Friday, December 31, 2021

Sunset On 2021

Time Travelers,

  Years are sometimes better in retrospect, or maybe just more tolerable without the anticipatory tension and anxiety.  I think this will have been the last year that anybody could even make themselves believe that things would eventually "go back to normal".

  I'm feeling better about 2021 since I finally caught and quickly got over COVID, thanks to ivermectin, vitamin-D, zinc, quercetin and lecithin, all of which you can buy at a pharmacy and/or feedstore, depending on what your feedstore carries in the supplement-for-humans department. 
Jenny did even better on post exposure ivermectin treatment, never having fever or severe fatigue.

  There was a lot of tension with the creation of a lower class of humans, "the unvaccinated", which I morally had to join.
There was the inevitable firing to exclude me from the good, compliant people at the clinic. 
The dramatic sneak-attack firing of the gardener  story is here:

  I am hearing that has not worked well. I know some very good nurses left because of the change in politics. 
I wish everybody well who still serves there, and know that many still hold me as a friend and colleague.

  We have squandered our savings and my modest pension savings from the clinic upon the "mini-McMansion" addition to our homestead in Yoakum, which is not actually finished, but Boy does it look finished from the outside! 

  We are making arrangements to bring the inside into completion in this coming year, the sooner the better, but the initial rush phase is over except some touch-ups. 
Thanks to those helping us with this!

Retrospectively Yours,

John & Jenny at sunset with "dream mini-mc-mansion" 


  1. You guys are Awesome! Happy New Year. Very best wishes to you both. Dennis

    1. Thanks Dennis,
      I wish you a year of reconnecting with meaningful work, despite what happened to us both in 2021.
      That will be a form of failure for the sociopathic globalist master-class.
      I wish the same for myself, of course, but I stay busy with whatever I can.

  2. So happy the two of you are both better, and this picture is amazing!

    1. You are gracious and easily amazed, Holly.

    2. Thanks, my gifts from my Lord above 😘🙏