Inflation (to Save the Euro)

​They keep gaming this out every year. Rumor is "after March 2022". I sure don't know... Thanks Luc.
​  ​A banking crisis simulation conducted recently in Israel is preparation for the ‘Great Reset’, according to Mike Yeadon, former chief scientific officer for Pfizer and pandemic critic.
​  ​The 10-day simulation concluded on 9 December in Jerusalem, and invovled central bank representatives from Israel, USA, UK, UAE, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Thailand, as well as representatives from the IMF, World Bank, and Bank of International Settlements.

​  Catherine Austin Fitts has carefully tracked government and central bank money movements for decades. It has been going somewhere invisible for decades.​
Ownership is passing into "private" corporate hands, behind black curtains. This is the "Breakaway Economy" she writes of. The economy we see has been hollowed out by debt and asset stripping, like vulture capitalists (er, "activist shareholders") did with Sears.
  My thought is that this scheme requires people to support that breakaway economy without any rights, illegal aliens all... 
We all need to say "no" resoundingly, which will be a mess, as our life support is withdrawn. 
Electricity, internet and gas pumps go out from cyber attacks in that scenario the bankers just ran again in Israel.
  I am guessing that "giving people digital money to save them" would be how the solution would be presented initially.
"See, isn't this nice?" 
  Holding some cash under the mattress seems prudent, if you can. Beans, rice, salt, oil, water and some canned goods are appropriate.
Finance Guru Explains: ‘We’ve Been Lured to Create Our Own Prison’
​  ​If you don’t want to contribute to building this global prison, you have to actually take action and change how and who you do business with, says Catherine Austin Fitts.

​WW-3 is the back-up plan for our owners. Big wars always work to maintain order, right?  John Helmer has the story. Thanks Eleni.
​  Will the war start? Silly question – the war won’t start because it has already started, and has been in active use-of-force mode since February 2014 when the US overthrew the Kiev government of President Victor Yanukovich; attempted to take Russian bases in Crimea; and followed in July of that year with the plot to down Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 and trigger a NATO invasion of the Donbass.

If NATO Rebuffs Russian Security Proposals, Kremlin Will Deploy Advanced Weapons To Ukraine Border​  
  ​This also after the European Union has separately prepared a new sanctions package to enforce in the event Russia threatens Ukraine.
​  ​Grushko had this message to NATO and the EU over the weekend: "[By proposing the deal] we make it clear that we are ready to talk about how to transform a military or a military-technical scenario into a political process that will strengthen the military security of all states within The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), Euro-Atlantic area and Eurasia."

Disney World sewage is full of Omicron, but hospitals mostly have Delta
It's not "spreading rapidly". It has been here awhile, from the looks of it. 
Unnoticed. Benign.​ Thanks Doc Robinson.
​  ​ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) — Even though there have been practically no cases of clinical infection, wastewater samples show that the new omicron variant is now the dominant strain of COVID-19 in the Florida county that is home to the nation’s largest theme park resorts, officials said this week.
​  ​The omicron variant has quickly surpassed the delta variant in collections taken from wastewater sampling sites in Orange County, officials said.
A sampling this week showed that omicron represented almost 100% of the strains in the samples from the wastewater facilities, Orange County Utilities spokesperson Sarah Lux said in an email.
​  It’s a different story when it comes to people seeking treatment for COVID-19, officials said.
“Those who are hospitalized are being primarily infected by the delta variant,” Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings said Wednesday at a news conference held at the Orlando International Airport.

  I have touched on the mutation analysis of Omicron before. It needs to have been mutating away from other SARS-CoV-2 strains since early 2018, or longer, based on the number and kinds of mutations. These are almost all "sense" mutations, without random "nonsense" mutations, or "substitution" mutations. There is not the expected mutation-noise of random mutation. It is more than a stretch to believe that Omicron "occurred naturally", but it also fails to look like an an attack upon humanity, like the previous waves have been. 
Omicron really looks like a dominant "common cold" strain, literally the best vaccine of all, which can end the COVID pandemic by replacing it with a huge, free, open-source nothingburger. It is already happening. 
​  ​Omicron is not normal. No immediate progenitors are known; its closest relatives are viruses last seen in early- to mid-2020. The orthodox explanation for this awkward fact, is that it has spent the last 18 months lurking “in a geography with poor genomic surveillance … or … in a chronically infected individual.” The simpler explanation is that it leaked from a laboratory.
​  ​As el gato malo and others have indicated, evidence is strong that Omicron circulates preferentially in the vaccinated. In all likelihood, it is the result of gain-of-function research, in which SARS-2 was passaged repeatedly through convalescent or vaccinated plasma, in the hopes of helping the virus evade acquired immunity. The purpose of this research would be to anticipate future immune-escape variants that vaccines might target.
​  ​Omicron carries a series of highly unlikely and suspicious mutations in its spike protein. It is hard to imagine that these mutations can have arisen via natural processes, because all but one of them are nonsynonymous – that is, they code for different amino acid sequences. Starkly mutated variants favoured by natural selection should have a great many meaningless synonymous mutations as well.

​Omicron prefers the vaccinated. Very few cases follow natural immunity from infection, about 4.3%.​
21st December 2021 – The Omicron infection rate for double and triple vaccinated people in Denmark is 89.7%:​  
  ​The latest vaccination status for Denmark shows 80.7% of the population are vaccinated with 2 doses, and about 30% of those have been revaccinated with a booster shot.  About 15% of the population are not vaccinated at all.

​Here is the more complete statistical data, including that 4.3% of infections among those with prior PCR (+) COVID. Thanks Doc Robinson.
Epidemiological characterisation of the first 785 SARS-CoV-2 Omicron variant cases in Denmark, December 2021

  The federal agencies in charge of COVID-19 response are taking hits from former officials and high-profile medical professors for "sidelining experts," not conducting basic research, and mischaracterizing evidence related to vaccines and masks for young people
(These are the heads of service who previously resigned in protest.)​
​  ​Former Office of Vaccines Research and Review Deputy Director Philip Krause and former acting Chief Scientist Luciana Borio protested three recent actions authorizing boosters for people as young as 16.
​  "Before last month, the standard practice was for the agencies to convene standing outside advisory committees, whose members inspect the relevant data, debate it and vote," they wrote. Earlier debates and votes suggest that "at least some experts would probably have voiced opposition," and the refusal to hear them out "could hurt the credibility of these agencies."
​  ​They criticized the FDA's "unpersuasive" explanation that authorizing boosters for 16- and 17-year-olds "does not raise questions that would benefit from additional discussion by committee members."
​  ​Exigency is "the exact circumstance when expert discussion and interpretation of the data can make the biggest difference," the duo wrote.​  ​Pfizer’s COVID vaccine “probably” caused 26-year-old Rory James Nairn’s death, New Zealand health authorities said Monday. 
The man’s fiancée warned people to pay close attention to symptoms of myocarditis after getting the shot.
​  ​Wilson said Nairn began experiencing heart palpitations on Nov. 5, the same day he received his first shot but that didn’t recognize the severity of his symptoms.
Wilson told the NZ Herald Nairn went into the bathroom as the two were preparing to leave for the hospital. That’s when she heard a thud.
​  ​“He had fallen, his body was blocking the door, his full weight was against it and I couldn’t get it open,” Wilson said. “I could just see him through a crack in the door, I could see that he was gone.”
“I watched him die and I could not get to him,”
she said.

​  ​As reported by TrialSite, health regulators in Vietnam’s south-eastern provinces have stopped the use of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine after more than 120 children were hospitalised following a school-wide vaccination. TrialSite also recently reported that a 15-year-old boy from Vietnam’s northern province died, the fourth paediatric death linked to the COVID-19 vaccine...
​  ​A girl in Hanoi’s Thuong Tin District died only one day after vaccination in November. The cause of death was Grade IV anaphylaxis, according to the Post-Vaccination Events Expert Panel. Anaphylaxis is a set of symptoms caused by an allergic reaction to a foreign substance. The most severe form of anaphylaxis is Grade IV, which includes respiratory and cardiac collapse.

​Where did the conspiracy theories go? "Mandatory vaccination", "vaccine passports" "vaccine failure" "vaccine deaths", "Antibody Dependant Enhancement"?
Oops! Feds' guidance on COVID vaccines moves closer to alleged 'misinformation' of skeptics
Twitter quietly modified "misinformation" policy earlier this month to punish users who claim vaccinated people "can spread or shed the virus," but later claimed "virus" was a typo.

​I am glad to see national loyalty prevailing in Japan, over the WEF COVIDian narrative..  
Japanese Government Tells Citizens: “Don’t Discriminate Against the Unvaccinated”
  “Although we encourage all citizens to receive the COVID-19 vaccination, it is not compulsory or mandatory. Vaccination will be given only with the consent of the person to be vaccinated after the information provided. Please get vaccinated of your own decision, understanding both the effectiveness in preventing infectious diseases and the risk of side effects. No vaccination will be given without consent. Please do not force anyone in your workplace or those who around you to be vaccinated, and do not discriminate against those who have not been vaccinated.”

Will Elon Musk be the Kissinger-to-Russia?   Just askin'.   
Maybe he just wants to make Teslas and do satellite launches there.   
Forward looking dudes, Musk and Putin.
Kremlin discusses potential Putin-Musk meeting
​  Russian President Vladimir Putin and South African-born billionaire Elon Musk could have a long-awaited meeting if the world's richest man steps up and develops business interests in the country, the Kremlin has indicated.
  Speaking to journalists on Friday, Putin’s press secretary, Dmitry Peskov, said that the president has always been interested in meeting with foreigners who are keen to invest in Russia, adding that this could include Musk.
  “Without a doubt, the president is open to discussions with foreign businessmen,” Peskov explained. “There are regular discussions, practically every year, with French entrepreneurs, Germans, those with a large presence in our market. You and I know that Elon Musk isn’t in our market, but we hope that with time, he will become interested in it. And then, a meeting with the president isn’t out of the question.”

Questioning the Future
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